Fullmetal Alchemist

Season 3 Episode 3

All is One, One is All

Aired Saturday 12:00 AM Sep 24, 2005 on Cartoon Network

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  • It was the only clue Izumi offered, as she dumped young Ed and Al on the island of Yock: "One is All, All is One." It was perhaps the most ancient tenant of alchemy, but what did it mean? Years later, the lesson must be relearned.

    This is probably my favorite episode in the entire series. It is very well done. Not only does it take an in-depth look into the connection between life and death, but it also shows just how deep the Elric brothers' bond runs. Both the English dub and original Japanese voices are a joy to listen to. That and the beautiful music playing in the background set the mood quite well. The English dub sticks closely with the Japanese dialogue with almost no alterations. This series almost insists the viewer take a deeper look into life and this episode might be the deepest look a fan can take. Love this episode, 5 stars!
  • Ed and Al's old teacher Izumi sends the boys back to an island where they were tested when they were younger. With Ed and Al, the island brings back amy memories of more innocent days. While also introducing a new character.

    This was a fun, and moving episode. When Ed and Al were kids, they were sent to a deserted island for one month alone, unable to use alchemy. Now they are back, but now, they have more experience. It is fun to watch the Elric flashback to when they were younger. As they are on the island, a mysterious boy appears. After thier month is up Izumi returns, and the boy comes out of his hiding, looks like a new character.
  • i love this episode!

    i really love this episode because its a flashback! i like al he's so cute thats why it was such a treat for me to watch it! well anyway in this episode ed and al was returned by their teacher to the island where they were forced to survive
    in order to remember what they learned there long ago... what all is one,one is all really means, because izumi their teacher really thought they have forgotten all about it... this episode is great!
  • We get to see what happen before, and whats going to happen!

    When Izumi sends Ed and Al back to Yock island, they remember what happened last time they went there. It is the same as last time, no food, no water, no alchemy, and just these words, 'All is One, One is All' to live by. We get to see some flashbacks, like when a monset steels their fish, when they go fishing, when a fox steals their food, and more. So they do the same things that they did the last time, and they almost get attack by the monster like last time. Winry thinks that what they are doing to Ed and Al is curely, and they should stop. When the month got over, they tell her that the same monster from last time was there. She tells them that it was someone else who was the monster, and that they were never really alone.
  • This is one of my favorite epiosdes!

    It was one of the first episodes I ever saw and I loved it! I love how chubby Ed and Al were when they were little ^_^ There was some really good parts like when they were trying to get food and they caught a rabbit...... well just watch this episode and you will see why I find this funny!
  • Ed and Al's teacher, Izumi sends them off to an [supposedly] unhabitated island where they recount when Izumi sent them to the island and learned the meaning behind "One is all, and all is one."

    This was a really interesting espisode, especially because it compared the first and 2nd time the brothers were sent to this island. Plus, I like seeing episodes with the flashbacks, it gives me a better feel for what the characters were like in the past. There's quite a bit of difference, but I sure like seeing the kind of bond the brothers have.

    "One is all, All is One"
  • How entertaining!

    In this week's Fullmetal Alchemist, the Elric brothers' childhood teahcer: Izumi takes them back to the uninhabited island where they began their training to remind them of the horrible mistake they made trying to bring their dead mother back to life. Ed and Al reminisce about when they first came to the island. Having to survive for an entire month on the island without using alchemy, the Elrics soon find that their ordeal isn't to be taken lightly. On top of everthing, they have to learn the importance of one saying that Izumi left them with: All is one, one is all.
  • This was a great episode. It was a flashback, and a good flashback it was!

    This episode is my favorite from the ones I've seen so far (as of September 24, 2005.) And I must say that this was terrific. I like the flashback episodes, they're awesome. I like how Ed and Al were all chibi like a lot during the flash back, that was funny. And so was the beginning when Winry went to dive for Ed and Al and sig grabbed her by the neck and was like "don't dive in you'll get wet!!!" And she was all like "*chokechokesuffocation*ok..." I quite liked the ending too. When I first saw the kid I was all like "Awwwww, he's so cute! ^_^" All in all, a terrific episode.
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