Fullmetal Alchemist

Season 2 Episode 3

That Which Is Lost

Aired Saturday 12:00 AM Feb 26, 2005 on Cartoon Network
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Injured from their latest battle, the brothers decide to return to Risembool for repairs. They make plans to meet up with Winry, but along the way a mixup occurs and Al vanishes from one of the train stations. Now Ed must make a detour to find him, and in the process question his deepest held belief.moreless

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  • On their way home, Ed, Al and Major Armstrong are separated when Al is left behind at a train station. Ed runs off to find him, but a girl makes off with his automail leg to help her grandfather. Al is taken by a boy to try and start a fight.moreless

    This is often considered the most pointless episode of the series, but it still has its place in the series' timeline though. It acts as a nice calm before the storm moment with Episode 17 as well before heading back to the big plot. This story is a two-sider. Edward's side is gloomy and tense when his leg his stolen by a girl to give to her one-legged grandfather, who tells Ed the pains of the world and advises him to give up. Al's meanwhile is full of humour of the little girl's brother stealing Al's armour to use it as a weapon against an enemy family. Al makes up a ploy about him being a robot and advises the boy to not fight, eventually scaring him into submission.moreless
  • It was a okay filler episode. We figure out that Lust and her companions are Ouroboros, or Humunculi. I still feel sorry for that boy who used Al as armour. He's probably scarred for life.moreless

    Lust is the apparent leader of the Homunculi. These beings are created from sinister and mysterious means, but no one has yet pinned down the complete truth behind their existence. Lust uses any means necessary to accomplish her goals. She is able to corrupt the minds of the weak, forcing them to follow her every desire. Fate would have it that she and Ed desire the very same thing…the power of the Philosopher’s Stone. With it, Lust hopes to become completely human. Only time will tell if she fulfils her goal. But even so, will becoming completely human truly satisfy all her desires?

  • There is a place for FullMetal Alchemist episodes of little consequence without the doom, gloom, and major confrontations, but this episode handles it poorly. It stretches credibility too thinly, and there's little here we haven't seen before.moreless

    It's understandable for a low-key episode to follow the tense, violent "Ishbal Massacre," but "That Which Is Lost" is not the right one. It's probably good from a continuity standpoint to have an episode in which the Elric brothers struggle with their damaged bodies, but not like this.

    One major problem is that the characters are handled poorly. The soldiers are uncharacteristically harsh to Ed and Al, especially considering their conditions. Sarcasm is a common verbal currency for these characters, yes, but this is overdone. Mustang's is particularly strange given he knows the night Ed got his automail is a sensitive subject. Mustang may not be particularly nice, but he's never been utterly callous before this.

    The start of Al's plot stretches credibility to say the least, and requires a greater suspension of disbelief than I can muster to believe that Ed would treat Al "like luggage" under any circumstances. (Especially considering that this episode immediately follows Al's impassioned speech about how they only have each other.) Ed's plot is also started by a difficult-to-swallow development, that a young girl can remove Ed's automail leg. It's one thing for Barry the Chopper to remove a limb, but if a kid can do it, then automail must be too flimsy to be practical, certainly much weaker than FMA has suggested previously.

    The two plots themselves have significant problems as well, the most noteworthy a distinct lack of drama. There's never any doubt that the brothers will be reunited, and neither are in any peril. Al's only concern is that the kid is making a mistake, and who cares that much? Never mind that his motivations are beyond cliche. Ed's conversation with the veteran includes some worthwhile points, but they've been presented elsewhere and, despite Ed's outburst, utterly devoid of tension. Then the boy who stole Al is the girl's brother? That is far too coincidental to swallow.

    There are some redeeming points to this episode: Armstrong's boasting, Al's "um" during his pretending to be evil speech, Mustang's confession to the Fuhrer, and Marcoh and Lust's confrontation. Marcoh's scene is by far the best of the episode, and contains major revelations: the Homonculi are tough to kill, and they want to use the Elrics for their own ends. There are two firsts in this scene as well: Marcoh uses alchemy for offense, and Lust's extendable fingers are employed.

    This episode is so unusual I'm inclined to think writers besides the usual ones were behind this one. Even Gluttony's voice sounds different! Future installments seem largely to ignore this one. So should viewers. "That Which Is Lost" is not as unpalatable as the series' nadir "A Forger's Love" but it is decidedly bland. It's for completists only.moreless
  • Ed and Al, under the protection of Major Armstrong, head home to get Ed's automail fixed. However, they are held up when Al, forced to travel as cargo, is mistakenly dropped off at the wrong town. There Ed meets a veteran of the Ishbal conflict.moreless

    The first time I saw this episode, I did not care for it too much, but it has grown on me. It raises some interesting questions. It continues to deal with Ishbal, including the part played by Dr. Marcoh but also the experiance of an average soldier. It is not a great leap in terms of plot advancement, it is a break after the action of the last few episodes. It really made me wonder what Ed and Al would do if they we not searching for the Philosopher's Stone to restore their bodies. How would they use their alchemy? This question becomes what will they do, because however unlikely it seems, you have to believe that someday they will succeed.moreless
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    • Ed: Anyway, I'll have to take some leave now. I need to see my mechanic. You know the one, don't you?
      Mustang: Sure, Ed. How could I forget? I saw you in her house, unconscious with that same stump of an arm you have now, bawling in your sleep; "It hurts! I'm gonna pee my pants!" So tough.

    • Havoc: Take away the arm, and all you have is a little kid with a punk-ass attitude.

    • Armstrong: Children should listen to adults!
      Ed: You can't call us children! Al, why don't you stick up for us here?
      Al: (with tears streaming from his eyes) That's the first time anyone has treated me like a kid since I've been in this armor! Thank you!

    • Al: … And this is the first time anyone's treated me like luggage.

    • (Hughes is delivering a message from Mustang)
      Hughes: He said: "Don't die under my command, you're enough of a pain without with the paperwork." That was it.
      Ed: Tell him, "Fine... there's-no-way-I'm-dying-before-you-do, you-morally-bankrupt-Colonol-with-a-god-complex".

    • (It begins to rain on Al's abandoned cargo box.)
      Al: No fair, sky. I'm the one who feels like crying.

    • (After causing the boy who stole his armor to crash his bike)
      Alphonse: I am the cursed wormy arm! No, wait... uh... I am the cursed Demon Armor! Once your body has become one with my steel, you will lose all emotion and become a warrior of death, for I will take your soul!

    • Ed: Damn, I need more limbs.

    • Ed: But what about all those men who went to war and came back in one piece? That's the whole dream of a soldier, right?
      Veteran: Those people who came back without a scratch have lost something just as real. Even if it's something you can't see on their skin.

    • Veteran: It's true that I've lost my leg, but I've gained something in return. Something much more important. Quiet. Peace of mind. The chance to live with my grandchildren, and watch them grow. It's only after we've given something up, that we obtain the thing we really want. Isn't that the way of the Alchemist?

    • Veteran: A dream to get everything back the way it was. But once you have it, what will you do with your life? The pleasure of a dream is that it's a fantasy...if it happens, it was never a dream.
      (long pause as Ed considers his words)
      Ed: Maybe you're right ... but I've still got to try.

    • Ed: You're aware that you reek of sheep, right? It's disgusting.
      Al: Well, excuse me for being cargo!

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