Full Throttle Saloon

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Episode Guide

  • Season 4
    • 3/5/13
      Michael and Angie's wedding has all the Throttle's colorful characters in attendance, and contributing in unique ways. But problems arise as the crew struggles to put on the Throttlefest.
    • 2/25/13
      Michael finally gets to the bottom of his million dollar inheritance.? DMC performs on the last night of the rally, but a storm sends everyone running for cover. The Throttle crew packs up and heads for Jesse's risky Kansas City event. Jesse finds his exploding box. Michael drops a bombshell about marrying Angie.moreless
    • Plan B
      Episode 10
      Michael derails Jesse's exploding box stunt at the last minute, but Jesse's secret backup plan could be even more explosive. When Michael investigates a bartender who might be stealing from him, he uncovers a much bigger problem for the bar. TV
    • Episode 407
      Episode 7
      Colt Ford plays the Throttle, but the night's headliner, Tanya Tucker, goes missing hours before her performance. The security team faces a rash of underage drinking, which could cost the bar its license. Michael's VIP guest gets sent to the hospital. And when a bartender slanders the Throttle on the internet, Michael turns the tables.moreless
    • Episode 406
      Episode 6
      Michael and the Throttle crew go toe to toe with the headlining act, and they may have a riot on their hands. Goat's mouth gets him in trouble when he starts a fight with Security guard Pat.? Celebrity Jerry Springer hits up the bar for the Full Throttle experience.? Then, the return of two veteran bartenders causes a stir with the new girls.?moreless
    • The Prenup
      Episode 5
      Michael drops a bombshell on Angie that puts their wedding in jeopardy. Record heat and record crowds have the Throttle spiraling out of control as they prepare for Travis Tritt's big performance.?
    • 1/9/13
      Michael goes on the hunt for an employee who may be stealing from him. Angie's new dance troupe performs their first show, which stirs up trouble with her old group Flaunt. When the Throttle struggles with bartender issues, Jesse blames Angie. And Angie's problems get worse when a member of her dance troupe is accused of stealing cash from a customer, and may get sent to jail.moreless
    • Storm Clouds
      Episode 3
      A major storm blows through on day two of the rally. Jesse, against Michael's wishes, forges ahead with plans to do a major stunt and stages an explosive test run. It's a tumultuous night at the bar as two key bartenders quit. Angie and Jesse clash when Jesse makes a big dollar commitment that threatens to derail her wedding plans.?moreless
    • Up & Runnin'
      Episode 2
      On opening day of the rally Michael races against the clock to get the bar opened in time. The first concert performance of the week is threatened when two key employees leave without warning. Michael and Angie's conflict over Flaunt comes to a surprising conclusion. An unexpected guest brings shocking news that could change the Throttle forever.moreless
    • Bigger's Better
      Episode 2
      When Michael announces he will not let Flaunt perform this year, fireworks erupt among Angie and the girls. Fajita Mike returns and establishes a rivalry with the new hibachi chef set up next door. One patron passes out, while another pulls a knife on security. Jesse makes a big money commitment that puts a wrench in Michael and Angie's secret post-rally plans.moreless
  • Season 3
  • Season 2
  • Season 1
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