Fullmetal Alchemist

Season 4 Episode 7


Aired Saturday 12:00 AM Feb 25, 2006 on Cartoon Network

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  • After seeing the scene in Mustang's car, I felt like the series was ready to end. They should have wrapped up the series with that scene, instead of showing it prematurely.

    I know there's a lot more in the episode, but the scene that I'll always think of in reference to this episode is the car scene. It's probably my favorite scene in the whole anime.
    Ed and Mustang have a meaningful talk about war, about what's important, and about Ed's decision to destory the Philosopher's Stone in order to save humanity.
    After that scene, I felt like abandoning my fanfictions, feeling as though there was nothing more a person could say that wasn't already said. But, the feeling didn't stick after the next episodes. The end of the series and the movie made me feel as though there were still things I could write about.
  • In this episode Ed decides to kill the homoculus's master and Mustang plans to eliminate the Fuhrer.

    I really enjoyed this episode. Now that Al has been taken by Envy Ed has to make a choice. He meets back with Izumi and together they look for for answers back a Dante's house. Eventually they get in a fight with Archer over the Tringham brothers. The ending was the best as Ed finally says goodbye to Mustang after a long car ride and a great discussion. This episode really gets you pumped for the last three. Its all starting to come to a close and its getting really good now. This episode makes you ponder how its all gonna end. This is a great episode, see this one for yourself you'll probably love it. A memorable episode toward the end of a great series.
  • Goodbye was a great episode!

    Goodbye is a great episode. I like Izumi because no madder how much anger she may show at Ed and Al she still loves them as if they where her own children. Did Wrath ever consider Izumi as his real mother? Anyways I think it's Goodbye I haven't seen it in a while but Ed and Izumi attack centreal headquarters and Izumi yells at Ed for not checking if Pride was there. I was craking up when I saw that.
  • great great episode!

    i love this episode... i like the way they make the characters like true people with true feelings and weaknesses.. i mean some of the anime protagonists out there looks invincible, not ed and roy even, i mean this episode shows there drive to revenge hughes. i like the way that they show each characters weakness wich make them more realistic you know? i cant belive that im couting down to the end of the fullmetal alchemist... i cant belive it,its one of the best anime ever... i just dont get why the episode title is goodbye... does it mean they are never gonna see each other again?
    p.s. wrath is funny he is a deluded little kid who claims stuff that isnt his and a cry baby to boot!
  • Sloth:Dead.Al:Kidnapped(again).Ed:Tormented.Wrath:CrybabyLust:Maybe dead.Izumi:Back(sweet!)Tringham brothers:Cameo.Havoc:Mustang.Mustang:The Man.Hawkeye:Jealous.Archer:Terminator.Episode:Fantastic.

    Truly a stellar episode: From Ed waxing philosphical about his seemingly cold heart towards killing sloth,to Mustang's plan to deceive and attack Pride,to Izumi's recognition of Al finally becoming a man. The progression of this series towards its final episode is making one the best all time anime series i've ever seen. The character development is so strong that even a few words between Mustang and Hawkeye after he flirts with the nurse shows how deeply she cares for him,and how oblivious he is of it.
    The episode kept well in line with its title,as well,as we get to see many goodbyes: Al & Ed finally put their mother's death to rest,Izumi says good bye to her student,embracing him somewhat as an equal,Mustang possibly ending his career,as well as the metaphorical goodbye in Shou Tucker losing the last bit of his sanity. The end credits,however, provide the most bittersweet of them all; an old photograph of Mustang's group relaxing,panned left to right,ending with Maes Hughes beating Havoc et al in a card game.
  • so close to the final episode

    the Tringham brothers return. they lie about been the Eric brothers again. they got put into jail. Envy transform into Winry in order to get Al. she take him away. Wrath is crying. because stolh is dead. sloth tell Ed to take care of him self and Al. Ed go to central with Izumi. they find the Tringham brother. then out of no where Robot Archer show up. Izumi is about to fight Archer. Ed escapes. He land on a car. Inside the car there was Mustang and Hawkeye. they are going to Fuhere King Bradley house. Fuhere son is having a birthday. He is turning 10. Ed said goodbye to Mustang. Just 3 episode left.
    sorry about this part. this about to happen
    It suck that Roy Mustang is going to die. Before he dies he kill Pride. Pride get burn into ash. This happen in episode 50. and something bad happen to Ed as well.
  • I loved this so much.

    It was fun to watch Wrath cry like a baby. But that is only cause I hate him. I also like to see robo-Archer that was cool. But his english cyborg voice is not as intimidating his japanese voice. But still cool to see and hear. And everything is starting to fall in place now.
  • Even when things are somber, there is alway a bit of humour

    Armstrong is hilarious as ever, shoving his arms in unsupsecting soldier's faces and flexing his mucsles. Wrath is slowly starting to annoy me with his never ending mood swings. It was deep, when Edwrad said that Wrath was crying because he could not. Hawkeye is so protective of Mustang, it is so sweet. Those darned fake elric brithers always getting in trouble. I'm not sure what is up with archer but he is unimportant. Comsider it looking to much into it, but I think its nice how Edward and Mustang have come to an understanding of each other so much that Mustang remembered to shake Edwards hand even though he is right handed (Edwards left hand is his human one). I am definitely looking forward to the last 3 epidoes.
  • Not much to say but...

    A very good episode and a little bit of comedy and lots of talking or and some action!:)Theres not much to say about but I need 50 words! So I guess it was informative at least I think it was and by far a good episode one of my favorites:)
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