Fullmetal Alchemist

Season 1 Episode 6

The Alchemy Exam

Aired Saturday 12:00 AM Dec 11, 2004 on Cartoon Network

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  • Meet Nina Tucker, a sweet little girl with a horrid future.

    This is the episode where the Elric brothers move into a temporary home where they can study for the alchemic exam. Mustang takes them to the Tuckers' home. He tells them about the family. There is Shou, the Sewing Life Alchemist, and his four year old daughter, Nina. Ed asks about Shou's wife, which Mustang ignores. HINT! It's important later. ;) OK, so Ed opens the door, and gets flattened by Nina's giant dog, Alexander. They are greeted, and Ed and Al run to the library to study. Later, Major Hughes invites Ed, Al, and Nina over to his house to celebrate Ed's 12th birthday. They meet Gracia, his wife, who is heavily pregnant. During the festivities, Gracia goes into labor. Hughes runs to get the doctor, while the boys and Nina help her. She ends up having a little girl, Elicia, who happens to be the pride and joy of Hughes's life, up until his death three years later. Then Ed and Al take the Alchemy Exam. I don't remember if that's in the episode or not though...
  • Good episode that answers a lot of questions viewers may have been wondering up to this point.

    This episode not only sets up for the following episode, but also answers a lot of questions people watching up to this point may have had, like why Ed passed the exam and not Al, not to mention it had a good mix of humor!

    While the following episode I find to be incredibly depressing and hard to watch, the writers did do a good job setting up for the next episode. Speaking of 'well written,' the writters did a great job as well to answer many questions into this episode! It was great to see Ed in action at the alchemy exam, and why he was so different from all the other alchemists. With the humor of Ed and Al freaking out while Gracia tries to give birth to her baby and having no idea what do was priceless! 'Child birth isn't alchemy you dope!' XD

    Overall, great episode! If this is your first time watching this episode, enjoy it and prepare yourself for the following episode, its hard to watch in a sad way.
  • Ed and Al prepare to enter an exam to become State Alchemists. They are sent by Mustang to live with the Tuckers for preparation. "Episode 6: The Alchemy Exam - Nothing like Naruto's exam!"

    Another personal favourite, Ed and Al arrive in Central to become State Alchemists by attending a special exam. Colonel Mustang sends the boys off to live with the Tuckers in preparation for the exam. Nina Tucker, her father Shou Tucker (the Sewing-Life Alchemist) and their bodyslamming dog Alexander debut in this fantastic and funny episode. The best moments involve Hughes inviting Ed, Al and Nina to his house to celebrate Ed's 12th Birthday, but his wife Gracia goes into labour during the party. Hughes rushes out to fetch the doctor leaving the kids to look after Gracia in a hilarious scene. I've watched it in Japanese and it had be in fits of laughter.

    This episode also properly debuts Ed's ability to use alchemy without a transmutation circle.
  • how did Ed pass the alchemy exam ? ? and why didn't AL ? ? all is being shown in this episode..

    this episode continued the flashback of how did Al be a state alchemist .. i think it was nice because it tells you why Al wanted to be the state alchemist, it's because he wants to bring back his brothers buddy..and Al didn't complete the test because there was a health examination and as we know , there is nothing inside al's armor..this episode doesn't have any fight but i don't know why i liked it ..the story is so cool and also the soundtrack...i think this show is really gonna make me feel happy :) hope that u all will like it..
  • It was a hilarious flashback episode.

    Ed, Al, and Nina help deliver Gracia's (Maes Hughes' wife) baby. They all started freaking out so badly while she's irritable and in pain. Lol. It was so hilarious. So finally the baby's born. Now Maes how something else to brag about. Great.... Ed's performance at the alchemy exam was incredible. I wonder how he learned how to perform alchemy without a transmutation circle? Either way, it's cool that he's such a skilled alchemist at such a young age. (He's only 12 in this episode right?) So, of course, he's the one chosen to become the state alchemist that year, and he receives the infamous name of "Full Metal" Alchemist.
  • Not the most action packed episode - but it is truely great one and I love it.

    Back in the days when Fullmetal Alchemist was a new show I only watched the first 7 or 8 episodes. Now I have taken this show up again and yesterday I rewatched this very episode. It is truely great.
    This episode is in my opinion very emotional in many ways. The character Nina is just freakin' cute. The scene where they arrive to the house and she graps Al's armor-plated hand and says "Hey, the clothes you're wearing are weird" - very adorable and the dog Alexander aswell when they are all playing in the snow. We also have some indeed funny moments, for example when Glacier-san is about to give birth and they are waiting for the doctor to arrive and Glacier-san says "I can't bear it! I'm going to die!" and Ed, Al and Nina all panics flapping their arms and Al screams "Brother! Glacier-san's going to die!" - I laughed! Then we have sad moments where Al and Ed is thinking about their mom and when Mustang tells Al he cannot complete the State Alchemist exam, due to the fact that he cannot complete the health inspection and there is no reason to reveal his secret - very sad since I really love Al as a character.

    So anyways, Ed completes the exam (In an impressively young age) and they are all happy and it ends very emotionaly, with Ed promising his brother that he will return him to his body. This is as I mentioned not an action-packed episode but indeed great and emotional and in my opinion a very special episode for this show.
  • Ed is confident he can pass the exam while Al starts to Narrate how they are staying at Shou Tuckers mansion...A review from an Artist.

    Ed, Al, and Mustang start to talk about Chimera's. They go to the house talking about how big it is when Ed gets trampled by a dog. Nina wants to play with Al but Shou Tucker tells her to play with the dog, Alexander. Once they start studing, Shou Tucker says "The more steps you take forward the longer the path." Al and Ed start to say how they can't wait to read all of the books. After a while Ed goes to part one of the Exam. A man transmutes a tower and another transmutes a blimp. The blimp crashes into the tower and Ed saves them. This is my masterpeice.
  • One of my favorite FullMetal ep's with all kinds of action and plenty of laughs

    This one was definitely one of my favorites and I've seen a lot of the series. Spending the night with the Hughes, that was totally hilarious, all of that chaos happening. Ed's Alchemy physical exam was really cool too the way he turned the other guy's "exam" into flower petals. Just the action itself makes this a good ep
  • This episode was great. It shows all the hardwork Edward went through to get to where he is today. He and Alphonse try hard to make it to the State Alchemist test, but only Edward wants the blame of being a dog of the military. That's true love.

    One of my favorite episodes. Like other animes, this has the perfect story line, a few goofs, loving main characters, and magic beyond belief. Such a great episode and such a great story line I could watch this episode again and again...though the Japanese would get very annoying...

    Does he really have the power to make it in the alchemy test? Does Alphonse have enough energy to keep up with his hot-headed older brother. Of course! Alphonse can never tire, and Edward is a prodigy! As Shou Tucker had once said, Geniuses do exist.
  • Arguably the most important episode of the flashback arc, we finally learn how Edward Elric became the youngest State Alchemist in history.

    After two subpar episodes, FullMetal Alchemist gets back on track with the story that we've been waiting for since "Mother," that of "The Alchemy Exam." The titular test is notoriously difficult, and the Elrics find out in this episode that it's so competitive because the state selects only one (or rarely two) candidates per year. As if being the two youngest candidates in history weren't pressure enough!

    Mustang sends Ed and Al to the mansion of Shou Tucker, considered the most talented bio-alchemist alive after he created the first talking chimera two years earlier. In a further illustration of how demanding becoming a State Alchemist can be, Tucker needed to create the chimera to pass the exam. Also introduced here are Tucker's daughter Nina and dog Alexander, who become the brothers' playmates when they take breaks from their preparations. The Tuckers are a great addition to the series; in this episode they serve as a surrogate family for the Elrics.

    Another character that becomes more important in this episode is Maes Hughes, whose relationship with the Elrics deepens. He's the only person who remembers Edward's birthday, and during the birthday dinner, his wife Gracia enters labor. He leaves to get the doctor, and Al, Ed, and Nina are left to comfort Gracia.

    This scene has been done to death on TV, a character or group of characters who is in no way equipped to handle childbirth are forced to deliver a baby. The uniqueness and strength of the characters helps differentiate this version, and it serves a valuable purpose in the story. The stress of the situation provokes Ed into using alchemy to heat a vat of water, but without a transmutation circle. This newfound ability turns out to be the break he needs to convince the Fuhrer he's worthy of becoming a State Alchemist. In addition, this sequence leads to the Hughes family becoming a sort of extended family for Ed and Al.

    The real drama starts with the exam itself, because both Alphonse and Edward pass the first written portion. Mustang didn't expect this to happen, and he voices his concern to the two brothers. The second section of the test is an interview and background check, and the last thing he wants is for the truth about Alphonse to be revealed. Ed gets a gallows humor line in, saying they could put Alexander inside Al's armor and pretend he's a talking dog. Al isn't amused, natch.

    This scene with Mustang is great, because just like the Elrics, the listener bristles at Mustang's advice. Why should Al withdraw, having come so far and experienced so much, especially when he's proven himself worthy? Yet his advice is completely correct. It's far better that Alphonse not have to deal with the possible ramifications of his human transmutation attempt. It was illegal, and there's a chance that he could even be subjected to experiments. That Mustang waited until this point in time because he hoped he wouldn't have to offer the advice is an example of how complexly written he is. He'd hoped that he wouldn't have to ask Al to choose to end his ambitions. He clearly is concerned for the Elrics, even if he doesn't care about them yet. By this point, Mustang's become one of my favorite secondary characters. Al of course withdraws, but this allows Ed to answer movingly the inevitable question in the interview: "Why do you want to become a State Alchemist?" "Because I promised my brother that I would."

    "The Alchemy Exam" is a strong installment that finally moves the flashback arc forward significantly. It sets the stage for the rest of the series well.
  • wow...

    I like this episode.It basicly explains how Edward got his state alchemist License.oh and as you will find out in the next episode,Shou Tucker is the ANTI-CHRIST!hehe.but you will have to read my next review to find out why.I am scaring you arn't I?*starts laughing evily*Anyway,If you like Imformative storylines,clever plots,and character development,Watch this episode.
  • Ed and Al both take the written exam and both pass which surprises Mustang, who tries to convince Al to drop out.Ed decides he should be the one to continue.Ed is honest in his "meeting" and takes his physical exam. During that, he saved a man and is Stat

    I personally like this episode because it's cool to see Ed become a State Alchemist, youngest person to join the military as well.It was exciting to see this episode because it was like when the non-threatening yet interesting stuff happens, which is kinda rare because most of the episodes are acton and violence.