Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid

FUNimation Premiered Jan 01, 2005 Unknown


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  • Season 2
    • A Relatively Leisurely Day in the Life of a Fleet Captain
    • 10/19/05
      Believing that the worst has happened to Kaname, darkness threatens to overtake Sousuke as well. But a mercenary must set his own path... Even if it leads to math class!
    • Burning Hong Kong
      Episode 12
      Chinese hostilities have reached fever pitch as the countdown to war hastens ever closer. The encrypted message has wound its way throughout the ravaged city, and Sousuke has pursued it to the end target... and a dreaded face from the past.
    • His Problem
      Episode 11
      As the Chinese conflict rages on, Amalgam is counting on both sides of the divided nation to crack. Sousuke has abandoned his post to roam the empty streets of Hong Kong.
    • Two Hong Kongs
      Episode 10
      The Special Response Team is headed for Hong Kong. A rogue AS has appeared in the city, randomly destroying entire neighborhoods only to quickly vanish in the rubble.
    • Her Problem
      Episode 9
      Reeling from Sousuke’s sudden absence, Kaname panics at the notion that she is being watched. True to her nature, she decides to take the proactive approach and not play the victim, becoming the hunter under rainy skies.
    • Jungle Groove
      Episode 8
      As Sousuke returns to Mithril Headquarters tensions are at an all-time high. He has been tasked with mastering the operation of the Arbalest, but the young Sergeant has no love for the mech. Even Captain Tessa is showing signs of strain.
    • Left Behind
      Episode 7
      Having been reassigned, Sousuke is distressed to discover that the shadowy Wraith will now be watching over Kaname. Will Wraith protect the young Whispered from the danger that surrounds her, or will the mysterious agent merely observe from afar?
    • Edge of Heaven
      Episode 6
      As Sousuke finally faces his exams, the recaptured traitor Vincent Bruno is being put to some rough questioning of his own. From him, Mithril learns of a mysterious organization running things behind the scenes, known only as Amalgam.
    • Beautiful Sicily
      Episode 5
      Having betrayed Mithril, former Intelligence Operative Vincent Bruno has gone into hiding with the mafia in beautiful Sicily. Seduced by a dark-haired delight, he painfully learns that the SRT has crashed the party.
    • Daylight
      Episode 4
      Mithril is hot on the tracks of the loose cannon Gates in the subterranean tunnel system... Or is it the other way around? The situation quickly turns dire when their communications system is hacked by one of their own.
    • 7/27/05
      Yanked from his studies, Sousuke and the SRT are deployed to shed some light onto a political nightmare. A terrorist group has kidnapped delegates from the cease-fire negotiations between the warring factions of North and South China.
    • Someone has been peeping on Kaname, the proof being compromising pictures taken unsuspected and posted on the web. Sousuke sets out to find the culprit, dogging Kaname's every step and creating his own brand of high-tech havoc.
    • 7/13/05
      When negotiations for peace turn sour and civil war breaks out in the small country of Barik, Mithril is the only force capable of infiltrating ground zero to save the innocent refugees caught in the crossfire.