Fullmetal Alchemist

Cartoon Network (ended 2006)




Episode Guide

  • Season 4
    • Fullmetal Alchemist The Movie: Conqueror of Shamballa
      It is 1923 in Munich, Germany. Two years have passed since Edward Elric was pulled from his world in Central City, Amestris, and landed in our own. Stripped of his alchemic abilities, Ed has been working feverishly to get back to his brother Alphonse but all his efforts have so far been to no avail. When he helps a quiet gypsy girl, however, he sets in motion a series of events that will effect both worlds. Meanwhile, it is 1917 in Amestris. Al still has no memory of their adventures, but he is determined to get Ed back and has developed his own alchemic abilities. When strange things begin to happen in Liore and Central, though, Al receives help from an unexpected source. Soon he, too, is caught up in a nightmare that could tear two worlds apart.moreless
    • Laws and Promises
      Episode 10
      The battle between Mustang and Pride takes a surprising turn when help is received from an unexpected source. Outside the compound, Hawkeye meets up against Archer as she and the Bradleys are being taken to Central. Everything the Elrics have worked towards comes to a climax, as Ed and Al both make extreme sacrifices and the term "Equivalent Exchange" takes on a whole new meaning.moreless
    • Death
      Episode 9
      Ed has entered the other side of the Gate and finds himself in a war-torn land. There he finds his father, who tells him the real truth about alchemy. Back in Central Mustang faces off with Pride in a battle that could determine the future of the State. Dante, meanwhile, carries out her plans for dealing with Al and transforms Gluttony into a true monster.moreless
    • 3/4/06
      Using the page Fletcher Tringham gave him from his father's journal, Ed meets up with the brothers again deep in Central City. With their help he finally finds the way to the leader of the Homunculi. Unbeknownst to him, the leader is already waiting for his arrival. Ed must once again confront all that he believes in his battle against the leader, or else be lost to the other side of the Gate.moreless
    • Goodbye
      Episode 7
      The battle with Sloth over, Ed is momentarily distracted -- allowing one of the remaining Homunculi to kidnap Al. Unfortunately, Ed is kept busy by an enraged Wrath to follow after them. After receiving help from Izumi, they go off together in search for Al. Meanwhile Mustang's plan is put into motion. As his men do battle with the other units in the Military, Mustang and Hawkeye make their escape and head for the Fuhrer's residence.moreless
    • 2/18/06
      Ed confronts Sloth, only to discover that she had captured Al. As Ed and Sloth battle each other, Al's conflicted loyalties get the best of him and he does the unthinkable. Meanwhile, like Wrath and Lust before her, Sloth's memories of her past have begun to haunt her. She's determined that the only way to free herself of these memories is to destroy the Elric brothers.moreless
    • 2/11/06
      Determined to deal with Wrath once and for all, Ed travels back to Dante's mansion in Dabris and meets up with Izumi. Al, meanwhile, decides to meet with Tucker to learn the secrets of the Stone. Back in Central, the Fuhrer orders both Mustang and Armstrong to the Northern campaign where there's an unpleasant surprise waiting for them.moreless
    • A Rotted Heart
      Episode 4
      As Hohenheim and the leader of the Homunculi confront each other, the "Truth Behind Truths" is finally revealed. Meanwhile Ed, determined to stop the Homunculi at any cost, leaves Risembool with Al to find their father. In Central, a military tribunal has convened to discuss what to do with Ed. Mustang takes this opportunity to shake up the military establishment.moreless
    • 1/28/06
      "Hohenheim of Light", an alchemist of extraordinary talent, returns to Risembool after an absence of more than ten years. His appearance infuriates Ed, who wants nothing to do with him. However, Hohenheim reveals to Mustang and Al the secrets of the Homunculi. Meanwhile, the leader of the Homunculi has gathered them together to join in the hunt for the Elrics.moreless
    • The Stray Dog
      Episode 2
      Colonel Mustang is forced to hunt down Ed and Al when the Fuhrer orders the capture of the Elric brothers. Meanwhile, Winry arrives in Risembool and is approached by a mysterious man who mistakes her for someone else. When the same man appears later at Pinako's, Winry is shocked to find out who he is.moreless
    • 1/14/06
      As Scar strives to bring his plan to fruition, Ed confronts his 'mistake' in the escape tunnel. All is at stake as the Philosopher's Stone begins to form.
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