Fullmetal Alchemist

Season 4 Episode 9


Aired Saturday 12:00 AM Mar 11, 2006 on Cartoon Network

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  • death

    It good
  • Well, it's exactly as the title says. (SPOILERS)

    Wow, although I had the ending spoiled for me, Ed's death was still sad and unexpected. I wish you could put two classificasion cause this episode was revaling, just as much as it was a tearjerker. What was on the other side of the gate is oficialy revealed as our world, where alchemy comes from is directly from human lives, and that Envy is infact the homonculis of Hohenheim's son. I just don't know what else to say, it was incredible, best episode of the series, possibly one of the best episodes of any anime show. Though this isn't the last episode of the series, I still feel sad that it's already almost over *sigh*. So to sum it all up, awsome episode.
  • Well, the episode title kind of says it...

    This episode reveals everything about the series - literally. All secrets are revealed and most importantly, the main character is killed by the cynic Homonculus, Envy.

    There's really not much to say about this episode... The fact that I nearly cried when Edward Elric died says a lot. This episode, is indeed one of the best anime episodes of all-time.

    Some key moments in the episode are when Edward is transported to the other side of the gate (with Hohneheim); Edward escapes from the other side of the gate; Edward finds out that Envy is his brother; Edward is killed by Envy.

    This episode is truly an amazing one, and a tearjerker, nonetheless... But it's not over yet, the final episode -- well, that is possibly the best episode of a TV series, period.
  • ed contiues to save his brother from dante wen ed is their dante reviels y she has worked so hard for the philosifer stone she sends ed to the other side and sees his dad.ed goes back and has his last showdown with envy in the seris

    this episode couldnt hav been better wen enyv killed ed it was perfect dont ending me wrong i like ed but i was glad that their was a heartless villian and cum on wen was the last time u saw a villian stab the good guy in the heart.however there could hav been more fighting and wrath should hav had a bigger part.other than the low fighting and how cofusing it was to follow how dante and hoingheim was about y they made the mhomucluli.however ed getting stabed was truly the coolest part in this episode it was definitly cool best episode in the seris

    This episode was really, really stunning. I couldn't believe that Ed died. This is such an awesome episode. I find this to be the second best epidode of the series, coming slightly behind "Laws and Promises". That was the best episode EVER. Some parts of this episode were very...educational. For example, I was very, very surprised when Envy shows that he is actually Ed's older brother, transmuted by Hoenhiem. Also, the way Ed dies is interesting, as I did not think that they would "kill off" Ed, and I especially did not think that Envy would really "kill off" Ed.
  • ...one episode left so it can't be all THAT bad

    Yes, Edward dies. It's not so much the fact that he dies, as by the end of the series (one more episode...) it's really not worked out all that bad for him.

    But what does strike the chord is whodunnit. Envy made himself out to be pretty wicked in a much earlier episode (Ed refers to him as a "psychopath named Envy") but seriously, Ed didn't stand a chance in hell, and you can understand how petty and evil Envy is as he plays with Edward's mind for a while before just sort of sucker-punching him, and eventually killing him pretty easily when it seemed he had lost the upper hand due to Wrath's interference.

    And to find out that Envy was, in a sense, the homonculus of Ed's nearly 400-year-old brother, just before the killing blow, you can tell that he was toying with Ed pretty much the whole time. Envy is cruel, manipulative and sadistic, an aspect that you only really see in episode 25, but doesn't get the treatment it deserves until the end.

    The homunculi were a great idea, and a really great set of villains. The concept is really just another face to a theme that's been used for thousands of years already, but a very well-done face.

    The look Edward had on his face while bleeding to death was... sickening. He looked horrified, and doesn't seem fitting on the face of the main hero. It's easy to forget that he's just a kid with some very major issues...
  • i love this episode so much, the fact where they bring it so the main character can die to see the other side of the gate was a good plot. and the fact dante didnt even know that he was going to meet up with his father and find his way out, fantastic.

    I love this episode so much. the way they bring it so Ed can die, accidently keeping his memories, and seeing the other side of the gate. and while all this is happening, ed and envy fighting, and wrathe getting hurt, rose is just stitting there and allowing it to happen which i find a bit humorous because she wants to be the stupid one and sit and watch while she knows once the philosophers stone is ready in als body, dante will take her body, and anouther funnything is that in about 8 years, dante will have to switch again, because everytime she switches, it takes less time for the body to erode. lol. and if that happens, she will have almost no time to make anouther stone, so no matter what, her fate is set, maybe it was good for her that gluttony ate her in the last episode, oops, i think i said too much, sorry for the spoiler for anyone who hasnt seen the last episode yet. yeah, so that whole thing is a great episode, also bringing the confrontment of colnol roy mustang and fugher bradly, that was a good fight. keep it going full metal, dont stop, bring the show back!
  • ....Edward....Dies.....no

    ....Edward is one of two characters i consider my favorites, next to vash the stampede....this episode left my jaw open...i never expected what i saw and i have to give it a 10 for how unexpected and shocking it was....Ed...... i dont think i could have in my wildest dreams thought that by the end of the series itd happen.. perfect display of hitting you with a bit of mortality in a main character thats been to hades and back and came out still kicking. I hope to find more anime\'s that have length and quality without feeling stretched out and lifeless by the end, this series is filled with so much im glad for every dime i spent on the series...going to watch 51 then the movie...but for now.....wow
  • This entire show is astounding, I would rate it a 20 if I could.

    Another episode that keeps you on your toes. Exicting to say the least, this episode leading up to the culmination of this stories ingenious plot. Originally turned onto this show by a friend who is a much more avid anime fan than I, I was sucked into its swirling plot after seeing the first two episodes. I found that I was waiting on each and ever episode as they came out. I am not sure what causes this series to have such an atractive quality but I know for one thing that I would recomend this series a hundred times over to everyone, including people who are not usually anime fans.
  • Oh..........My............God

    What a total shocker. I have never expected this. Edward, the Full Metal Alchemist, is dead.

    When I saw the title was "Death" I thought that the one with the best chance of dying was Alphonse since he was captured by the Homunculus and also he was going to be eaten by Gluttony. It turns out Ed was the one who was going to die because he was caught off guard when Envy finally showed his true form which surprisingly looked kinda like Ed. Then Dante explained that Envy was the first homunculi ever made. She also said that Hohenheim of Light made envy with the remains of Dante and Hohenheim's child.

    This is why I watch show. The episode is one of the best ever made. The total surprised made it even better. So to all the people who hasn't seen it try to because you are missing out in one of the best episodes ever made.
  • gosh! so great... but really what can you expect from such a great show!

    this show is so good.. this episode... ahhhh! so much secret my brain cant take it! ahahhahahah! and i thought the ending of the previous episode was such a cliff hanger! i love this show! one of my top five anime! this episode is so great! im watching it as im typing... this is so great! but i cant just cant bare the thought that this is almost the last episode... ahhhhhhhhhh! ed is dead!!!! no it cant be!
  • Edward learns many secrets.

    The episode Death is one of the best episodes. It's cool how they connect our world with their world. Hoenhiem really had many reasons to leave Ed. Edward also battles Envy in a guilty fight with no alchemy! Roy and Pride also battle it out. Pride seems to be a genuis and great swordsman and almost kills Roy. Wrath is betrayed by Dante and loses Edwards arm and leg. Envy turns out to be Hoenhiem's and Dante's son which makes Edward Envy's half brother. When Envy told Ed that Ed couldn't take the truth and paused giving Envy a chance to kill Ed.
  • This episode was one of the best! It exceeded expectations!!

    Wow. That's all I could say after watching this episode. My jaw was dropped, and I was utterly shocked. Every episode seems to take an unexpected turn, but this episode was REALLY unespected. I could scarcely believe what happened in it!

    I have plently of mixed feelings about this episode, but I think mostly I felt surprised. The other world, Pride vs. Mustang...wow. It was a brain overload, but I liked it that way. It left me completely dumbfounded and thoughtful.

    I really liked watching this a lot. It's got to be one of my many favorite episodes. It's one of those that really catch your attention, where the action never stops flowing.
  • "I wouldn't use alchemy if I were you"

    “Show me what you really look like, instead of hiding behind other people’s faces!” “Do you really wanna see?” “Stop jerking me around!!” Envy was actually Ed and Al’s half brother, over 400 years ago. It explains why Envy hates Hohenheim so much, seeing as he abandoned Envy. Another great aspect of this episode is the beginning battle sequence between Flame Alchemist and the Fuhrer. “I can predict your alchemy with my ‘all seeing’ eye.” And ending scene was just heart gripping, “Ed… Edward… EDWARD!!!!”
  • Wow is all I could say when I saw the end!

    This was so good most likly my favorite episode! The fight with Envy and Ed was just to cool! And the end all i could say was wow then i started to cry! This episode had great dialoge and we get to learn more about Envy and Hoho-Papa. If you Love FMA then you must go and see this episode!
  • This was good episode ed and envy fought to the well as the episode is called to the death. At the end envy stabs rigth threw edward and he dies. It is revealed how envy died and how he really looks like. This was a Great episode for me though

    This was a great episode it started with ed at the other side of the gate with hohenhim and reveals to edward that when every he uses a alchemy circle or claps his hands that the people who die in the world in the other side of the gate are the power source. Back in artimes (or whatever you call it) wrath and gluttony suffer the concequences for disobeying (well gluttony disobeyed) anyway fter that dante summons the gate to take wrath/edward's limbs. But then ed gets out of the gate. SO him and envy have a battle. It's cool
  • Ed is on the other side of the gate where a war seems to be going on. His fatehr is there and tells him the secret to where the energy to preform alchemey is preformed. Meanwhile Dante removes Gluttony's brain in an attempt to get him to eat the Philosoph

    Fantastic! FMA is comming to an end and the suspense is killing me, the final ep should be a killer!

    ed gets back from the otehr side of the gate pondering on weather the law of equivilant exchange is true or not after hearing what his father had to say.

    Ed gets into a fight with Envy who is revealed to be the first ever Homocculi ever created by Hoenheim. He says he is Dante's and Hoenheim's son who died of mercury poisoning...you finally get to see his real face and in the end Envy ends up fatally stabbing Ed.

    We are left to wonder how Ed and Al are going to defeat the remaining Homocculi and if they will ever get their bodies back and is Ed still alive?!?!?!
  • Being a glutton for punishment and not realizing ignorance is bliss, I'd read the spoilers..

    ...so I'd known this was coming for a few months. Still, it was a sucker punch to the gut to see Ed die this way. Hesitation is fatal, grasshopper! In a perfect Hollywood ending, Ed would have walloped Envy senseless with his RIGHT hand, then transmuted his hand into a blade (Philosopher's Stone be darned), eviscerated that S.O.B.; and finally, scoop out Envy's red stones by hand.

    Then again, maybe not. Ed has had to step up and kill, but he's not a bloodthirsty monster like Dante. Who is finally revealed as the ultimate, the number one, uber source of the evil plaguing Amestris. She has manipulated people, governments and even entire countries - for decades if not centuries.
    The underlying tragedy of FMA is that she used the Elric brothers as her pawns from the time they were born - heck, perhaps even before they were even born. The moral is: True evil never dies. It just slithers under a rock and licks it's wounds for awhile.

    If there is a new FMA series (and I certainly hope there is), Dante will be back to meddle in Ed and Al's lives, hopefully, with lots of back story because a lot of plot threads are being left dangling, as well as plot holes unclosed.
  • you guys think this episode was stunning?? wait until next week. the ending will make u cry and leave a deep, dark, open hole in ur heart, wondering what will happen in the future.

    the ending really pissed me off, yet made me sad. so, all in all, i loved. it. and everyone, say farewell to the #1 anime that will ever exist (sorry Naruto, ur second ;) man, edward, you had to get stabbed.... why? what will al do next!!! (sorry, ull have to wait till saturday to find out!)
  • Suffice it to say, that was intense.

    The only downside (aside from a few corny moments) to this episode was that it went by too quickly and now I must wait another six days to see the conclusion! Other than that it was a very enlightening episode and revealed the ultimate truth behind truths.

    Corny moments include the mandatory reference to future political leaders (perhaps Hohenheim was going to advise Winston Churchill on running for prime minister in another 15 or 20 years) and the mandatory reference tot he horrors of the nuclear bomb (I got the picture the first thousand times I was told about its horrors).

    I can not wait to see how they manage to conclude the story.
  • I cant believe this!

    This episode had a messed up ending. I was excited when ed had returned from the other side. butt i was upset at the end of the episode. What is going to happen now? This episode leaves you with a lot of questions. The begining was great. This is one of my favorite animaes.
  • Part 1 of a Series Finale An awesome episode! I just wish the end turned out kinda different...

    I was loving this episode as I watched it! The truth about alchemy was revealed in this episode too. It was cool how Ed got back through the gate. Then Ed started beating up Envy but...then after Envy got to "his???" original face Ed was distracted and...I can't wait to see the next episode to see how everything comes to an end. I'm just going to have to wait and see if things turn out how I hope they will.
  • The series finale, part 1.

    This was one hell of an episode man. I loved every part, like when Archer pops a gun out of his mouth and blows some guy away. That was sweet! And I loved the part when Ed was punching Envy, as Envy changes faces, to find a face Ed will not hit. And it worked with a face, that you think Ed would love to bash in, Envy's human face. That was also the face of his dad, who Ed hated so much, you think it would have been easy for him. The words that Mustang and Pride said to eachother where boss too.
  • Holy Hell, This was the most, indescribably intense, amazing, action-packing, revealing episode of FMA ever....I freaked out when they didn't show the next episode preview. What an ending, i'm looking forward to see how it all concludes.

    Holy Hell, This was the most, indescribably intense, amazing, action-packing, revealing episode of FMA ever....I freaked out when they didn't show the next episode preview. What an ending, i'm looking forward to see how it all concludes. I'm starting to wonder though, is Ed's alter identity really dead in "our" side of the gate? Or will Al's alter identity play some unexplained role in saving him or something on that side. But can you believe it? Ed, shorty, pipsqueek, midget, nose picker, kid, the full metal alchemist,the title of our show, is dead. The series finale is going to dominate.
  • I LOVE THIS EPISODE. I hate the end.

    I liked it in Japanese better. But I love this episode, the english version is finally getting closer to the end, I always cry when I see this episode because of Ed and what I know will happen to Mustang. Anyway, I love this episode. I love FMA in general XD
  • I heard he'd die, but I wanted to experience it "in person".

    Well, Envy's real face was a surprise to me, same with alchemy being the fact that energy is exchanged from one random place to another specific place. Still, this is probably the coolest episode yet. Unfortunately, next week, we'll see the loss of another main protagonist.

    ...What? You think I'm going to tell YOU who's the poor sap? You wish. (BTW, I got the info of you-know-who's death from an anonymous site.)
  • Pretty good episode, another reason I watch this series.

    This was a great episode, Ed came to terms with Hoenheim, and we learn the reason Envy had such hatred toward the Elric brothers and their father.

    Despite what others tell him about alchemy Ed still stands to his beliefs of equivalent exchange.

    Ed dying in the end was kind of interesting as well.

    But I already know what will happen.
  • There have been many episodes of this series that have shocked me, but this is the first episode that has left me speachless

    after watching this episode all I can say is wow

    This episode honestly almost brought a tear to my eye. We finaly learn the truth to where all Alchemy comes from and Ed finaly makes peace with his father.

    But it’s back in Ed’s original world where all the action is taking place. Mustang finaly makes his move against Pride, Archer is as crazy as ever and Wrath losses his lims (poor, poor Wrath)

    And once Ed returns he finaly faces off against Envy, the darkest of all the homunculi. The end really shocked me so much I honestly don’t know what to say

    Only one episode left, and this episode leaves us with an awesome cliffanger
  • Was the death of an alchemist something to reveal what his fate would be at the end?

    This episode was the very best, yet very sad part of the whole series. Episode 50, "Death", is what it states: someone was going to die. At the last 5 minutes, our main protagonist in the story, has been killed by the son of Hohenheim and Dante. Is this the end for him? Has his fate been decided? What will happen afterwards? One thing is for sure. This episode was one of the most revealing plots, since the episode of the death of our dear friend Maes Hughes.

    Well, one way to find out is to watch the final episode of the series. Episode 51: Laws and Promises.

    The episode overally deserves ten stars out of ten.
  • O....M....G. THE best episode yet!!

    I absolutely LOVED this episode. It explained some things that needed answering, plus, every second kept me sitting there in anticipation hoping for this or that to happen. Because of the episode title, I kept waiting for a death to happen... and when it finally did, I was shocked. I sat there for about 5 minutes after the episode ended just staring at the tv with my mouth open. No doubt about it- this was the BEST!!

    As Gir would say- I'm gonna watch it again ^-^
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