Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu

Season 1 Episode 16

Uncontrollable Bluebird

Aired Tuesday 2:30 AM Nov 11, 2003 on

Episode Recap

The gym equipment shed is locked. Ryoko says she can hear creepy voices inside. Sousuke tells Ryoko and the girls' softball team that they made the right decision to have him check it out. Sousuke listens at the door, hears something suspicious. He concludes that it's narcotics. He busts the door down, and throws in a tear gas canister. Inside he sees Shinji and Onodera; they have been using the place as a darkroom, developing pictures on film of some of the girls, but now everything has been trashed. Shinji says the Photo club doesn't have a clubroom.

Kaname pulls the plug on a band (the Music club) that had been using a geology room to practice. Then a girl reports that the Biology club is bringing bugs into their home economics room. The biology club members claim it's because Tsubaki and the Karate club were using the bio room. Kaname calls for Tsubaki who was in the middle of a jump telling him he couldn't practice there. Tsubaki apologizes. Kaname thanks Tsubaki for being a sensible guy.

Kaname and Sousuke talk about the lack of clubrooms. Sousuke offers to order some barracks but they have no windows, and in the summer, it would be too hot. Atsu and Ren arrive. Ren says that one of the rooms had just become available, thanks to the social science club. They have an unusual request though. In order to get the clubroom, the club that draws the most people of the opposite sex wins.

Shiro Nanba, the president of the Social Science Club, thanks everyone for participating in the experiment. He lays down the ground rules. Each club selects three people. Whoever draws in the most people of the opposite sex will win. They will count the numbers at 4pm.

The student council girls (Kaname, Kyoko and Ren) watch as a huge line signs up for registration. Kaname sees Sousuke sign up! What? He's going to help out the photography club since he trashed their earlier project and wants to make up for it. Tsubaki thinks it's kind of unfair but after looking over Sousuke he leaves saying Sousuke won't get in his way of winning because of his military vest. One of the Music Club guys proposes a bet with Sousuke. If Sousuke can even get one girl to come, he'll buy Sousuke lunch for two weeks, but if he loses and gets no girls, then Sousuke has to strip completely naked, and jump into a nearby lake. Kaname wonders if Sousuke even knows what Flirting is. Sousuke replies that Shinji's already explained it to him; it's just a girl hunt, so it shouldn't be hard with his military skills.

Shiro announces the start of the contest. He then explains to Kaname and friends about the experiment to see what style of flirting works the best. They observe some of the guys in action as they try to recruit the girls, but without much luck. Sasaki from the model (toys, not fashion) club tries to flirt with some girls but they reject him. Sasaki goes berserk, and grabs one of the girls, yelling at them about how important that clubroom is so he can build those models, which freaks the girl out even more! Shiro notes they're hopeless.

The Music Club is doing pretty well. Kaname gives them an 80, but Shiro explains to the gals how the real secret to flirting is the play the numbers, ask a lot of girls out and eventually you'll land one and even get her phone number. Kaname and the gals are amazed by Shiro's analysis and suspect he must flirt a lot or something.

They continue walking through the streets. In an alleyway, two Karate club members threaten some girls, when Tsubaki arrives, and beats them up, rescuing the girls. Kaname notices the Ally of Justice Strategy. Kaname rates that a 60, since Tsubaki only asked the girls to come but without any confirmation.

They watch Shinji with an ugly woman. The guy is pleading for a date, but then hands her some money. They walk down an alley. Shinji radios to Sousuke, and as Shinji walks away, a cage lands on the woman. Sousuke lands from above and remarks that makes six. Shinji doesn't know if it's morally right to lure women with money, but Sousuke thinks it's effective as he takes the money away from the woman. Shinji thinks it's a crime, and that's confirmed when Kaname arrives and gives Sousuke a HUGE punch to the face, and tells them to let the girls go, and they comply. The girls chase down Sousuke and Shinji.

At the park, Kaname scolds Shinji and Sousuke. Sousuke apologizes and says he still doesn't know what flirting is. Kaname explains quickly but Sousuke finds it hard to listen. Shinji asks if he could trap just one girl, but Kaname says no. But if the club can't get the room, Sousuke's in trouble. Kaname states that Sousuke's always causing trouble wherever he goes and Kaname is usually the one who has to bail him out, and this trouble is affecting the whole school. Sousuke thinks about it and agrees that the girl hunt idea isn't right. He will try a frontal attack: just ask a girl out and hope that one of them will happen to enjoy military conversation.

At the train station, he tries to talk with all the girls, with military questions, but scares or confuses most of them. Then he gets a response from an old lady. Kaname holds her head in disbelief and pity for Sousuke. The old lady asks Sousuke about a gift for her grandson, who kind of looks like Sousuke. Sousuke kindly comes up with a model tank. The old lady thanks him. Kaname watches. She calls Shiro and says she's not feeling that well and is heading home. Sousuke is on his own.

It's 4pm, and Shiro announces the results. In third place with three girls, is the fishing club. In second place with five girls, is the Music Club, who look disappointed. Now, it's time for first place, with 11 girls, is the Amateur Karate Club! That's great for Tsubaki, but the girls all get mad at them for flirting with so many others.

The Music club guy asks how many girls Sousuke got. Sousuke answers with zero, and it looks like he'll lose the bet and have to take his clothes off. As the students cheer Sousuke on while he strips down to his T-shirt and boxers, a mature looking blue-haired woman in a kimono arrives and approaches Sousuke. She talks about how Sousuke asked her out, so she slipped out without her husband noticing and was going to go for dinner with him. She escorts him away. It looks like Sousuke won the bet.

Sousuke walks with the woman, but has no clue who she is. The woman asks him, "Don't you know who I am? We see each other every day". Sousuke apologizes, saying he doesn't remember. The woman can't take it anymore, and starts laughing. She's Kaname, of course. What a perfect disguise. She went home to get her mother's kimono for the occasion. Now there's something she wants Sousuke to say about her. Sousuke says I'm sorry. Nope. I'll pay you back for this. No. I'll be more careful next time. No. He finishes with you look ...beautiful. Kaname smiles and replies that's the first time he's ever said that to her.