Fullmetal Alchemist

Season 4 Episode 1

His Name is Unknown

Aired Saturday 12:00 AM Jan 14, 2006 on Cartoon Network

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  • In this episode of FMA the Philosopher's Stone is finally created, but with a price.

    This was the episode I was waiting to see for a long time. In the episode the Stone is finally created. Scar uses Al's body to make it along with the lives of the invading soldiers helmed by Archer. This is a classic episode. It was sad to see Scar die but it had to happen. Now with the Stone being Al, Ed needs to decide what to do now. A super episode and a true classic.
  • Very good episode showing that this show has more to come and will only keep getting better. Spoilers inside.

    Before this episode I was expecting this show to be ending solely because of where the show was going, all major characters revealed, philosopherstone was about to be made. another ishbal ect. But thankfully tthe show was able to hold strong by allowing new elements to come into focus and allow this show to keep going.
  • Yep, this show is definately awesome. P.S. Spoilers are in this review people, so I'm just warning you before the clicking.

    This episode truly showed it's awesomeness. That dumb bomb guy is finally gone (thank goodness) but another person that's gone is Scar. I still wanna know his name! Oh well, it was a good episode and he helped Al too! Archer is still alive! I know it, just keep watching the show. Another cool point is that Al is the Philosopher's stone. That doesn't mean that their journey is over though, with the military, the homunculus and LYRA!!!!! Yes, that's what I said: LYRA!!! That weird girl with the perfume. Anyway, I can't wait to see the other episodes when they come on TV! This episode has lots of awesomeness.
  • Awesome episode

    Finally, after many episodes, the Elric brothers finally obtain the most sought after stone - The Philosopher's Stone. Now all that's left to see is what they'll do with it.

    An episode that is sure to move you when seeing what it cost to make the stone. Roll on Episode 43!
  • AS USUAL, Fullmetal Alchemist shows yet another great episode, that answers questions from its previous episode, yet create new ones that create intensity and interest to the viewer.

    Fullmetal Alchemist, episode title: His Name is Unknown, shows another great transition in the main story plot, and was intense. We lose yet another main character in the story, Scar, who sacrificed his life to save Alphonse, who was slowly absorbing oxygen to blow up like a bomb. Although Al was saved, many lost their lives. Now the story continues on...Al IS the Philosopher\'s Stone, and what will happen next? Yet, this episode does not have a preview, making it more harder and harder to be patient for next Saturday :).
  • It was uncanny.

    This is truly why I watch this series. In an American cartoon Scar would have been stopped before he could have ever made the stone. But I'm getting ahead of myself, so lets start fromt the beginning.

    Rose's baby is crying, and Wrath is being pushed to his limits by the truth of his origin. Meanwhile Ed is getting utterly slammed by Sloth in the tunnel. Rose finds her voice again so that she will be able to call out to Ed so that she can save her baby from creepy Wrath. Ed transmutes the little idiot to the floor to stop him, and finally convinces Rose to get moving. He finally looks upon sloth and he realizes how she came to be. He calls her a "mistake" for which he continues to pay. Ed collapses a wall to keep Sloth and Wrath at bay long enough for the townfolk to escape.

    Simultaneously, above ground Al is semi-concious and about to explode when Scar saves him by essentially giving Al his arm. Al becomes "decorated" by the symbols. Lust is there and asks him why he did this and he treats her as the idiot that she is. Not. He explains to her the hate love relationship he had with his brother and also how he essentially hated and loved his arm too (because although it gave him power it reminded him of the brother he lost.) Scar is a fan of the brotherly love and he saves Al becomes he says he has never seen a love so powerful: "Everything they do is for each other." Lust asks him his real name and he says that the person who had a real name died a long time ago.

    Erstwhile. Outside of the city, that idiot Archer wants to lead his flunky troops into battle behind the Crimson Alchemist. Because he hasn't come out yet. Some stray soldiers try to shoot Lust and Scar instinctively jumps in front of her. I regret his instincts. As Archer mobilizes, Ed shows up he trys to tell them not to go the infantryman are already advanced into the city. Just then the seal lights up and people get totally vaporized. Ed puts up a wall to stop a couple of bufoons who want to run TOWARDS THE VAPORIZATION, including this one soldier who was screaming: "Arrrrcher!" which was hilarious. Heh.

    Anywho, Al wakes up and basically notices himself. And there is more explanation about how basically the Philosopher's Stone is now in existence and connected to Al's soul. Lust isn't trying to take it though because the Locket is bonded to Al as well and she can't come near him. We close in mutual shock.

  • Destuction. Death. A stone. Is it really worth the price? For one little stone.

    Cudles to the write of fullmetal alchemest. What a great way for the Elrics to get the philopher's stone. And the way they showed they Edward is still afraid of what he did. Cudles.

    I did not see that many flaws to the episoide. I did dislike how they made Rose (the holy mother) look so stupid. She should have ran. Of course the words of encouragement did help out.

    The more episoides they make like this one will be for the best. I am awaiting for the next episoide to see how Al will use the stone.

    The phyro that cares,
  • He is gone. It will not be the same.

    Yet another good episode of Fullmetal Alchemist. Scar died and I will miss him. Archer will become a cyborg, but I hate archer so I don\'t care about him. Lust now has seen the light, ed knows who sloth is. Wrath is more of a brat then I thought. And Rose might be in love with Ed. So one more fine episode.
  • Intersting episode, brings in a lot of questions though.

    It brings in a lot of questions of course. Now that Al has the Philosophers Stone inside of his metal shell, what will they do with it.

    I'm a little sad that Kimblee is dead though because now there will be no more 'body bombs' to look forward to.

    We still don't get to know Scar's name (hence the title) and he's become as armless as Darth Vader, and soon after he bites the bullet and dies, but wait there's more, his dead body activates the transmutation circle killing a lot of soldiers in the process, including Frank Archer I might add :)

    Lust warns the boys to watch out for her collegues and others who are in search of the stone, leaving the boys to figure out what to do next.

    Another interesting thing was the new intro, it was actually pretty cool and for a second there, I'm pretty sure you see the boy's father (for like 2 seconds though)

    All in all I'm glad I didn't miss it.