Fullmetal Alchemist

Season 4 Episode 3

Hohenheim of Light

Aired Saturday 12:00 AM Jan 28, 2006 on Cartoon Network

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  • "I want you to stop using my sons as pawns in your malicious game."

    The quote above truly shows how much Hohneheim Elric loves his two children, Edward and Alphonse.

    This episode was absolutely incredible. The sound effects were better than usual, and I was absolutely hooked.

    Edward and Alphonse's father, Hohenheim, makes his first appearance since leaving them when they were just little kids.

    Edward, furious that Hohenheim left them, knocks him over the head with a closed fist. On the other hand, Alphonse is glad to see his father, as he never remembered him. He had only seen picture of his father.

    Like seen in the last few episodes, Scar sacrificied himself to allow Alphonse to survive and ultimately, become the Philosopher's Stone (Ed and Al's most prized possession).

    Pride makes a statement to Roy, saying that Al and Ed could be possibly working for the Homonculous. Obviously, this is false, and the real one who is working for the Homonculous is Pride, himself.

    Pride is trying to confuse the Military, so when the time is right, he can make a sneak attack which will allow him to gain a big advantage over Edward, Al and the rest of the Military.

    The episode ends with Edward digging up his mother's grave. His mother's corpse is not there, signaling that Edward and Alphonse were the ones who created the deadly Homonculi, Sloth, out of his mother's very own body.
  • Hohenheim, the Elric's father, returns, but is Ed ready to meet the man who left him ten years ago? Also, how will Ed and Al handle the news that Hughes was killed? It's been over ten episodes, and they're just finding out!

    As Ed and Al return to Resimbool, they meet their father, Hohenheim, who has just returned after ten years of absence. Ed is furious, and starts kicking and punching Hohenheim and telling him how he shouldn't have left them over ten years ago. On the other hand, Al is welcoming, and shows his naive side, as he puts his trust in Hohenheim. Al then leaves with his father, but after only one night, Hohenheim abandons Al. Al goes back to Resimbool, and meets Ed at the Rockwell's, only to be forced into the celler, along with Schiezka, whom accidentally tells the Elric's about Hughes' death. ed rushes up the stairs, and yells at Mustang about how he should've told him about Hughes' death. Ed tells Mustang that Hughes was a friend, and he deserved to know what happened to him. Next, he turns to Winry, and asks her if she knew. She reluctantly nodded. Ed is now even more outrageous. After Mustang and co. leave, Pinako tells ed to grow up, and that Mustang did the right thing by not telling him about Huges' death. Ed then says he doesn't wanna grow up if growing up means to just forget about people. Pinako goes on about how she had heard stories about Hughes, and he sounded like a good man. She then said that Hughes' death would've upset Ed too much, and that Mustang was right in not saying anything. She also adds that Hughes would've wanted it this way, too. Later in this episode, Hohenhiem meets up with Dante, the leader of the homunculi. As Dante and Hohenheim square off, Ed and Al mourn the death of Hughes. The death of Hughes (which happened almost 20 episodes ago) now ignites the flame of hate against the homunculi. Ed must now face a difficult decision: Risk his life to kill the homunculi, or sit back and let the homunculi do more damage.

    All in all, this is one of the best episodes ever, because the Elric's are now informed that Hughes has died. This also signifies that the writers at FMA don't forget about one of their characters after death. Hughes was one of the Elric's best allies, and now, he's dead. This could possible be why Ed and Al decide to finish off the homunculi. The death of Hughes was perhaps the most important event in FMA history, and I just want everyone to understand that. Until next time, seeya!

    Next time, on FMA: A Rotted Heart.
    Finally, Hohenheim and Dante square off, as Ed and Al get ready to move on. With the FMA episode clock ticking down, what will happen next?

    ~The end is near~
    -Daniel Handler (A.K.A. Lemony Snikett)
  • We finally find out who the blurry man in the picture is.

    After so much time, we finally find out who the man in the picture is. Hikari no Hoenheim. One of the strongest, most knowledgeable characters in the whole series finally makes his appareance. But as fast as he appeared, he dissapeared again leaving Ed and Al for a second time. Mainly the most important part of this episode are the few lines of dialogue that Hoenheim has, when they tell the Elric brothers that Hughes was killed, and finally that Lyra is actually Dante who transferred bodies. Dante and Hoenheim are about to face off, what will happen next....

    Its a decent episode but not one i would call GREAT or EXCELLENT.
  • hohenhiem of light probably the greatest episode since words of farwell

    hohenhiem of light reviewed to uswho ed and al's father was it reveled to us some thing about hohenhiem but most importantly it reveled to us who is controlling the humunculus.i rank hohenhiem of light the second best episode of fma ever it truely show a greater side to the story.
  • in this episode ed and al learns that there dad comes back into there life but ed don't like that so ed and al gets into a fight and there dad levas and al fallow's him.

    i have to say that this is one fav. Episode of the series becuse we found out more about ed and al's past and found out more about Roy mustang and were he stands. so i think it's one of the best's episode to date and i can't wait to see the next episode this sat.
  • another great episode

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  • Another great Installment.

    I thought this Episode was very revealing for uh...those who don't read spoilers -_-' heh.I think that Hohenheim know many secrets about Dante and Lyra that you don't haha.and I can't wait for the upcoming episodes when a certain **Someone dies and another certain **someone goes crazy.That was your warning by the way.If you get scared easilly,I suggest you don't watch them Unless you can't stand cliff hangers.Anyway...Have fun!!!!

    -Gluttony's mad fangirl
  • Another good episode of the anime.

    First off I was wrong about Lust. And cool what Ed did when he learned about Hughes. He f***ing fliped out at Roy. Al does not hate Hohenheim for what he has done to him and Ed. It was odd to see Ed diging up his mother's grave. Why did he do that? He needs somepart off his Mom to take out Sloth. So this was another good fresh episode.
  • The next installment of Fullmetal Alchemist shows yet again, a major leap in revealing more of the story.

    "Hohenheim of Light" shows more detail of who Ed and Al's father is, and what Ed and Al feels about him at this point. In this episode, what intrigued me the most was that Hohenheim immediately knew that Alphonse was the giant suit of armor, and I would expect something like that to come out of the great alchemist. He also knew immediately that they attempted human transmutation, which was no surprise. Another thing that surprised me is when the homunculi reveal their master, Lyria, but Hohenheim identifies her as Dante. Questions that makes things more interesting: Was that old woman really Dante then? And what will happen next? In the great acheivement that this episode has told, I think it deserves a 10.