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Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • Continuing Day by Day
      After confronting Gauron, Sousuke feels like he has no reason to live, when suddenly his Arbalest drops on the street. Sousuke has no intention of piloting it, having considered the AS useless without the Lambda Drive ability, but moods can change as Sousuke learns the truth of what happened to Kaname. With Gates and Amalgam pressing forward against Yu Fang and also a determined Sousuke, who will prevail?moreless
    • The Burning Hong Kong
      Sousuke has seen the message left in the newspaper for him and it turns out that it is from someone he knows to well. Meanwhile negotiations between Northern and Southern Hong Kong seem to be failing and they could soon be engulfed in the flames of war, unless the unknown Venom type is stopped.moreless
    • His Problem
      His Problem
      Episode 11
      After Sousuke left Mao, he’s been hopelessly wondering around Hong Kong depressed about Kaname, when he stumbles into someone that looks exactly like her. Meanwhile there have been sightings of mysterious dead bodies, with the same message on each of them and they all seem to be linked to Sousuke.
    • Two in Hong Kong
      Two in Hong Kong
      Episode 10
      Mitrhril is sent to Hong Kong to stop a rogue AS unit. (You get background on Melissa Mao) After reviewing possible scenarios, Mithril orders Melissa and her comrades on a very simple-yet tedious-mission: Search for the AS...not fun. Anyway, Melissa teams up with Sousuke, as they are passing through various checkpoints, Sousuke screws up royally by not focusing on the road (rather on his situation) and causes a traffic accident. Luckily, the AS shows up, kills a few guys and runs. Melissa and Sousuke get back in the van, with Melissa telling Sousuke that she doesn't wanna be responsible for his death and needs to man up. But instead of the usual Sousuke accepting the situation for what it is, he says okay and gets out of the van. Leaving the viewer (you) with a very simple question: What is Sousuke going to do?moreless
    • Her Problem
      Her Problem
      Episode 9
      Switch back to Kaname and see how she's doing. Well, she starts to suspect that someone is following her and decides to man up (or girl up in her case) and confront them. After getting a hotel room with a complete and total stranger, she gets to meet Mithril Intelligence Agent "Wraith"(F.Y.I. this "guy" is actually a girl). Wraith then tells her yes, she has been following her, but so as someone else. Enter Xia Yu Lan, the younger twin, who shoots Wraith and goes after Kaname. She attempts to kill Kaname, but fails after falling for an old trick in the book. Then enter Leonard Testarossa, Tessa's brother and a fellow Whispered. He orders his bodyguard (mini-AS) to kill Xia Yu Lan. And finally, he does the stupidest thing any guy could ever do-kiss Kaname on the lips...which leads to him getting slapped. And Kaname having a breakdown because Sousuke wasn't there to comfort her...like usual.moreless
    • Jungle Groove
      Jungle Groove
      Episode 8
      After Sousuke is giving orders to stop protecting Kaname Chidori and return back to the Tuatha de Danaan (or TDD-1), he is in for a rude awakening. First, he stops by to see the submarine commander Teletha Testarossa (Tessa for short) who pretty much tells him that she gave the green light for Sousuke to return to the submarine-which means stop guarding Chidori-and start piloting the Arbalest full-time. Sousuke in his usual way disagrees, but doesn't come right out and say it. This causes Tessa for an outburst (tears included) and Sousuke just clamps up. From there, Sousuke meets his new Lieutenant and fails horribly at the test the new Lieutenant gave him.moreless
    • Left Behind
      Left Behind
      Episode 7
      Sousuke receives a message from headquarters, ordering him to withdraw from his current duty of protecting Kaname and to never contact her. Sousuke is enraged by this and starts blaring out classified information forcing Wraith (the other person protecting Kaname) to stop him. Meanwhile Kaname has a strange feeling that she is being targeted again and without Sousuke here to protect her, what will happen to poor Kaname?moreless
    • Edge Of Heaven
      Edge Of Heaven
      Episode 6
      Vincent Blueno has been captured and is now undergoing intense interrogation and it’s revealed that the name of the organisation that hired him is Amalgam. However after this the subject matter changes to the current situation with Kaname Chidori and whether Sousuke should continue protecting her, with the current threats arising.moreless
    • Lovely Sicily
      Lovely Sicily
      Episode 5
      Tessa is in the Special Conference Room discussing with the other Senior officers, the betrayal of Vincent Blueno in the previous operation. Meanwhile in Sicily Vincent Blueno is in hiding when he finds a very attractive woman, but little does he know this is Mao in disguise still thinking of revenge for her lost comrades. How will this turn out?moreless
    • Daylight
      Episode 4
      The Mithril teams in the tunnel complex have been caught in the enemy’s trap and Sousuke confronts a very familiar sight, the red Venom AS. With their communications all chaotic and the enemy seeming to be one step ahead, what will the outcome be for Melissa, Kurz and Sousuke?
    • The Labyrinth and the Dragon
      Mithril begins it’s next mission in Nanjing, with the purpose of the mission is to rescue hostages taken by Gates and are being held in a tunnel complex. Due to communications problems transmitters will be used, which requires the help of one of Mithril’s scientists, Vincent Blueno. Things seem to be going well on their mission, but perhaps too well.moreless
    • What Lies beneath the Water's Surface
      In the Merida Island headquarters Sousuke, Melissa, Kurz and others members of the Mithril organisation are in a meeting on the issues arsing about the Lambda Driver. Meanwhile back at Jindai High School Sousuke is up to his usual nonsense by fitting a giant radar on the roof. Then later his classmate Shinji shows him some indecent pictures of Kaname on the Internet and the question is who’s taken them? There also are some new characters to look out for...moreless
    • End of Day by Day
      After finding out who betrayed Mithril and caused the seajacking incident, Kurz and Mao are sent on a top secret mission in order to capture and bring the traitor back. But when they run into problems during their mission, will even Sousuke be able to help them out? A thrilling car chase begins a yet another exciting saga in the Full Metal Panic story.moreless
  • Season 1
  • Specials
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