Full House

Season 8 Episode 18

We Got the Beat

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 21, 1995 on ABC

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  • I thought that in this episode was mainly about Jesse and Steph fighting, and I thought this was a really good example to hard-head children who don't like to listen, but this episode proved that you should listen to people who have had experience.

    I loved this episode because Steph and her band sounded really good, but they didn't sound quite good enough, so I think that they should have listened to Jess, because he's had experience with it before, and could have helped them from making a fool of themselves on stage. But I guess that this episode helped Stephanie learn her lesson, "You should Listen to what grown up's have to say, and decide what is the best decision for you".
  • Stephanie wants to form a band with her friends and have Jesse be the manager. She forms a band and then decides to fire Jesse because he was making them practice too much. But, Stephanie realizes Jesse was right because the band screws up on stage.

    I love We Got the Beat! It's my favorite episode of Full House! I also love the song the band sings and the name of their band. The band is Girl Talk and the song is I Saw the Sign. It's also a funny episode. The only part I don't really like about this episode is about the stocks Danny, Joey, and DJ are doing. But I still love this episode to death!!!! You gotta watch it!
  • Nice to see Gia improving - she's even pretty nice to Michelle here

    STephanie does have a positive influence on Gia, and this growth is evident here. And yet, they're still going to be teens. It's nice that this was the last episode with her (IIRC), as she's becoming nicer to Michelle and not so condescending, she's starting to be a pretty good girl. But, Stephanie wants to form a band, and all they're concerned about is their image. Not practicing. This is a very good episode talking about why it's importaant to practice and take the advice of others usually. It's good to see they're not all clunkers in season 8, though the gems are fewer.
  • I saw the sign

    This episode was a great episode. It was fun to watch and ery informative. It showed many things. First of all to achieve a goal (Like the band Steph and her friends did) it has to take practice and practice and more practice. Its not all about what you look like. The band proved that when they bombed at the tryouts on Wake Up San Francisco.
    Danny and Joey foolishly invest in the stock market after cheating off DJ's homework. which shows don't invest unless you know what your doing.
  • Stephanie thinks she knows how to run a band. When Uncle Jesse tells her that she needs to practice she claims she doesn't need his help. Her band performs at the contest and Stephanie regrets not listening to her Uncle and in the end everyone is happy. S

    This episode is a fine example of why I love Full House. The little problems and conflicts and life-learned lessons that all occur in 30 minutes. This episode has to be one of my favorites. I love the "Sign" song that Stephanie\'s band plays during this episode. And I love how in the end she realizes that she was wrong and Uncle Jesse was right. All in all it was a good episode to me.