Fullmetal Alchemist

Season 3 Episode 2


Aired Saturday 12:00 AM Sep 17, 2005 on Cartoon Network

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  • Favorite episode from a great, short series

    Fullmetal Alchemist is one of the very few animated series out of Japan that I could sit through the entirety, but this one was a real pleasure.

    I\\\'ve seen the series twice and there are some pretty good moments, but personally nothing seemed as touching as the kids getting disciplined by their teacher. It may look harsh to us, but those kids are pretty tough (You just can\\\'t spank a suit of armor and a bionic kid). Izumi (\\\"Teacher\\\") was an excellent character that the series could not have done without, and her appearance over the next episodes reveals things about the main protagonists (as well as alchemy) that helps to explain much about their actions and thinking throughout the series.
  • This episode was funny and awsome. I really liked this one. It had to be my favorite so far. I am still waiting for the others to come in. I can't wait for the other ones ^.^

    This episode was funny and awsome. I really liked this one. It had to be my favorite so far. I am still waiting for the others to come in. I can't wait for the other ones ^.^ I have been dieing to see the other episodes but since I live in Canada it takes a long time for them to come in T.T It took 3-4 months just for the 6-7th DVD's to come in. T_T It's hard waiting.
  • Nice episode.

    Well we finally meet the teacher that taught the Elric bros. everything they know. We get to meet Izumi, their teacher and the one who taught them how to improve their alchemy. She is one strong lady too. She has a past that was just clued in to us and we yet have to see. Nonetheless, she is close to a mother figure to the Elric bros. They seem to be afraid of her whenever she has a fit. Though she may give them tough love, she loves them very dearly and shows it. She can also use alchemy without a transmutation circle. Wow... This episode was more of a character introduction for Izumi. We may get to see a lot more of her later on.
  • Not one of my favorite but ok.

    I seen this both in Japanese and In English, I wasn't satisfied with the voices for the dub, but, ehh ok.
    You will see Izumi's "problem" and the answer will be revealed in a later episode.
    She also finds out that they (Ed and Al) tried to resurect their mother with alchemy.
  • Fullmetal Alchemist: Teacher is a flashback episode, if any one was ever wondering where Ed and Al got there skills this is they start of a possible story arc telling that story. We are introduced to their teacher, who is angry with them, and lets them kn

    Well I waited impatiently all summer for the new season and would have missed it if it wasn\'t for my TiVo but it is back and I am happy. Teacher I am glad to say keeps the story moving right along, even though Season 1 ended one episode into season 2. I am loving the series and this episode just fills in more of the background for Ed and Al. While I generally enjoy the episodes that move the story forward, I like to see where the characters came from, and this is definately one of those episodes. Theres a couple heart felt moments that really grab you in a short amount of time (atleast it did me) and I always enjoy those. They show a talent in the artists and the writers to make you fall in love and out of love with something in only 22 minutes.