Fullmetal Alchemist

Season 1 Episode 7

Night of the Chimera's Cry

Aired Saturday 12:00 AM Dec 18, 2004 on Cartoon Network

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  • This episode is pivotal, a tearjerker, and full of character development (well more than you'd expect from a thirty minute episode). Fullmetal Alchemist displays true drama can exist in a cartoon as it deals with loss and the lessons it teaches.

    The "Night of the Chimera's Cry" is so appropriate of a name. We meet Scar (though we don't know his name yet) who in his own way is a Chimera. He's a mixture of human and a living killing curse. Tucker tries to show Ed they are joined in their pursuit of Alchemy. We see the Chimera Tucker makes. Each of these three entities presents a different type / version of two joined objects and in their own ways - a Chimera.

    The episode continues to draw us into the home life of Nina and her father, Shou Tucker. We meet them in the previous episode when Ed and Al lived there for a month before taking the alchemist exam.

    These two episodes, while able to stand on their own, do tell of a complete story. In the first part, Ed has to complete the alchemist test and Tucker needs to re-qualify to continue as a research alchemist. We can compare how these two great alchemists, who both perform life / human alchemy, deal with their own challenges. Ed shows a maturity beyond his years - gained only at the expense of his brother's body and his own limbs.

    Tucker, though - even with his own loss, is willing to do what Ed now rejects, which is to use another living being to solve his problems.

    Ed attempts to save his new friend - who is part of the Chimera, but fear drives her off where we again meet Scar and finally discover his ability, curse, and purpose.

    This episode is pivotal, a tearjerker, and full of character development (well more than you'd expect from a thirty minute episode). Again, Fullmetal Alchemist displays true drama can exist in a cartoon (via anime). It is for those who can deal with the loss and the lessons it teaches. It is another MUST see episode for any Fullmetal Alchemist fan.
  • Goodbye, Nina...

    Saddest episodes of the series include Mother, Words of Farewell, and Night of the Chimera's Cry. I'd say out of those three, this episode is the second saddest. No other episode has mad me cry harder than Words of Farewell. That's the one where Envy murders Hughes. Anyway, Ed has just passed his Alchemy Exam. He and Al come home to the Tuckers' place, and find the picture Nina had drawn for her mother burnt up in the fireplace. Shou had told the three of them he would mail it to her. So what's up now? Ed and Al go to the basement, where Shou is working on a new experiment. A talking chimera. The beast comes over to Ed, and calls him Big Brother. Ed forces a weak smile, and pats her on the head. Al still hasn't figured out what's going on, so he's overly excited. Then Ed asks him where Nina and Alexander have gone. Then Al realizes that Shou combined their DNA to make the chimera. Ed, who is mortified over what Shou has done to Nina, begins to beat him to a bloody pulp, but is stopped by Nina. Then that nosy Brigadeer General comes down to the basement, arrests Shou, and takes Nina away for experiments. Ed follows the truck, and riggs the road so it topples over. Nina manages to escape into a dark alley, only to be killed by Scar.
  • One of the saddest episodes ever to air on the show!

    This episode was without a doubt, one of the most painful and sad episodes to watch throughout the entire show. It was well done, but I really wish that they didn't have to kill of Nina.

    The storyline in this episode was incredibly sad, I had tears in my eyes the first time I watched it. In farther seasons, like season 4, they brought the whole situation with Tucker trying to bring back Nina with the philosophers stone. But personally, I wish they had rather left that whole idea out of the show, it's very sad.

    I still liked some parts about the episode, like some of the humor, like when Ed finally got his watch but the dog it from him, and Ed chased him around the yard XD It was also interesting to Ed with his little 'flashback' of his Mother.

    This episode is still worth watching though, just bring some tissues with you to the TV!
  • Ed is officially now a State Alchemist: The Fullmetal Alchemist! But Ed soon begins to discover a sinister side to alchemy, and a close friend may be in danger. Ed also encounters an odd scarred man. "Episode 7: Night of the Chimera's Cry -

    One of the best episodes of the series, Episode 7 had me crying like a baby. Ed is now officially THE Fullmetal Alchemist and feels proud, but he soon finds the dark side of alchemy through a series of events that eventually conclude with Tucker committing the ultimate sin, apart from a human transmutation - turning Nina and Alexander into a chimera!!! Scar is introduced into this episode and last. Edward's emotions really kick it into high gear, going through pride, anger, and sadness all in one episode. Stupid Basque Grand makes his proper debut and is a jerk all the way through.

    Truly a heartbreaking episode, particularly at the end when Ed and Al find Nina's blood splattered across the alleyway at the end. 10/10

    RIP Nina and Alexander
  • *cry* It was heartbreaking!!!!

    Shou Tucker you b@stard!!!! How could you do that to your family???!!!!!! Why did he become a state alchemist? I thought he did it to provide for his family and get them out of poverty? Instead, he used his wife, daughter, and dog, for stupid experiments that would eventually lead to his death. Poor Nina. She lost her mom and then became a chimera. *cry* At least Ed and Al made her happy for that brief amount of time. When Ed confronted Tucker about the chimera, Tucker started to get all psycho!! O.O He was really starting to scare me. It was like he had all of a sudden just snapped was no longer sane. (Not that he ever was if he was willing to experiment on his family.) I was glad Ed started punching Tucker. I would have done the same thing. That b@stard. This episode wasn't really like the manga. It was actually more heartbreaking to me. Poor Nina. But it was a good episode all the same.
  • Really I think this is the second time I've been this close to crying for a television show.

    This episode was really marvelous, and very sad as well, although there are many differences between this episode and the manga, the writers really made it even beter. The next episode was not really one to recover from thgis one, if anything it's alot creepier, plus the first with this amount of bloodshed(well not too much) but still this is a great episode, and I really wanted to write a review for it. Dang Tucker with his crazy expriments, I'm glad he gets killed later. Just watch the episode and you'll know why I'm saying all of this. All there is left to say is great episode, hope there are plenty more like this.
  • It made me cry.

    This is why I love this show. This was the third episode I saw and the episode that got me into the seiries. Its such a dramatic episode... Poor Nina. A great point of this episode that it has a very subtle way of explaining whats going to happen but it still doesn't prepare you for it. Shou Tucker is certainly an ass in this episode. I didn't like this episode because the sad plot. Of course like all tearjerkers, its sad yet enjoyable. This is such a great episode and should be regarded as such. Watch this episode!!
  • a very very sad episode. *sob*

    this episode tells the reason why Shou Tucker's wife didn't exist to some. he made her into a chimera that only said the words "i wanna die!" and in curiosity to know what a chimera is Ed and Al asked Tucker to make one that can speak the human language again and so he did but under Ed and Al's nose he created one by combining his daughter, Nina and their dog, Alexander. then, Brigadier General Vasque Gran took Nina for a military experiment and Ed tipped over the car and Nina got away then she was killed by Scar.
  • A beautiful episode that makes you wanna cry.

    When I first saw this episode, I cried. I know, no one should cry from watching a cartoon but it was just so sad. The way Tucker could do that to his daughter without care or remorse was just horrible. Not to mention his wife. But when it started talking and saying how it hurt so much, I just lost it after that. He did that just so he could stay a state alchemist. Is being an alchemist really that important? Is it worth taking away your family? To Tucker it was. And I was pissed off when I found out he didn't die.
  • A truly beautiful episode that shows you how precious a friend's life can be, and how easy it is to be distroyed.

    Edward Elric, now a newly appointed State Alchemist, has been living with Shou Tucker, the Sewing-Life Alchemist for the past couple months. He and his brother, Alphonse, have befriended Shou's daughter Nina and his dog Alexander. Shou tells the brother's that Nina's mother left him several years ago, and Nina writes letters to her, but strangly never gets any reply back. When Ed goes to take Alexander on a walk, he discovers one of the letters Nina wrote. It had been burned, and Ed starts to get suspicious about Shou's history. Ed finds out that the original talking chimera Shou created was made using his own wife! And the newest chimera he crated was mixture of Nina and Alexander. The chimera escapes, and Ed finds it in a back ally, completely distroyed. His emotions overcome him, and he begins to breakdown and cry.

    By the end of this episode, I was crying too. I had fallen in love with Nina and Alexander, and seeing Ed cry like that was more than I could handle. I am known for crying during emotional animes, but this was most I had ever cried for any show. This episode is an example of why I love this show so much. It's a truly beautiful episode that shows you how precious a friend's life can be, and how easy it is to be distroyed.
  • This episode was so sad, but a very good episode.

    In "Night of the Chimera's Cry" the brothers have met a young girl named Nina and her father, Shou Tucker. He works at home for the military, researching chimeras, which are human and animal hybrids. He says that his wife left awhile back and Nina has been writing to her. But, as we find out later, he used his wife to make a chimera to save his own butt from being kicked out of the military. Since he needed to come up with something quickly, he used Nina and their dog to make a chimera. The military came and took her away, hoping to one day separate the two again. But, the truck that holds her tips and falls and she flees. She runs into Scar, who explodes her from the inside out. Other than when Ed and Al tried to bring back their mother, there hasn't been a death of a likeable character. So, it really changed how one looks at the show. Before, it was a comedic action-packed show where the characters had a shady past. Now, it starts to get a bit deeper and a bit more tragic. The viewer starts to realize that not everyone in this show is an ally and that there will be many struggles to come. I can't even think of any faults.
  • ..this episode demonstrates some of the treasure that is FullMetal Alchemist.

    The few episodes before this developed the relationship between the brothers and Tucker/Nina as a growing “family”. To have any kind of evil infiltrate that bond is so unexpected given the easy-going storyline previous to this episode. Let me say that I have never dropped tears over many shows (except for this one), especially an animated one. It just never crosses your mind that an animated show could have any kind of emotional build up or value like FullMetal Alchemist. Once this show grabs you, it won’t let go. The writers have done a brilliant job evoking emotion into the story, and this episode is a great example.

    Tucker’s madness completely takes you by surprise. How could you ever think that a father of such a cute little girl could ever do such an evil thing without so much as blinking? When the brothers realize what has become of Nina and her dog, and then, of course, you the viewer along with them, the shear mix of emotions hit you like a ton of bricks.

    This may possibly be the episode that really hooked me in to this incredible series. If you have not yet watched this episode, or series for that matter, this will be the one to watch. Of course, you may not understand too much of the big picture, but this episode demonstrates some of the treasure that is FullMetal Alchemist.
  • Learn this episode - it keeps coming back.

    This episode gives Ed a motive in later episodes to come, little by little you sensed that Tucker was up to something. It all comes crashing down on you in the end, after all that Ed went through the past few days - the bonds he made with new people. This does not fit for a qualifying reward. Its a good episode and does hold a lot of character development that won't be seen till later on in the series. It also shows a dark side to alchemy, and a dark perspective on events. You need to know this episode to understand events dealing with Ed and Tucker later on in the series.
  • "Your desperate to put your mind to use, Ed put the world under your fingers. That's the essence of Alchemy! You did it for knowledge, control, above all you did it just to prove you can!" Shou Tucker...A review from an Artist.

    Edward has just passed the Alchemist exam and is now a state Alchemist the other officers can not permit Edward and Alphonse to live under Shou Tuckers roof. Shortly after they are sent out Shou Tucker calls for them they elude the gaurds then use some Alchemy to tie them up. They then do a little more transmuting and open up the window. They climb into a room filled with horiffing animals in cages. Then Shou calls for them and They walk into a room with designs all over the walls. Sitting inside of the middle of the room was an odd animal like the ones in the cages but their is something different. This one seems very familiar its called a Chimera a word they know but thats not whats familliar. Its Shous daughter Nina and dog Alexander! Shou has transmuted his very own daughter and his own dog! How could he have done this! What, now other state alchemists are here. They are taking Shou and the Chimera away. This is my masterpeice.
  • This is my favorite episode. I couldn't believe that Shou would have the brain to combine his beloved daughter that he worked so hard for and his gargatuan dog to make a talking chimera. And what was worse! He did it for fun!

    Nina's mother left her two years ago. Her father said that she couldn't cope with being poor so she left. But, he lied. Two years ago was when Shou Tucker first created his talking chimera. A talking chimera that he had transmuted his wife with. In Alchemy, there are two taboos that outnumber the others. One is forging flesh, or human transmutation, and the second is forging animals together to make chimeras. The chimera had said three words. Three words with such meaning. "Give me death," was what it said. And met death did it? Yes, it died alright. It didn't eat and it didn't sleep till it perished.
  • This episode is so sad......

    This is the saddest moment that I have ever seen in all my years of watching anime. I have no idea how Tucker can do that to the sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet Nina. Oh! did I forget that Nina is her daughter. That guy is such a jerk for doing that to her and to his dog Alexander. Okay, this is what he did, Tucker transmuted the bodies of Nina and Alexander forming a talking chimera. It turns out that he already did this experiment to Nina's mother a while back. The chimera of Nina and Alexander got away and was killed by Scar. This episode is so sad and I probably would not ever forget it.
  • This was a sad episode for most people.

    I think this was a pretty sad episode because how can a sate alchemist use his wife, daughter, family dog for him to pass the test so he can still be an alchemist. Edward and Alphonse are trying to be state alchemists and they are studying for the exam at Mr.Tuckers house with her daughter Nina. Mr.Tucker was famous for creating a talking chimer that died after awhile. Ed and Al also had access to every book in his library and Ed as usual was trying to find out more about the Philosopher stone. Nina drew a picture for her mother and gave it to Mr.Tucer so he can mail toher mom but Ed saw the picture burnt so he had some bad feeling about Mr.Tucker. Mr.Tucker now showed Ed and Al the new Chimera and Ed asked were was Nina and the dog but Mr.Tucker remained quiet and Ed knew he used them to create this creature. Ed ran toward Mr.Tucker and was puching him. The military then appeared to take Mr.Tucker away and asked Ed to cover this up. Ed got angry st this and was arguing but he got knocked out for awhile. Ed wouldn't let the chimera get away foe testing so he used alchemy to tip over the car and release Nina but when they tried to find her the chimera was dead.
  • I personally think that this is one of the more heartrending episodes of the series

    I disliked alot about this particular episode. It mortified me how the dog and the girl where fused together and then killed. A big downfall for this one was how they did the whole
    \"crazy dude who goes to any extent for something he wants\" like in the episode where the man takes the souls of the children and puts them into his dolls that resemble his true love. Since I had seen that one the ending of this episode wasnt nearly as dramatic. Ive seen most all of the episodes in season one of fma and Id have to say this is my least favorite of them all
  • so sad...

    uhm... this episode is so very sad, sorry for being so redundant but i just cant belive what happened in this episode... mr.tucker turned his wife into a talking chimera in order to become a state alchemist, as if that wasn't enough he also used his own daughter nina and his dog alexander to make another one... i just cant belive it, how could a father do such a thing? how come nina had to suffer for his dad's foolishness, its a good thing he died... but its also sad that the state had to cover up everything that happened because even if tucker died it is still not enough to do nina justice...
  • A punch in the gut. Horrifying, devastating, and sobering, and an absolute tour de force.

    "Night of the Chimera's Cry" is the first instant classic of FullMetal Alchemist, and after viewing this episode, the series had me completely hooked. This episode is emotionally devastating, harrowing, and powerful, in ways few television series, much less animes, are.

    One of the reasons this one is such a punch in the gut is that it completely rips the wool off the viewer's eyes regarding Shou Tucker. He certainly wasn't perfect in the previous episode, but he was portrayed as about as far from depraved as you could get. Furthermore, that episode suggested that the Tuckers would be a good surrogate family for Edward and Alphonse. After the events of this episode, however...

    "Chimera's Cry" works so well because it builds inexorably from start to finish. The teaser ending is oddly off-kilter, with Tucker almost depressingly uttering his daughter's name. Soon Ed begins to suspect he's lying about his wife's fate. As Ed investigates Tucker, and continuously finds impediments, such as classification of documents surrounding his research, the viewer can't shake the feeling that something is horribly wrong. The serial killer subplot, although unrelated, also increases the tension. The scene in which Ed sees one of the killer's victims is impressive, because the corpse reminds him of the horrific result from trying to transmute his mother. Even Scar's first appearance is ominous, which makes the choice to introduce him in this episode and not earlier nothing short of brilliant.

    Add Hughes' relating of the first chimera's only words, "I want to die" and confirming that Tucker lied to Nina about her mother, and then the military evicting the Elrics from the Tucker mansion. The tension starts to become dread. When in the next scene Tucker tells Nina he's at the end of his rope, a lump comes to the viewer's throat. Once Ed and Al break in to his house to try to stop Tucker, only the most optimistic viewer could even hope that the ending will be anything besides what the episode has been foreshadowing to happen. Ah but this series never backs off from darkness, and so...

    What follows is the most horrifying scene of the series so far, in which it's revealed that Tucker sacrificed his family for his research, not once but twice. As difficult as it might be to believe, the scene is even more disturbing once Tucker tries to explain himself. Like any psychopath, he has completely justified his actions in his mind. He decided that since he was a scientist he had to choose that over his family. What makes it so disturbing is that if you ignore the effect of his decision on human life, his reasoning can be understandable. "When you have the power to do something, it's hard not to try." He even tries to convince Ed that they're fundamentally the same. Ed is understandably incensed and finds his only response is to pummel him nearly senseless, and he probably would have killed him had Nina-Alexander not intervened.

    This sequence is heart-wrenching, and in some ways the military's response is even more profoundly disturbing. Gran's lack of outrage and eagerness to claim Nina-Alexander for the State reveal a cold-blooded pragmatism typical of fundamentally corrupt systems. Ed saves the chimera from being used by the military, but that just leads her to Scar. The finale is even more sobering when Ed discovers the aftermath of Scar's mercy killing, and completely breaks down. But nothing can bring Nina back, she's dead, and clearly Ed and Al will never be the same. Ed's painful sobs are devastating.

    "Night of the Chimera's Cry" is a noteworthy episode because it reveals the utter humanity of the protagonists. Ed and Al couldn't save Nina and Alexander, despite being prodigious alchemic talents. These two are so relatable because of their helplessness in the face of depravity, just like ordinary human beings. I do have one complaint, though: I really wish the credits had played without the upbeat ending music. I do appreciate the one-time insertion of the image of Nina sleeping on Alexander, but the music breaks the somber mood of the conclusion prematurely, and somewhat blunts its impact. Not enough to prevent it from being an unforgettable experience and a noteworthy achievement, however.
  • So far the most touching episode in the series...

    This episode was very touching one. Ed and Al developed a really nice friendship with Nina. But why did she have to die? Why did an innocent little girl have to be in the line of fire? This whole situation was all Tucker's and Scar's fault, the ba*****ds! It's good that Tucker got executed. He deserved it for using his own wife and his own daughter in his experiments. This show demonstrates that there are really bad people in the world that would do anything to keep themselves satisfied. Beasts like Tucker and Scar should be executed. Anyways, this was very touching. Rest in peace, Nina...
  • "You poor thing,your a sin against nature and your body is in so much pain.O merciful god who shapes us all,please return these scarred souls to your Unending womb."

    Well,here I am,writing my next review.If you read my last,I guess I should tell you what happens.Ok so we find out that Shou Tucker has made another Talking Chimera.But then we find out that he not only uses his dog for the transmutation,he also uses... ... .NINA!dum dum duuuuum!anyway.Ots very sad and if you wanna watch it then go ahead.It can make an unemotinal 10 year old cry so...maybe you will too.
  • Ed & Al find out that Dr. Tucker used his wife and daughter in chimera experiments.

    Many of the other reviews describe this episode as very tragic (applying the 'tearjerker' description). Rather than elaborate on that idea (read the other reviews or watch the episode to see what they're talking about), I'll describe a different aspect of the episode that I thought was particularly clever.
    First, we all find out that Dr. Tucker is psychotic and has little regard for the lives of others. We all know (from previous episodes) that Ed pretty well fits your standard 'hero' template - completely selfless (almost) and with a unique power that is matched only by that selflessness. When a hero character is given supernatural abilities (like Ed's capability to use alchemy without transmutation circles), it tends to detach them from reality - no normal person can really see the world from the heroes eyes if the hero has extraordinary powers.
    Up until this episode, I thought FMA would be the same and that, as long as Ed's wishes were to do something selfless and good, he would find the power to do so. I was wrong.
    When Ed finds out that the chimera is a combination of Nina and Alexander, he's (understandably) furious and starts to use alchemy to return the chimera to it's two constituent beings. When Dr. Tucker says that it's impossible, I figured Ed would do it anyways and prove him wrong. But Ed hesitated, and he knew he couldn't do it. Finally, an instance where a hero character with good intentions doesn't always have the power to make things right. In other words, a hero character that (atleast in this instance) is more like you or I - and is thus that much more believable.
    Other than the obvious tragic events that take place in this episode, the bringing of Ed back down to the level of us mortals (which I needed, after seeing him start to blast off alchemy without transmutation circles in previous episodes, starting him on the process of demi-god-dom taken by most cookie cutter anime heroes) made this episode very powerful.
    Finally, a few comments about the end of the episode - where the tatooed man (who looked like a chimera himself), killed Alexander/Nina out of mercy. Often animes will tend to portray only a single 'right' answer (i.e. separating Nina and Alexander being the only acceptable solution). The tatooed man showed us that good intentions among various individuals will not always have similar results. He realized that Alexander/Nina could not be recovered, and, out of mercy for the chimera's suffering, humanely ended its existence. It would truly be a shame if this character ended up being a 'bad guy' later on, given that his intentions and actions really were 'good', even if they were dissimilar from Ed's intended actions.
    To sum up this lengthy review, episode 07 is excellent because it shows that Ed is more 'human' than some previous episodes would have us believe in that he is unable to save Nina/Alexander. On the other hand, while he appears as less of a hero in episode 07, he hasn't lost any of his 'goodness' - he does all he can to save the chimera, and in the end it's not enough. Too often, animes will show that willpower and good intentions alone are enough to fix any problem. Episode 07 of FMA brings the series closer to reality and shows us that that is not always the case.
  • the girl gets transmuted into a chimara

    this episode was remarkable. nerve wracking what the guy did for his greed, then he tries to justify it. this was one of my favorite episodes of the show. this episode really got me into the show though. to go to such lengths, transmute your family members to get a job. that's the type of drama that makes this show so sad, yet great. i dunno what to say anymore but that this show needs to win awards for being this great. so so so so so so so so so o so so so so so so so yeah
  • Very sad.

    This episode is so sad! Ed and Al egg Tucker on to create another talking chimera, without realizing that meant sacrificing his own daughter! Oh.. and the way she looks up at Ed in the end and tells him "Why does this hurt?", Was so pitiful and sad! I've never cried at any movie or T.V. show before! And at the end, all the other alchemists hail Tucker to be some sort of hero? The man fused his kid with a dog! And everyone except Ed and Al is O.K. with this?? Very tear-provoking, well written and great voice acting.
  • Wow...

    Still can't stop thinking about what happened here. When you have the ability to do something and are being pressured to do it or lose everything, you tend to do the unthinkable. But using your own daughter and dog?? That was sad! Ed begins to realize the sinister side of alchemy, how it can corrupt people and make them ambitious. Ed is faced with the question: is he just like Tucker inside? Would he be willing to do anything to get what he wants? In Ed's case, it's not more of a want, it's a promise he made to his brother and mother. This episode was very thought provoking.
  • Can't...stop...the tears!

    Oh... so sad... should look away, but... too enamored by... flashy animation. This is possibly the saddest, most tearjerking episode of any show I have ever seen. And I saw the episode "Mother". I think it's the most emotional I've been since... well, ever. Every time I watch it, it just gets to me. It's still a pretty good episode.
  • She didn't exspect to like it at all, but she loved it.This episode is one of the best ones I have seen. It is one of the ones that gives you reason to watch the rest of the series. At first you think that the storyline couldn't get more dramatic,

    This episode is one of the best ones I have seen. It is one of the ones that gives you reason to watch the rest of the series. At first you think that the storyline couldn't get more dramatic, but it does in this episode. I even watched this episode with my sister. She didn't exspect to like the show at all, but she loved it. Now my sister watches it almost every night.
  • This was a good episode because it shows us how much more realistic this show is than other shows. It shows us that the Elric Brothers can't obtain, much less maintain, anything without sacrifice.

    As sad as this episode was, it also appealed to me because it shows that nothing is safe. Viewers are introduced to the Tucker family in the previous episode, and on the surface they seem like a normal family unit. I watched episode six and believed that once Ed passed the Alchemy exam and was certified, he would leave the Tucker estate, and we would possibly see Shou and Nina Tucker again at some point in the future, but they would remain relatively unchanged.
    In many shows, bad things tend to happen in bad places. In that way, Fullmetal Alchemist is more realistic, because, especially in this episode, we are shown that bad things can happen anywhere, and that nothing is safe. There is no set tone for this show, just like in life. One minute everything can be okay, then the next minute something happens that sends all of that crashing down around the characters involved.
    This episode also shows us that, in this world, nothing good can be maintained unless it is fought for. Ed had suspicions about what was going to happen, but by the time he chose to act on them he was too late, and the irreperable damage to a seemingly normal family was done. It shows us, once again, that whenever these characters choose to ignore a problem, something horrible happens. It is for all of these reasons that this was an excellent episode that shows us what to expect from future episodes.
  • A dark, shocking and depressing episode that truly shows why Fullmetal Alchemist is one of the Best Animes I've ever seen.

    This episode is probably one of the saddest and most shocking episodes of any TV series I've ever seen. And the wonderful thing about it is that it actually has a meaning. Many TV shows tend to kill off characters because they want to seem like they are a "serious" program, but with Fullmetal Alchemist is results in something, a change in the Elric brothers that echoes throughout the entire series.
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