Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu

Season 1 Episode 9

The Patient of Darkness

Aired Tuesday 2:30 AM Sep 16, 2003 on

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  • Ghost Buster

    This is another one of my favorate episodes in the series. I always have a thing for halloween episodes as long as their done right, mixing horror with comidy is always fun, this is one of the funnest horror comidies I've seen since "Shawn of the Dead".

    I really like the setting the episode takes place which is creepy, that abandoned hospital reminds me of the abandoned asylum in the underrated horror film "Session 9". What was really funny was how unfazed Souske is, a person like him I would imagine wouldn't be scared easily. It's funny just how he reacts each and every horror movie sittuation which does nothing for him and it drives Kaiame crazy. Of course my favorate moment was they see a ghostKaiame things it's one of her friends playing a prank and she practically yelling at that ghost to be more scary because as we see even the real deal doesn't scare Souske, it made me laugh my head off. But I really loved the end when Souske confessed to Kaiame about his true fear which is the thought of Kaiame in danger and losing her, I thought that was heartwarming. When it comes to ghosts and monsters we can always get away, hide, or fight them off despite how scary they look. But the threat of losing someone you love is an inexcapable fear
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