Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Season 2 Episode 38

Journey's End

Aired Sunday 12:00 AM Sep 25, 2011 on Adult Swim

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  • A great series wraps off in a kind of crummy way. I'm a huge FMA brotherhood fan and loved every episode except the last one, nonetheless though it was an overall good episode, not great though.

    So the climatic battle with Father finished off in the previous episode with Ed beating the crap out of Father after Al's sacrifice and with the help of Greed who turned himself via carbonization into a weak form of charcoal allowing Ed to punch Father sending him to the gate of truth, Ed also sacrifices his Gate of Truth and ability to use Alchemy to get his brother back, while Van Hohenheim finally finds peace with Trisha and dies. It was a great episode, and now in this episode we join Roy Mustang still blinded recuperating in the hospital where Dr. Know visits him along with Marcoh, and hands Mustang over a philosopher stone to gain back his vision and help bring peace among the Amestrians and Ishvalans. That's all that is seen of Roy Mustang in the final episode, we don't see him regain his vision. We also get a brief glimpse of Olivier Armstrong rescuing Scar from death's brink and asking him to join with Miles to help to help rebuild the Ishval culture. It's great in anime how everything is solved so simply, if only real life was like that right? Well anyway we also see Grumman the temporary Fuhrer with the late Fuhrer's wife, and young Selim Bradley. This version has forgot about all his past memories of being Pride and acts as if he is a little child, Grumman knows what he has to do if anything strange happens and wonders whether the bond between Humans and Homunclus is possible. Now to the main characters, Ed and Al come back to Resembool to visit Winry with their bodies in tact, Winry hugs both of them and is happy to see the two idiots. The story then picks up two years later with Edward Elric not being able to use alchemy trying to deal with the struggles of everyday life along with Alphone, interestingly enough Ed is as tall as Alphonse. Alphonse goes to visit Elicia Hughes and Gracia telling them how he is going to travel East to learn Alkahestry with Mei-Chang, so tragedies like Nina can be prevented he also encounters Zampano and Jerso who come with him to Xing to help May. We also learn how Ling becomes the Emperor with his Philosopher's stone and spares Mei's family to be a part of his clan. However the real ending of the episode is with Edward saying goodbye to Winry as he heads West to learn more about Alchemy, he can't say goodbye (I think the train in this episode is probably the most patient train I've ever seen) but he can't as it is another awkward moment so he ends up hugging her and leaving and talks about how a heart that is strong is one that is fullmetal and the episode ends. We then see photos of Ling as King of Xing, Roy Mustang with a mustache as the Fuhrer with Riza Hawkeye, Havoc standing on his own two feet with other members of Mustang's brigade and Edward, Alphonse, Winry, Mei and Ed and Winry's children being held. I know Fullmetal alchemist has a lot of characters but they could have tied up the loose ends a bit better like maybe a two part final episode? There were way to many characters and Louis Alex Armstrong didn't appear in the episode unless you count his photo at the end, and Ed had a very small role in this episode. I wish it was a bit better, but you know there were way to many storylines and characters for the creators to wrap them all of in an efficient way so I understand. Still though, it was a great series and look forward to the movie hopefully it's not a recap movie.