Full Moon o Sagashite

Season 1 Episode 52

Searching For A Full Moon

Aired Saturday 7:30 AM Mar 29, 2003 on TV Tokyo
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Searching For A Full Moon
Full Moon's concert is coming to its end, as Full Moon says that she will leave for a while. She knows that this is her last day of her life. Just when Full Moon is about to sing her last song, Takuto begins to disappear. He's turning into a ghost again! To make matters worse, Meroko is left to stop fate from taking Mitsuki's life! It's the final episode of the series!moreless

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  • Perfect ending...All hopes answered. (Warning: review contains spoilers)

    I was predicting a very disappointing and sad ending, but was surprised to find that this episode relieved all my doubts. I was SO worried that they were going to eliminate Takuto, and thought that he and Mitsuki (a couple that I absolutely ADORE...possibly my favorite anime couple ever)would only be together "in spirit" as you so often see in shows. However, I was happy to find that this was not the case, and was able to leave without that empty "that ending didn't satisfy" feeling. Instead, I wanted to cry for joy from the way things turned out. I'm just sad that now the series is at its end, and I won't be yelling at the screen "Come on!!! Mitsuki, Takuto's MEANT to be with you! Forget Eichi-kun (I know that some prefer Eichi, but I by far love Takuto more)...drama drama drama...Anyway, GREAT way to end the series ^_^moreless
  • A great episode that I could never forget.

    This was a very sad episode to me. I skipped a lot of episodes to this episode.. But even though I didn't get a part of it I ended up almost crying. It was sad in the middle, when Takuto, who lost his memory, still tried to protect Mizuki and the ending was very happy. Mizuki survives.. Takuto gets another chance even though he'll turn into a ghost when he dies... And Meroko turns into an angel. How good of an ending is that? I heard that Mizuki's love, I forgot the name, how stupid of me, dies... I found that pretty sad as well. This anime is very dramatic, making it a good anime.moreless
  • Such a beautiful and strong ending.

    Full Moon's possibly last concert has been a real thriller so far, though what really shocked the crowd was her announcement of her possible long absence. She decides to sing her last song, Love Chronicles, and dedicated it to two people who have especially helped her have the most memorable year any person could possibly have. However, things aren't turning bright, as Takuto, even with his memories erased, continues to disappear. Meroko does her best to keep him alive, but it's too late. The black debris leftover from Takuto's remains started to travel towards Mitsuki. Meroko sacrificed her body in order to prolong Mitsuki's stay at earth. Mitsuki looks up, and sees Meroko fighting, and sings with all of her heart. Meroko finally disappears. As a result, Mitsuki started turning into her twelve year old form, but an unlikely figure in Izumi comes in and creates a hologram in order to keep Mitsuki's secret hidden

    Afterwards, Mitsuki was taken to the hospital to begin the surgury, while Meroko and Takuto are being judged by the entity in charge of fate. She questions Takuto's actions, and deems him a felon for breaking the rules. Meroko also received punishment of similar caliber. But both Takuto and Meroko quickly requested that the entity keep Mitsuki alive, caring less for their outcome. Mitsuki, as a result, woke up an entire day later. While it's great news she fought against fate, she's still depressed her two best friends are finally gone. Six weeks later, Mitsuki is still grieving over the loss of Meroko and Takuto. Madoka is buying flowers to congradulate Mitsuki's successful operation, and a rather distinguishable figure leaves the story. Meroko, with wings, watches over him--It's Takuto by the way. In a flashback scene, the entity with the power to place judgement on anyone, rewarded Meroko and Takuto for their sincere kindness towards Mitsuki, and granted Meroko the rank of angel, and gave Takuto another chance at life by making him human again. Meroko leads Mitsuki to Takuto, and new memories are set to bloom.

    It's extremely rare for an anime to end so beautifully. The execution of it was just so perfect and dramatic, and it just touched my heart. Seeing Meroko as a beautiful angel really lifted me. At first I was almost disheartened that the camera would focus on Meroko as a ghost, but to see her as an angel with vivid white wings was glorious and heart warming. And seeing Takuto in human form with the stuffed animal Mitsuki made him really made me smile. The psychological scene with Mitsuki running towards Eichi and tripping, with Mitsuki and Meroko saving her from falling, really summed up the entire anime extremely well. A girl that has been chasing a boy that has already died, is saved by two unlikely shinigami, whose fates are changed thanks to the little girl they were suppose to take away in a year. That one half a minute scene was flat out fantastic. The final scene, which has Mitsuki meeting Takuto for the first time as a redeemed human, and Meroko completing her mission, heading towards heaven, will definitely be the one of the most memorable moments in anime I'll keep in my memories. It really absorbs your thoughts on the future of these three characters, and speculation of it is just so fun. And while it only lasted like ten seconds, the scene with Jonathan trying to get Mitsuki's attention contributed to an already awesome experience. Izumi says she was able to see them because of her desire to be somewhere else. Judging from her past before Eichi entered her life, it would make a ton of sense.

    The astonishing second half definitely overshadows the first half, but it was still excellent, helping build up the greatness of the second half. I was really shocked to see Takuto, who even after having the flower of forgetfulness take effect within him, continue to disappear. It really placed some pity on not only Takuto, but Meroko, for she risked her existence for him, and yet he's still disappearing. What made it even more sad was the fact that while all of this was happening, Mitsuki was singing her song that was dedicated to both her two bestfriends. The level of emotion was just so intense, that it wasn't a matter of being entertained; it was a matter of hoping these characters will have a happy future. I was on my feet when Mitsuki started transforming back into her original form. Izumi covering up for her was sort of surprising, and at the same time not, but with everything that was going on, the only thing you could have done was literally thank Izumi for his once in a blue moon good deeds. It actually makes Izumi's tale a rather depressing one. Being a shinigami is a punishment, and Izumi and Jonathan will remain as shinigamis until they are able to break free of the barriers, such as what Takuto and Meroko did for Mitsuki.

    Overall, I've never experienced a finale as intense, heart twisting, and beautiful, such as the one Full Moon wo Sagashi-te delivered here. I'm tempted to say that this anime should solely be watched for the ending alone, but I'm not sure if it's worth going through the filler in the beginning. Nonetheless, everything paid off in the end, and the rewarding feeling was definitely worth experiencing. I'm rather reluctant to give out tens to any episode no matter how astonishing it is, but when I do, it's because it was just so excellent that it deserves such high praise. Some happy endings fail because they don't make sense, but Full Moon wo Sagashi-te doesn't falter in any area or department. While almost everyone was happy, aside from a select few, it was because they deserved it. And I should add that everything that helped glamouratize the episode, such as the music and animation, did a superb job of enhacning the already wonderful experience. I know I've overused words, such as wonderful, beautiful, excellent, but it's really hard to contain my feelings when I've been priviledged with such a great ending.moreless

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