Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Season 1 Episode 10

Separate Destinations

Aired Sunday 12:00 AM Apr 18, 2010 on Adult Swim

Episode Recap

Lieutenant Hughes and Major Armstrong are discussing all the events that have happened with the Elric brothers when Fuhrer King Bradley comes in and gives Ed a get well gift and tells Major Armstrong that he knows what they have been doing. He says that the enemy has penetrated the military and that it is dangerous for them to continue the investigation and he orders them to stop and not to tell anyone what they have found. One of his subordinates calls for him and he sneaks out of the room. Winry comes in after Fuhrer King Bradley leaves and learns that Ed and Al are going to Dublith to meet their Teacher and they are very nervous. They will be passing through Rush Valley, and Winry says it's the holy land of automail. He wants to go and Al says that they should allow her to go with them because they will be passing through it anyway.

Lt. Hughes tells his wife and daughter that he is headed off to work and apologizes to Winry that he won't be able to see her off. Winry, Ed, and Al are seen off by everyone and Winry asks why the Elric brothers why they are going to see their teacher and Ed says that they need to learn how to be stronger and they want to ask her about the Philosopher's Stone. Ed and Al are worried what she will do when they get there and they fear for their lives. Winry wonders what kind of teacher she is.

Meanwhile, Lt. Hughes is doing more investigating about the information that they had found so far and goes to the court martial records room by himself. He hears the door close and he comes face to face with Lust. She stabs him as he throws a knife. He staggers out of the room and is badly wounded. Lust pulls the knife out of her head. Lt. Hughes goes to a phone in the building and the lady working there sees that he is wounded and he tells her not to worry. He picks up the phone to use it and thinks for a moment and leaves the building. He goes to a phone outside and calls to reach Colonel Mustang. He calls in his code and the operator tells him to wait as she puts him through and he says to hurry because the military is in trouble. As he is on the phone, Lt. Ross appears behind him. He says that she is not Ross because she does not have the mole under her left eye and she creates one. Lt. Hughes is about to throw a knife and now he sees his wife. He stops and we hear a gunshot. The call finally gets through to Colonel Mustang and we see Envy standing over a mortally wounded Lt. Hughes. Lt. Hughes says that he is sorry to his wife and daughter because he was going to be home early and he passes away.

Ed and Winry are enjoying some pies that Mrs. Hughes had made and they say they are delicious. Winry says that they must go see them when they return.

A funeral for Lt. Hughes takes place and Elicia says that they cannot bury her Papa because he still has much work to do and everyone starts crying. Colonel Mustang is standing by Lt, Hughes grave and Hawkeye approaches. Colonel Mustang says that he is determined to find who killed Lt. Hughes. Mustang retraces Lt. Hughes steps and goes to the building where he was doing his research and goes through the events of Lt. Hughes last hours. He goes outside to the telephone where Lt. Hughes called him from and there Hawkeye brings Major Armstrong. Colonel Hughes asks Major Armstrong what he knows and Major Armstrong tells him he cannot tell him. Although, Major Armstrong can't tell Colonel Mustang anything, he answers his questions and leaves clues for Mustang. Colonel Mustang knows that he must go to Central to investigate what is going on. Hawkeye says that she is ready to go.