Fullmetal Alchemist

Season 1 Episode 13

Fullmetal vs. Flame

Aired Saturday 12:00 AM Feb 05, 2005 on Cartoon Network

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  • Even though it's not really related to the storyline. I would say it's one of my top 5 Fav FMA episodes. For the plot the Title speaks for itself.

    One word: HILARIOUS! Edward is ever funnier in this episode. This episode also shows the light and ignorant side of the state Alchemist. This episode strongly depicts Roy Mustang prowess and charisma as well as his comedic side. Girls will be left Squeeeeeing for Roy as he taunts, plays, and fights Edward. This part also shows Roy's conflicted side. Just Like many characters in the show Roy is no exception to having some level of trauma which is ultimately hidden under his stern facade.

    Aside from the Comedy and the Drama you have the fights. Amusing it is seeing that the 2 most favourite characters in the series are pitted against each other. It's explosive, It's finely done, And Above ALL it's damn Funny.

    Overall This episode shows the best of what's to come even though it act as a side story and in somewhat a more lighthearted mood than the other episodes it's still top notch. The only downside about this is the preview for the next episode keeping up the suspense. 10/10 hands down.
  • Funny it was my favorite episode

    I love this episode My favorite Mustang is so hot Ilike Ed too But Mustang is awesome not as awsome as Hueghs. Alphonse is just annoying. Sasuke's Dad better than everyone though.. Oh and Trunks is cool... The one that I really hate is Itachi.... I mean is goth or what? He's just creepy isn't he.. But he's not as bad as Cream... Tails can beat them all I know it... I like Neiji's Dad. But he's not as cool as the Uchiha's Dad... They have the best dad.. Wait I think Shikamaru's dad is better.. Hmm I never mentioned him..
  • Quite possibly the best non- main- plotline episode of the entire 50 plus episode series!! It just doesn't get funnier than this!

    This is by far my favorite 'fluff' episode of the whole series. FMA is packed full of quirky humor to offset the intense story of the brothers and their quest to 'make things right' again, but the battle evaluation is my fave moment. Why? Well, first of all, I love Mustang's 'snap with attitude'...there's just something mesmerizing about it! Then there are the short rants, including my personal fave "I'll break down your feet and stick them on your head!" Plus the miniskirt line, and Havoc's reaction...(Mike McFarland is too funny!) The 'I LOVE DOGS!" tangent is another great moment! Finally, we get a peek into what makes Mustang tick, and why he sometimes seems so troubled...which is also a great teaser to a future story arc that is absolutely heart breaking!

    There isn't an episode that I DON'T like, but if I was forced to pick the top episode, this would be it!
  • My favorite FMA episode ever

    Woooooooooow..... I just love this episode for its randomness. Especially on Mustang's part. The guy goes from ranting about mini skirts to twirling puppies around and laughing maniacley. OK, so Ed challenges Mustang to a fight. If Ed wins, he passes his alchemic evaluation and Mustang has to keep the kitten Al found out in the rain. I don't really remember what happens if Mustang wins, but it's something bad for Ed, I recall. Something to do with the Philosopher's Stone. Anyway, before that, Mustang is just happy go lucky all around. Oh, and Fuery found a puppy, and is trying to find him an owner. The dog eventually goes to Hawkeye. She names him Black Hayate, and shoots at him when he pees on the walls. :P Uh... Oh yeah. The battle is a crazy one, and I think it ends up in a draw. It might have gone on longer, but King Bradley stopped it because he was afraid Ed and Mustang would destroy all of Armestis. Their punishment? They must clean up the entire battle arena!
  • Ed and Al arrive at Eastern HQ where Mustang awaits them. However, the Fuhrer's troops arrive at the base for unexplained reasons. Ed tries to learn of Dr. Marcoh and confronts Mustang by challenging him to a duel! Fullmetal vs. Flame! Who'll win?

    So we reach the end of Season 1, and they certainly don't disappoint with an episode of mostly comedy but with great action and some drama as a sidedish. Brilliant. The animation is fantastic, and the explosive (in every sense of the word) battle between Ed and Roy Mustang deserves a standing ovation.

    Ed and Al arrive at Eastern HQ to report back to Mustang on their findings. However, Mustang seems to know everything that has happened. When Ed goes to ask about Dr. Marcoh, mentioned in the previous episode, Mustang refuses to answer. Unexpectedly, Fuhrer King Bradley and a collection of familiar faces arrive, including Hughes, Major Armstrong and Brigadier Grand. Juliet Douglas, the Fuhrer's secretary is also introduced. Determined to get answers from the Colonel, Ed challenges him to an alchemy duel. In an explosive battle between Fullmetal and Flame, Mustang reveals the location of Marcoh to Ed. But Scar and the Homunculi are beginning to enter the fray.

    This episode is filled to the brim with non-stop humour and also sees the return of several familiar faces as well as new ones: Hughes, King Bradley, Basque Grand, Falman, Havoc, Lt. Breda, Master Sgt. Fuery, Black Hayate, Juliet Douglas, Lt. Hawkeye and of course Colonel Mustang. Although this episode has several spots of serious drama, comedy is what drives this episode along, as well as the fantastic voicework. Hughes is finding ever more fantastic ways to show off Elicia, Mustang's troops are having trouble deciding who will be the owner of Black Hayate, and Al takes a liking to a stray kitten. Even Fuhrer Bradley has his moments. Unfortunately, ever serious Brigadier General is as a gloomy as ever, but does reveal information on the Ishbal War which will be covered in the following episodes.

    The fight scene between Ed and Mustang is one of the highlights of the series, and the first of the series best battles. Mustang and Ed give it their all in both combat and comedy, Mustang blowing up his own comrades to get to Ed is hilrarious. All the soldiers flying up into the air had me on the floor laughing my head off. The biggest highlight is when Mustang blows Ed up on top of the cannon. However, this episode's light-hearted is darkened at the end by the presence of the Homunculi and Scar. Enter Season 2
  • A fantastic episode, with interesting character developement for Roy and a great battle scene.

    From the start, this episode is hugely entertaining. After finding out his abilities as a state alchemist are due for a review, Ed challenges Roy to a mock battle. This episode has a lot of light moments, particularly in relation to Fury's quest to find an owner for a stray dog he has found, which eventually brings him to the conclusion that everyone at the military is slightly insane. The battle between Ed and Roy is awesome, although I always wander, can Roy actually use alchemy for anything other than creating fire/heat? Despite this remaining a mystery, we definately find out a lot more about him, in some bits as a joke ("when i'm fuhrer, all female officers of the miltary shall have to wear tiny miniskrits!") but more importantly, the sadder stuff, like his part in the Ishbal rebellion. This episode is definately one of my favourites, and probably the best one in the first season!
  • One of my favorite plot points

    I enjoyed the humor of this episode, including Ed mimicking Mustang, Al and Fuery saving the cat and dog from the rain and then trying to find place for them to stay, and the classic "TINY MINISKIRTS!" remark from Mustang. It's also a very revealing moment for Mustang when he remembers the Ishballan War (I can't believe he killed Winry's parents!). I also liked Fuery's reaction when Riza finally accepts the dog but shoots at it: "What's wrong with all you people?!"
  • Ed and Roy get into an intense battle but then Roy hesitates...why?...A review from an artist.

    The first time that I saw this episode I couldn't believe my eyes... Ed a gainst Roy... WOW... In this battle Roy has Ed captured and hesitates, why? He remembers a past memory of the ishbalan (sorry if it's spelt wrong) massacare. Ed then gets the jump and has Roy pinned but then the Furher (sorry about spelling... again) comes and stops it. Then he makes them clean up the mess. They get talking and Ed finds out alot about Tim Marcho (spelling sorry) I this time Al is having a cute kitten and who ever wins needs to keep it...A review from an artist.
  • This is probably my favorite episode. It's so funny, and silly. I love it!

    Favorite quotes:

    Ed: Well, we're here.
    Al: Yeah.
    Ed: (sighs)
    Al: What's the matter?
    Ed: What do you think is the matter? Once again I'll have to listen to "Colonol Sarcasm" tell me how I screwed up! (Ed is mocking Mustang} Struck out on the Philosopher's Stone again, huh? How am I supposed to keep funding this wild goose chase? Money doesn't grow on trees, there, chief! Ed, where'd you run off too? Oh, there you are! I couldn't see you over my paperwork, seeing as how you're so short and all! Ha ha ha! (Back to normal) I know, we're all ready here, so I might as well get the verbal abuse over with.

    Ed: Don't call me small! I'll break down your feet and stick them on your head! Mustang: But how can I hit him? He's such a small target.

    Al: So what's your strategy?
    Ed: (with an evil grin) I already told you; a fist in his face! Hughes: ...READY and FIIIGHT!
    (Hughes runs for his life)
    Ed: Huh?! What th...
    Mustang: Too Slow. (Mustang snaps his fingers and fireballs appear, exploding around Ed) Mustang: That's a stupid question, Havoc. I say it because it's true. And when I'm Fuhrer, there'll be changes... That day, all female officers will be required to wear TINY MINISKIRTS!!!
    Havoc: You're amazing Mustang! I'll follow you the rest of my life!
    Mustang: Yes.

    Roy: So tell me, was Psiren a real "10" under that mask?
    *Edward blushes* Ed: (about Marco) Clearly Mustang knows, but he's not talking. I'll have to beat it out of him!
    Al: A fight? But you'd never get away with that... (Cat meows from inside the armor).
    Ed: Stomach purring?
    Al: Yes! I mean no. I mean... You know it's still raining outside! Hughes: Ed, I forgot to mention something earlier, what with the pictures...
    Ed: Get to the point!
    Hughes: ...Fine! (muttering under his breath) Rude little... As I was saying, due to conditions, you assesments will be held here, Ed.
    Ed: Assesmnets? (Turns his head to think)
    Al: You mean to renew his State Alchemy sertification?
    Hughes: I tell you later about all your options...
    Ed: I've got it Major!
    Hughes: Luetenit Colonol!
    Ed: Seriously, I know the perfect way to show off my skills, right?
    Al: Oh no.

    Mustang: Dog huh? (pauses) I Love Dogs!
    Fuery: Really? You mean it?
    Mustang: Of course! Dogs embody loyalty! They follow their master's commands above all else! Be a jerk to them and they don't complain! And they never once beg for a paycheck! Trust me, Fuery, they are the great servants of Men! Loyal Canine How We Salute Thee!
  • It was a good episode with a pefect blend of comedy and plot.

    In "Fullmetal Vs. Flame," Al finds a kitten outside of Eastern Headquarters when the brothers go back to report on what has happend. To Ed discontent, Mustang already knows all about what happend. Yet, when he asks Mustang about Dr. Marcoh, he says he knows nothing. But, Hughes, transported up from Central for reasons you find out in the next episode, reminds Ed that he needs to review his state alchemist certification. Ed says that he\'ll fight the Colonel. The fight turns out to be a draw, so while they're cleaning up the site from the alchemy fight, Mustang tells Ed about the Isbal Rebellion.

    I loved this episode. There was a lot of humor, but the fact that there was a plot mixed in there made it even better. We also got to see a bit more of the character's personalities, like that Mustang has a heart (he didn't want to fight Ed) and Hughes loves his family. I about choked up a lung during the whole fight scene and the "TINY MINISKIRTS!" outburst.
  • First episode I was able to watch - and I'm glad.

    This episode is what started me to like FMA, and its probably one of the better episodes to see for the first time. Its cleverly done, and is perfectly demonstrated. It explains the storyline (the main storyline) while including worth while watching action. This is clearly one of the most enjoyied episodes, you can tell from the reviews and how many FMA videoes (YouTube) have 50% scenese from this episode. It takes place at the Military Academy where Ed saddened by his dead-end is forced to return to his superior Roy Mustang. It ends up Ed decides to fight Roy as his annual Alchemy Assessment.
  • This. Was. Priceless.

    Black Hayate is introduced in this one. The dog (In this; Puppy) is one of my favorite characters. The only reason I won't give this a straight out ten is because of the part about Roy rambling on about how loyal dogs are and blah blah blah ... I wanted to hide my face in a pillow and never come out. Oh, and the part about the 'Tiny Miniskirts!' drove me nuts. :D

    But besides that it was great. I loved the part where Mustang and Ed were fighting, and Mustang yelled, "It's hard to hit him because he's such a SMALL target!" That was great. I don't think I got it word for word, but you get the point.

    Anyway, this episode was totally silly. I mean, completely, absoutly, silly. But I now understand how all those men in the office get all their paperwork done. Hawkeye has a gun. And she's good with it. ;D Poor dog.

    If you watch this, there will be parts where you want to hit your head up against the nearest solid surface, but it was good, and you'll love it.

  • Ed fights Mustang in order to get answers about Marcoh and also get rid of a cat Al picked up outside of East Central City. One of the funnier episodes, this shows how much Ed detests Roy. The sarcasim is great too.

    The Battle Assessment is a type of assessment the alchemists must do in order to stay a state alchemist for another year. You choose between any in the military and you fight a mock battle and are graded on how well you do. There is always a consequence to fighting these battle assessments.
  • As the title suggest Edward fights Roy Mustang.

    I really liked this episodes due to the fact that there were a lot of funny moments in the episodes. The part were Mustang says that if he becomes Fuhrer all female officer is required to wear tiny miniskirts, when Havoc said I heard that dogs are a delicacy here, and lastly when Hawkeye shot at the dog. All the parts mentioned were truly hilarious.
    The best part about the episode was the fight between Mustang and Edward. During the fight Havoc explained to Fuery how the Colonel alchemy works. The colonel wears ignition cloth in his hands and using his alchemy he changes the oxygen density of the air. This is how he creates the explosion. When it was all said and done Edward won because the colonel hesitated. Since Ed won Mustang told him the wereabouts of Marcoh.
  • Ed v. Mustang you can't ask for a better episode for FMA, it's got to be the perfect episode to for the series. Just when you think Ed is getting the crap kicked out of him he comes back for more.

    This really got good when Mustang pushed Ed too far when he would'nt tell Ed about the info on Dr. Marcoh. and being the nosey "little" guy that he is Ed tries to find out what he can on his own. Until he gets some info which brings him right back to Mustang. And one thing leads to another and Ed challenges Mustang to an Alchemist Showdown. In which he can get the respect he wants and beat the crap out of Mustang to boot. But it ends in a draw and Mustang spills the beans on Marcoh and what he knows. Really good to watch and it shows how much Ed wanted Mustang to stop his "know it all" routine.
  • And so the first season ends (by tv.com's reckoning at least) and it ends with a bang. Literally.

    Even though the first season was easily the weakest of the four of FullMetal Alchemist, it did produce a couple of classics: "Night of the Chimera's Cry" and this one. I prefer the earlier one, but "Fullmetal vs. Flame" is up there among the best episodes of the series. These two episodes are quite different, while "Chimera's" was a tragic, powerful (some might say depressing) story, "Flame" is a fantastically entertaining ride.

    The first clue that this episode is aiming towards humor is Ed's hilarious impression of Mustang, the bit along the lines of "I can't see you behind all my paperwork because you're so short" cracks me up every time.

    Then comes the introduction of the series' most reliable source of comic relief: Mustang's loyal group of officers. Some of them appeared earlier, but this is the first time we see Hawkeye, Havok, Breda, Falman, and Fuery all together. The way these characters are written is so realistic and amusing, especially by anime standards. The writers understand how these characters interact, and thus uses it to produce comic gold. The varying responses to the dog are delightful, especially Havok's sarcasm. Mustang's was funny, but the decision to use a pseudo-operatic inflection is a bit odd.

    The subplot with the cat has a couple of elements that are strange however, such as its inclusion as a stake in the battle. The scene in which Ed and Al argue about whether to keep it is delightful, though. This weakness is minor at most, and even if its fate was uncertain, the kitty sure looked happy in the basket.

    One much-welcomed return is Hughes', and he adds to the intrigue in some key scenes but also memorably continues the great running gag about his daughter. His emceeing of the battle is amusing (especially his dash away once he starts it), and the soldiers' reaction to his monument to Elicia is priceless.

    Most of all this episode is noteworthy because we finally get some backstory and development of Mustang, who mostly until now has been a bit of an enigma. We're privy to his ambitions, including his hilarious plan for female uniforms once he becomes Fuhrer, but we also get the first hint that he wants to lead so he won't have to carry out questionable orders, an idea that gets fleshed out later.

    The battle itself is a thrill ride, but also remarkably funny. In addition to Hughes, Mustang has some choice quotes, such as his goading of Ed when he tries to hide in the crowd. Mustang's trick when Ed thinks he has the upper hand is also hilarious. Since this fight is clearly not to the death, the viewer can relax and revel in the spectacle, especially Mustang's command of fire as a weapon.

    The episode isn't all light-hearted though. The flashback Mustang has at the end of the battle that allows Ed to get an advantage is quite harrowing. Then there's the matter of Dr. Marcoh, which parallels Ed's frustrating investigation into Tucker in "Chimera's Cry." Gran is easily the least light-hearted human character in the series so far. His appearance also provides Ed's first glimpse at the Fuhrer's secretary, who closely resembles his mother...

    This installment works well as a season finale, since it wraps up Ed's journey in the East for now, referencing the past few episodes and the pilot. It also functions very well as a springboard for the next and later seasons, since developments here will lead to major plotlines in upcoming episodes. The last dialogue scene between Mustang and Hughes relates first the deteriorating situation in Lior, which will be extremely important later in the series. More immediate is the revelation that the reason command has relocated to the East is because Scar has murdered numerous state alchemists in Central, making good on his self-declared mission at the end of "Chimera's Cry." The final scene, and Scar's final line, "Time to head East," are chilling. This whets the viewer's appetite for the second season,

    "Fullmetal vs. Flame" is a wonderful episode that in retrospect, signals the end of the uneven stretch preceding it and starts FMA on its highly successful long-term plots of the next and later seasons. It's a resounding success.
  • THE BEST D@!# episode in the whole series!

    Ok, so this was the second episode that i had ever seen of Fma, and i think if youre gonna come in anywhere in the series, this would be the episode to do it on. Its hilarious and action packed and anyone in there right mind would fall instantly in love with the it after watching this one. Its also one of the few episodes that Mustang shows any form of emotion. He usually just sits behind his desk, calm and in control...or he's angry. We actually see him burst out in JOY when a dog finds its way into his hands. This episode is mostly mustang based, but it shows a little bit of everyone's personality. Very crucial turn as far as character developement i think...^_^
  • I think that this is one of the funniest episodes of the series.

    One of the most hilarious episodes ever in the show!
    I was almost crying tears of laughter.

    this is where we learn of mustang\'s mini skirt plot, it\'s no wonder he has havoc following him, not too sure about the others though. it was funny to see mustang go a little maniacal when he saw the dog and then riza shoot at the dog for it pissing on the wall before giving it a name.

    then there was the battle assessment and hughes\' giant monolith of elysia and get all this stuff thrown at him.
    i had to stuff my head into the pillow because i was laughing so loudly.
  • i love this episode..and i think that\\\'s the best of all!! hello my name is victoria and I\\\'m from nicaragua!!!

    it\\\'s the best!!!!!!!!!! and i think that's better that all that i have seen in my short life .........no se que hacer por que no puedo enviar el mensaja y yo necesito hacerlo asi que estoy escribiendo tonterias para poder pasar aunque creo que no servira pero bueno ...... d d d d d d d d d d d d b b b b b b y y y y ye e e e e
  • Great episode. I was wondering if anyone knew the name of the song that is playing while Roy is explaining the flashback to Ed in the Japanese version. Thanks. Email the name to me at ahaidry@mail.utexas.edu

    Great episode. I was wondering if anyone knew the name of the song that is playing while Roy is explaining the flashback to Ed in the Japanese version. Thanks. Email the name to me at ahaidry@mail.utexas.edu
    Furhtrmore, I think that it was a very good episode and that this show is great
  • This is a great episode! paraphrasing Sun Tzu's 'Art of War' was an excellent idea.

    This is a great episode!
    It cleverly mixes in the memories Roy has of the Ishbal Massacre with his fight against Ed. It was a great idea to paraphrase from the first chapter of Sun Tzu's 'Art of War' as all great military leaders including Napoleon has used 'Art of War' as a reference point for their strategic war Campaigns.

    It was a genius idea to have the turning point in the battle as a memory of Roy’s regrets from the massacre. Him preparing to use his flame alchemy to attack the child and that look in his eyes telling us why he is as tough on Ed. What a great and revealing episode.
  • There is a cool fight, funny jokes, and terrible memories revealed.

    I thought it was funny that this episode was composed of a mixture of two side stories from the Manga. It was also pretty funny that Mustang would make all the female officers wear mini-skirts when he became the President. The fight between Fullmetal Alchemist, Ed Elric, and Flame Alchemist, Roy Mustang, was one of a kind. Two State Alchemist going head to head. Too bad this fight kind of ended as an incomplete fight. I really wanted to see them fight until there was a true victor. I was also good that a part of Roy's past is finally revealed, and we could learn more about his character. I would recommend this episode who likes Action/Comedy/Drama.
  • this episode is about Ed challenging Mustang to a "duel" for his Alchemy Review and the hilarity and heart ache that ensue

    A great episode, better in Japanese (obviously) but worth watching in English too. It’s funny, it's action packed, it really helps to advance the plot and develop the characters. I love Mustang in general so I'm a little bias on this one. You really get to see different detentions of his character that you've never gotten to see before.
  • Mustang's crew, and Mustang's relationship with Ed.

    If you're like me, then after viewing the first 12 episodes you're kind of puzzled as to why one of the most intriguing characters in the series - Col. Roy Mustang - has had so little outward character development. Luckily this episode will cure your curiousity, and prove extremely entertaining in the process.

    Not only is the episode extremely funny, but also very illumanative (we meet some of Mustang's staff officers for the first time, and witness their dynamic and drive) and pivotal in developing Ed and Mustang's relationship. Ed's feelings towards Mustang noticeably change from the beginning to the end of this episode, which is pretty remarkable given that too many anime's love to develop characters in overly long and drawn out manner.

    Enjoy the duel, and enjoy the thoroughly satisfying character development of Mustang, his officers (or as Ed disdainfully refers to them, "toadies") and of course that of Edward Elric, the Full Metal Alchemist.
  • In this episode ed has to do an alchemy assessment and decides to challenge Mustang to a fight so he can get info on Marco.

    This episode was absolutly amazing. I would have to say that Ed vs Colonel Mustang is one of the many great battles of the series. Edward shows of his skills with persision so he can beat Mustang. Roy starts the battle off charismaticly.All in all this episode was spectacular. Two Thumbs Up
  • After telling Mustang about not finding anything about the stone Ed gets sick of his attitude and decides how to solve his two problems: (The alchemy assesment, and Mustang) challenge the colonel to a duel and prove his skills as an alchemist.

    Ever since I have started watching the Fullmetal Alchemist series, it had pulled me in to the fantastic train of thought about equivalent exchange and how it tied to my life and how it also tied to the world. After I had watched two of the many episodes I went to their website and started studying up on the Philosophers Stone, Equivalent Exchange, and what had already happened to Ed and Al. As I watched more episodes and came back and forth to their website and looked over the episode guide many, many times I saw this one: Flame vs Fullmetal. Ever since then I have desperately wanted to watch this episode and the first time I watched it was last night...Since I have started watching the series it has restarted after the episode called Her Reason. And I missed Flame vs Fullmetal twice! the first time was because I hadn't even started watching the show yet and the second time is because me and my family were on a vacation cruise along the Carribean. I was so angry when I had figured out that I had missed the episode I had wanted to watch since I started watching the series! And I was so happy that I got to see it last night... and let me tell you I was not at all disapointed! This is the first episode in which Ed finally starts to understant Mustang...but is still frusterated with him, none the less. All I have to say is THANK YOU to whoever made this series!