Fullmetal Alchemist

Season 4 Episode 6

Sealing the Homunculus

Aired Saturday 12:00 AM Feb 18, 2006 on Cartoon Network
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Ed confronts Sloth, only to discover that she had captured Al. As Ed and Sloth battle each other, Al's conflicted loyalties get the best of him and he does the unthinkable. Meanwhile, like Wrath and Lust before her, Sloth's memories of her past have begun to haunt her. She's determined that the only way to free herself of these memories is to destroy the Elric brothers.moreless

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  • this episode is great!

    in this episode ed and al finally know where sloth truly came from and how she became herself they realized al got fooled by sloth and was used as an aromor... she manipulated al to think that she truly is their mom, wrath on the other hand thinks that sloth is his mother... i love wraths stupidity because of him, sloth will finally die! hahahahha! and lust, i really think shes not that bad i mean she only wants to be human and she only wants to answer her question... where will i go when i die... for me shes not as bad as when her character was first revealedmoreless
  • Sloth dies at last. But so does Lust.

    I will miss Lust, she was now good. That always happens, a person starts to help the Elrics and then dies. So I will keep her pic in my profile untill the show is over. But I was overjoyed to see Sloth die, and Wrath cry. I hate that little brat. Plus she said evil things. So it was good for the brothers that she is now dead.
  • Wrath uses the array(which al drew to kill Sloth) and his powers of alchemey to kill/sead the traitor homocculi Lust. Meanwhile ed and al begin to battle it out with their creation...Sloth who is determined to kill them as she believes they are the causemoreless

    A fantastic episode with lots happening, you cant miss it and FMA continues to produce a quality ending. I'll b sad to see lust go but owell. it was abit sad when Lust dies and Ed and Al have to comfront Sloth who was their creation. A great episode, must see!
  • Ed finds out who Sloth is, Lust becomes human and gets killed, Wrath tries to bind himself to Sloth in order for her not to be killed but forgot that he had Sloth's weakness inside of him, it appears that Winry is watching them from outside, and Sloth getmoreless

    Now that was a great episode! They should make more like that! And I really liked how much better the description was on how to destroy the homunculi. But it made me really depressed when it turned out that Sloth is actually their mom, the person that they had lost their limbs and got into this whole mess for. It was sad.
  • Lust joined up with Ed in the previous episode hoping her alliance with him would provide her with an opportunity to become human. Now she must answer to Sloth and Wrath for her betrayal and Ed must account for the Sin of his past. Pun intended.moreless

    Sealing the Homunculus was one of the best episodes thus far. The script was beautiful and the OST for the series is absolutely stunning as well as particularly notable in this episode. Staying true to it\'s central themes, even in death the characters seek a sense of meaning in their lives and a fragment of truth in their existence. The efforts of all the people working on the series are appearant as the directing and acting quality of this episode are both top-notch. I hope viewers appreciate the irony of Sloth and Alphonse\'s mirrored ambitions.


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