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Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu

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Full Metal Panic Fumoffu! Is the follow up show of Full Metal Panic! and it's set in the timeline before Full Metal Panic!: The Second Raid.

The show is set in an alternate reality where the cold war isn't ever yet, but this series only tells stories that hadn't had space in the first season of the original show Full Metal Panic! The show plays in Kanames world, but Sosuke is also a main character. In this series the famous Bonta-kun gets presented for the first time. All the known characters, basically Sosuke's leading officers have their own appearances in this show.

The series is set in the high school Kaname visits and Sosuke has to visit as well. The show lives of the misunderstandings between Sosuke and the "civilized world".

Technical details: Originally only 15 episodes aired, because two were held back by Japanese officials. So the network didn't air the episodes in chronological order. This guide is sorted by the DVD release and how the screenplay intended the show to be ordered.

Opening Theme: Mikuni Shimokawa - Sore ga, Ai deshou?

Ending Theme: Mikuni Shimokawa - Kimi ni Fuku Kazemoreless
Tomoko Kaneda

Tomoko Kaneda

Bonta-kun [J]

Jessica Boone

Jessica Boone

Mizuki Inaba [E]

Mamiko Noto

Mamiko Noto

Shinji Kazama [J]

Chris Patton

Chris Patton

Sousuke Sagara [E]

Hilary Haag

Hilary Haag

Teletha Testarossa [E]

Rie Tanaka

Rie Tanaka

Ren Mikihara [J]

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  • Hmmmmmm.... I don't know

    Ok, I ain't a fan of animes nor live-action shows but I can handle anime. This isn't a sequel of Full Metal Panic, is just a spin-off for the original Full Metal Panic and the true sequel was the second raid one. Remember, I ain't a fan of anime.

    It's all about those Kaname and Sosuke who went back to school for finish schooling so they can play action and war again. Ok there's lot of humor and crazy momments in this show. I like the school part though. This is why the creator make this spin-off because his has out of ideas for the original show.


    Realistic and ok

    Voice acting:

    Ok, I ain't talking about the Japanese version, I'm talking about the English version, I know the Japanese one is great. Ok, I'll tell you the feeling about the English version. The English version is good that's it.


    Ok the humor is like cartoons, right? although it was more original than retro and computer-generated cartoons.




    Full of comedies and jokes.

    Overall: Great

    Realistic animation, ok english voice acting, ok characters, and humorous plots. But this isn't appropriate for 10 years below for this.moreless
  • This is just as good as the original all be it for very different reasons.

    This is a spin-off from the original series and takes place between the first and second series. It basicly tells the story of some of Kaname and Souske's more unusual adventures that there wasn't time to show in the main show. All of your favourite characters from FMP show up at some point and are very much as you remember them. Don't expect any guns or mecha though. this is very much a comedy show and centres more on the school setting and the comedic element of the show rather than the military aspects.

    As such the show is geared up to be much more funny thean the original with far more off the wall settings and characters than the original. But that really does work and makes this a brillianlty enjoyable show in it's own right. However, it is much funnier if you have seen the original show.moreless
  • Endlessly entertaining! I love it!

    This is more like a filler season that takes place between Full Metal Panic! and Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid. It is about Sousuke and Kaname and them having to put up with each other rather than Sousuke fighting with mechs. It's like a high school comedy/romance. But, for those of you who don't like romance stuff, trust me! This is one that you will enjoy!

    It is a hilarious season! One character that we see a lot is bonta kun. Bonta Kun is a mascot kinda-thing that looks like a mouse...or something of that nature. And Bonta Kun cannot speak, he can only say "Fumoffu," "Fumomomo" "Fumo" and just words like that! Great show! I definately recommend it!moreless
  • Locked and Loaded for Laughs

    Don't take this the wrong way I'm just one of a minority of people that feel this way but I personally didn't think the first "Full Metal Panic" was really that good in fact I think it's overrated. But this sequel though I felt no doubt overtopped it's predecessor and I found more enjoyable to watch because it really felt like it knew what it wanted to be due to how balanced in story direction it is. Some people will complain that this show doesn't have mecha, or much of it. But that's a good thing because to me that always was just a secondary element in story, and in this series it's the least interesting aspect. The show is focused and about what it should be about the characters

    Souske and Kagame. Both of them I thought were one of the most memorable anime couple's in my book and memorable characters. Souske as we know is basically a war nut that is like a millitary think tank 24.7 and seems to somehow carry a whole arsinal of weapons everyday to school. In a way you can think of his mannerism similar to a kid that would watch a varity of action movies and then emulate or play pretend with the actions and characteristics those characters in those movies would exibit. Souske we see puts these things into practice and the results are one disaster after the other (though I can't see he's fully responsible, sometimes he's provoked). Kagame seems like on the outsideyour normal high school girl that you might have seen in dozens of animes or agust dramas you can think of, but with her it's turned on it's yang side as we see is an overaggresive socialable beauty, as we see she is a bit on the controling side sort of Souske's voice/focal point of reason try may'be a little too hard to create nomalcy for her and Souske even though in reality even she isn't entirely normal. And as we see this show always has a sense of humanity and slight development with the relationship with the two, one or both of them though what they been though they always learn something about each other and can't help but warm up or get a step more closer to each other. As we see both of them aren't just two dimentional characters they have some humanity both are aware and admit the certain flaws that have driven them, they just have trouble exersising the right kind of behavor to really say what they really feel.

    And this show is of course a slight parody/action comidy like with a lot of other comidies like "The Naked Gun", TV show "Get Smart", and the criminally underrated "Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story" they work because the characters in them play it straight despite all the crazy things happening to them. This show has a lot of great episodes and moments that you can see in most of my reviews of the episodes to these shows. But I will say what happened in the show made me laugh, The show hit the target because it's locked and loaded with laughs.moreless
  • More humour, less action; a good sequel series.

    This series was quite a bit different from the original Full Metal Panic! series, but it was still great. There was more focus on humour/fun and less focus on action... this series was very funny and good, but I think a little more action would have made it better. It was fine with its small amount of action though. The last episode was pretty damn intense... Kaname's mood shouldn't have been so at ease though; it spoiled the ending. Even so, it was still an awesome episode, and a satisfactory ending to the series. I can't wait to watch the next sequel series, Full Metal Panic!: The Second Raid.moreless
  • quick question
    do you need to have seen full metal panic , seris 1 and 2 , to be able to understand the story of this one
  • Question
    Everyones like "Full metal panic fumoffu is so hilarious" Is full metal panic hilarious?If its not, I dont wanna waste my time wat...
  • Funniest Episode
    Sorry about not being able to remember the episode names, but my favorite is the hot springs. The trap ridden dash tosneak a peek ...
  • Is there....
    ... a much funnier anime that this one? wondering, I want to know if there is a rival to this anime
  • where to buy the episodes on dvd
    where can i buy the episodes on dvd ive seen the first seris and first two of this seris im dyeing to see the rest of it

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