Fullmetal Alchemist

Season 4 Episode 4

A Rotted Heart

Aired Saturday 12:00 AM Feb 04, 2006 on Cartoon Network

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  • great episode!

    this episode was so informative! it really is great... these past few episodes have been blowing my mind! fullmetal is the best! i like the way they make things that are vague in the past become crystal clear... i like this episode it shed some light on the character of hohenheim elric and i like how he said that trisha was his first and his last... but is she really?
  • More great FMA

    Well,The episode hwere we learn all about Hoho-papa and Dante has finally aired.I have already seen all of the episodes but I love writing reviews.I think that for all the FMA fans that don't read spoilers,you will love the next few episodes.But most people hate the end.Like me,myself,and I -_-'but it keeps you hooked and watching.I can say that much ;)
  • Hohenheim confronts the leader of the homunculi it was Danta and finally discoverer the "truth behind truths" Al receives a mysterious phone call and Ed went to prove whatever it akes to stop the homunculi and at central, Colonel Mustang decides to challe

    this episode reveals every thing that ed thought was true since day 1 and that ed was right after all and it also show that what’s true can also be false and it seams that the writers did a good job with the storyline, the acting and the voice overs are all good so in my opinion this a another great episode and it a shame its getting to the end of the series.
  • Amazing. Breathtaking. Astonishing.

    This episode tells the history between Dante and Hohenheim. The intensity of this show is amazing, not to mention very well written. I am also surprised at Mustang's resolve to confront the Fuhrer and to take matters into his own hands. The same goes for Al in learning the true secret of the Philospher's Stone. The direction of this episode will have a viewer wanting more. Trust me on this!
  • Once again, good full metal alchemist.

    We learn why Hohenheim left his wife and sons. Also there is some sexy Trisha Elric scenes, I liked them. We all know Ed has something in his pocket, from mommy's grave that is. And we learn why Dante and Hohenheim started their leaps into bodys as well as why they rot faster every time too.
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