Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Season 2 Episode 28

Beyond the Inferno

Aired Sunday 12:00 AM Jul 17, 2011 on Adult Swim
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Mustang finally catches up with Envy and mercilessly incinerates him until her reverts back to his parasitic form. However, before he can deliver the finishing blow Ed, Scar and Riza struggle to save him from his own hatred and rage. Meanwhile, Olivier takes command of the Central soldiers sent to kill her and together with Alex turns the tide in their battle against Sloth.moreless

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  • Inferno Affair

    Hatori Hanzo once said "Revenge is not a straight path, it is a forest one can easily get lost in." Roy unfortunately is getting lost in that forest.

    The episode is kinda a suspensful debate but also a decision Roy has to make about his life. What I kinda like is that both sides are somewhat right, I'll admit I don't really buy into that revenge doesn't solve anything bullcrap, it stops the perpetrator/s from killing and hurting more of the innocent. I don't really believe their doing it to feel better but that it's a matter of having justice brought to the guilty one way or another whether by our own hands or another; but it comes down to the question if you should and how it will reflect on your soul.

    And that's the dilema Roy faces how will this define his soul. The words of Al and Scar don't get though to him despite the best meaning behind it. It's really Hawkeye's words that get though to him and seeing that he is hurting her emotionally, this makes him open his eyes to how his actions are affecting people mostly her. Hurting a person we have the deepest feelings for beyond friendship is always the last thing we want to do. This made Roy depressed, it also made me depressed because I don't like seeing Hawkeye this way.

    And we see Roy choses the future, he makes this choice not from what Al or Scar said. But from what his late best friend Hughes said once and the one he loves Hawkeye, it's always the ones you love that can truely save your soul.

    The only thing I don't like about this episode is when the episode was trying to make Envy seem sympathtic near the end and I just don't feel sorry for Envy after killing a character I like not doing it, you play the game of evil you pay the price.

    Roy Mustang in the end made the right choice in not just the future of the country but his future of love with Hawkeye. While Envy in the end stayed true to the meaning and had no future.moreless
  • FullMetal Alchemist is so wonderful because of its character development...Even if I wanted to get to the point of the battle at hand, I would never rid the show of the character insight.moreless

    First of all, it is a struggle for me to wait weekly to watch this. I'm so accustomed to just watching it all in one sitting; however, I'm attached to the English-dubbed voices, so I force myself to wait for it to appear on Adult Swim. That being said, I was a little exasperated that this episode spent so much time just showing the characters' expressions. However, I've grown realize the character time is the whole reason the show is so wonderful. Roy Mustang was turning into the thing he set out to defeat. It was truly disheartening to see a loved character turn into a "Flame of Vengence". However, the love Riza showed by saying she would end him and then herself was realistic and completely fitting. While the little parasite Envy was pure evil, I couldn't help but feel bad for the poor little guy. (He's SO cute!) It was heart-wrenching to see him admit that he was entirely jealous of humans. It is hard to accept that Envy is gone, but it had to happen.

    I also appreciate how the show maintained seriousness throughout the entire episode. I can't even begin to express how frustrating it is for me to be into an intense moment, and then the character suddenly start making jokes. It was a beautiful episode; I even enjoyed the fact that Louis Armstrong was finally accepted as Olivia's brother! Another great installment.moreless

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    • (Edward, Scar, Hawkeye, and Mustang are all standing underground, talking about Mustang murdering Envy out of vengeance.)
      Mustang: What kind of madness is this? Scolded by a child, lectured by a man who has been my enemy, and you... (faces Hawkeye) I've done it again. I've hurt you. How foolish can one man be? (lowers Hawkeye's gun which she had aimed toward his head) Please forgive me.

    • (Edward just transmuted the ground and flung Envy through the air into his hand.)
      Mustang: Ah, Fullmetal, I'll be taking that.
      Edward: (looks at Mustang with a concerned expression and gasps)
      Mustang: That is an order. Give it to me right now!
      Edward: No, I won't.
      (Mustang's hand sparks)
      Mustang: That thing deserves the worst death possible.
      (Envy looks frightened and is hanging on every word spoken)
      Edward: No...
      Mustang: Give him to me! Or I'll burn up your hand along with him! (draws back his hand, preparing to snap his fingers)
      Edward: Try it then! If it's a fight you want, then fine! But first, maybe you should take a good look at your face! Is that the face you plan to wear when you're leading this country? Well, is it?! Is that what you want to be, Colonel? Another monster?!

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