Fullmetal Alchemist

Season 1 Episode 2

Body of the Sanctioned

Aired Saturday 12:00 AM Nov 13, 2004 on Cartoon Network

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  • Ed and Al pull one over on Cornello

    Well, if you've been following the story... Or if you've seen the pilot episode, you know that Ed and Al were visiting the city of Liore and they met a girl there named Rose. Rose believes in this false prophet named Cornello, and he tells her that the Elric brothers are evil. So, she turns them in. Now Ed and Al are currently engaged in battle with Cornello. They manage to get him to confess that he is doing alchemy with a Philosopher's Stone, however, Rose is still skeptical. After taking on many beasts, Ed's shirt is torn off and Rose can clearly see his automail arm. Ed tells her that this is what happens when you mess with God. And Al lost his whole body. Cornello has both brothers imprisioned, and appears to have Al's armor melted down. However, it wasn't really him. Al breaks Ed out, and they uncover a plan. Meanwhile, Rose is confused, so she goes to talk to Kane. But she quickly discovers he is nothing more than a bird who can immitate Kane's voice. Cornello then commands the bird to kill Rose, and locks her in. Just as she is about to die, Al kills the bird and saves her. Then they place a microphone behind Ed's back in the jail, and get Cornello to say that he really doesn't care what happens to Liore, just so long as he has power. So in the end, the Elrics return to Central, Cornello is murdered by Gluttony and Lust, and Envy masquerades as him. This can only lead to more problems.
  • I like the first episode better, but this was a great follow up!

    Even though I personally preferred the first episode to this episode, I still enjoyed it! Great animation, humor, and the ending leaves room for future episodes having to do with the city (which they did for a quite a bit of the seasons).

    I've mentioned before that since it was early in the series, the animation isn't as great as the last few seasons and movie, but still, even so it was great!

    Ahh, yes. This is another episode that had me laughing for quite some time in some parts, such as when he spazzed out for being called Small... again. XD And also when he meets up with Rose in the dungeon, "Great, you came to feed me! And I thought you were mad! *sticks out tongue to be feed*"

    The writing through out the entire series never failed to impress. If the writers were thinking as far ahead as other seasons when they wrote the ending, their amazing!

    Overall, great episode! The only thing that I would have to say i'm not crazy about is finding out that the stone was a fake, well, the way they found at least, with father cornello's arm practically being ripped apart. Uck. Still, great episode!
  • Ed and Al's physical faults have been revealed to Father Cornello and Rose, and they soon have to fight for freedom against the tyrannical Cornello, who is actually a puppet of the mysterious Homunculi. "Episode 2: Body of the Sanction - No

    The second episode is full of surprises, and Cornello looks surprisingly awesome with a machine gun. Then again, Edward looks awesome with a bladed arm!!! The story pace moves on nicely, but Lust and Gluttony needed better introductions. The best scenes included the red snake attacking Cornello, Alphonse stealing the bell and knocking out the scary demented bird, and the city hearing Cornello's claims over the radio.

    "No my children he lies, don't believe him!" The highlight of the episode was when Ed controlled the giant Leto statue to move out of the cathedral. I was turned away by the scary bird and Cornello's morphed arm, but that wasn't going to stop me from continuing to watch this series. Excellent episode! Deaths: Father Cornello
  • The Elrics' adventure in Liore comes to a end and they aren't any closer to finding the philosopher's stone than when they first arrived.

    This episode revealed quite a few things that wasn't much elaborated upon in the first episode. We got to witness some of Edward's true abilities, the secret of the fake stone is revealed and we learn that the homomculi were the puppet masters behind the charade. Overall this episode was a decent way to finish the Elrics' desert journey and it even had a flashback at the end revealing a time when their mother was alive and the boys were happy.

    Continuing with the confrontation of the Elric's attempts at forbidden alchemy, Cornello concludes that the Elrics need the stone to successfully bring their mother back. Edward corrects him and reveals that the true reason they need the stone is to make their bodies whole again. Refusing to just hand over the stone, Cornello transmutes his cane into a machine gun and fires at the Elrics. Edward immediately transmutes a wall from the sand to block the bullet shells. Suddenly Cornello's assistant barges in the door and fires a gun at Al. The two brothers make a break for it right into a dead end. Edward claps his hands together and transmutes a door and the two escape.

    Cornello rewards Rose for her faithfulness and takes her to a room where he makes her believe he has done what the Elrics could not. In a bed covered in drapes a figure stands up and calls Rose's name. It seems to be her boyfriend and he appears to be back from the dead. She attempts to advance forward near him but Cornello stops her. He tells her that his body still needs time to recover and she looks onto the floor next to the bed and sees feathers mysteriously laying there.

    Edward and Alphonse are ouside near a statue talking over what their next move should be. The are interrupted by an announcement throughout the streets in which Cornello's assistant informs the people of Liore that the Elrics tried to take the life of their prophet and warns everyone to stay inside. Believing they'll be ok the townpeople are off to find the two and confront them for their betrayal.

    Ed tries to tell the townpeople them that it is in fact Cornello who has been tricking them and that his miracles are fake. Just then Rose appears and tells Ed of how she spoke with her boyfriend and that cornello brought him back. Apparently others have been brought back as well but they suddenly "left town" before anyone had a chance to see them. Out of nowhere Sun God statues begin marching towards the Elrics along with some of Cornello's assistants. The statues knock Edward out and smash up what they think is Alphonse. Edward passes out as he watches his brother's destruction.

    Ed wakes up inside the church altar where he spoke to Rose earlier and finds Cornello. Cornello snatches his pocket watch knowing it was given to Ed when he joined the military and that is enhances and amplifies alchemic reactions. Ed demands it back but Cornello tells him he's helpless without it. As he begins to laugh a small smirk crosses Ed's face, hinting that his plan is going just the way it should be.

    We find Al sneaking off with a church bell as a follower tries to ring it. Al was in fact not smashed up after all but everyone thinks he's history. Ed has been put into a prison-like cell and Rose brings him bread and water to eat. He can't really eat since his hands are chained to the wall so he jokes for her to feed him. She turns and heads toward the door when Ed tells her he hopes that her boyfriend is really back. She rushes off and we hear digging behind the wall where Ed is. Knowing it is Al, Ed smiles.

    Cornello is in bed having a nightmare of a snake trying to kill him. He awakens and finds the strange woman (later identified as Lust) watching him from a chair. She confirms that the secret of the stone is to be kept only between the two of them. Meanwhile Rose has snuch into the room where her boyfriend is recovering and just wants to speak with him to confirm his return. He calls her name again and before she can move forward, Cornello walks in behind her. He tells her she has fallen out of the Sun God's favor and that she shouldn't have disobeyed him. He continues to tell her that he could not bring back her love. Just then a gust of wind blows open the drapes where her boyfriend was and reveals a bird-like creature. Even with the philosopher's stone Cornello couldn't forge a human soul. He used the souls of birds since they can mimic the human voice. By using the stone he readies the creature to attack Rose. As he exits going after Ed now the bird lunges at her and is suddenly knocked out. She opens her eyes to see it was All who helped her and the two leave.

    Cornello has made his way to where Ed is being held captive. Ed asks Cornello what's in it for him for keeping up the charade. Outside Al is connecting pieces of wire together and explains the basic laws of alchemy to Rose. When asked how he escaped the massacre of the statues Al informs her that Ed transmuted the statue they were sitting near to look like him and this was all apart of their plan. Rose asks about their mom and Al seems to ignore her and proceed with their plans. He turns on an intercom that broadcasts Edwards current conversation with Cornello to the entire town.

    Cornello explains that the townspeople believe he can work miracles and even bring them back from the dead if they were to parish. One day he plans to create an army of followers and tear the town apart. Ed knows that once he's cut down that's all for him since Cornello really can't bring him back. Cornello affirms that theory as Ed begins to eat. Noticing that Ed should be chained to the wall, he realizes something is wrong. Ed smiles and scoots over revealing a hole in the wall and a microphone. Cornello yells and finds out that conversation has been heard by the entire town. He transmutes another gun and tries to get rid of Edward. Ed transmuted his automail into a blade and cuts the gun in half and tells Cornello his skills don't come from the pocket watch. Cornello runs out.

    Stumbling into the crowd who's supposed to be his loyal followers, the townspeople ask Cornello what that was all about. He tries to lie and say that an imposter has impersonated him and tries to redeem hisself by showing he can perform miracles and transmutes the statues to move again. Edward walks out and tells him to give up the charade. As Cornello still claims Ed to be the imposter Ed uses his alchemy to transmute the largest statue in the land and brings it forth in front of everyone. Cornello knows that not even the philosophers stone could move something as big as that and Al reveals that Ed is a prodogy.

    Moving closer to take the stone from Cornello the stone begins to react and shatters into pieces. Realizing it has been a fake the entire time Ed gets upset and yells to whomever ay be in control to stop jerking him around. After the ordeal the Elrics realize they're back to square 1 and that the trip has been a waste. Rose confronts them to say they had no business to take away their hope and she doesn't know where to go from there. Ed tells her that she has a strong pair of legs and needs to get up and use them. She falls to her knees and ed walks off.

    Cornello confronts Lust that Edward was right and that the stone she gave him was a fake. She tells him that anyone seeking the stone eventually will come to her. After having no more use for the "old preacher" Lust's companion (later revealed as Gluttony) eats Cornello. As the townspeople are grieving they are suddenly approached by the real Cornello. This man claims that someone has been posing as him while he was away and reaffirms the people's faith by bringing the birds that were used to make Rose's boyfriend back to life. However as they fly off they suddenly vanish. Lust looks down at the Cornello and tells Envy that he needs to keep that shape for a little while longer.

    We finally come back to Rose where she remembers Al's words. He was telling her about their life and where they come from so that she doesn't repeat their mistakes. Al is narrating revelaing they come from a town near Resembool and they were once happy. After seeing a flash back of Al and Ed with their mother, the episode draws to a close.
  • Episode 2 of Fullmetal Alchemist is very interesting in its plot, and way of delievering a great episode.

    In the second episode of FMA, Ed and Al try to stop Father Cornello form fooling the citizens. It is a very intriguing episode as Cornello shows Rose that he has brought her boyfirnd back to life, and another neat part is in the end as more characters are introduced, and a plot starts to emerge. Watch this one for yourself, its very well done, and it really gets the mind going as Ed and Al put an end to Cornello and his swindeling, but realize that the philosphers stone was a fake.
  • Father Cornello can do alchemy! But how can he without being aware of equivalant exchange. He is doing transmutation, bringing things back from the dead...A review from an Artist.

    Ed and AL have found out how Father Cornello does his so called "miricales". If they tell will ruin everyones hope but they think he has the Philosopher's stone. Ed decides to investigate he is trapped inside and fight a great many of beasts. When Ed is battling Father Cornello, Cornello is trapping him and Ed says "Like I always say if you can't find a door make your own.". Ed then makes a door way by clapping his hands and hitting the wall. The beasts attack him and Father Cornello can't find out why he won't bleed when they bite him. Ed then takes off his cloak, Father Cornello and Rose see his mechanical arm. This is my masterpeice.
  • This is the episode when FullMetal fights Cornello. He also learns that the Philosopher's Stone Father Cornello holds is a fake. All that work for nothing. Cornello brings back Rose's boyfriend, Kain, only it to be a fake as well.

    This episode was pretty cool. The fight scenes and the alchemy used is just awesome. Gluttony is just awesome. Him eating the preacher and all. It was great. The chimera's used were awesome. The lion was fused with a snake, or so it seems. The bird was awesome as well. It looked like the one he had summoned back to life during the miracle workings. All in all, it was a great episode.
  • Solid conclusion of the pilot, if a bit too predictable in places

    A common problem of the second half of two-parters is predictability. Often the first part throws many proverbial balls in the air, so the only thing the follow-up can do is catch them. At least "Body of the Sanctioned" does it skillfully, although I do have some misgivings, which is why I rate it almost a point below the pilot.

    The first scene is an immediate continuation of the end of "To Challenge the Sun" and a very well-written one. Ed and Cornello's dialogue works wonderfully, with each accusing the other of wrongdoing, and the scene ends with a classic line from Ed: "Like I always say. Can't find a door... make your own!" It's the best scene in the episode.

    Where the episode starts to falter is after this, when Cornello shows Rose where he's "resurrecting" her boyfriend Cain, and Ed and Al are beset by an angry mob. The supposed twists after these scenes are completely predictable; that you never see Cain must mean it's not really him, and of course Al isn't going to die in the second episode. I do like how the two reveals are in the same scene though.

    And although the "hero tricks prideful villain into inserting foot into mouth" scene is nothing new, the way the Elric brothers trick Cornello is at least unique to the series' milieu, since it involves alchemy. I wish they hadn't gone the cliche megalomaniacal route with Cornello in this scene, but it does help make the people of Lior's outrage more immediate.

    Cornello's comeuppance in this scene and the next, when Ed shows that he's a far better alchemist than Cornello could ever hope to be, is well-played, especially regarding Cornello's desperation. I thought the grotesquerie after the truth about the stone was revealed was a bit too much, and let's face it: That twist was obvious too, it's simply too early in the series for the true stone to be found.

    Despite the aforementioned shortcomings, this episode does have many strengths. Foremost are the characters. Ed and Al's development continues, and I love that they interact with Rose differently. Ed is self-important and stubborn, while Al is compassionate, which is in keeping with their characters as revealed so far. After all, it makes perfect sense that Al is the one who tells her their backstory, which will begin with the next episode. Rose is a memorable secondary character, and the dilemma she presents Ed and Al is intriguing: Is it better to expose a fraud or allow his victims to live in blissful ignorance? The episode clearly favors the former, but that it raises the question at all is noteworthy. It's clear that the Homunculi are going to be major antagonists for the Elrics, and Lust and Gluttony both have memorably sinister and horrifying (respectively) turns here. Unfortunately, I don't like how the episode merely name-drops Envy, only showing him in disguise. I think the scene with him in disguise would have worked better later in the series, but it's at worst a nitpick.

    So although it's not as successful as the first episode, there is enough about this one to like to recommend it and it's certainly entertaining from beginning to end. The series will get significantly better than this, but I would still rank this above most anime episodes.
  • Pilot episode part 2.

    This was just as good as part one. The battle with evil Father Cornello ends as Ed is in jail, and Rose learns the truth about the old preist. And Then Ed and Al expose the dirt bag for what he is, a no good con artist. So I give this a 10/10.
  • After traveling so far, Ed and Al discover that the Philosopher's stone held by the priest was a fake.

    It's not that it was a bad storyline or anything, but for some very odd reason, it was very hard to pay attention to.

    For some very odd reason, I don't know why, but there was a lot of "farting" noises throughout the episode. Some of it was for sound-effect while some was to replace dialogue, but it was really hard to watch and keep track of everything with those noises constantly going off.
  • Sets the tone for the entire series.

    This episode is one of the show's greats as it begins the show's tone. There was an excellent combination of levity and humor throughout the episode (particularly with the speaker phone transmutation). More importantly, the show starts out strong with a lot of action and conflict, rather than slowly build towards it.
  • The second episode is the continuation of the confrontation between Ed and Father Cornello.

    The episode was not bad. It had a few minor points that were weak though. Aside from some mistakes, the storytelling was great. It gave more life to the characters, and revealed to us viewers how Alphonse and Edward really are.

    Main points:

    * Cornello is defeated, Ed finds that the Philosopher's Stone is fake.

    * We encounter more detail about the Homunculi, and another, who can form into anybody, named Envy.

    Overall, this episode was a fine example, yet had a few weak points. Fullmetal Alchemist, however, has improved greatly after the third episode.
  • Ed has found out that Cornello is using a philosophers stone to boost his alchemy. Ed is confronted with a delema. Shoud he reveal Cornello for the fake he is and destroy the dreams of the towns people or should he leave them in peace.

    this episode shows the basis of the philosopers stone. it also shows what ed is willing to do to get it. this is an excellent episode with an example to what lies bring and what dangers are in the philosophers stone. Now the characters Ed and Al are laid out and the story may continue.
  • Cornello realizes that Ed and Al tried to do a human transmutation resulting in Al, losing his body, and Ed, losing his arm and leg. Ed and Al try desperately to reveal Cornello's true nature to the townsfolk.

    For a second show, this episode was absolutely amazing. Even though it still left many questions unanswered, the episode was very fast paced and not too much of anything (drama or humor).

    Ed and Al's teamwork in this amazes me. Ed's witty humor and quick thinking made this episode very enjoyable. How they were able to eventually reveal Father Cornello's true nature was completely awesome.

    This episode also expands how people think. The answer to this was surprising. That people would rather believe in a lie than to not believe at all. Still, everything and everyone was very believable under the circumstances.
  • Determined to find the Philosopher's stone, the Elric brothers confront Cornello in the church's secret basement. However, other followers of the Sun God burst in, and the two brothers are forced to escape. This freedom is short-lived as the devoted citiz

    Ed and Al have been cornered by the townspeople who are enfuriated by his attempt to kill the high priest. Claiming that the high priest's "miracles" were merely acts of alchemy, Ed and Al try to persuade the townspeople realize that Conero has been decieving them this entire time, but Roze appears and tells the towspeople that the high priest is really capable of miracles because Kain has come back to life.

    The two are knocked out, but when Ed awakens, he is confronted by Conero. His medallion that is proof that he is a Nationally Certified Alchemist is snatched away from him and he is sent to a prison.

    Conero visits Ed in prison, and his deception is exposed by a hidden microphone behind Ed's back. Shocked, Conero runs outside only to find the townspeople. In order to redeem himself, he activates the statues of Leto . Ed counters by placing one of the stone statues under his control.

    After using all of its power, the fate Philosopher's Stone cracks. With this lead comming to an end, Ed and Al prepare to leave and move onto the next clue. Confronted by Roze, Ed tells her to stand up and walk forward under her own power and will.

    In other parts of the city, the townspeople search for the fake priest. Instead, they are met by the "real" priest back from his trip. To ease their suspicions and fears, he brings back to life the fallen birds scattered everywhere.