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  • Sagara Sousuke is a mercenary in the organization of Mithril. Mithril is the the task force of the United nations. He get's the assignment to protect Chidori due to her latent power.

    There isn't much left out here, i thought the character development was nice, and i really loved the interaction between Sousuke and Chidori. If you are looking for something with good animation quality and good audio you choose the right series.

    What makes it so good is the characters, and it's not the standard chosen one mecha, which is a huge plus.

    Another great thing about the series is how bad ass the main villain is, he is really a nut-job, and he has quite the back story with Kashim (Sousuke), and he portrait the madness perfectly, one of the greatest bad guys of all time!

    Huge value due to second season and probably more seasons, Good animation quality, good audio, good character development.

    They leave out a few things from the books, but not that big of a deal.
  • Easily one of the best animes you could ever hope to see.

    The plot revolves around Souske Sagara a teenager and also a soldier and trained mecha pilot for the secret military organisation MITHRIL. Souske is given a top secret assignment to Guard a Japanese highschool girl named Kaname Chidori who holds very sensitive information within her - although she doesn't realise it. The problem is that although Souske is very adept with guns, knives and martial arts he has no clue about social interactions or highschool life... whats worse he is falling in love with Kaname.

    This is a great show that perfectly mixes comedy with action and fight scenes. The charcaters are great and very well rounded and you develop a real affection for them over the 50 odd episodes.

    All in all this is a fantastic anime and an absolute must watch show.
  • FMP fan for life!

    What's not to love? Chris Patton is in top form as Sousuke Sagara, Vic Mignogna is superb as the hilariously flirtatious Kurz(baby) Weber and the rest of this all star cast pulls of the intricate story of this awesome anime perfectly.

    I can honestly say that of all the anime that I've seen thus far, this series has something for everyone! Drama, comedy, angst, violence, mecha, romance, the ever classic love triangle, and an enthralling plot that keeps you on your toes! I truly hope that they continue the anime now that several more of the light novels have been completed and released in Japan and will (hopefully) be translated and released in the US soon! Rumors abound, but no official word on future episodes yet... Rest assured that when you reach the end of the third season that Kaname and Sousuke's story is FAR from over!
  • First anime show that I obsessed over!

    This show had me hooked almost immediately! It seemed like a 'high school drama' show that was stupid and boring, but it ended up being one of my favorite shows!

    Sousuke Sagara is a teenager mercinary of the group Mithril. Sousuke is assigned to go undercover to a high school and protect a girl named Kaname Chidori (without her knowing) and since he has grown up in the military, he never had any real experience with high school, so it is hilarious to watch him try!

    Chidori is a Whispered, and people are after her ability. Whispered are unique individuals who possess Black Technology, technology that outstrips the level of technology that should exist in the world.

    A mecha, action, comedy, romance anime that I would say is AWESOME!
  • Sousuke tries to save kaname from Gauron.

    this show is one on my favorites. i love the action and romance in this show. i love Sousuke hes cute. lol but sometimes stupid but interesting. and Kaname is funny i like her too i know she likes Sousuke but she wont admit it.
    kaname was an average girl then went to a school feild trip to Okanawa then the plain was highjacked then Kaname was kidnaped by Gauron and Sousuke has to save her because it is his job and he is disquised as a high school student to keep an eye on kaname. she was kidnaped by a guy that sousuke shot before but cant be killed. Sousuke and his team help him on the way.
  • When I first started watching this series, I had very high hopes for this, due to many of my friends saying great things about this series. You can safely say that I was not disappointed.

    This series follows a member of the Mithril organization, Sousuke Sagara. He has been assigned with the task of protecting a high school girl, Chidori Kaname, from terrorists and other bad people. To do this, he has to enroll in her high school. Of course, when Sousuke is a stiff with no experience or knowledge whatsoever when it comes to socializing with other people, trouble is predestined to arise.

    The story of this anime series is pretty good. In one moment, you're watching an intense and serious battle situation, where giant robot fights it out with futuristic technology, and in the next, you're watching a really good high school comedy. This series changes between those two a lot, and it's done well, because you get a mix of genres, varying from mecha to high school comedy at its best. This makes the story really enjoyable. There's one flaw, however, and that's the all to open ending of the series. But then again, it has a sequel, so I'm okay with that.

    I really loved the animation style in this series. It didn't have a lot of unique features, if any at all, so I can't and won't give it a top score. There was however no noticeable flaws, and some very cool CGI at times (usually I'm not a fan of CGI in anime, but it was done pretty well here).

    The soundtrack of this anime was, well, pretty average. It can boast about good OP and ED themes, but aside that, it's not very much to listen to at all.

    The series feature a lot of various characters, from the un-killable bad guy to the stiff, no-experience-in-socializing military kid and the ever so normal teenage girl. There's a lot of other various characters (like a pacifistic girl who's the leader of the good guys' organization (at least she's the captain of their main submarine)), and the woman-loving, easy-going guy. Yes, the characters can seem very unoriginal, but I still enjoyed watching them. There was not a lot of character development present; aside a bit on Chidori and Sousuke's part, but you can't expect much of it in a 24-episode series.

    All in all, this was a very enjoyable anime series, and I'm keeping my hopes up for the sequel, as well as the spin-off. If you enjoy some good action as well as high school humor, you should definitely watch this series.
  • its a very good seris and if u havent seen it your missing out.

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  • Full Metal Panic is an anime that can keep you watching.

    Kaname Chidori seems to be the average high-school girl. Don't let that statement fool you. In fact, she's not even all that ordinary. She is a Whispered, a genetic being that has advanced knowledge in Math, Science, and Technology, all before they're even born. Sousuke Sagara, an agent of the military group MITHRIL, is sent to protect her from a terrorist who is very cunning, and has a grude against Sousuke. Once her school-trip to Okinawa is hijacked by the terrorist, who is named Gauron, Sousuke explains to Kaname that he's actually the military agent he is. Now, with her being targeted for being a Whispered, Kaname Chidori won't have a normal life for a while.
  • Don't judge this series by its cover...

    Looking at the cover of a FMP DVD case, I know what every starts to think, "What? Another series with the Gundam machines?" Lets face it, everyone's probably watched one of the Gundam series at one point. Some people like the original, some people like the newer ones, but when you get this DVD put that aside for a while because the two series aren't anything alike. You already know something is different when the FBI warning flashes on the screen and a voice actor starts talking. I mean, what other series actually gets you to pay attention to the FBI warning?

    Still, the series starts off not with the start of the mission to protect Kaname, but with saving another girl...whom we can only guess to also be one of the "whispered". First we are shown Sousuke when he's on the submarine and see a more relaxed side of him. One can only guess that this is the real Sousuke Sagara which Kaname doesn't really get to see until several episodes in. This series is plagued by humor and light-hearted scenes in the beginning, but as more happens in the series, you start to see Sousuke change and his frustration build. The more information Kaname learns, the more sympathetic she seems to become. Then almost at the end of the first season when Kaname is put in a situation where she sees Sousuke return from a disasterous mission, he takes his frustration out on her for the first time and we start to see how close they are getting to each other. As the plot progresses and relationships grow, the audience is so pulled in that when the last episode in the first season ends, it might just leave you speechless.

    And then...just when you think everything has settled down you learn that there's a second season. Go figure... :)
  • Full Metal Panic!, often abbreviated to FMP!) is a science fiction light novel series written by Shouji Gatou.

    Full Metal Panic!, the animated series follows the events and relationships surrounding Sousuke Sagara, a professional soldier of a covert, international, anti-terrorist mercenary group named Mithril, and Kaname Chidori, a spirited, Japanese high school student that unbeknownst to her, is more than she seems. Due to his Japanese heritage and young age, Sgt. Sousuke Sagara is selected to go undercover as a transfer student and secretly remain Kaname's undetected bodyguard. With orders only to protect her from abduction by an unknown hostile force, neither Sousuke nor his two fellow Mithril soldiers assigned to the mission - Sgt. Kurz Weber and Sgt. Major Melissa Mao - are told any further details except to remain undetected and avoid drawing attention to their charge. For Sousuke, a regular bodyguard job would be a piece of cake, except that this military bred soldier has no concept of the nuances and pitfalls of the unfamiliar territory that is "high school" making the situation less than smooth... Sousuke's odd upbringing and background's incongruence within the classroom is almost instantly highlighted. In his sensitivity for any threats towards Kaname, he over reacts towards innocent events. The relationship between the two is rocky, with Chidori frequently angered by Sousuke's seemingly random and inexplicable behavior. The relationship between the two slowly softens, eventually blossoming into a genuine friendship when Kaname realizes Sousuke's earnest care and efforts to protect her. It seems that the worries of Mithril, the secretive and covert anti-terrorist armed forces employing Sousuke were misplaced, as Kaname goes on living her uneventful life. However, a terrorist hijacking of the jetliner she and her classmates is aboard changes things. The coin has flipped, as she finds herself in a world much more familiar to Sousuke. Guns, bombs, tanks, bloodshed and arm slaves. Kaname finds her self a key piece in the intrigue between Mithril, their Pacific Battlegroup and its flagship Tuatha de Danaan. Kaname slowly realizes that she has crossed the point of no return, and is now inextricably a part of a frightening and hostile reality. The world is arming itself with impossible technologies, and only a handful of super genius intellects can produce these items that defy scientific convention. As one of these Whispered, she is a latent Manhattan Project all on her own, a valuable source of stellar advances in technology that can tip the balance of world power. She meets Teletha Testarossa, and faces the mysteries surrounding her. Anime title screen (English)Not everything is different between high school and a multi billion dollar military submarine, though. As Kaname realizes her emotions towards Sousuke, a love triangle between Chidori, Sagara, and Teletha is formed. Super-genius or not, the teenagers nurture and learn from their still immature emotions and relationships. An important subplot revolves around the obsessive interest of Gauron in Sousuke. A die hard terrorist and psychotic highly adept at utilizing the Lambda Driver, Gauron is the shadow of Sousuke's past. Sousuke and his Teammates Kurz Weber and Melissa Mao show why they are the best of the best as they face down Gauron and the ominous organization Amalgam behind him.
  • A good anime, but not great.

    Full Metal Panic is a pretty good anime. Especially the first season or the first 24 episodes. It had a good story, great animation, the action was also great, I think I would have given it a ten. Sadly the creators decided to create seasons two and three. Season two being Full Metal Panic Fumoffu, a absolute waste of time. I don't understand why they made. I dropped my score down to a six. Then came season three. It was a pretty good anime. It brought back the mood from the first season. The only thing I had a problem with was that it was to short, running only thirteen episodes. It was way to short. So I gave it a seven, a good anime, but not great.
  • Full metal panic is an action anime show following Sousuke Sagara and Kaname Chidori.


    Full metal panic follows the lives of Kaname Chidori-A Japanese high school student who is far more important than she first seems and Sgt. Sousuke Sagara a professional soldier working for an Anti-Terrorist group named Mithril. Sagara must go under cover as a high school student and secretly become Chidori’s bodyguard with the help of his friends and fellow soldiers Sgt. Melissa Mao and Sgt. Kurz Weber. But fitting into a school is not simple for Sagara who is not used to that environment so he frequently but unintentionally causes trouble. Meeting Teletha Testarossa Chidori begins to understand her importance and face the mysteries around her.

    ---MY OPINION--
    super show 10/10. it has a great amount of action but is also very funny. i would deffinatly reccomend this, maybe its not very suitable for children but deffinatly for teenagers.
  • A great mix of characters, humour and action.

    This is one of the best animes I've seen. The mech action isn't complicated with questions of whether they are alive. They are simply very complex weapons. The characters are very likable with great humour. The fan service is a very fun part. I've have always enjoyed the awkward romance type animes especially with pervert jokes. The battle action is well done with good movement for the mechs.
  • I'm usually bored by mecha anime, but this one pulled the genre off quite well.

    I saw an advertisement for the show being available on DVD on a webcomic site... The little animation and pictures they displayed got me somewhat interested... So I looked up Full Metal Panic! a bit to see what it was about and found out it's of the mecha genre... Mecha... there was always something about giant robots in space shooting at each other that just didn't interest me at all. Well, I was still somewhat interested, so I found and watched the first episode and at that point I knew it was a great show and I'd end up watching all of it. The show may have used their "Arm Slaves" as the main source of action, which didn't interest me at first, but the element of highschool life, the humour, and the romance between Kaname and Sousuke got me hooked. The show was awesome till the end, and I haven't watched the sequal series yet but I'm looking forward to it.
  • One of the best scifi anime series ever made!

    It's about a high school girl named Kaname Chidori. Summer vacation just started. She thought she'll have a normal life until one of the Mithril members Sosuke Sagara comes to protect her from a professional terrorist Gauren. Kaname has the whispered power. That's why Gauren is after her! The reason why I like this show because of the advance mecha and suspense. In my opinion it looks like the animation is the same as the one from the Ghost In The Shell S.A.C. series. There are some scenes that Sosuke is driving Kaname crazy by accident because he doesn't know how to act like a normal kid. In my opinion he must have grew up in the military. If you like anime or a sci-fi, then this is the show for you.
  • This is simply a great anime.

    This is simply a great anime. It uses some great action with an awsome plot and throws some laughs in between. although its only got one season to is name , its good from the fist episode to the last. If you like anime and havnt seen this show yet i highly recomend it. This show like i said is a personal favorite when im in an anime mode. its too bad they didnt make more but what can ya do... now im just writing stuff to make the word count. yall can stop reading , im about done, ok now im good.

  • This show is incredible!

    Kaname Chidori thought she's an average teenage girl, maybe just a little smarter than the others. But everything started to change when she meet Sousuke Sagara, a boy that looked nice enough, but followed her everywhere and acted like a paranoic military freak.
    In fact, Sousuke is a trained specialist, member of the secret military organization called MITHRIL. His mission is to protect Kaname from a group of terrorists that wishes to kidnap her and use her as a weapon.
    "How could an average teenage girl possibly be used as a weapon?", you might ask. Well the truth is, Kaname is a Whispered, a being born with vast amounts of incredibly advanced knowlegde of math, science, and technology; in fewer words, a genetic anomaly.
  • Mechs, mercs, and action to feel your need baby!

    Everything about "Full Metal Panic!" feels right. The characters are great. The humor is at the right pace. And oh yeah action at every turn.

    I'll start off small. We meet the main character Sosuke Sagara head on into the first episode. When it starts off you really don't have a clue whats going on but just the way that it's played out hooks you in to find out more. There you see the driver trying to calm down a woman next to him. Doesn't really help though that their being followed by the enemy. Now don't go having any feelings for the driver because he dies only a few minutes into the show. But enough about the driver let's get to Sosuke Sagara. This guy is tough as nails but doesn't have a clue on how to act around normal people. I say normal because Sosuke and his gang of friends are part of high class merecenary branch. The reason why Sosuke doesn't have a clue about acting like a normal person is because he grew up all around the military and fighting. His friends are Kurz and Mao and I'll give you a little backround on them.

    Kurz is a huge flirt. When ever he sees a girl that looks fine to him he'll pounce and try every move know to man. Though he does fail it's funny to watch him try.

    Mao on the other hand is the leader of this group. Her tough talk matches up with her fighting skills. She also keeps Kurz in line if he wonders to far from home.

    Now with those characters out of the way I'll bring up one more before I end this review. Kaname Chidori is another main character in this series. It's Sosukes job to protect her anyway he can, but this often leads to pain. Pain from Kaname hitting Sosuke over the head with a fan or anything she can get her hands on. But another thing about Kaname is that she is some what teaching him to act normal. This then leads to her having feelings for the as some would put it 'bone head'.

    So what have we learned from this review? That "Full Metal Panic!" is a great anime show and that you should check it out.
  • Well rounded and fairly light hearted. I believe that this show is one of the better Mecha anime shows out there.

    I am tired of seeing dull and depressing series such as Evangelion getting rave reviews when there are other shows that are well deserving of praise.
    FMP has all the parts for a great series; a clueless hero, guns, giant robots, two cute heroines, and just a hint of romance.
    The basic rundown is a 16 year old soldier is sent to be the bodyguard a high school girl. Since Sagara has no sense of how to act because he has been a soldier most of his life he is completely out of place.
    Being out of his depth puts Sousuke in numerous funny situations. Except for a few episodes the series ends on a happy note.
  • Souske has spent most of his life in Mithril, but high school is another thing.....

    This show deserves a two thumbs up. It's the greatest, I'm telling you. It's more for giant robot fans and anime people but all in all it's wonderful. I didn't so much like the fact that they added in this one character ( I can't remember his name right now but he's really annoying) who's always trying to get laid.
  • It could have been much better.

    Coming out of GONZO, we're sure of several things; the story will be inconsistent, and the productions will be amazing. I accidentally got Full Metal Panic because I thought I was getting Fullmetal Alchemist, which I heard was awesome. While it is a mecha series, I personally found its school life side of it more enjoyable. If it was solely a mecha, then you could surely expect a mediocre anime. But thanks to Sosuke's military manners, and Kaname's annoyance towards it, we get an enjoyable watch that is iced with some of the best visuals out there.

    Sosuke, along with Mellisa and Kurtz, whom are working under the organization Mithril, were assigned to watch over and protect a normal and extremely beautiful school girl named Kaname. Sosuke doesn't have much of a social life because he grew up as a soldier, even as a kid! So he makes things obvious to Kaname that she's being stalked, especially if he publicly displays to everyone that he's armed with guns! Surprisingly, the students on campus are more shocked of his personality than his guns. Kaname, in a way, starts getting closer with the new transfer student, while still being annoyed of him. Sosuke, finally being exposed to daily teen life, also acts more like one. But in the process of all the protecting and gun firing are terrorists who covet Kaname for being a "whisper". Sosuke also meets an old time rival that he thought was dead, and doesn't seem to like hell very much. Through his armslave (the mechas), he is determined to fulfill his objective of protecting Kaname at all costs.

    Don't expect a storyline in the level of Rahxephon, Evangelion, or Escaflowne. Full Metal Panic is much too predictable, and the only thing worth watching is the school life elements of it, and the fighting scenes. But those aspects alone make it excellent. In fact, the mecha part of it feels like its dragging the whole show down! The mechas, even the ones equipped with lambda drivers, are of little significance. The lambda driver is a sort of mind device that allows the user to battle using his imagination. There's little details to everything that seemed to have potential of adding to the story; the whispers aren't really fully explained; the lambda driver could have used some background; the reason why Sosuke's long time rival that he supposedly killed is still alive. Though I do have to admit, Full Metal Panic had me in the first couple episode, making it seem like there will be so much rewarded in the end. But like Last EXILE, it goes downhill pretty damn fast. The story can also be confusing to follow. It's not so much how complicated it is, but what's actually happening. It likes to shift through different places without you knowing.

    Usually, people complain that GONZO can't do crap about making good characters. Other than the more comical sequences of when Kaname gets irritated by Sosuke's naiveness, Full Metal Panic only adds to that stereotype. If we knew more about their pasts, and if the two main characters didn't depart for several episodes, then this would have been more enjoyable. Right from the first episode, you knew Sosuke and Kaname were meant to be together. The whole relationship doesn't feel right, and feels forced simply for the fact they‘re the two main characters. They do have their moments together, such as Sosuke's first competitive battle, but more moments like those would help out a lot.

    While the characters could use some work, their appearances don't! As I've said before, GONZO is amazing when it comes to budget. Kaname is arguably the most sexiest anime character out there. And it's not her sweet looks that automatically make the animation so top notched. The shadowing is just extraordinary, and the mecha models are just so crisp. Even though they don't compare to Rahxephon or Escaflowne's models, the armslaves are still mouth drooling. The voice acting isn't as bad as I thought dubbed; in fact, it might be better than the original! It's all thanks to Sosuke's blunt speeches and word selection. If you understood Japanese, then I'm pretty sure it would have been better. But I would recommend listening to the version of the language you actually understand.

    While GONZO seems to be very rich, too bad quality has to be earned and can't be automatically bought. The story is inconsistent that likes to change its mind every other episode, and the mecha part of it does nothing special in order to distinguish itself from all the other mecha shows. Though the humour is worth laughing over, and the fight scenes are also worth watching. If you’re a person that loves graphics, then watch Full Metal Panic anyways even if you do think it will suck.
  • great combo of magic and technology

    Has quite a nice style combining technology and magic. A bit light at times but it was kinda nice (more of an action person). The follow up series go both ways (light hearted and funny to darker and more action) (tsr being darker and fumuffo light). Another good thing is that they dont keep using old clips like other shows would.
  • Super mega cool! :lol: this show rocks!

    An awesomely cool show about a war crazy military teen come to protect a semi-normal high school girl; gotta love it! Romance, drama, friendship and... fighting robots? Oh yes, this show is amazing.
    The characters are all really great, and the personal relationships between them all definenetly keep your interest. Especially Sosuke and his... interests with women (heehee).
    This show perfectly blends action and adventure, with romance and drama. It is a wonderful show that really portrays the complex emotions of life, while still showing some kickass fighing robots and sexy military guys along the way.
    This show is a stupendous work of anime, and is definently worth watching!
  • The anime series for people who hate anime (or don't know where to start)

    I started on Full Metal Panic by recommendation of a friend who's all about the anime stuff and I was like, 'okay, i'll give it a look see'. I was astounded at how good it is. it encompasses every possible genre - action, romance, comedy, drama, even the artwork is amazing to watch solely for its own sake.no matter what you're into, FMP has a side for you. The story lines are well planned and the characters uncommonly developed. My sister who hates anime with a passion has secretly watched the series with me, and several of my friends who have never seen any anime series are equivocally impressed with how well done FMP is.
  • Blend of all anime styles.

    What sort of show is this? I don't rightly know. It has comedy, action, love, sports, and quite a bit of T&A. Nothing really makes you feel so strange, or angry, or sad, or happy, like watching an episode of this show. What sort of person wouldn't want to watch this show?
  • A boy with no emotions has to protect a girl who has feelings for him.

    Although there are a whole bunch of action scenes with their AS(arm slaves: the giant mecha in this anime), I personally think the show is more based on the comedy in almost every episode. If you like serious anime, giant robots, or just have a huge sense of humor, I suggest you get your hands on this anime. You won't regret it. Plus, with "Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu" out, and "Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid" on it's way, what're you waiting for!? You're falling behind XD