Fullmetal Alchemist

Season 1 Episode 3


Aired Saturday 12:00 AM Nov 20, 2004 on Cartoon Network

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  • The explanation of how Edward and Alphonse came to what they are today, the reason why Edward and Alphonse were so motivated towards becoming the great alchemists they are today.

    This is one of the saddest ones out there. This episode really made me cry. I cannot believe that an episode like this could really affect a person so.
    Hiromu Arakawa, you have really captured the effect of sorrow and to create this with the main characters really young, wow!!!
    I just love this episode so much. I am one of those people who could just talk about this episode for a really long time. I really want to see this episode again and again.
    It's a shame that Adult Swim is not showing this episode again. I hope that Adult Swim starts the whole series again just so i can weep at this episode. But weep in a good way, hehe
  • Ed and Al remember Trisha...

    This one was sad, but in a good sense. It was all about how Ed and Al remembered Trisha, their mother. The first two episodes take place in the current lives of the Elric brothers, but this marks the first episode in a chain of flashbacks, until episode 9, Be Thou For The People. Anyway, Ed and Al, remember how kind their mother was, and how much she praised their alchemy. One day, the two boys went to visit Winry and Pinako, and discover Winry sobbing, and she tells them that her parents were killed. Later, we find out they were killed by Mustang. So they go back home, and tell Trisha. Um... Oh yeah! And another day, they were getting food for dinner, and began to race back to the house. Ed flings open the door, and fidns Trisha lying on the floor with a terrible fever. The doctor comes, and tells them that she must've had the disease for a long time. Anyway, Ed and Al take care of her, but she soon dies. Ed, being the kind of guy he is, convinces Al that they can bring her back to life, and they begin to research it. And for a time to further their skills, they train under Izumi, who we meet later in the series. When they return home, they gather ingredients and throw them in the middle of a big transmutation circle. It's time. All seems to go well at first, but something goes wrong. Al begins to disapear, so in order to save him, Ed grabs his spirirt and attaches it to a suit of armor. But in return, Ed pays an arm and a leg. Literally. When Winry and Pinako find out what's going on, they are startled to see Al as a giant talking tin can, but are deeply concerned about Ed. So they give him an automail arm and leg. Then Mustang shows up, and asks if they would be interested in joining the military.
  • I love this episode! It's sad, but very well done.

    This episode just may be one of my top 5 episodes in Season 1, I loved seeing a more detailed scene of what happened to Ed and Al when they attempted human transmutation and why they attempted it in the first place.

    The storyline is excellent in this one. It flows nicely, what with Ed and Al's former life with their mother, the death of their mother, attempting the transmutation, automail and burning down their home. It was one of the saddest episodes, but still great! A good kickoff to their 'story' for say.

    Overall, I love this episode. Love it, love it, love it! Its fantastic, and if I were to show a person who doesn't watch the show one episode, it would be this one.
  • A flashback episode of several. Ed and Al look back on their lives before using Human Transmutation to try and revive their mother, but disasterous results follow. "Episode 3: Mother - an quick name for an episode"

    The first of several flashback episodes, Mother is a special episode as it reveals why Ed and Al are in their present forms and what caused their search for the Philosopher's Stone. Although this episode is one of my lesser favourites, it explains promptly why Ed has metal limbs and Al is in the armour. Their mother, Trisha dies of an illness, and they perform the forbidden art of Human Transmutation, but the results are terrible - in every sense of the world. Ed loses his leg and arm, while Al loses his body and is then bound to a suit of armour by Edward.

    This episode is relatively beautiful, due to the innocence of the brothers during their young childhood, despite all the tragedy around them (deaths of Winry's parents and then Trisha's death). I do like this episode, as it jumps right into the past of the characters to explain what happened instead of saving it for about thirty episodes on like some other shows. This episode also introduced Winry, Pinako and Colonel Roy Mustang (yay!)
  • Informative epiosde.

    This was a very informative episode that takes us back in time to tell the story of the Elric's childhood. We learn of the boys' mother, Trisha, and the importance she was in their lives; a friend named Winry who lived with her grandmother, Pinako, after her parents' untimely and tragic death in a war; and then the boys' father who was an exceptional alchemist but left when Ed was just a couple of years old.

    The Elrics learned alchemy from their father's old books he left behind. Their mother was unaware at the time but found out after Ed and Al completed their fisrt transmutation by making a doll for Winry on her birthday. Although surprised, she was not upset that the boys were studying alchemy and were actually quite good at it. Seeing them working at it reminded her of their father and it made her happy. However over the course of the years, her heartbreak from never seeing their father again eventually became an illness and made her gravely sick. She had hidden her health problems from the boys and others until it eventually overcame her and she collapsed to the floor. Ed and Al found her on the ground one day after returning home. Soon after, Trisha died and Ed made a vow to bring her back.

    The two boys left home in search of a teacher to teach them more about alchemy so they could attempt a human transmutation. After training for a while the boys returned home in secrecy and began their attempt. The furious reaction went horribly wrong and Al lost his body and Ed lost his leg and arm. Needing medical attention, Al carried Ed to Pinako's house in his new armor body. Winry answered the door but didn't recognize them at first because of Al's new body and the fact that they didn't know the Elric's returned. Winry recognized Al's voice and they were taken care of by both her and Pinako.

    While Ed was unconcious, Roy Mustang payed Pinako a visit and asks about what happened. He also offered Ed to come to Central to work for the military when he wakes up. Pinako asked Mustang to leave hoping Ed didn't hear any of it. The next day Winry studies Al's new body as Edward wakes up. He decides that he wants to take Mustang up on his offer but in order to do so, he'd need a complete body. He then asked Pinako to give him automail and paid her with the money his mom left. After receiving his new limbs, he and Al had a small training session between themselves and decided it was time to leave their town. Ed is determined to fix things and get their bodies back to normal and Al comes along with him to offer support and keep Ed from turning into a jerk.

    The two set their childhood home on fire and departed on their way leaving Winry, Pinako and everything they once had behind.
  • Explains what the Elric brothers have gone through.

    This was a very sad episode. This showed how much their mother meant to them. Even if they could have lost their lives. Also the disappearance of their father is mentioned. But this event has given a reason for the Elric brothers to become Alchemist. I believe this wont be the only time i'll see Roy Mustang, since he too is interested in the disappearance of the father.
  • It was such a sad episode!!

    This episode was revealing, a flashback, and a tearjerker all in one. This episode tells about Ed and Al's life before and right up to their fateful accident. How their father left them, how their mother loved them so much and loved it when they performed alchemy, how Trisha died, and how the brothers got their maimed bodies. It was soooo SAD!!! I about started to cry, but since I had already read about all of that in the manga, I knew what to expect. This episode wasn't really like the manga chapter it was based one, but it was close enough to understand the the big picture/main points.
  • This is one of my favorite episodes of Fullmetal, as it recounts what happened to the Elric brothers, and their mother years ago.

    This episode gives all of the Elric brothers background, while delievering a truly toughing episode full of heart and drama. When Ed and Al were kids, they lived with only their mother. When their mother dies they decide to study about alchemy in order to bring her back. After a long time of studying, they try it, perfroming a **** form of alchemy to bring back the one they loved. Sadly, they fail, and in the process Ed loses his right arm and his left leg while Al loses his own body. After being taken to his friends house by Al (who is now in a suit of armor), Ed makes a decision to get auto-mail limbs. Afterward, the Elric brothers burn down their house and set off to Central City, to meet up with State Alchemsit Roy Mustang, who had stopped by to see them after they got hurt.
  • People are precious when they pass away you wish you could bring them back. Thats exactly how Ed and Al felt when their mother passed on...A review from an Artist.

    Ed and Al were happy with their life their Mother made everyone feel safe though these were times of war. The brothers decided to learn alchemy, they always did things that impressed their Mother and Whinrey. But one day the boys whole world changed, their Mother became ill and passed away. Ed and Al didn't care that it was forbidden to try to resurect the dead but they thought they had to. They tried but Al lost his body and Ed lost his arm and leg but managed to attach Al's soul to a suit of armour. Ed has gotten auto-mail for his missing arm and leg. This is my masterpiece.
  • Awesome

    Ed's and Al's mother dies because of a disease. Missing her too much, they try to bring her back with with alchemy but sadly couldn't find anything equal to that of a soul. What's worse was that Ed lost his left leg and arm while Al lost his entire body.

    I loved this episode. It showed wass coollio how the way they were growing up and even how they first started alchemy. I was very sad when the mother died because I felt like it wasn't her time either. I also enjoyed this episode because it showed how deeply they cared for their mother, risking it all just to see her smile one more time. Unfortunately, it back-fired and they had to pay the cost of alchemy- Ed with his left arm and leg and Al with hid entire body. But, I agree with what they did because I would've did it too but cool.
  • Ed's and Al's mother dies because of a disease. Missing her too much, they try to bring her back with with alchemy but sadly couldn't find anything equal to that of a soul. What's worse was that Ed lost his left leg and arm while Al lost his entire body.

    I loved this episode. It showed how the way they were growing up and even how they first started alchemy. I was very sad when the mother died because I felt like it wasn't her time either. I also enjoyed this episode because it showed how deeply they cared for their mother, risking it all just to see her smile one more time. Unfortunately, it back-fired and they had to pay the cost of alchemy- Ed with his left arm and leg and Al with hid entire body. But, I agree with what they did because I would've did it too.
  • This is truly the first episode. It shows when Ed and Al start to bring their mother back and all the things in between. I only had the Japanese version of the episode, but luckily it had subtitles. They figure out their mother is a Homonulus.

    It was a wonderful episode even though I had the Japanese version. They start out at the age of three trying to make a doll for Winry. That\'s when we first see her parents as well. Then, at the age of six they get lessons from a teacher. When they turn ten, they began to use human transmutation. They didn\'t succeed in bringing back their mother because she was a Homunculus and not a human. Al lost his whole body and Ed lost an arm and a leg. Sounds hard.
  • Either one who watch this, I am sure that you probably shed tears...

    This episode made me cry until I realized that my shirt was wet. This episode includes every memory they have, Edward and Alphonse regarding their mother. Especially there is a scene showing that Edward and Alphonse gave their mother the models they made. It is very touching story. There is also a scene about they went to get some vegetables i think, and came back seeing their mother fainted in the room. The two characters were just little kids when they had to face the fact that their mother was dying. After that, they went somewhere to continue to learn about Alchemy adn returned to the village not long to revived their mother. Although it is forbidden they wanted to do it just to bring back their beloved mother. There\'s something that I don\'t get it. It is Edward lost his arm and leg during the process or did he lost his arm when he was trying to seal his brother\'s soul in the armor? Although I am still blur, I still felt that this is the most touching episode. Alphonse carried the bloddy Edward to Wndy\'s house and it was raining all night long. Edward also suffers a lot when he needed to put on his mechanical arm and leg. He said: This is nothing called pain compared to ALphonse\'s.
    And this is the quote I still remember until today.
  • Actually the first episode of the flashback arc, but who's counting?

    I like to think of "Mother" as the first episode that truly differentiates FullMetal Alchemist from other animes. Despite being a flashback episode loaded with narration, it's affecting and emotional. Besides giving some useful backstory, it also demonstrates how the Elric brothers became the people we met in "To Challenge the Sun."

    This is the first part of the story that Alphonse started telling Rose in the preceding episode. It begins with their first attempts at alchemy, in which they both show prodigious talent. Ed does in particular, but maybe that's just because he's the elder. Al states that their father disappeared before he turned 3 and his brother 4, something that makes Ed bitter. He clearly hasn't overcome this bitterness in the intervening decade plus since the time of the pilot. Their mother's love keeps them both happy, and she actively encourages them to develop their alchemic abilities. These early scenes show why the boys are so devoted to their mother.

    Two important characters get significant screen time in this episode, the Elrics' friend Winry Rockbell and her grandmother Pinako. One crucial early scene occurs when Winry learns her parents were killed during the war in Ishbal. Although we don't know much about the world of FMA yet, this reveals that it is certainly not a peaceful one. Winry, Ed, and Al have been shown as nice childhood friends up to this point, so her pain in this scene is particularly affecting. One revealing moment happens here when Ed states that maybe there's a way to bring people back from the dead. (Interestingly enough for those of us who've seen the whole series, he also mentions "homunculi" here. Great writing!) Pinako immediately shoots down the idea, but this scene clearly demonstrates that Ed is not easily deterred by taboos.

    This scene switches the tone of the episode, and in fact when Ed and Al return home, their mother falls ill to an unspecified terminal disease. After her death, Ed acts on his statements at the Rockbell house, and we get to see the full version of the events surrounding Ed and Al's attempt to transmute their mother. We learn that the suit of armor Al inhabits fortuitously was in their father's study, and that Winry and Pinako, since they're automail mechanics, affixed Ed's metal limbs. Another key introduction happens after this, when Roy Mustang, State Alchemist, stops by. Inspired by him, Ed and Al decide to head to Central, but burn their house down before setting out. The final image of them walking toward the screen while the flames dance in the background is haunting.

    This is the only episode that features Trisha Elric, so it was absolutely crucial that her character be portrayed well in order for us to buy that her sons would risk everything to bring her back. Thankfully, they got it right. Ed and Al's backstory is correctly handled, because everything we learn here relates to what we know of their characters in the first two episodes. Clearly Ed's defiance of taboos left him over the course of this episode, but considering the price he and Al paid, that makes perfect sense. The events of this episode have wide-ranging ramifications later in the series. Indeed viewing it again after watching the whole series only deepened my appreciation for it. (For instance, watch for a frame-long cameo of Izumi.) But it's remarakable affecting and effective upon first viewing as well.

    "Mother" is the perfect title for this episode, and it's a great hook for the series. It also introduces three crucial characters, a much-needed expansion of the cast. Any worries that FMA would become a standard anime after the inclusion of the more pedestrian elements in "Body of the Sanctioned" are immediately put to rest. "Mother" is anything but pedestrian.
  • This was a sad episode.

    We learn in this episode why Ed and Al try to bring back their Mom. And how it goes very wrong. First off, we flashback to when Ed and Al where little, just starting in alchemy. And Winry's parents are killed by, one of the other main people in the anime. Then Ed and Al's mom becomes sick, and dies. And we go on from there.
  • This episode is truly beautiful. It's so touching, especially at the end when Al says "I never want to be separted from you"(jap version). This episode always makes me cry.It's really an amazing episode from the best series in the world.

    This episode is truly beautiful. It's so touching, especially at the end, starting when Al says "I never want to be separted from you"(jap version). The episode is basically a flashback telling the story of Ed and Al's mother. How she died and you see more of their human transmutation. In this episode we see how Ed got his auto-mail. Colonel Roy Mustang is introduced, along with Winry and some other characters. Although we don't see them perfecty, Winry's parents are also shown-we also learn a bit about their s. And finally we see Ed and Al's decision to burn their house so they could never return. This episode always makes me cry.It's really an amazing episode from the best series in the world.
  • The episode chronicles the early exploration of the boys into alchemy, the death of their mother, and the fateful night where our story began.

    This episode is really great. It sets up the entire series by introducing many of the key characters of the show, without revealing too much. In masterful foreshadowing we see just how much Ed and Al loved their mother, when they rush home to hold her after learning of Winry's parent's death. Also, this sets up the bitterness that Ed has for his father, that Al does not share. This difference in the boys is a key point later in the show. This is yet another example that the entire story was planned out before the show ever got off the ground.
  • this episode reveals the elrics pain, point, and goal that the show is based upon. all together this episode explains fully what the show is all about and why they're doing what they do in the rest of the series.

    "Mother" tells the viewers about trisha, winry/pinako, and the elrics while summarizing their painful past in one episode. while their are other episodes that dig deeper, this is the first one that explains how they are the way that they are

    if anyone was to have missed this one episode, they wouldn't have full grasp on the whole story. all around this good episode is very important when telling the story
  • This Episode does a great job at introdicing the brothers and their history.

    I realy like this episode because it sets the whole stage for the rest of the story. Ed and Al are just little boys, and they share a strong relationship with their mom, Trisha Elric. The brothers come across the book "Introduction to Alchemy" and used it to preform alchemy for the first time. For Winry's birthday they make her a doll from raw materials. Later you find out that both her parents were just killed in the war. Their own mom now falls sick and dies. The boys take their stash of money to get a real teacher in order to try to bring her back. This is the cause of Al's missing body and Ed's missing arm and leg. They then go on to start their journey into the world.
  • In loving Memory of Trisha Elric.

    Well,this episode is a great flashback episode.And anybody who didn't really understand the first episode *long pause* should watch it.It tells about how Edward and Alphonse discovered Alchemy.And it also tells about thier mother,and what thier relationship was like with her.But shortly after Trisha Elric Died and nearly all was lost.Thats what Ed and Al thought.But nope the just had to go and rip thier bodies apart!idiots.But the loved her and couldn't live without her.In loving memory of Trisha Elric
  • this show is about the redemtion. they go around helping people trying to find the philosephers to get there bodys back. i they discover things that will change there life even more.he gotten inclose calls and he is still just a kid not even manhood but h

    this is one of the best shows i seen it has everything from action to a solid story. that is why i cant wait to see what happens next. he hates when people call him names that make fun of his size and its funny when he goes ballalistic about.
  • This is the story Al narrates to Rose, it is the story of Ed and Al's fateful arrival as the armored alchemist brothers...

    It's an episode that reminds us that beneath every character is a story waiting to be told, and fortunately for FMA/HNR's audience, this one was told early, though not in its entirity, but I won't get into that...
    We see the evolution of Ed and Al to what they become, Ed the rough exterior whose always tried to take care of his brother and live a happy life...and Al, the optimist, fused to an empty shell, he remains confident and hopeful in the idea that is humanity...
    It's a simple tale of boys and their mother, and the war that backdrops and envelops the series through its progression. We see the root of Ed's self-superiority complex as he attempts to conquer all hurdles and endure any and all pain. As foil to his seemingly cold exterior is the brother who never ceases to share his warmth with all he sees.
    And, in the incident with their mother we see the birth of two of the richest characters in recent anime memory, as though the trials have yet to truly begin we see the heroes develop to a point where we know the challenge is their's to meet.
    This is also the beginning of a little mini epic within the series that speaks of the Elric's adventures up until episode one.
    Truly, those who might have passed this series off as another overblown anime endeavor into a mystical period must admit with this episode the series tries to tell us they walk more than one road. The point here being that all adventures and truest of tales begin somewhere, and here is as good a place as any...
    For those just beginning the series, I envy you, you're in for one wild ride, and there's nothing quite like that first viewing...
  • A very informative and moving episode!

    This is one of my favorite episodes of FullMetal Alchemist. There are several reasons that I say this. The first one is that it is very informative and answers a lot of question. It also introduces several characters to show that eventually become very important to the show. Another reason that I say this is one of my favorites is becouse of how well they told the story and made it extremely interesting. It probably also helped that it answered a lot of questions that viewers probably ask when they see the first 2 episodes and even manages to be very moving at the same time.
  • Sad but good episode.

    When I saw this episode, it made me want to cry. Very touching to learn about Ed and Al's past, but I also learned a bunch from it which made me more understand their tragic past. Anyway it's a very good episode that you must see if you dont know didly sqwat about why Al is trapped to armor.
  • This sad episode tells you how Ed and Al got to be where and what they are.

    In the 3rd Episode of Fullmetal, we get to see how Ed got his mechanical arm and leg and how Al got his soul attached to an empty suit of armor and why. And needless to say, it's a pretty dramatic tale.

    Long story short, thier mother dies, and they attempt to bring her back, and end up getting themselves caught in a bad situation with forces they cannot comprehend nor control. Al ends up losing his body, Ed loses his leg and then uses the same spell that started all of this to bring his brother's soul back if nothing else, at the cost of his right arm. A small sacrifice, realy, but it's enough to make you a fan. (Atleast, it was for me. I just recently became a fan.)

    Even with a centimental storyline, it still had action and suspense, two musts in a show like this.
    C U L8er!
  • This episode looks back on the brothers' first use of alchemy,Winry's parents death,and the death of their mother, Trisha.They try resurrecting her using alchemy,and fail.Ed loses his leg,while Al loses his body.Ed uses alchemy to bring Al's soul back in

    I thought that the episode "Mother" was sad and terrific at the same time. It explained the general of Ed and Al's childhood, and how they came to be alchemists. Being after a couple of the first episodes, it was, in my opinion, perfectly placed, because it gave a background of the characters that you were getting to know. This episode showed anime at it's finest...