Full House

Season 2 Episode 13

Working Mothers

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 03, 1989 on ABC

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  • In response to Angelsxo

    You don't get it, do you? The whole series revolves around Danny, Jessie and Joey raising the three girls DJ, Stephenie, and Michelle. If Joey and Jessie had to work in the office, then the show would have been over since there would be no reason to continue with the show. Anyway, if Joey and Jessie's boss said they had to work at the office or they couldn't work at all, I don't think Joey and Jessie would take the job. They would have said something like "Thank you very much for the oppertunity, but we are not ready for a full time comentment." However, I think Joey and Jessie's boss really liked them and thought they were valued employees and didn't want to lose them. He probably figured that if it makes Joey and Jessie happy to work at home, then so be it.
  • My favorite Season 2 episode!

    Working Mothers is my favorite Season 2 episode. Michelle is really funny in this episode.

    Danny: Where's Joey and Uncle Jesse?
    Michelle: Patio.
    Danny: When did you learn to say patio?
    Michelle: Sunday.
    Danny: When did you learn to say Sunday?
    Michelle: Monday.

    I love that quote. It's one of my favorites. It's so hilarious. Joey and Jesse get a job, but the girls think they will be alone because their father is working and so are Joey and Jesse. But then Joey and Jesse decide to have their office at the house. I really loved this episode and it was very well done. Great great great!!
  • michelle is our favourite little stray cow?

    funny episode,mainly has to do around little michelle,verry cute.i liked the parts one-where joey and jesse were trying to hide michelle while they talked to the boss people,i think it could have been funnier that scene it was good but i think if ashley was older she could have done more physical comedy in that scene like maybe wait untill the third season all in all though a good scene,i also liked the part when jesse walks up to the boss and says 'there's something you should know this isn't a stray cow'and points towards michelle,that made me laugh.two i like the part where michelle locks jesse and joey out and the phone rings,so fnny.i thought it was even funnier in the end though when she locks the whole family ou of the office and you can still see them through the glass telling her to open the door.
  • The family could have made it without vacations and such without the job and just stayed home. But still, staying home and daycare aren't the only choices

    I disliked this one except for the moments w/Michelle as the cow because of the message it sends. I loved that Jesse and Joey got to work at home, that's great. Many parents are doing that nowadays. I think that it was great to see them as a team. But, whent hey discussed the guys working,a nd they *never* mentioned a nanny, I was shocked. A daycare is not the only option when both parents work. There are first of all home daycares, like Michelle ends up running (w/Danny still living there helping) in the last couple stories of RKORadio's Sam Series on fanfiction.net. That makes it more private and gives the children one-on-one attention. There's having a sitter come to their house. there's nannyies - which I guess for that age such a sitter would be like. They severely liited their options, and that doesn't send a good message. Soemtimes, writers just need to think outside the box a little. Which reminds me - woudln't Miss Wiltrout (Michelle's teacher) have made a great nanny? She seems like it, and seemed about retirement age, so when she leanred, she might have decided to retire if she'd had to and done it. But I'm glad the guys stayed home.
  • The cow

    I thought this was an average episode. It was neither great nor bad. I liked the jingle that the Jesse and Joey wrote. But come on the guys have lives of their own as well to think of possibly loosing their jobs just to stay home with the kids? What if Mr. Malatesta had said no they could not work from home. Then what? Reality ck here. You don't work you don't have money you don't have money you can't live. Thats why they have nanny's and babysitters and stuff. The only real funnypart in this episode is when Michelle lock them out twice.
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