Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Season 2 Episode 1

Interlude Party

Aired Sunday 12:00 AM Jan 09, 2011 on Adult Swim

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  • Why have a clip show for a series that demands loyal viewing to follow the overall plot?

    So, the previous episode ended with Edward, Envy, and Yao trying to escape Gluttony's belly, Gluttony and Al going to meet Father with Scar and Mai following, Mustang and his cronies in trouble with the Fuhrer. All intriguing plot threads, all whetting the viewers' appetites for the next season, and do we get any follow-up in "Interlude Party?" Oh no, we get a much-needed (hahaha) exploration of Hohenheim's state of mind. Because all of us really wanted to know how Hohenheim feels while all this was going on. I can't figure out what the writers were thinking when they devised this episode.

    For one thing, who cares? For another, I thought the clip show as a concept had been ridiculed so mercilessly over the years that it's been taken off the table as a viable option. Maybe not in Japan? I won't even address that part of the show, it's stupid. Never mind that Hohenheim couldn't have been a witness to any of the events in the clips.

    Apparently Hohenheim doubts that humanity is worth saving. Yawn. Sorry, this is completely uninteresting. Why should we care what Hohenheim is thinking right now? He's only appeared in one episode so far, and that was just to warn of impending doom.

    And why is Pinako (a younger version we've never seen before no less) the character Hohenheim's subconscious grabs onto to plead humanity's case? Why not Trisha, his wife and the mother of his children? Honestly Brotherhood has downplayed her so much that her impact on the characters has been muted, and that's a shame. Never mind that Hohenheim's nature is still a complete mystery, although we get clues that he may be sustained by a Philosopher's Stone. It's not enough.

    I'm hoping something got lost in translation, because the English version is utterly banal and pointless. As bad as "Envoy from the East" was, at least it advanced the plot. In a thoroughly annoying way, yes, but it went somewhere. Skip this episode, there's nothing worth watching here. It sucks we have to wait another episode for resumption of the plot.
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