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  • Not as great as Brotherhood but awesome

    compared to Brotherhood, this show falls flat on it's face but without brotherhood it's a good show.
  • I don't think UltimateFlow really understands the series


    It's a great show. Tons of likable characters, a great plot, some pretty funny episodes, a few really good plot twists, and great fight scenes. Although I enjoy Brotherhood more, mostly because I found the ending to Shamballa to be rather disappointing, it doesn't mean this is a bad series. It is great, and it got me back into anime after my interests in it were decreasing.


    The show isn't about trying to be deep, or always talking. The talking is intended to move the story along. As for Ed and Al always getting into trouble, that doesn't usually happen. There is tons of character development, Ed isn't always some angsty atheist, there's more to it than that. Watch "Those Who Challenge the Sun" then watch "The Philosopher's Stone". I would say that is a good amount of character development. As for you mentioning the constant talk about the Philosopher's Stone, humonculi, et cetera. Well those play huge roles in the show, so how can you not expect them to mention it? I mean, it is one thing if you don't like the show, and provide good examples as to why you don't like it, but the examples you are giving aren't exactly fair.
  • Many people don't see the deeper meaning in this series

    Alot of people who write negative reviews reveal that the emphasis on the main theme is too much. I disagree with this because the point of the whole story is not the equivalant exchange, that just something that summarizes how the fantasy portion works in the show. The real theme is that there are moral duties that people have to carry. You can see that when Ed buys a coal mining town when an oppressive leader shows up. You can also see how much brotherly love plays into the plot. There is also close to no romance in the series(until the very last episode) and many of the characters act like regular human beings to show that everyone in the series is actually a human with a soul.
  • A MUST WATCH ....

  • Amazing

    People who claim Brotherhood is better is because "its closer to the manga! Plus it is more anime-ish" but as someone who doesn't care what's closer to the original, i can tell this is far better. Pacing is good, characters are deep, & its way more serious. In brotherhood, even in the most serious scene they will make "funny" "chibi" scenes which just ruins the whole thing, pacing is way too fast to feel attached to any character. People who claim its better are often huge anime fans, and so they like that kind of stuff. This show is epic and flawless
  • The Best Anime I've Ever Watched!

    Honestly, you can't get any better than FMA. It's got everything a good anime should have, and more. The theme, characters, plot, is amazing! Everything is perfect. I'd call this a masterpiece.
  • Huh!! Full metal alchemist is on again. I must have fallen asleep while I was watching it 3 hours ago.

    One word: BOORING!! thats one way of describing this anime.

    Yup, prepare to hate me.

    This is got to be the most melodramatic anime ive seen in a while, and its very repetitive(not in a good way). Most fans of the show says its the best thing ever, and if you say its horrible it is considered heresy.

    The plot- it basically starts with Ed and Al trying to revive their mom back but fails. Due to their mistakes of trying to play god. Satan takes their body parts so he can play god by creating !!!SPOILER!!==Amunculi or whatever !!!!END SPOILER!!!! thus they go on a journey to find a philosopher stone, similar to Dragonballs or Sacred Jewel Shards except there is alot of counterfeit stones. And instead of Martial Arts and/or Magic they use Alchemy. Seems pretty interesting does it. NO... one of the major flaws is that they always get into trouble in some city, ALWAYS.. This would be good if they had some sort of development or plot advancement. NO,, ED still angst over his arm and Al's condition. And the plot goes no where but "we have to get the stone". This goes on intill they encounter the bad guys and a plot twist that I can predict a mile away.

    Voice Acting/Animation- The voice acting is pretty good considering its a dub, The actors play their roles really well. The dub might be better than the sub. As for the animation. Its pretty generic, tho Al's armor looks pretty cool other than that, We have lame fight scenes and characters that do nothing but talk talk talk talk. All this talking seems unnecessary, i mean just fight already we know its coming. The creator seems to try to hard to make the series more intelligent and deep. Im not buying it.

    Characters- Boy where do I start. Lets start with ED, All he does is angst. There are moments where he *Tries* to be heroic but I find it quite laughable. I never seen a character that angst so much (Shiji, whatever his name is, from Eva might beat Ed) He just moans and complain about how bad his life was when he was a kid from losing his limb to a plot twist that you should see for yourself "hint, its about losing his limb" *SHOCKING!!* Al seems to be more wise about it but he too has moments were he angst over his lost body. OK We get it now, lets moove on please, time is slipping away.. as for the rest of the cast we have your intellectual cool guy, big strong guy, aloof female leader, the anti hero, stereotypical villains that are just evil for the sake of being evil they also have a ability of not dieng (Not another CEll/majin buu/Naruku) , the mentor, The mechanical genius, basically any stereotype you can think of. other than Ed and Al I can see no trace of depth in them at all other than being stereotypes. They do have a few oddballs but they either get killed off or killed by the hero. Greed and that soulless armor guy is one example. As mentioned above most of these character do nothing but talk for an entire episode or two, or 15-20 episodes. They rarely fight and if they do its usually just as lame and boring as the constant speeches. I would have liked it if it had some point to it, buts its usually revolves over the same bullcrap; The philosopher stone, amuculi, gates of hell, war. And lets not forget about the constant plot twists. Basically character development in this series revolves around plot twists because Emo=deep and emotional oh I forgot... realistic too
  • If that kid says "equivalent exchange" one more time...

    I get it. He's the Fullmetal Alchemist. You don't have to remind me eight times per episode. This show is 100 miles of dull with maybe 2 minutes of story or action thrown in to make you think you're being rewarded for having the concept of equivalent exchange spoon fed to you over and over again. And, as if being bludgeoned to death with the show's theme wasn't bad enough, I'm supposed to believe that drawing a circle on the ground then shooting lightning out of one's hand is science? Even forgiving its standard Anime short-comings (budget-saving static dialogue scenes, broken and confusing english dub, unnecessary J-pop soundtrack) the valuable time I wasted watching this tripe was not equal than the anger and regret I received in exchange.
  • One of my favorite animes!

    I am actually glad this show ended since I can't stand shows that go on forever (naruto) but this show was just awesome I liked the characters and above all the story. I like the idea of two brothers wanting their mom back that they try to bring her back with alchemy and they pay for it and they have to go on a long journey mainly to turn al back into a human and not be in a giant suit of armor. And it just was an amazing show I'm not a big fan of full metal alchemist brotherhood though
  • This show is an entertaining ride I enjoy watching it every chance i get it's funny and informative and sad and funny I like Ed he's just awesom and funny.

    I haven't seen all four seasons actually I haven't seen all of a season but I really liked the episodes I have seen even if they were really sad the first episode i saw fully was 'Mother' sad but very intriguing. Tho. I haven't seen most of the episodes i have read some of the manga which is a little different from the show but just as entertaining. The first time I saw a part of an episode it was one that Mustang declared that when he became Furer(spelling?) he would make all of the women wear tiny mini skirts. great first impression Right? but that was a little before I really got in to the show and I'm glad i did I'll watch it for as long as I can.
  • Fullmetal Alchemists is a wonderful series and for anyone into fantasy or role playing games it is must see TV. Expect an heart rendering story, tears, fun, adventure, and plenty of imagination!

    Fullmetal Alchemists is a wonderful, heart rendering, exciting, fun, adventurous series. It warms me, makes me cry, clamp, smile, and imagine the possibilities.

    The hardest part of this series are how young the boys are who the stars. They paid such as high price for a youthful mistake and the subsequent heavy burdens they must bear.

    Ignoring the heartache for our heroes, for this viewer Fullmetal Alchemists is a must watch series. In the on-line game Final Fantasy XI (FFXI), I'm an Artisan level Alchemist with all my key items (certifications). As such, this series takes on a special meaning to me as I also craft using recipes and alchemy.

    I'm starting out new to the series, having watched episode 3-7 to this point. I pray Al gets his body back but human alchemy may come with yet another horrific price and seeing the boys hurt again is beyond my desire. Time will tell the tale, though.

    I highly recommend this series to everyone. I don't know if it will break my heart but I'm tied to these boys and want to see their adventure. I'm only sorry the series ended, and no I'm not looking ahead to see what happens at the end.
  • This is a great show about to brothers on a mission to regain there bodys.

    I think this show should come back but they made a great moive to end it to very cool, they did a great jod with the movie and the games a good to so it wont fade out soon i hope it still show's up on tv on monday-friday on adult swim so if you like it you showed still watch it even if they are reruns thats ok with me.
  • FullMetal Alchemist really opened my eyes up to the world around me. I love this series, it's unlike anything I've ever seen before.

    Edward and Alphonse Elric are two very telented alchemists. They strongly believe in the theory of Equivalent Exchange, and they've got a pretty legit reason to. When they were younger, their mother died and the brothers were left alone. Convinced that offering Al's body and Ed's arm and leg was equal for their mother, they tried to transmute her back to life, but things didn't work out how they planned at all. Al lost his body and had to have his soul transferred into a suit of armor, and Ed lost two of his lims. To repent for what they had done and gain access to the State Library full of information about alchemy and what not, Ed joins the military to find out how to get their bodies back. Along the way of their long journey, they help countless people and make many allies, such as Roy Mustang, Maes Hughes, and even their long-lost father. FullMetal Alchemist... The only word that really comes to mind is 'Wow.' This series blew me away. When I first started watching it, I never would've guessed that it would have been so sad and tragic, yet so beautiful and inspiring. Saying the writers did a marvelous job is the understatement of the year. The animation is beautiful as well, anything from BONES studio is nothing short of amazing. Never in a million years could someone come up with this concept better than Hiromu Arakawa, he did an absolutely phenomenal job in portraying the characters emotions, showing their past, he just nailed their development in every way possible. I guarantee that the characters will steal your heart, especially Ed, Mustang, and Hughes. Those three will be my favorite FMA characters for the rest of time, they're seriously amazing beyond all comprehension. I suppose what I'm getting at is that this series is all over incredible. It lives up to it's amazing reputation. You have to watch it as soon as you can. I can't even begin to stress that enough, it's too unbelievabe to miss! I could list countless reasons of just why you should watch it, but it'd be easier for you to watch the first episode and simply see for yourself how good it is. I obviously reccomend this show, you'll love every minute if it.
  • Set in a world of Mysticism. The Elric brothers attempt to revive their mothers to no avail. Repercussion ensures as one of the brother losses his limps while the other losses his whole body . This is a story of growing up while recovering what is lost.

    Beware! This anime has the habit of leading you astray to a false sense of security before showing you the true reality of it (And it's usually the oblivious worst case scenario). Character developements are a major highlight of this show trust me, You'll learn to love Edward Elric, I repeat YOU'LL LOVE EDWARD ELRIC. He depicts himself as a prodigy however not without human flaws. FMA shows his prowess in Alchemy yet at the same time depicts his inner struggle cause despite his mature facade, flesh and bone (And if you like, Metal and Screws) he's still human in all standards. Over the show he shows both loyalty to his brother and doubts for authority which will affect his resolve for the series.

    Animation has reach new heights, the actions are spectacular, Just simply Mindblowing. Each Character have their own Strengths and Weaknesses. The Musical Scores is simply marvelous knowing where it comes from (Square-Enix) especially the latin song 'Brothers' Which ultimately display the deep guilt and Sin of the Elric brothers at really young age, It's bascally one of the saddest thing I've ever heard in this life. "Equivalent Exchange" is the key quote and theme in this series.

    By far the best thing that had ever hit me in this life. A true masterpiece. 10/10. Now if only Americans could drop the live adaption. We all would be at peace
  • I usually hate anime, but this show blew me away.

    I always hated Pokemon and Naruto or whatever, and my sister wanted me to watch this show (because we had the whole series on DVD). I LOVED it! No one could even pull me away from the TV until I watched the entire series. I was really sad when it ended because I couldn't watch more. I could have watched it for years if it continued that long with nonstop episodes. I watched several episodes over and over again. There was just something different about this show that made me addicted. I HIGHLY recommend this show, even if you absolutely hate anime.
  • An incredible show of the struggle of two boys to obtain the philosopher's stone. It is an incredible journey, and in short the best anime and show ever made. No summary does this show justice. It must be watched.

    This show is imaginative, original, unique, funny, serious, and amazing in every way. In my opinion, this is the greatest show ever made (anime or otherwise). Some may disagree, but no one can deny that this is an amazing show that anyone can watch and enjoy. Seriously, if you aren't an anime fan you should not pass this up. It is the best portrayal of a good relationship between brothers than you will see in any television show. It is a story of two brothers, Edward and Alphonse Elric, who used alchemy to bring back their dead mother resulting in the loss of Alophonse's body and Ed's arm and leg. I must say that when I read the story I found it boring and uninteresting. I wondered why anyone found this show so amazing. Later on, I started watching it for myself. After two episodes I thought it was good enough to continue. By episode 9 I thought the show was incredible, and a few episodes later I was sure this was the greatest TV show ever made. Watch It! I urge you, it is incredible.
  • It's hard to find something 'original' in anime America these days that's worth watching, but this show has it all!

    When I first started watching this series, I was mildly interested...then came Ep 3 "Mother"...I was hooked and found myself drowning in one of the most touching stories ever. The quest of the brothers to 'make things right', the overwhelming responsibility Edward carries on his shoulders, the trials they experience along the way and the emotional scars that could never possibly heal makes the veiwer really fall in love with them.

    The humor in the show always comes at the right time to alleviate the intensity and the supporting cast shines in their own right. There isn't an episode that disappoints and each insight into the vast and excellently portrayed characters leaves you in awe. This is a great series for young and old alike and Vic Mignogna is superb as the voice of Edward Elric. He brings such life to this tragic character, showing his strengths, weaknesses and determination to correct the wrongs he's commited.

    Overall, this is an anime that is a must see!
  • This anime is a must see to any anime fan there is.

    FMA, man how can I explain what this show is:Magnificient, FMA is like no other show I've ever seen in my entire life. This show has to be seen by everyone, no matter who they are. This show is amazing, there is noyone who can disagree with me and the others who like it.
  • Most importantly it is very well written and presented as well as it has a lot of ORIGINALITY and Realism.

    FullMetal Alchemists is one of a few shows in which the dubbed voice cast fits the character personality. The main thing that hooked me on was the structure of the show. It is brilliant in more than one way and it has a lot of emotion which grips the audience and most importantly the main characters ED and Alphonse Elric are majorly likable.
    FMA is pretty serious but it also has comedy episodes which helps loosing the story. Usually when the same joke is repeated it can be very annoying but FMA is the only show in which the same joke gets funnier every time is said, this is due to Ed's reactions which are priceless. Most importantly it is very well written and presented as well as it has a lot of ORIGINALITY and Realism.
  • Fullmetal Alchemist is a really fantastic anime series with a brilliant plot, great characters and some spectacular animation.

    Fullmetal Alchemist is a really fantastic anime series with a brilliant plot, great characters and some spectacular animation.
    The story is original, because it creates a really immersive world with unique characteristic. It doesn't resort to cliché like magic. It has a mistery to be solved, and some twists and turns in the plot. There is also drama and humor in adequate proportions. The characters, specially the protagonists are well thought and they have deep personality. You really like them, believe me or not. The animation is very good. The sound is OK.
    But I don't like the end, it's good, but it misses the real end. It lacks the solution of the main characters problem. Only because of this fact, the show isn't truly memorable.
  • this is the story of two brothers edward and alphonse elric two alchemists that are trying to bring back what they lost parts of their bodies when they tried to bring their dead mother back to life

    this show is exellent in evrey way the love these two brothers share is amazing and heartwarming the troubles and triumphs edward and alphonse face is completly awesome especailly when edward the older brother joins up with the state army to become an alchemist for his country to someday find the philosifers stone and with it return his arm and leg to himself and his brothers whole body to his brother with help from his friends winry marta maes hughes just to name a few edward and his brother are confident that someday they will get thier bodies back to normal the way it should have been all along
  • I actually really prefer this in english! XD

    This show is brilliant and creative. The characters have so much depth and the voice actors sound human. There has also been some moments where I actually cried. Also Vic Mignogna = Epicness! GO RISEMBOOL RANGERS! I'm so excited for the new series to come out! I hope that in some way Envy is revived because he is one of my favorite villans. It's also interesting that we get to see Al in his human form more though him in the metal armor is just as adorable. Once I go to the New York Comic Con I'll get more info on FMA at the funimation panel but I know that they are working on it!
  • This is a great anime that suits fans of many genres... if you have never seen an anime before this is a great way to start.

    The plot is set in a parallel universe where magic (known as alchemy) is used instead of technology. However, for sor something to be gained something of equal value must be sacrificed and this is alchemy's most sacred rule so when a young Edward and Alphonse Elric attempt to resurrect their dead mother the cost is grave. Alphonse loses his body and has his soul bound to a suit of armour and Edward loses an arm and a leg.

    Skip forward by many years and Edward is now one of the most powerful alchemists in the land and together with his brother he travles the world trying to regain the things that they lost.

    As I already said this is a really fantastic anime series with a brilliant plot, great characters and some really spectacular animation. Easily one of the best television shows ever and bound to live on for a long time in the history of anime.
  • No wonder it was ranked Number One in Japan for best anime!

    This anime is, like the rating says, absolutely, completely and utterly superb. I don't think there's any other anime quite like it. The main characters are Edward and Alphonse Elric, and both of these characters partially complete the entire show. There is humor galore, and there is TONS of action and adventure. The plot is what caught my eye, though. Two young State Alchemist boys going after the legendary Philosopher's Stone and doing ANYTHING to get it, to restore their original bodies. It's completely gripping, and the characters are fun, well-thought out, and they all have some sort of impact on either the show or the other characters. A+; completely recommended.
  • There's something in this for everybody.

    Edward and Alphonse elric are two brothers who Try to Bring back their dead mother to life Through Alchemy. They Fail in doing so and Their Bodies are taken away from them as a punishment for Trying to Commit such a forbidden act. There bodies are taken away as a part of "equivalent exchange". Ed and al embark on a quest to find the Philosopher's stone, A magical stone supposedly able to bypass this equivalent exchange and bring their bodies back to normal. On their quest they face many perils and overcome Great obstacles. They Come across many friends and foes alike. But do they succeed in getting their bodies back?... you have to watch the show to know. I Personally Prefer Anime from the 80's and 90's, as i find modern anime too flashy and Derivative. But FMA is a Rare case, I absolutely enjoyed watching Full Metal Alchemist. This is one of the best ever made. There is something in this for all kinds of anime fans.

    The Plot is fantastic, You have two brothers who love each other to no end, On their journey they face Certain situations in which they start to doubt each other. But they ultimately Overcome the situation and their Relationship Becomes much stronger each time. All the Characters of this anime are a joy to watch, we have Ed, A Protagonist who's Somewhere between An irritating brat and a Lovable kid, A perfect protagonist in many ways. Al, a Naive, kind and Gentle younger brother who sort of reminds me of my own younger self back in the day. There are many other Characters in FMA, but Everyone of them is Fully fleshed out and interesting. None of them are disappointing or Half-heartedly made, Everyone of them is Good. Which is one of the best parts of FMA. The characters are full of life and Bring the story to life in a Great way.

    The animation is Beautiful, Characters move around Fluently, Characters look charming and the combat sequences are exceptionally well made. The sound is excellent too, we have near perfect voice actors who did their bests. Fantastic Intros and ending themes. Everything about FMA is Fantastic.

    But FMA is not perfect by any means, we have a bit of a disappointing ending. There might be too many emotional scenes for the younger audience. the plot differs greatly from the manga. I find the manga More interesting. All in all this is a very special anime. Everybody should watch this. This is an anime anyone can enjoy. A Must watch in my book.
  • FullMetal Alchemist always interested me when I saw it on Adult Swim.

    FullMetal Alchemist is yet another show I saw and loved it! I only remember seeing one full episode though. Yeah, this became a rare show. But after seeing it ended, it should be brought back sometime so I can see more episodes and know more what the whole concept of the show is based on! I think the main two characters are very cool! Since Ed is not the one in an empty suit of armor, Ed must be the blonde guy then! Well, I haven't seen this show in so long, so I don't have much else to say in this here review, excpet for maybe a few more sentences describing how great this show really is. Well the characters are cool, and the one (maybe two or three more) episodes I saw looked fantastic. This show has fresh and super good plots. So I hope to see this show again in the future.
  • fullmetal alchemist

    Humankind cannot gain anything without first giving something in return. To obtain, something of equal value must be lost. That is Alchemy's first law of Equivalent Exchange. In those days, we really believed that to be the world's one, and only, truth." this show is about 2 boys who tried to use alchemy on their dead mother to bring her back to life. the law of alchemy is equal exchange and they thught that since they had lost everything that would make up for equal exchange. little did they know that one would lose an arm and the other a whole body...
  • An easy to watch anime with interesting characters and its only 51 episodes long and topped off with an adiquite movie.

    A friend of mine introduced me to this series and I mostly enjoyed it although the lousy animation in the earlier episodes (3-9) almost turned me off. I'm not going to say what this animes about because this is a review, not a newspaper article and I'm getting tired of so-called "reviews" that sound more like magazine articles. The middle of this series (13-30) was its golden time as the characters typicly showed off their personalities and the show was just dang fun. Beginning at 31 however the show had a "goth shroud" put upon it which made most of the characters act and sound ridicoulously depressed, screwed up their dialogue "I'm always read when I'm.... PI$$ED! (though that may be due to the dub), and most of the characters became idiots as they'd typicly for no reason say out loud their strategys to their enemies in the middle of battle; atleast the losers on Yu-Gi-Oh thought in their heads. There are a few typical anime "elements" such as the use of chibi, tear drops, and all that other bland cliche stuff but at the same time this show hardly uses the "split screen effect" thats seen so commonly in animes. I'd recomend this anime though as its interesting, has good music, and its only 51 episodes long with a movie which most animes take over 100 episodes to finish.
  • ITS OVER!?!?!? NO! (Amazing show!)

    I watched the entire series (yes, all the seasons) in less than three days. I am not even joking, it is probably the first show that I watched non-stop for HOURS! It is a very addicting series and I have rewatched it a few times! The show is about Ed and Al (Elric) they are brothers, and they are on a quest to find the Philosopher's Stone. At a young age, their mother passed away from an illness, and their father had left them, so they are on their own.
    In an attempt to bring their mother back, they used Alchemy (a sort-of mixture between science and sorcery) and failed. Because of that, Ed lost his right arm and his left leg, while Al lost his entire body and is now in an empty suit of armor. The two boys want to restore their bodies. And they are willing to do anything to do that.

    It is a very awesome show! It has adventure, science, fantasy and humor in it! Definately a show that I would recommend!
  • How do I put this delicately: this is the best anime show I've ever seen! :D

    Okay, I've only seen the show on Cartoon Network twice, but I read the book series and it's awesome! :D I mean, this show is one of a kind1 It's one of the few shows on Adult Swim that I watch! It's about two boys who are masters of a science known as Alchemy. It's a way of turning one thing into another, without changing its original matter. Both boys lost something they've had all their lives trying to bring their mother back from the dead. Now, they travel the world, trying to find a way to make everything right again, without causing too much havoc in the process.
    All in all, one of the best damn canceled shows out there.
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