Fullmetal Alchemist

Season 4 Episode 6

Sealing the Homunculus

Aired Saturday 12:00 AM Feb 18, 2006 on Cartoon Network

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  • this episode is great!

    in this episode ed and al finally know where sloth truly came from and how she became herself they realized al got fooled by sloth and was used as an aromor... she manipulated al to think that she truly is their mom, wrath on the other hand thinks that sloth is his mother... i love wraths stupidity because of him, sloth will finally die! hahahahha! and lust, i really think shes not that bad i mean she only wants to be human and she only wants to answer her question... where will i go when i die... for me shes not as bad as when her character was first revealed
  • Sloth dies at last. But so does Lust.

    I will miss Lust, she was now good. That always happens, a person starts to help the Elrics and then dies. So I will keep her pic in my profile untill the show is over. But I was overjoyed to see Sloth die, and Wrath cry. I hate that little brat. Plus she said evil things. So it was good for the brothers that she is now dead.
  • Wrath uses the array(which al drew to kill Sloth) and his powers of alchemey to kill/sead the traitor homocculi Lust. Meanwhile ed and al begin to battle it out with their creation...Sloth who is determined to kill them as she believes they are the cause

    A fantastic episode with lots happening, you cant miss it and FMA continues to produce a quality ending. I'll b sad to see lust go but owell. it was abit sad when Lust dies and Ed and Al have to comfront Sloth who was their creation. A great episode, must see!
  • Ed finds out who Sloth is, Lust becomes human and gets killed, Wrath tries to bind himself to Sloth in order for her not to be killed but forgot that he had Sloth's weakness inside of him, it appears that Winry is watching them from outside, and Sloth get

    Now that was a great episode! They should make more like that! And I really liked how much better the description was on how to destroy the homunculi. But it made me really depressed when it turned out that Sloth is actually their mom, the person that they had lost their limbs and got into this whole mess for. It was sad.
  • Lust joined up with Ed in the previous episode hoping her alliance with him would provide her with an opportunity to become human. Now she must answer to Sloth and Wrath for her betrayal and Ed must account for the Sin of his past. Pun intended.

    Sealing the Homunculus was one of the best episodes thus far. The script was beautiful and the OST for the series is absolutely stunning as well as particularly notable in this episode. Staying true to it\'s central themes, even in death the characters seek a sense of meaning in their lives and a fragment of truth in their existence. The efforts of all the people working on the series are appearant as the directing and acting quality of this episode are both top-notch. I hope viewers appreciate the irony of Sloth and Alphonse\'s mirrored ambitions.

  • One of the best episodes ever!

    This episode was action packed and very reveiling.It not only showed a major weakness of the Homunculi, but the death of Lust and Sloth.It also revealed that Sloth was being pleaged by merories of the Elrics mother.It is ironic that Wrath Would do anthig to protect Sloth and ended up being the key to her demise.This was a very good episode.I can not wait for Goodbye.
  • Behold, one of the most in-depth episodes of Fullmetal Alchemist.

    I loved this entire episode. From the cold open (television slang for "opening scene") to the preview of the next episode. What can I say? This show has me hooked. Additionally, Edward's inner resolve in defeating the Homunculi has never been greater than before.
    What's more important, this episode captures the inner conflict of two main characters: Lust and Al. Lust,who will do anything in her power to become human, and Al, who believes that Sloth is the reincarnation of Trisha Elric. This is by all means the most daring episode up to date. All I know is that we're down to the final countdown. Will Edward and Al accomplish what they've struggled so hard to get in regaining their original bodies? Can Dante be defeated? Stay tuned!
  • great fullmetal alchemist episode

    In this episode we learn what happen to Sloth when Ed and AL were trying to bring her live. We see Sloth crawing outside. The you see Dante. Dante feed her the red stone.The you see the order Homoculi.Sloth and Lust die in this episode.Wrath trying to protect Sloth.Wrath think that it his mom is Sloth.Wrath kill Lust.It was cool when Wrath combine is arm with lot of guns and shooting at Lust trying to kill Lust. this show is getting better. only 4 episode left.i cant wait until Pride Vs. Mustang.
  • Just as it was getting good with Ed and Lust teaming up, it was an unfortunate event.

    This episode was very revealing, yet touching. Wrath comes back, and Ed and Al are in a showdown with Sloth, a homunculi who resembles an image of their mother, Trisha Elric. As Ed tries to stop him, Al tries to protect her, thinking that the creature is still their mother. However, Ed manages to get through his head. Meanwhile, as Wrath tries to get away from Lust's clutches, she is directed onto the transmutation circle that seals homunculi. Wrath activates the circle, making her regurgitate the stones she had to keep her alive. She was killed, after the horrific event.

    Later, Wrath meets up with Ed, Al, and Sloth, and he tries to protect her. He combines onto her body, but unexpectedly, due to Wrath's careless act of implanting the remains of Trisha inside him, she is unable to move. Ed transmutes her body to an element which has a tendency to evaporate in normal temperatures. Sloth is defeated, leaving the other Homunculi to go after the Philosopher's Stone.

    This episode again was very touching, after they have finally removed the creature they have wanted to see for so long.

    This episode deserves a 10 out of 10. It also marks another step closer to the finale.

    Watch this episode, especially if you are a die-hard Fullmetal Alchemist fan, like me.

  • Another word for this would be "revealing", as Edward finally starts getting the upper hand in his battle with the homunculi.

    The series is hurtling towards an extremely painful end as Edward accepts what he must do, plus the fact he has only a 50/50 chance of surviving.
    The stress of knowing he's caused pain to those he loves - and is going to bring even MORE hurt is starting to show in his face; he's lost the "puppy fat" on his cheeks and he looks "harder".
    I do have a few questions about this episode - how did Dante know the Elrics would have been attempting a human transmutation? What would have happened to that monster if she hadn't been around to feed it red stones? Would it have eventually died without any outside help?
    Stay tuned.
  • Wow, there are simply no words to describe this episode. Some SPOILERS in this review. View at your own risk.

    Simply put, this episode is amazing. It was one of the best episodes of Fullmetal Alchemist. It shows the origins of Sloth. It clears it up. That that creature the Elric brothers created found it's way to Dante, were she then fed her fake philospher stone fragments to give her the human appearance. In the beginning of this episode, we see Wrath, as a baby crawling to his mother. First flashes Izumi's face, then Sloth's. Wrath is torn up inside and he thinks Sloth is his mother. Ed traps Sloth in a transmutation circle, the one that was used to end Greed's life. To make sure Sloth couldn't wash it away, Lust carved it into the ground. Ed threw the locket Scar's brother gave to his original lover to Lust. Lust says she didn't help him for the locket. Later on, Al steps in, throws the remains of his mother out of the window, and says she is paralyzed. Lust tells Ed to hurry and retrieve the remains. Ed goes outside, to see that Wrath has the remains of his mother. To make sure that Ed can't get to the remains, Wrath infuses them into his body. Then Wrath jumps in to see that Lust is carving away at Sloth, to make sure she stays in the transmutation circle long enough for Ed to finish her. "Get away from her!" Wrath says to Lust. Sloth, who is now mobile jumps into Al's body, and seems to be controlling his movements. Wrath transmutates his arm into s gun, shooting at Lust. Lust says she can handle Wrath by herself. Ed than goes after his brother. Lust attacks Wrath, temporarily killing him for a few seconds. "I'll just keep coming back to life." Wrath says. "Not as long as those stones are in you." Lust says. "I'll just have to carve those stones out of your belly, death after death." Lust says. Scared, Wrath backs away, dodging Lust's attacks. To Lust's suprise, Wrath lures Lust into the circle Ed tried to kill Sloth with. Wrath has the locket, and Lust backs away. Wrath starts the process, draining Lust's life. Lust now on the ground is all sweaty and weakned. Wrath then proceeds by transmutating his arm into a blade. It doesn't show, but he ended Lust's life. Meanwhile Ed is battling Sloth, who is controlling Al's actions. "Please stop it mom!" Al says. Ed can't use alchemy without a circle, so he does it the old fashioned way, he makes a circle. Ed carves markings into to seperate tables then tells Al to resist Sloth. Ed and Al at the same time push the tables together, which they both form a transmutation circle. Both Ed and Al run over to the table, were Al ducks over to the transmutation circle, and Ed activates it which freezes Al, and turns Sloth into ice. Al talks to Ed, hen Sloth starts to generate a heat source. For a moment, Sloth talks with Ed, telling that she has his mother's memories. They torment her, and she says the only way to prove she isn't Trisha Elric is to kill Ed. Sloth then sends her arms into a barrage of water, trying to kill Ed. Ed transmutates r
    rocks which block Sloth's attacks. Ed gets up close to Sloth, then Wrath arrives. Sloth wasn't paying attention, so Ed stabbed her. Ed then transmutated his arm into sodium, scattering Sloth all over the place and making a small rain fall. Wrath rushes over to the puddle of Sloth, picking up the water, trying to put her back together. "Mommy!" Wrath shouts. "She's not your mom, and she's not anyone's mom." Ed says. Sloth then reforms. "Do you think it is that easy to kill a homoclous?" Sloth says. Wrath says he doesn't want to lose Sloth, so he fuses bodies with her. "Wrath, you fool." Sloth says. Ed says that he remembers Wrath putting Trisha Elric's remains in his body. Sloth and Wrath are now immobile. Ed then walks up to Sloth transmutating her into something. "I transumated her body into ethynol. Ed says. Ed says she'll evaporate into nothing. Winry arrives at the scene, seeing that Sloth is going. Winry then smiles. The episode is over. Sorry if I left out some parts. I mainly focoused on very important parts.
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