Full House

Season 8 Episode 6

You Pet It, You Bought It

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 01, 1994 on ABC

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  • THIS IS NUTS (or reviewing the reviewers)

    After a long process of trying to become a member here I am and I have something to say. I am probably wasting my time saying it .but Hey reviewers (you know which ones you are), It's a funny show. You are supposed to laugh. All you say is that this plot has been done before. So what. What hasn't been done before? What I might of hoped to read in these reviews was the answer to the question, Was Joey (Stamos) the actual singer of the three's company theme song. Apparently he was the singer of the Full House theme song. Also the comments that the buying of a donkey of a child was not realisitc is unwarrented. It's a show. If a little girl went to buy a donkey and the donkey store said she was too young then it would not be interresting or funny. If you want reality turn off the TV and look at your reflextion. As a final comment, I have misspelled some words in this review. Outside of the fact that spelling is a challenge for me I decided not to look up to the word just to see if my spelling would be reviewed as being unreallistic. Sorry for jumping on my soap box but I really don't get it when people expect realism and originality from a sitcom. Have you watched Mork and Mindy?
  • Crazy, but a guilty pleasure!

    You can tell things were getting strange in the show's final season. There were episodes with plots that were done over a million times (like "Comet's Excellent Adventure" and "I've Got a Secret"), some decent "special" plots (like "Stephanie's Wild Ride" and "Under the Influence,") obvious cutbacks due to the show getting more expensive to produce (i.e. fake-looking effects, canned music, etc.) and then episodes like this. This one seems like it was just something ABC wanted to get out the door, but surprisingly the donkey scenes are rather humorous! OK, the "Three's Company" thing got old after a while (Jesse made it sound like the Mr. Rogers theme for some reason) but I was cracking up at the mayhem Shorty was causing (including Mrs. Gibbler shouting from offscreen, "Whatever that is, I'm gonna shoot it!" or "Shut up Tanner, I'd rather hear the donkey!"; and Shorty wrecking Danny's portrait and Stephanie's map.) Not one of the best episodes, but it's still good for laughs!
  • You Pet It You Bought It

    Danny found his great great grandfather picture from civil war.Michelle made money for saling lemonade.Altough she was thinking of spending it on something.So Kimmy tooked her to spend her money.Altough originally she was suppose to spend her money buying candies.Instead she bought an donkey.When she pet it.She told him how much she had.And the donkey was the same amount.Danny told her that she needs to return it.But it was an traveling petting zoo.So with no luck of returning the donkey back.They are forced to live with the Donkey.But the Donkey begins to liked Jessie singing.

    This is similar to an old saying "You Broke It You Bought It"
  • Leave It To Michelle

    It's official the writers don't have any ideas and is ripping off Leave It To Beaver. I remember an episode where Beaver and his friends gets a donkey. Michelle spends her money on a donkey and Danny the clean freak doesn't get rid of it the first moment he sees the beast and the donkey. No adult can sell anything including livestock to little children cause it isn't legal. Then Jesse and Michelle stays up all night singing Three's Company to the donkey. It is no wonder this was the final season.
  • Look dad its michelle and the bean stock.

    I thought this was a very silly episode. Not one of their better. Nobody would really sell a donkey to a kid. And whats up with all these livestock showing up in a residential area? one episode a horse now a donkey come on. Like nobdy would notice Michelle walking a donkey home. And Jesse staying up all night to sing to the donkey? please. Michelle knew how her father was she knew she would never be able to keep the donkey even if their residence was zoned for it. Just a bad episode for the Tanners.