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  • Hmmmmmm.... I don't know

    Ok, I ain't a fan of animes nor live-action shows but I can handle anime. This isn't a sequel of Full Metal Panic, is just a spin-off for the original Full Metal Panic and the true sequel was the second raid one. Remember, I ain't a fan of anime.

    It's all about those Kaname and Sosuke who went back to school for finish schooling so they can play action and war again. Ok there's lot of humor and crazy momments in this show. I like the school part though. This is why the creator make this spin-off because his has out of ideas for the original show.

    Realistic and ok

    Voice acting:
    Ok, I ain't talking about the Japanese version, I'm talking about the English version, I know the Japanese one is great. Ok, I'll tell you the feeling about the English version. The English version is good that's it.

    Ok the humor is like cartoons, right? although it was more original than retro and computer-generated cartoons.


    Full of comedies and jokes.

    Overall: Great
    Realistic animation, ok english voice acting, ok characters, and humorous plots. But this isn't appropriate for 10 years below for this.
  • This is just as good as the original all be it for very different reasons.

    This is a spin-off from the original series and takes place between the first and second series. It basicly tells the story of some of Kaname and Souske's more unusual adventures that there wasn't time to show in the main show. All of your favourite characters from FMP show up at some point and are very much as you remember them. Don't expect any guns or mecha though. this is very much a comedy show and centres more on the school setting and the comedic element of the show rather than the military aspects.

    As such the show is geared up to be much more funny thean the original with far more off the wall settings and characters than the original. But that really does work and makes this a brillianlty enjoyable show in it's own right. However, it is much funnier if you have seen the original show.
  • Endlessly entertaining! I love it!

    This is more like a filler season that takes place between Full Metal Panic! and Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid. It is about Sousuke and Kaname and them having to put up with each other rather than Sousuke fighting with mechs. It's like a high school comedy/romance. But, for those of you who don't like romance stuff, trust me! This is one that you will enjoy!

    It is a hilarious season! One character that we see a lot is bonta kun. Bonta Kun is a mascot kinda-thing that looks like a mouse...or something of that nature. And Bonta Kun cannot speak, he can only say "Fumoffu," "Fumomomo" "Fumo" and just words like that! Great show! I definately recommend it!
  • More humour, less action; a good sequel series.

    This series was quite a bit different from the original Full Metal Panic! series, but it was still great. There was more focus on humour/fun and less focus on action... this series was very funny and good, but I think a little more action would have made it better. It was fine with its small amount of action though. The last episode was pretty damn intense... Kaname's mood shouldn't have been so at ease though; it spoiled the ending. Even so, it was still an awesome episode, and a satisfactory ending to the series. I can't wait to watch the next sequel series, Full Metal Panic!: The Second Raid.
  • FMP fumoffu is basically the sequal to the first series but instead of focusing on action/adventure it is a comedy. FMP fumoffu focuses on the relationship between sosuke and chidori. It also shows the school life between them

    I think I might have enjoyed this one more than the first one and the third one because it showed the romance between chidori and sosuke which is probaly wat everyone was waiting for(right). This one also made me laugh with the hilarious antics of our favorite military freak( you know the usual sosuke save chidori when really she is in no danger at all and threatning everyone along the way)plus their are a few very sweet scenes between kaname(chidori) and sosuke .This full metal is definately worth buying and it's something you will want to watch till the end. ^_^
  • FMP Fumoffu is basically the light hearted companion to the original series which focuses more on the comedic aspects of high school life with Sosuke and Kaname.

    I enjoyed the original series very much, so I was a bit unsure about this new premise. Of course, I thought that a series that only focused on the chaos and comedy that ensues from Sosuke trying to adapt to civilian life (or lack thereof) and that of Kaname's reactions to having to put up with and clean up Sosuke's messes. The only problem would be how well it was written; needless to say, the writing is fantastic and just a crisp as the original series. The writing in most episodes is refreshingly stupid and at the same time clever (Sosuke taking on a street gang as Bonta-Kun? Priceless!)
  • What Full Metal Panic should have been in the first place.

    Fumoffu is what Full Metal Panic should've been in the first place. Instead of Arbalest, we have Bonta kun, the brown bear mascot you saw from time to time in the original series. Nothing beats an animal that yells out his name as if he's some Pokemon. But then again, Pokemon wasn't really that good. But yeah, things are currently at peace, and Sousuke decides that he wants to spend the next couple months at peace as a high school student. However, with his constant military thinking, he doesn't fit in at all. Blowing up lockers, beating up on innocent people that looks the slight bit suspcious, making your pansy rugby team go through hell, is just a matter of course for Sousuke. Though that's why we have Kaname Chidori, to slap him around a bit with her paper fan to knock common sense into his thick military skull. Even with her around, Sousuke never seems to learn.

    Fumoffu is a high school based anime, incorporating a dose of military action here and there. There is fighting, but all of them are jokinly around fights. Plus, there is no mechas, only Bonta kun. So picture an anime like Azumanga Diaoh, add guns, and you pretty much have Fumoffu! The original cast all make their appearences, such as Melissa Mao and Kurtz Webber, and the extremely young commander Testarossa Theresa. Plus, there's some new characters, like that one out dated looking character who does martial arts, I forget his name. He was funny. Along with Sousuke's deliberate crimes. Some of the episodes follow a classic comedic formula. An example is when one of the teachers wanted Sousuke to go under by ruining his bread sale business by making the bread go bad. The teacher uses something to counter what was used before, but something unique attacks him, resulting in him being sent to the hospital everytime.

    The animation is as stellar as ever. Even though I personally think those lines on Kaname's cheeks makes her less hotter, she's still awesome looking. All the characters are really sophisticated in terms of their designs and models. Plus, the fast pace of it all makes the comedy that much funnier. The music is alright, good enough to satisfy the requirements of a comedy, but nothing special. The opening and ending themes weren't as great as Full Metal Panics, but still a good listen. Overall, if you're a fan of comedy, or the first FMP, Fumoffu is a definite must. It might take the series into a completely different direction, wholly concentrating on high school, but it's much better than the original.
  • Mix Full Metal Panic!, His and Her Circumstances (Karekano), add lots of guns, explosives, and enough hilarity that would make the Batman die of laughter, all while retaining sharp artwork and fluid transitions

    I am not joking around with the summary. Sousuke is literally the kingpin of trouble for the Jindei High School and Kaname's curse (that she's starting to fall in love with...maybe). Everything he does on his free will, he causes mass disorder and entropy (episode example: blowing up his and many other shoe lockers with a high yield (read: high explosive, like missile-strike-big-boom) bomb for fear that someone rigged a bomb in his locker, which the "bomb" in the locker turned out to be a love letter (which he doesn't understand what one is) that he pieces into a death threat.) Also, you most definitely cannot have a romance comedy without a/some love triangle(s), and this is no exeption (if you've seen the entire original series (perhaps in a butt-numbing marathon run), it's a no brainer to figure out who Kaname's rival is).
  • If you've a short attention span and love guns and humor, this is the show you never thought existed.

    Even if you've never like an anime before, this one is worth consideration. The series revolves around a young adult by the name of Sousuke. He was raised as a child soldier and combat is the only thing he knows, but now he has to adapt to modern life, something he has never known.

    The humor doesn't stop for even a moment. Psychotic janitors weilding chainsaws, bombs in lockers, claymore mines, cuddly mascots shooting people, the list goes on. Episodes are split into 10-minute segments (great for those with short attention spans), and the humor appeals to a wide variety, especially if you're a weapons or military fanatic.
  • The story line is great and humorous, characters are cute and well developed, and the robots are absolutely fabulous!

    This is a story about a military guy, whose mission is to protect a girl from some unknown bad guys, who is after her special talent. Sagara Sousuke now has to go to school everyday with Chidori Kaname. This is when all the problems starts to happen.

    Sagara is brought up with military training, hence he tends to treat everything as a mission, a threat, anything suspiscious is terminated with extreme prejudice. After some time you'll wonder where the hell he get his hands on all the weapons, guns, grenades, mines, and bio hazard materials. All of which he brings it to school!

    He is virtually untouchable, expect for Chidori, who every now and again beat the crap out of him.

    It's quite a lovely story, with every cool robots, and the story line is easier to follow then that of GUNDAM.
  • Followup with laughs galore.

    Nothing brings greater joy than sitting down to watch this wonderful show. The characters which I fell in love with now doing the things I fell in love with them over, oh boy is it great. I have not even seen the whole series yet and i am already raving about it to my friends.
  • Fumoffu, is based after the FMP series end, which leaves Kaname and Sousuke at Jindai High School

    Fumoffu, is based after the FMP series end, which leaves Kaname and Sousuke at Jindai High School

    Most of the series is based at the school, with many fun and unpredictable situations, that make this series one of the most funniest Comedy animes ever made

    but its worth noting to apreciate fummofu more you will have to watch the FMP series, it will give you more of an idea about Sousuke, and the way he acts
  • Sousuke Sagara, a soldier for Mitrill has been assigned to protect a 16 year old Japanese girl named Kaname Chidori

    This series is even better than the original Full Metal Panic. There is a lot more action and there's Bonta-kun and he is sooooo cute and its funny when he starts shooting. Basically Sousuke and Kaname try to get along but trouble always seems to follow them. Sousuke is too thick-headed to see that Kaname, the girl he is suppose to protect, is falling in love with him.
  • Guns, explosives, biochemical weapons? School has never been this fun

    Well, what do you get when you take a teen who has been in the military his whole life and stick him in a school so that "he can blend in" while at the same time he can keep an eye, and protect a girl? PURE COMEDY.

    Many people believe that this is a sequel to Full Metal Panic, but actually it is like an extra, that takes place before the end of the first series. But, let me warn you, this is just comedy, dont expect any of the action from the other series because you wont get it.

    Guns, explosives, biochemical weapons... School has never been this fun
  • sargent souske sagera in order to protect the target he stays at a school where he can relax proble is he dosent know how to relax

    when I first found out about it I wounderd how can they contiue this show and then when i saw it I fell out laughing I mean when the first episode came out it was funny but when the second one came and I saw souske being througn in front of a cab I almost died of laughter.
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