Fullmetal Alchemist

Season 1 Episode 5

The Man with the Mechanical Arm

Aired Saturday 12:00 AM Dec 04, 2004 on Cartoon Network

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  • Freaking awesome!!!

    Dude, this one was off the hook! I'm sorry, sometimes I like to pretend I'm a gangster. :P OK, so Ed and Al are supposed to report to Colonel Roy Mustang to meet him for the first time. (If you remember the last time he saw the Elrics, Al was gone and Ed was unconcious) Anyway, Mustang, being the psycho he is, orders them to catch the train that is leaving at the very moment Ed is on the phone with him. So the boys run, and with a bit of luck, catch the train. Meanwhile, on the same train, we are introduced to Major Maes Hughes, my favorite character until his death. (It's Mustang after that) Hughes is being a gaytard and tying up the phone lines talking to Mustang about his pregnant wife. He is also being very hormonal and worrying about the baby being born while he was on the train. So after a bit, Mustang's girlfriend, Riza Hawkeye, grabs the phone, and tells him babies aren't born after 5 months. Then she hangs up. However, Hughes isn't as stupid as he looks. He thought they were being tapped and decided to give whoever was listening in a bit of mindless chatter. Back with the Elrics, some guys have just hurt Volman, one of Mustang's men, and taken the car hostage. Ed and Al quickly take them out, and proceed to other cars. I can't remember the middle, but I know the hijackers were being commanded by some guy with a mechanical arm similar to Ed's. Hence the name. Anyway, Ed ends up taking them out with a jet stream of water, and meets Mustang for the first time. Then he realizes why Mustang put him and Al on the train in the first place. To save it. Though Mustang denies this, he is obviously lying. Oh, and General Haruko, who was on the train, was so immpressed with Ed and Al's skills, invites them to take the State Alchemist Exam. Good thing they listened to Mustang, huh?
  • A great episode!

    This episode was cleverly plotted, with the right amount of humor and action involved!

    On the train to central to take the alchemy exam, the train is hijacked by terrorists. Ed and Al take on the responsibility of keeping the passengers safe after knocking out two men and putting everyone else in potentially more danger. Using teamwork and help from others from the military, they capture the men, only to find out when they dock at Central that the hijacking was all arranged by Roy Mustang himself so Ed could in fact take the exam.

    Along with an excellent plot, this episode had action and good humor, one of my favorite moments was:

    Al: Brother, am I scary.
    Ed: Please... your kindness in a can.

    Overall, fantastic episode!
  • The brothers board a train going to Central but a gang of thugs kidnap General Hakuro. Ed, Al, Major Hughes and Warrant Officer Falman team up to save him. "Episode 5: Man Wit the Mechanical Arm - Not an adult Ed"

    One of my favourite episodes - not only for a great plot and bucketloads of humour, but it also introduces Maes Hughes, Lt. Hawkeye, Falman and General Hakuro. Edward and Alphonse are prompted by Mustang to board a departing train to Central, but they soon become involved in a plot to kidnap General Hakuro by a group of thugs led by eyepatch wearing Bald, who has a real bad attitude and an Automail arm like Ed. Ed and Al team up with Warrant Officer Falman and Major Hughes to save Hakuro, with comical results.

    I love this episode for its great story and events. It is overflowing with great comedy. The best moments include Hawkeye screaming down the phone at Hughes, Edward yelling at Falman and then kneeing one of the thugs in the head, Alphonse being shot at stupidly, Ed's megaphone and Al beating up the thugs. I was surprised by the hidden violence in among the comedy like Hakuro having his ear blown apart, and Hughes knifing one of the guys. The train drivers were excellent, punching the thugs. Never underestimate a train driver!
  • Definitely one of my favorites in the whole series.

    I've seen the whole series, but I haven't quite pinpointed all of my favorites. Somehow, this one seems to stand out above a lot of the others because I actually remember liking this one. The beginning's kinda cute with the little girl looking at Ed and Al because he's in a suit of armor and Ed has an automail arm. Then the scene with Hughes was just hilarious. There's a lot of action in this one and plenty of comedy. One of the scenes is where Al meets up with one of the crooks and he shoots and dies cuz of the ricochet and the next guy does the exact same thing. Then where Ed transmutes that microphone and gets the bad guy. Mustang's introduction to Ed is also totally classic. It's a sweet show from beginning to end.
  • Ed is at a train station egar and ready to start his job when he is told to catch the early train...A review from an Artist.

    Ed and Al board the train and Ed and Al stand out like sore thumbs." No one told us we had tickets to the normal-ese express" Ed mumbled to Al. major Hughes is constantly talking to lutenit cornal Mustang about his pregnant wife while terrorists have just ocuppied the train. The terrorists are beingpicked off one by one as Al tries to warns that the bullets ricochet off the armor but they all shot him anyway, and get shot (but at least he warned them). In the mean time Ed and Hughes walk up top and attach other terrorists. Ed is faced with the leader terrorist that also has automail. Ed brakes his automail and the terrorist falls then Al finishes him. At central city Lutenient Cornal Mustang burns him with fire alchemy. This is my masterpeice.
  • I love this EP. It was funny, it had action, oh, and did I mention that it was funny? Totally my favorite EP!

    This was great. It starts out with Al asking some woman at what looks like a dougnt stand, 'These smell good ... right?' and Ed calling Mustang. Then Mustang tells them to get on the train that is leaving RIGHT THEN.

    I like how they introduce Huges. He's on the phone yapping with a very annoyed Mustang about his pregnant wife. Then Mustang hangs up on him, and Huges has the cutest look on his face ever. He was introduced in such a good way. I think it really worked for his character; he's always talking about his baby, even before it was born!

    My favorite part of this is when Huges is talking on the phone to Mustang about his pregnant wife (AGAIN!) and he asks, "How would I handle if she had the baby today? I mean ... emotionally?" then Mustang is about to answer when Hawkeye picks up the other phone, which is on the same line as the first, and yells, "Babies aren't born after just five months!!!" The look on Mustangs face is soo cute. I will never forget it. :D

    Anyway, when the bad guys attack, Ed and Al, of course, 'help out'. I love when Ed peeks his head down below the window to distract the bad guys while Huges gets inside. The face he makes is priceless. And Huges and his kinfe: cool.

    I also like the end of this, how Mustang got it all together so Ed and Al would be able to take the exam.

    All in all, you would really just have to watch it to understand what I mean. But it would totally be worth your time!

  • This episode was so cute! The little kid Marin calls Al weird at first but soon learns to love the brothers. Terror breaks out on the train and Ed and Al must save Hakuro by a man quite like himself. A man with Auto-Mail for an arm.

    A girl named Marin-Chan is sitting with her mother when she sees Al for the first time. He is wearing a suit of armor and is sitting with a little chibi kid around the age of fifteen. That triggers a chain reaction to the military and terrorist who vadalize trains as a group. Maes Hughes is on the phone again *sweat drop* and talking about his daughter to Colonel Mustang. During the train ride, the group of misfits attacks and causes a bunch of problems for the Elric brothers. The leader of the group of misfits also has a Auto-Mail arm and fights Edward. In the end the brothers finally meet Colonel Roy Mustang and get information on the Alchemy Exam.
  • Good, clean (pun intended) fun, but mostly inconsequential.

    "The Man with the Mechanical Arm" is better than "A Forger's Love," but that's not saying much. It's nowhere near "Mother" or even "Body of the Sanctioned," but at least it's consistently entertaining, even if the plot is largely inconsequential.

    Edward and Alphonse, apparently tired after the events of the previous episode (ooh, yet another blatant attempt to give "A Forger's Love" significance that doesn't work), plan to take a later train than originally, but Mustang demands they take the earlier one. Turns out General Haruko is taking this train, as is a band of terrorists led by Bald, the titular character. His automail arm has a highly accurate gun built in as well. (Cool!) It's up to Ed and Al, with some assistance from a new friend, to stop Bald and his gang.

    Gripes out of the way first: The plot is cliched and utterly devoid of tension. There is never any doubt what the outcome will be. Also, Bald is a ridiculously unworthy adversary for Ed, even at this early point in the story.

    The inevitability of the outcome does actually help the episode in that it's easy to sit back and enjoy the ride. For instance, when two of Bald's gang shoot themselves one after the other because they try to machine-gun Al, it's so stupid it's comical. Al's reaction is particularly priceless here. Ed's transmuting a cannon, a loudspeaker, and a water pipe is fun to watch as well. It's nice to see a positive outcome for the Elrics here in a meaningful sense. Their actions convince Haruko to allow them to take the alchemy exam despite their youth. See, it makes sense for Al to tell Rose about this story, unlike the previous episode. (Okay, no more "A Forger's Love" bashing.)

    The real strength of this episode though, is the new supporting characters introduced. Vato Falman and Haruko get small parts here, but Riza Hawkeye and Maes Hughes have the really memorable introductions. Hughes has a conversation with Mustang representative of what will become one of the series' best running gags, in which he gushes over his (as yet unborn in this ep) daughter. Hawkeye's retort that babies aren't born 5 months into the pregnancy is delightful. Hughes' introduction is essential because he helps humanize Mustang, and his cheering Ed on and knife-wielding skills are so cool. His resourcefulness is great to see, especially since it shows he's a good soldier and not just comic relief. Speaking of Mustang, his "remember the pain" line after burning Bald is perfect, and I like the scene where Ed accuses Mustang of setting up the whole thing.

    "The Man with the Mechanical Arm" is not a bad way to spend half an hour, but it's hampered by its rather trite plot and villain. Thankfully the dialogue and recurring characters are strong enough to counter these shortcomings.
  • great episode. pretty comical.

    this is probably the second funniest episode of the series. hughes is totally over obsessed with his wife and her pregnancy but that's why he's one of the best characters on the show.
    most memorible moment of the episode is riza screaming at hughes over the phone some feminine advice that babies aren't born after just 5 months. she can be scary sometimes but she is so cool.
    we also get to see ed spaz out when falman calls him small. that's always a classic moment in any episode.
    it was lovely how mustang introduce himself, all his titles then added "just remember the pain".
    all in all a great episode.
  • THis was a great episode no doubt about it

    This is a great episode! i liked it very much. When i watch this series every Saturday night on Adult Swim i know I won't be dissapointed. I liked this show because it had some cool action. When the bandits were taking over the place there was almost no hope but always Edward and Alphonse pull it off. Another thing i liked was this was an introduction to Roy mystangs power which he is named the Flame alchemist. When they were arriving at the train station Al and Ed knew Mustang was leading them there on purpose. Now Edward wais going to take the State Alchemist exam.
  • Hehehe

    I rather liked this one.I think that Bald is cool.And if you didn't have to undergo painful surgery,I would get an Automail gun built into my arm.But....you know the cops would get suspicious and it wouldn't work out.Anyway this Episode is about how Edward and Alphonse are on a train that is being Hijacked and they need to save the day.I like when Edward sprayed Bald.I recommend this episode for peeps who like fillers.hehe
  • Ed and Al take the train and it get attacks by some guy, and ed an al are trying to help and they meet hughes. when they arrived at the train station the guy they captured tries to attack msutang but he is stop by mustang's fire

    I like that episode, Hughes is soooo funny and the face that Ed made behind a guy!!! And the little duck/ed/microphone and that hughes propose that mustang finds a wife HIHIHI!!!
    And I found cute that a little girl said hi to Al in his big armor body!!!
    Yeah, I just think that it was funny and cute