Full House

Season 8 Episode 20

Up on the Roof

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Mar 14, 1995 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • This is the first episode where Dwayne says something other than "Whatever." The series finale is the only other time he experiments with more vocabulary.

    • If you look beyond the building when DJ and Kimmy are lifting the car, and when Uncle Jesse is hot wiring the car, if you look at the houses in the background, you can see the famous Victorian houses at Alamo Square, and it also looks like the Tanner family household, which in real life is located somewhere near Alamo Square in San Francisco.

    • To add to the fact that there is no door at the bottom of the basement, it almost looks as if they were trying to replace the door or redecorate the room and put up a wooden plank to cover it for the time being.

    • The lightning in this episode is poorly done unlike earlier episodes; it looks more like someone switching a white light on and off.

    • When Kimmy comes in the back door, you can see that there is no doorway at the bottom of the basement stairs

  • Quotes

    • Jesse: For my senior prank, we stole old Robolard's tupee and ran it up the flag pole. That morning everyone was saying "I pledge alligeance to the rug."
      Kimmy: Hair boy pulled the hair heist? That prank is legendary.
      DJ: Uncle Jesse, how did you get that wig off his head?
      Jesse: Fishing pole, chewing gum, and a free-way over pass. Lets just say that when Robolard went under his convertable, his hair was the catch of the day.

    • D.J.: (to Robolard) The only reason my uncle is here was to help me. If it weren't for him, the rain would've ruined your car. That's how we got the top up. He hot-wired the ignition.
      (the guard glares at Jesse)
      Jesse: Science project. Guard: Oh.

    • Jesse: How come when you thought I did the prank, you were gonna send me to jail?
      Robolard: There's a very good reason for that.
      Jesse: Yeah? What's that?
      Robolard: I never liked you.

    • DJ: Mr. Robolard, why would I be in your office in the middle of the night if I wasn't involved in this?
      Jesse: You see, she's taking that shop class with old three-fingers Magee.
      Mr. Robolard: Mr. Katsoplis, that class is no longer offered at night. Besides, ever since you left school, he's been two-fingers Magee.
      Jesse: I guess he never got hand of the chainsaw.

    • Kimmy: For our prank, we could hoist old Robolard himself up the flagpole.
      DJ: Kimmy, the idea of the prank is not to let him know who is doing it. He might get suspicious when he sees us putting a big hook in his pants.

    • DJ: Dwayne, is that all you say? "Whatever?"
      Dwayne: I guess.

    • Kimmy: DJ, meet the answer to our prayers.
      (Duane walks in)
      DJ:(looking at the heavens) Apparently we had a bad connection.

    • Mr. Robolard: That was the best prank in the history of the school.
      DJ: Really? I always thought you hated senior pranks.
      Mr. Robolard: Well, the kids expect me to say that. I mean what good is a prank if you think the principal approves?
      DJ: So, I'm not in trouble?
      Mr. Robolard: No, as long as you keep a straight face tomorrow when I chew out the senior class for this heinous and outrageous crime against authority.

    • Becky: There are teeth marks all over it, and slobber, and a blonde hair.
      Stephanie: Joey.

    • Kimmy: Straight A's last a semester but a prank lives on forever.

    • (Kimmy opens the door)
      Kimmy: (shouting)DJ!
      (Jesse falls out of his chair)
      Kimmy: Hmmm, When did that ugly throw rug get in here.

    • D.J.: How did you learn to hot wire a car?
      Jesse: Umm...science project.

    • Jesse: Wait, how come when I did the prank, you were gonna arrest me?
      Mr. Robolard: That's because I never liked you.
      Jesse: See he-What?

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Rebecca: Blue teeth... blue paws... well either Comet ate silly-dough or he's been out chasing Smurfs.

      This is an allusion to a Belgian comic strip, and later an American cartoon, about small blue human-like creatures known as Smurfs.

    • Jesse: How 'bout the Grand Slob breakfast?

      This is an allusion to Denny's, an international restaurant known for breakfast, and it's signature breakfast dish, "The Grand Slam".

    • Title:
      Up on the Roof is the name of a James Taylor song.