Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Season 1 Episode 10

Separate Destinations

Aired Sunday 12:00 AM Apr 18, 2010 on Adult Swim



  • Quotes

    • Winry: So why is it suddenly so important that you guys see your teacher?
      Ed: Well there are a couple of reasons. For starters, I'm a little tired of gettin' my ass kicked.
      Winry: Wait, is this some kind of combat teacher? Why don't you just quit fighting?
      Ed: Oh that'd be nice, but sorry, it's not as simple as that, okay? This isn't only about our fighting, our core needs a little work too. Right, Al?
      Al: Exactly. We feel like seeing our teacher will help us grow and make us stronger on the inside.
      Ed: Yeah, and we're gonna need as much strength as we can get.
      Winry: Hm. What's reason two?
      Ed: To see what she can tell us about the Philosopher's Stone.
      Al: And to ask her about the truth within the truth. We haven't gotten any closer to figuring it out. There's a chance our teacher knows something about it.
      Ed: Let's hope she at least gives us a chance to ask her. You should be more worried about explaining your appearance to her, Al, considering... considering... (suddenly becomes scared) She's gonna kill us when she finds out what happened!
      Al: (is also scared) It would have been nice to at least have had a girlfriend before I died!
      Winry: Maybe you guys should get a new teacher...