Fullmetal Alchemist

Season 4 Episode 11

Fullmetal Alchemist The Movie: Conqueror of Shamballa

Aired Saturday 12:00 AM Nov 17, 2007 on Cartoon Network

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  • coolzz

    seems legitly nice
  • fa ybghg


  • it was good it needs to close up in a better fashion

    fullmetal alchemist conqueror of shambala was a heated debate before the movie even came out people were going crazy i myself bought a copy on the first day and from what i heard and saw it left a ungodly amount of things open i wont say that it did not close up anything... it did but not in the way people wanted it to also there was alot of speculation that they were going to come out with a miniseries or a series of what edward and alphonse do in germany which is what was assumed when the release of fma2 was announced but luckily the fma writers havent sunken that low to sell the anime out like some other animes *cough cough pokemon* but nonetheless it is a movie i enjoyed but i would have to say that it does need retouching and fine tuning
  • The final piece of the puzzle!

    Okay, so can read this review, after U saw the whole series.

    Ed is now in our world. He always tried to travel back to his one, but he cant. He learned the ways and secrets of technology, but thats not alchemy. He found Als alterego, and with him, they built a rocket. On the other reality, Al joined the Master again, and learned alchemy. But after she died, he travel the lands, to find his brother. In Eds Reality, a secret german group, tries to open the gate, and brought weapons to their world, to support Hitler With Hohenheim, "the dragon"... and Angers help, they open the gate. The germans attacked Als world. The alchemist fight back, including Armstrong, Mustang, Al and Ed too. This was a fine ending for a great series!
  • it was good BUT..

    it does put an end to the story and it feel a lot better than how the series ended. but there are just too many things happening in so little time it doesn't feel as natural. two very important characters die but it didn't break my heart like it should.
    in the end the Elric brothers decide to live on beyond the gate in our world, a weird decision if you ask me because they obviously cared a lot for their friends yet chose to leave them behind and start a new life in a new world.
    i just loved this anime, it blew my mind. and even though this movie is not a perfect ten it's definitely worth watching.
  • a pretty good movie,but i was disappointed with the ending :(

    This is about Ed and Al reuniting after they got split up at the end of the show when Ed got sent to the other side of the gate (our world) after retuning Al to his original body. The movie is set two years after the last episode.It mostly shows Edward in Munich Germany (where he ended up),where he cannot use alchemy.It also shows Alphonse who is trying to find a way to reunite with his brother by opening up the gate.Ed meets Alfons Heiderich who resembles Alphonse Elric his brother he also realizes that there are other people who resemble his friends in his homeworld Amestris. This was a good movie but the ending disappointed me because Ed and Al leave Winry behind (I am an EdxWinry fan) after all that she has done for them especially taking care of Ed's automail. The Elric brothers end up in our world.
  • Renunion of Elric Brothers

    this movie made me cry from just the music from the preview of it... i ordered the video offline before it came out and watched it and re watched it right away! i loved it! it shows you the bonds of family and brotherly love and that even through the gate that these two would do anything to get to each other.. also the way that hoenheim is show in the story makes him more human but you wish that u saw more of a relationship developed between him and his son/sons. i think that having ed go off to learn about rockets was whatever.. over all its definitly a movie worth watching..
  • This was really good but sad.

    I can't believe Wrath is dead. Seriously I hated gluttony before now I hate him even more. I have to admit Wrath did pretty good fighting that mindless monstrous form of gluttony. But it just leaves me wondering what happened to him when they were transmuted. And also since Wrath had eds arm and leg he could use alchemy. But now that there gone what can he do? Sure hese pretty good at fighting and stuff. But I can't take it! Why must they kill off such a cool character like Wrath. I wonder if Gluttony only killed Wrath because Wrath killed lust.