Full House

Season 4 Episode 7

Viva Las Joey

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 02, 1990 on ABC

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  • This episode is about Joey, Jesse, Danny, D.J, and Stephanie going to Vegas.

    Joey gets a call from his agent who says A Cimp has lice.
    I think Wayne Newton and the Chimp are the same. Anyway, after he hangs up, he says, \"Danny, Jess, great new! In Vegas, one of the chimps got hair lice!\" And Jesse says, \"And that\'s great, why?\" Sarcastically. Joey finishes saying,\"I replaced him and I am going to Vegas!\".Michelle is confused and askes what is Vegas?
    DJ and Stephanie has an idea and calls Joey\'s Dad(Who doesn\'t get along with him) and tells him they\'re A couple \"Personnal secretaries, Janet Aguse and Barbie Dollanbear\" and Joey said he wanted his Dad to come. In the end, Joey and his Dad reunite with relationship. Joey learns his dad taught him Popeyes\' laugh.
  • Banana's anyone?

    I thought this was an excellent episode. First of all it was really fun to see Wayne Newton perform. It was also great to see Joey get a break with his comedy. The whole plot line of the girls calling Joey's dad was a great storyline. the innocense of youth. The girls had no idea that Joey and his dad didn't get along. But as they say the end justified the means. It all worked out and Joey and his dad made up.
  • Nice to see them back together a little

    It was nice to see Joey and his dad reconcile a little. However, nothing much really ever came of this as we don't hear about them again; but maybe that's understandable. If there's too much pain from reliving the past, they might have chosen to reconcile and then agree to go their separate ways.
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