Fullmetal Alchemist

Season 4 Episode 10

Laws and Promises

Aired Saturday 12:00 AM Mar 18, 2006 on Cartoon Network

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  • OMG, this episode was so great that I'd..

    Cried. I sware! I cried myself to sleep. I wish that the series continued and have a happy ending, were Al and Ed are finally together with their bodies back to normal. And everyone lives happly ever after. But thats not true for anime. They keep you guessing and guessing. Thats a good and bad thing! ANyways, this episodes shows twists, and emotions that I never saw inside of me. Really, this was the first show when I cried for real!! Tears of sorrow and happiness. Can't decide between the two. XD So yeh, #1 anime in the world. Watch it, or your life will be like a living hell!!
  • Summaries aren't my thing, but i guess i'll try. Wraps up practically everything there is to know about the episode. Left just enough for the movie.

    Quite possibly the best episode of the entire series is the last one, Laws and Promises. I say this because, of all the episodes, this one really touched me. Seriously, this is a great episode, and it ended beautifully! I know it won't seem like much, but this is my favorite episode ever. The only ones that can compare to this episode are; episode 50, Death; episode episode 25, Words of Farewell; and episode 7, Night of the Chimera's Cry. This episode even ended better than i expected. It leaves just enough open so that the movie could have something to start with, but not too much to make you feel like they were trying to leave you hanging.

    All in all, this is, in my opinion, the best episode of the best show made.
  • It was a really sad ending. I wish they would of kept going. Well maybe they shouldent. Keep you wondering what happens. Even know i would like to see more!!! I cryed to =(

    It was defintly a tear jerker. In all it was a very good series. I would of loved to see a them make more episodes. It was a really great story. It always kept me interested. I wish i wouldent of missed some of the episodes thats for sure. They sure ended it with alot of questions flying around. For example did ed ever get back? Or did he stay in the other world. Well maybe some questions shouldent be answered. It sure keeps me wondering about it alot though! In all i give the series a 10 out of 10.
  • The series finale of Fullmetal Alchemist.

    BONES has done it again. They have given us and ending that is both mysterious and emotionally satisfying. In order to restore his brother's body, Ed sacrifices himself and returns to the "other world". Considering all of the hilarious moments throughout the series, the viewer is likely to expect a happy ending where Al's body is restored and Ed regains his arm and leg. Instead, there is a twist. A twist that has been seen in the series before: In the very beginning. Just like how Ed sacrificed his arm to bind Al's soul to a suit of armor, he restores his brother to his body - at the cost of being able to be with him. Roy is finally able to avenge Hughes. Although he doesn't become Fuhrer, he has seen to it that his friend receives justice.
  • I wasn't the only person who cried ... right?

    After watching this magnificent progression for years, when watching the ending I found myself tearing up until the last scene. Sure it left a few questions unanswered but in a way, I felt as if this was a graduation. Not wanting to spoil for anyone who has not seen it, secrets are revealed, people set off on new adventures, and like the title, promises were made. Absolutely a wonderful ending to an amazing series.
  • Great ending.

    The Elric brothers have been on a long and difficult journey, seeking to regain what they've lost. Enemies have been toppled and friends have been lost. But it's not over yet. In the climatic final chapter, Equivalent Exchange gains new meaning as Ed and Al demonstrate how much they will sacrifice for each other.When it's over it's not truly over because there is a movie to finish the series and end a great saga in anime.We all know it's sad when a great shiw ends but it still lives on in our hearts.So i hope everyone enjoyed this final episode.
  • This is an anime show about two brother who work very had to gain what they have lost in their past. through out the show they face hardship and make friendships. They also learn very import thing that they will keep with them for ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The final episode was a good example of a fmily bond! the brothers work very hard through the show and did everything tha they had to to reach their goal in the end. During the show i was proud that the brothers didnt let little things get between them and cause them to have to stop theri quest. I will never forget the frist episode! frist I wanted to know why such a little kid was walking around in the desert alone and in a long red coat!! Then i thought that i hope they are not trying to make this into another Trigun!! I hoped and prayed that acutlly! anyway after I watched a few more episodes i fell in love with the show it alwasy kept you guessing on what the brothers have to come up with next. Through out the show i wanted so baldly for then to get they reward that they had beemn working so hard for but in the end you dont always get what you want. But over all i loved the show and i am hoping to get the movie so that i can finaly say that I am a true FMA fan! Please watch if you get a chance!!!!
  • In this epic conclusion to the series, Ed and Al show the true meaning of brotherly love. Roy and Mustang also continue their battle. And does Equivelent Exchange go further than we thought?

    This was a great final episode for a great show. It has everything we’ve come to expect for anime finales. The bad guys are dead. Someone sacrificing themselves for someone they care about. And, most importantly, a cliffhanger ending that leaves you wanting more (thank God for movies).

    Possible spoilers in the next paragraph.

    Alphonse sacrificing himself for Ed, and then vice-versa was a truly touching moment. I was almost in tears when this happened. Then there was the moment at the end where Al said what Equivalent Exchange meant to them now. It was a simply beautiful episode.
    This was by far the greatest anime finale I have ever seen. It’s still a great episode even if you don’t see the movie, but it makes the movie seem like an actual ending.
  • The ending to what people will know as one of the greatest anime of all time was great.

    Fullmetal Alchemist was one of my favroite anime of all time to wacth, and th ending didnd't disopinent me that much. It nded in the fashion were people thought it was best and i can gree in many ways it was great. But to me i think that even with this ending and the movie they could of done more. With that beuing said in the end the show stays true to itself. To get something you need to give something. That has been the whole theme for the whole series and the show does that best in this episode. Ed dies and Al brings him back to life. Then Ed brings all back to life but has to give up his arm and legs again. That is what i say is the perfect ending for the series but not for me.
  • The final episode of arguably, the greatest anime series of all-time.

    This episode was truly remarkable, and in some way, it changed my view on anime forever.

    There's really not much to say. Alphonse makes the ultimate sacrifice by killing himself (using the Philosopher's Stone) to bring back his dead brother, Edward.

    Wrath is the only Homonculi who actually changes their views on the world, itself. Many of the Homonculi are sent on the other side of the gate, or in this case, Earth. The only Homonculi killed is Pride. Roy bursts his body into flames.

    At the end of the episode, Edward uses the seal on his body to bring back Alphonse, but under certain circumstances. Edward is sent to Earth (where his father, Hohenheim now resides) and Alphonse is sent back to his home.

    The episode ends with a very touching speech (involving alchemy) spoken by Alphonse, himself. The last scene shows the two brothers (in two different worlds) reaching out to the sky and grasping each other's hands.

    Apparently, many questions will be resolved in the FullMetal Alchemist movie... And again, in my opinion, a phenominal ending to the greatest anime series of all-time.
  • The seris finale for one of the best show's Fullmetal Alchemist a great finale.

    It's sad that this was the finale I love this show I wish it had more episode's this show is awesome it's the best anime ever a great finale not bad I havent seen this episode though im only reviewing it just to gain points on TV.com even though you only get 1 point per review.
  • The series finale... wow... open-ended, but was definitely the best finale they could have done.

    Seeing this the 2nd time, things make a lot more sense. Everything seemed to make more sense. The scene where Mustang defeated Pride because he was weakened by the skull his kid brought from the safe, I quickly realized what he had from the safe. Things do make more sense when I've seen the whole series, not to mention the movie that occurs after.

    I'm just glad that Ed didn't die... I mean, I knew that he couldn't like they showed in the previous episode, but the series wouldn't do justice if him or Al died, for that matter.

    It's sweet how they summed everything up and although it's sad that Ed and Al were seperate, at least Al got his body back.

    Great episode, one of the best, if not the best
  • The final episode of every series is expected to be the grand and spectacular ending that shows why you really watched this series to begin with... and this episode and the series in its entirity lives up to this expectation and for me, surpasses it!

    I just want to make note that there are some Spoilers in this paragraph

    The ending of FMA was amazing and although left many lose ends which would leave any fan begging on hands and knees for more, I think this open ended conclusion to the series is what makes the show so great. I mean if you think about it, if they told you everything that happened in the end, that would just making the show forgetable. With an ending like this, and an unexpected plot twist that only a genious could have thought up, you are left with continuous questions and discussions. Heres what was running through my head: What happens to Ed? Will he ever reunite with Al and return to his world? What experiences will he go through in our world?, What happens with Al? Will he ever gain his memories of the last 4 years back? And where's Envy and Wrath?, I mean this list can go on and on.. This ending keeps you thinking and does not put a full closure to the series making the movie extremely unbearable to wait to see (which might I add, I didnt get to see yet and I cant stop thinking about it). Trust me, this is an anime definately worth watching.
  • what happens when al sacrifices his life for ed?

    OMG i really dont know how i should respond to this! It was a really sad episode and ed goes to another world beyond the gate! why why why ed! u were soo cool but then i watched to movie and i felt a little better at lease the brother meet again and see each other! but this was so sad i ws crying after i saw this i know it was really stupid that i cried but i felt it was really sad! well this series was really awesome i wish it didnt end but all good anime shows must end 1 point or another!
  • At first I didnt know what to think. The ending drove me crazy. But as long as you see the movie afterward it is worth it.

    This episode really made me want to cry. It was so sad at some parts. Half the episode made me want to cry. I almost did cry. But I am very glad I saw it.

    It sucks that it is the last episode. The end just didnt satify me. It didnt seem like the end. It seemed like it should keep on going. It just left me hanging. I think if I hadnt seem the movie I might of gone crazy. It bugged me for a month. The moral of my story is dont watch this episode unless you can get to the movie right after ward.
  • lol i dont know what to say but is there a web site i can get a chart saying when the episodes come on and what time cause i cant find any for FullMeatal,Naruto,Inyunasha so if anyone know where i can plz Email me a heirouneous@hotmail.com

    i dont know same thing guys i dont know what to say but is there a web site i can get a chart saying when the episodes come on and what time cause i cant find any for FullMeatal,Naruto,Inyunasha so if anyone know where i can plz Email me a heirouneous@hotmail.com
  • Wow... The allusion here, and the way totally ends the series is amazing. It's nothing like the rest of the series, but if you like the series, you'll get it.

    First off, I must say, since I can't add or edit allusions yet (I simply joined this website to put this fact up), a little something about special relativity.

    For a long time, it was believed that Energy cannot be created or destroyed, and that mass could not be created or destroyed. Albert Einstein proved that wrong, without suggesting that the universe wasn't balanced, by saying that energy and mass were interchangable, and that between them, there is a set constant of them available in the universe that cannot be changed. Energy and mass come together to form a reality that cannot be created or destroyed, but merely change form.

    This has something to do, directly, with what the last few episodes were about- Dante telling the brothers that there was no such thing as equivalent exchange, but the brothers now believing in it, but in a more loose way. Einstein proved that energy was not always locked in equivalent exchange within its own category, and that mass wasn't either, but that there still was equivalent exchange between the two, by a new constant.

    Furthermore, it shows Ed and Hoenheim living in the real world, Hoenheim a bit of a politician, and Ed a scientist. They live together- as father and son, in a way, finally. It is sad to know that they were only like this once they were in a totally different world, and the series had ended, and that they were seperated from Alphonse.

    The ending of this episode, and the series, finally, is beautiful. It shows Edward and Alphonse Elric, two brothers seperated by time, space, experiences, realities, world-philosophies, immediate goals, and downright bad luck, reaching out for eachother, as if they could touch. Perhaps they could in a way. Because at this point, we have come to have learned that the bond between those two brothers is something of unprecedented magnitude. I hope to one day see their reconciliation, even though I am fully aware that the series is over. It breeds hope, despite all that happened to them. Let us all take a lesson from the brothers Elric. Let us be hopeful.
  • PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My classification is an ENORMOUS HUGE understatment! Unfortunately, there is no "absolutley perfect" classification. This is by far, BY FAR, the best episode of any show at all. This is just...the PERFECT episode. Just, at all. It's just unbelievably incredible. There just...are no words to describe how insanely awesome this one episode is. When I watched it I was just...stunned. I did not know that any show could possibly be so good. Hiromu Arakawa is a genius. An absoulte GENIUS. She is just the one person in the world who knows how to make something unbelievable and stunning. It's...great. PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • The episode that wraps the entire series up! But, it leaves us on a cliff-hanger! *SPOILERS IN REVIEW*

    This is probably one of the greatest animes I\'ve seen. And this episode magnifies its splendor. *SPOILERS* By not only finally showing what happens to Ed and Al, but also to all the other character\'s left alive. First, Al uses the stone to save Ed, but Ed rocks how he is, so when he\'s back alive, he completes a human transmutation and brings Al back. But Al\'s just a kid now! That kind of made me mad, that he wouldn\'t remember a thing, why his brother was gone, how he\'s still alive, etc. Plus, the battle with Pride and Mustang gets pretty crazy when it really shows how Pride got his name. He kills his son. However, his son brought the skull of the human he took life after so Mustang comes out on top. With a cool new eye patch! This episode truly gives us what we want out of this series, and yet, they left us wanting more for when the movie comes out!
  • This entire show is asounding! Iwould rate it a 20 if I could.

    This episode, the culmination of this series was fantastic! Every step of the way, the creators of this show keep you guessing what the heck is gonna happen next. This episode exemplifies that characteristic of this series without a doubt. My only fault at that time of watching it was that it left so many holes in the plot, loose ends to be tied up. Which was 100% releaved when I finally saw the FullMetal Alchemist Movie that was released not to long after the show completed its run in Japan. I have to say a must see for anime lovers (of the show itself) and a series finale that will leave you thinking no doubt.
  • ahhhh! i think im gonna cry!

    yup its painful to watch alright but only because its the last episode! i really love fullmetal alchemist! but the ending didnt satisfy me as much as i thought it would... i wasn't dissapionted i just wish the series was much longer... if i think about it... its not really the end of fullmetal alchemist theres still the movie right? anyway i love this show and i cant belive this is the last episode... waaaaaaah! im gonna miss this show... ill try to buy the dvd... if it has im not sure... im not in the u.s.... i cant wait to watch the movie... but the problem is i dont know where to watch it!
    p.s. fullmetal rocks
    p.p.s i love al!
    p.p.p.s one of the best anime ever!
  • This episode was great.This is one of those episode at the end that keeps u thinking what would happen next but unfortunately this is the last episode so u would never find out what would happen next.

    This episode was great.This is one of those episode at the end that keeps u thinking what would happen next but unfortunately this is the last episode so u would never find out what would happen next.This episode was great.This is one of those episode at the end that keeps u thinking what would happen next but unfortunately this is the last episode so u would never find out what would happen next.This episode was great.This is one of those episode at the end that keeps u thinking what would happen next but unfortunately this is the last episode so u would never find out what would happen next.This episode was great.This is one of those episode at the end that keeps u thinking what would happen next but unfortunately this is the last episode so u would never find out what would happen next.This episode was great.This is one of those episode at the end that keeps u thinking what would happen next but unfortunately this is the last episode so u would never find out what would happen next.This episode was great.This is one of those episode at the end that keeps u thinking what would happen next but unfortunately this is the last episode so u would never find out what would happen next.
  • Things get bad Roy is losing to Pride and FullMetal is killed can the Alchemist overcome the homunculi?

    The series finale of FullMetal Alchemist is great. I was really sad though since this is the last episode and all but that doesn't make the episode bad. Roy Mustang finally killed Fuhrer Bradley which kind of makes Roy's dream come true because he always wanted to be Fuhrer. Al finally made a big stand and revives Ed who is still in the gate. But not without the cost of the brothers beign seperated.Rose ended up to be happy agin, the military gave their power to the other goverment, Ishbal was beign rebuild, and the people were able to stop thinking about the Homunculi at least for a while...... The episode was great and I will always remember it.
  • So many Homunculi are dead including (in order of death) Greed,Lust,Sloth and Pride (Gluttony survied Dante and ate her and is living undergroung under his curse). Thankfully the evil Dante died. But the fate will be revealed in the movie.

    Only Gluttony, still driven by the sin curse, Wrath, now good and fixed with Automail, Envy, who has taken the form a Leviathan on the other side of the gate, remain the only Homuculi alive. Al had sacrificed himself to save Ed after he was killed by Envy. Ed brought Al back with no memory before the brothers\' human transmutation, and is studying under Izumi. Ed and Hohenheim now live on the other side of the gate and, because there is no alchemy in our world, is trying to reach Al by thechnology.
    Roy killed Pride by repeatedly burning with a transmutation circle he made on his hand from his blood then destroying Pride\'s former skull, which was Pride\'s treasure that he entrusted to his son whose windpipes were crushed because Pride was angry for exploiting his weakness. As Roy was carrying Pride\'s son out from the burning mansion, Archer aimed a chaingun at him, but was shot repeatedly frpm behind by Hawkeye, who is infatuated with Roy.
    Dante attempted to escape through the underground elevator but Gluttony followed through the bottom and they fought through,and when the elavotor reached the top, no one was there.
    The series ends with Ed, who had a real arm when he was revived, with an auotomail arm reaching out from his Transylvanian bound ride, and Al reaching with his arm from
    another train heading towards Izumi\'s place.
    This was my favorite episode, along with the previous episode and I hope it is yours too!
  • I was trembling as I watched this episode..

    Extremely bloody and extremely rushed; the sight of Ed coughing up his life's blood (shades of the homunculi Sloth vomiting up her red stones!) was very spooky. Most kids probably went running out of the room screaming "Mommmmmmm!" when they saw that.
    After all the "sturm und drang" of the events in the opera house (btw: how was Al supposed to get out of there if Rose had already left?); A ice twist there, Rose telling Ed to get up on his legs and walk, echoing the line he told her in episode 2. But to me, the wrap up seemed kind of rushed.
    Maybe the credits starting to roll already contributed to it, but it seems there wasn't enough time to animate a proper epiloge. And didn't poor Ed seem a wreck? His arm didn't seem to be working while he was packing (but it did on the train), and he had quite a bad limp there.
    The series had such high quality up to episode 49, but despite the emotions they engendered, the last two seemed well - lacking somehow.
    Here's hoping for a 2nd series of Full Metal Alchemist. Maybe by then, the writers will have learned from their mistakes.
  • A law is an absolute. It can't be bent, broken, or proven wrong. A promise is supposed to be true, but will be broken eventually. Were the rules set for certain parts of alchemy laws or simply promises waiting to be broken?

    This is my favorite series by far and the only thing disappointing about it was knowing that it had to end sooner or later. All the death, pain, and mysteries come to a head in this explosive finale. Ed and Al both continue the theme of self-sacrifice that's held throughout the series. The homunculi all get what they deserve in each action-packed defeat. Both brothers finally regain what they've lost, even though Ed could only hold onto it for a short time. Al returns to being a normal child without any memory of the horror that's plagued him for the past years. The military is finally cleansed of the homunculus and the chimeras rooted deep within it. It's truly a happy ending for all who deserve one.
  • sniff sniff

    i was so sad simply for the fact that this was the season finale to the best show ever, but as they say, if you love something, you gotta let it go, and thats exactly what i did by not flying to japan to threaten hiromu arakawas life when she ended this show...because im greatful for what she has put out already. This was a good episode...buy it, or watch it, get your hands on it SOME HOW, because adult swin aint gon' be shsowin it for a while. but yea, that was that, good show, good episode, great plot.
  • One of the best episodes; but the most painful to watch, because of the fact that this was the last episode.

    In the beginning of the episode, Ed has been impaled by Envy. Rose wants to help Ed, but is held back by Dante. Al has a tough time believing that his brother is dead, and he won't accept it. Gluttony then races at Al, and starts engulfing him.

    Meanwhile, Hawkeye is in handcuffs, traveling in a car with Bradley's wife and son. All of the sudden, they crash into another car, the car of Archer.

    Archer says he needs a car to find Bradley, because he believes he is being assaulted. A Lt. explains that Hawkeye was captured, and then Hawkeye and Archer exchange gunshots. Hawkeye nearly gets her shoulder blown off, as Archer hits her. Bradley's son runs away.

    Bradley's residence is on fire, thanks to Colonel Mustang. Pride (Bradley) pins Roy to the wall with his saber, by sticking it through his shoulder.

    Pride's son walks in, carrying something in a cloth. He says that he didn't want it to get burned in the fires, so he saved it. Pride throws his son against the wall, and Roy frees himself. Roy takes the thing wrapped in cloth, and it is revealed to be a skull. Using his own blood, he draws a transmutation circle on his glove, and sets the skull and Pride on fire. This symbolizes Pride's death.

    Back in the hall, Gluttony is eating Al, when he turns around, revealing that his whole lower jaw has been melted away. Al had used alchemy. Dante tells Al that he shouldn't have used alchemy. Al approaches Ed, glowing from Scar's tattoos. He says that his brother is alive; he just needs to pull his soul out of the gate. AL starts to sacrifice himself to save Ed, as Envy pounces at them.

    Mustang grabs Bradley's son, and leaves the residence. Archer is about to enter the residence. He sees Mustang, and almost completely forgets about Hawkeye. Hawkeye shows her bravery by shooting Archer in his still-human half. Archer falls over, and dies. Hawkeye rushes over to Roy, and thinks he's dead.

    In a white area, Ed is standing by himself, as Al appears and disappears. Envy appears, and Ed informs him that he is at the gate. Envy is shocked to hear that Hohenhiem is still alive, so he orders the gate to take him to Hohenhiem. It can be assumed that sense Envy is a homunculi, he has no counterpart; thus, he cannot go to our world. The gate rips him apart, as he transformed into Ed, then Hohenhiem.

    In the hall, Ed awakes to see his real limbs that had been torn off of Wrath. Rose informs Ed that Al gave his like to save him. Meanwhile, Dante is angered, and rising in the elevator, when Gluttony, one of the last remaining Homnunculus, breaks in. Dante uses alchemy to defend herself. When the elevator opens at the top, Dante and Gluttony are gone.

    Ed is standing in the philosopher's stone's transmutation circle, with several markings on him. Then, we see a flash back, and Ed tells Rose that he will destroy this place, so no one will ever come here again. Then, Ed transmutes himself. This brings back Al, in his real body, and forces Ed into his counterpart's body in our world.

    Several weeks later, Central HQ is back to normal, after the death of Furher. Roy is resting up and tells Hawkeye, who is peeling an apple for him "Nothing is perfect, and the world is incomplete. That's what makes it so damn beautiful." Hawkeye jokingly tells him to be quiet.

    Next, we see Al in his normal body, with the Rockbell's. He is a normal 10 year old child, with no memories of when he was a suit of armor. Wrath was given the automail limbs that Ed was supposed to recieve. Then, Wrath runs away.

    Meanwhile, Ed is with his father, Hohenhiem, studying rocketry to try to get bak to Al. At the end, Al goes to train with Izumi, and promises Winry that he'll be back, with Ed. The train departs. Meanwhile, Ed is seen packing as Hohenhiem walks in. Ed tells Hohenhiem that he is going to study rocketry in Transylvania, in hope of reaching his world again.

    So ends Fullmetal Alchemist. The last scene is a scene where the two brothers are shown riding on two different trains.

    *Note: The following people are dead as of this episode: Gluttony, Dante, Lust, Envy, Greed, Pride, Archer, Hughes and Sloth.

    *Note: The following changes happened in this episode: Roy is missing his left eye. Ed is in our world, with fake limbs, not automail. Al is a regular kid, with no memories of his armor days.

    *Final note: The following main characters are still alive: Wrath, Ed, Al, Winry, Pinako, Hohenhiem, Armstrong, Havoc, Hawkeye, Mustang and Izumi.

    In my opinion, one of the best FMA, heck, the best FMA episode EVER!

    Rock on, FMA!
  • This was one of those episodes that you dearly wanted to watch, and yet, you couldn't bear to. You see the fate of all of our heroes/heroines, and yet that doesn't seem to suffice for the ending. There needs to be more. I was definitely sorry to see this

    This episode concluded everything, and yet it concluded nothing. There was a definite end to it all, but there were oh-so many cliffhangers, and there wasn't enough detail as to what happened to Ed and Al. It ended, but the fans wanted more, a buttload more.

    But, I think that all the royai fans got that big chunk of royai that they wanted in this episode. Sure, Roy needed an eye shot out to realize that she was there, but hey, at least they're kinda sorta 'together' right?

    Also, the fight between Roy and the Fuhrer. It may have been revolutionary actually, seeing as how the FMA "hegemony", and dictatorship was ended. (The animators were kind enough to show us a body building Armstrong and Breda -.-')

    I thought that this episode was one of the best, and yet I was disappointed at the ending. I hated to see such a good series end. I watched the movie, and I don't think even that will suffice to most people. There's almost NO royai in it, but to al edxwin fans, there is a few scenes of edxwin.

    Well, it's over, and over. It's OVEr. ahhhhhhhhhh~~~~

  • Whoa! I can't believe...it's really...over!!

    This was the last episode. I knew it when I prepared to watch it. But that didn't stop me from being shocked at the end! Every episode manages to surprise me somehow, but this one was special. It left my jaw dropped, with me staring at the tv in shock. It was so good, so unexpected...and it leaves you thoughtful and wondering. I'm glad it ended in such a hopeful, emotional way, but I sooooo have to see the movie now. There is no way I'm going to leave it at this. Good as it is, I'm not giving it up just yet!!
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