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Full Metal Panic!

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Kaname Chidori is your average teen in modern Japan. At least, that's what she thought before a boy named Souske Sagara began following her around, acting like a totally paranoid military freak! Things start to be explained when her school trip is hijacked and taken to North Korea, where Kaname is kidnapped and told that she is a Whispered. the Whispered are genetic anomalies, beings born with vast amounts of incredibly advanced knowlegde of math, science, and technology. Souske comes to rescue her, revealing that he is a trained specialist in the secret military organization MITHRIL, sworn to protect the world and guard the Whispered from being misused by terrorists. Now with the knowledge of what she is and what Souske was sent to do, can she make her way through high school in one piece?

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AIRED ON 10/19/2005

Season 2 : Episode 13

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  • Sagara Sousuke is a mercenary in the organization of Mithril. Mithril is the the task force of the United nations. He get's the assignment to protect Chidori due to her latent power.moreless

    There isn't much left out here, i thought the character development was nice, and i really loved the interaction between Sousuke and Chidori. If you are looking for something with good animation quality and good audio you choose the right series.

    What makes it so good is the characters, and it's not the standard chosen one mecha, which is a huge plus.

    Another great thing about the series is how bad ass the main villain is, he is really a nut-job, and he has quite the back story with Kashim (Sousuke), and he portrait the madness perfectly, one of the greatest bad guys of all time!


    Huge value due to second season and probably more seasons, Good animation quality, good audio, good character development.


    They leave out a few things from the books, but not that big of a deal.moreless
  • Easily one of the best animes you could ever hope to see.

    The plot revolves around Souske Sagara a teenager and also a soldier and trained mecha pilot for the secret military organisation MITHRIL. Souske is given a top secret assignment to Guard a Japanese highschool girl named Kaname Chidori who holds very sensitive information within her - although she doesn't realise it. The problem is that although Souske is very adept with guns, knives and martial arts he has no clue about social interactions or highschool life... whats worse he is falling in love with Kaname.

    This is a great show that perfectly mixes comedy with action and fight scenes. The charcaters are great and very well rounded and you develop a real affection for them over the 50 odd episodes.

    All in all this is a fantastic anime and an absolute must watch show.moreless
  • FMP fan for life!

    What's not to love? Chris Patton is in top form as Sousuke Sagara, Vic Mignogna is superb as the hilariously flirtatious Kurz(baby) Weber and the rest of this all star cast pulls of the intricate story of this awesome anime perfectly.

    I can honestly say that of all the anime that I've seen thus far, this series has something for everyone! Drama, comedy, angst, violence, mecha, romance, the ever classic love triangle, and an enthralling plot that keeps you on your toes! I truly hope that they continue the anime now that several more of the light novels have been completed and released in Japan and will (hopefully) be translated and released in the US soon! Rumors abound, but no official word on future episodes yet... Rest assured that when you reach the end of the third season that Kaname and Sousuke's story is FAR from over!moreless
  • First anime show that I obsessed over!

    This show had me hooked almost immediately! It seemed like a 'high school drama' show that was stupid and boring, but it ended up being one of my favorite shows!

    Sousuke Sagara is a teenager mercinary of the group Mithril. Sousuke is assigned to go undercover to a high school and protect a girl named Kaname Chidori (without her knowing) and since he has grown up in the military, he never had any real experience with high school, so it is hilarious to watch him try!

    Chidori is a Whispered, and people are after her ability. Whispered are unique individuals who possess Black Technology, technology that outstrips the level of technology that should exist in the world.

    A mecha, action, comedy, romance anime that I would say is AWESOME!moreless
  • Sousuke tries to save kaname from Gauron.

    this show is one on my favorites. i love the action and romance in this show. i love Sousuke hes cute. lol but sometimes stupid but interesting. and Kaname is funny i like her too i know she likes Sousuke but she wont admit it.

    kaname was an average girl then went to a school feild trip to Okanawa then the plain was highjacked then Kaname was kidnaped by Gauron and Sousuke has to save her because it is his job and he is disquised as a high school student to keep an eye on kaname. she was kidnaped by a guy that sousuke shot before but cant be killed. Sousuke and his team help him on the way.moreless

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