Fullmetal Alchemist

Season 3 Episode 12

The Flame Alchemist, The Bachelor Lieutenant, & The Mystery of Warehouse 13

Aired Saturday 12:00 AM Nov 26, 2005 on Cartoon Network
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Under orders from Internal Affairs to investigate Colonel Mustang, Second Lieutenant Havoc compiles a journal on the Colonel's activities. As he, Breda, Falman and Fuery follow Mustang around, they discover more about him then they expected. Meanwhile, Sciezka finds an opportunity to further her own investigation into Hughes death.moreless

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  • Hilarious!

    This is the funniest episode of F M A ever!!!!!!!

    I almost choked myself when I watched this!

    Every F M A fan would agree with me!

    Part 1: Havoc gets real mad when he finds out that his girlfriend is cheating on him and everyone beating on him because they think he's writing a diary instead of a journal log. He he.

    Part 2: Havoc goes insane when he imagines Major Armstrong's sister. I can't tell who's funnier now. Him or Ed.

    Part 3: Mustang joins his subordinates in their little "ghost hunt." Then in the end he gets all mad cuz he finds out that a soldier wasn't buried. Black Hayate buried a bone there! Classic!moreless
  • In this episode, we go behind the scenes inside Central's military headquarters and the soldiers' lives.

    This is my absolute favorite episode of FullMetal Alchemist! I feel so sorry for Havoc. Mustang keeps taking away Havoc's girlfriends. Roy Mustang then has Falman find a girl for Havoc. Major Armstrong suggests that Havoc should go out with his sister. According to Armstrong, she is every bit as beautiful as the Major himself which gives Havoc an image of Major Armstrong in a wig and a dress (which would disturb anyone). Havoc sees Katherine and thinks that she is beautiful. When he asks her out, Katherine rejects him because she wants a man with a physique like her brother's (sorry Katherine, but all of the guys can't be built like your brother!). At the headquarters, bets have been made against Havoc and we know Falman won. Poor starving Fuery. Now we are moving on in the episode with Warehouse 13. First of all, does it exist? All of Mustang's subordinates are freaking out. It turns out that Warehouse 13 is actually Warehouse B, the bones are from Black Hayate, and Havoc is still in a catatonic state after Katherine rejected him. We learn two things from this episode: 1) Don't jump to conclusions; 2) get Havoc a girlfriend who isn't shallow!moreless
  • The longest review I have ever written goes to the best episode of any anime that I have ever watched. This episode was absolutely perfect.

    This episode completely focused on both Colonel Mustang and his group. It was split into 3 different parts:

    The Flame Alchemist- 9.7/10

    In this first part, Mustang's group make it their mission to find out what goes on during Mustang's daily life. During their investigation, they found that all Roy does is put off his work, sleep, pick up women, and rushes through his work at the last minute complaining that he does not have enought time. The dialogue between Mustang's four men is absolutely hilarious and very creative. The only bad thing about this part is that it was only 2 minutes long.

    The Bachelor Lieutenant- 11/10

    Wow. That's all I can say about this part. I swear, this was the funniest 7 minutes of any anime that I have ever had the pleasure of watching! This part is all about how Lieutenant Havoc is sulking because he is having girl troubles. Colonel Mustang makes it a mission for his group to find Havoc a date. Then, Major Louis Alexander Armstrong suggests that Havoc comes over to the Armstrong estate to meet the Major's younger sister. When Havoc and the gang get to the Armstrong mega-mansion, Havoc is immediately intimidated by the size of Armstrong's estate. Then there is a hilarious scene in which Havoc and the others are discussing how Armstrong's sister will look. Havoc is then greeted by Louis Alexander, and the rest of Mustang's men drive off. Once Havoc gets in the Armstrong estate his is forced to listen to Louis Alexander's father's boring stories. His father is built just like he is except that he is shorter and has a wide beard that he continuously strokes. Louis Alexander's father also has sparkles that float around his face, symbolizing how beautiful the entire family is. We then meet the Mother. At first she seems like a normal mother (with sparkles), until we find that she is taller than the already huge Louis Alexander. Then Havoc has histerical images of how Armstrong's sister will look like. Once we meet Louis Alexander's sister, Katherine, we find that she is possibly the most beautiful human possible. At first, Havoc does not believe that Katherine is and Armstrong, until she starts picking up pianos. Havoc then gathers up the courage to ask Katherine out, she states that she prefers a man like her brother, who is super muscular and huge. Then is my personal favorite scene where Havoc turns into a black and white Picasso painting and an anime sword comes flying into his head and he literally crumbles to the ground. Back at the Central Headquarters, Havoc's men make bets that he will 1)screw up, 2)get rejected, 3)chicken out before he gets there (obviously, #2 wins). For the last part of the episode, Havoc is in a walking coma the entire time.

    The Mystery of Warehouse 13- 9.5/10

    As Fuery and Falman are walking home from Central Headquarters, they come across a part of the headquarters where the lights are broken. All of a sudden they get scared out of their pants after seeing mysterious warehouse 13, which is supposed to be non-existent, rising from the empty ground and go running back to headquarters. The next night they, along with Breda and Colonel Mustang (who was forced to go with them because they "look up" to him), go back to warehouse 13 to check what is going on. Once they get there however, they find that warehouse 13 was not really "13", but a misreading of the letter "B". But then Falman finds a bone in the supposed location of warehouse 13 which makes the group suspicious again. The next morning, they go back to "warehouse 13" with shovels and curiosity. Once they frantically start to dig, Lieutenant Hawkeye's dog, Black Hayate, comes in, drops a bone, buries it, and leaves. Colonel Mustang then gets angry about wasting an entire day.

    However, dispite being completely random, this episode manages to extent the show's plot by ending with Colonel Mustang joining an expedition to the east. No matter how you look at it, this episode is absolutely perfect in every possible way and I will come back and watch it again very often in the future.moreless
  • This is the funniest episode in the series!

    Wow... I love it when they are trying to write down everything Mustang does. It cracks me up what they say! Then...Havok gets all depressed because he (Mustang) goes out with the girl from the flower shop. "I thought she was just playing hard to get!"

    Then, when Havoc goes to Armstrong's house. He sits there thinking about what she'll look like. Whether she'll be like the mom (skinny) or the dad (fat). And she comes out "HALLELUJAH!" then gets BURNED bad by her. I feel the pain for him. Plus: You cant go wrong with people in the army freaking out about a ghost.moreless
  • This was the funniest episode of the whole series; one can watch it over and over again without ever losing interest.

    The episode opens with a uniquely colorful title screen of the first of three mini-episodes that comprise this one. The first, the Flame Alchemist is probably the funniest, it depicts a typical day at East Headquarters, with Breda, Falman, Fuery and Havoc being ordered by Internal Affairs to conduct an investigation of Colonel Mustang and investigate they do, while a bewildered Riza Hawkeye looks on, they uncover Mustang's obsession for window-cleaning, his penchant for napping on the job, his fondness for Black Hayate and his skewed priorities when it came to official documents, friendships, and women.

    Needless to say, I and many, many others were amused.

    The next day, the squad is discussing how difficult it is to balance their military duties and their personal lives, and they begin to worry how Lieutenant Havoc's losing streak with women will affect his performance--and Mustang charges Fuery, Falman and Breda with finding the perfect girl for Lieutenant Havoc--since Mustang stole his last one.

    They find his match in Major Armstrong's sister-- who turns out to be a cute, funny, smart girl with a good personality despite Havoc's misgivings about her due to what he's seen of her brother's superhuman strength, her mother's exorbitant height and her father's girth. And even though she says she's been waiting for a man like him all her life, she would prefer he had a more muscular physique like her brother, and dismisses him kindly, and Havoc, feeling he had hit the motherlode, gets an anime sword stabbed through his forehead and collapses into a thousand pieces as the commercial takes over.

    Breda: Ten thousand says he blows the date.

    Falman: I say they don't even have one.

    Fuery: My money's on him chickening out before he even sees her.

    Hawkeye: You realize you're all bidding against him?

    Breda, Falman, and Fuery: Safest bet!

    That night Havoc remains in a walking coma, while Fuery and Falman walk home, Falman having won the bet, claimed Fuery's paycheck and as a result Fuery is now starving. While walking home, they reach a part of the military warehouse grounds where the lights have been rendered inoperative. The Lieutenants are scared out of their wits by a mysterious warehouse thirteen, stuff of urban legend, rising from the empty ground, and they flee for their lives.

    The next night they, along with Breda and Mustang prepare a stakeout, Mustang having been coerced into going with them because they 'look up to him'. The mysterious thirteenth warehouse turns out to be nothing more than a misreading of warehouse B (13) however buried in the empty space where Warehouse 13 supposedly was, was a bone, which Mustang assumes must've been placed there due to a crime within the military. He has the men start digging, but the bones were nothing more than the remnants of Black Hayate's breakfast, given to him by a sleepy Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye earlier in the episode.

    This episode provides a welcome break from the oh-so-serious plot line of the rest of the series. While the previous episodes had focused on hammering Greed and tracking Scar, this was lighthearted, even as it provided some valuable (if ridiculous) insight into some of the more obscure characters lives. Every season of every series needs an episode like this, and FullMetal is fortunate to have it.moreless
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