Fullmetal Alchemist

Season 1 Episode 11

The Other Brothers Elric (1)

Aired Saturday 12:00 AM Jan 22, 2005 on Cartoon Network

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  • Ed and Al meet Russell and Fletcher

    Tsk, tsk. Didn't anyone ever tell Russell that it's rude to steal other people's identities? I've got a solution for Ed and Al! To quote my favorite commercial, "F-R-E-E that spells Free Credit Report.com, baby!" :P Anyway, Ed picked up a tip from a theif named Psyren in Aquroya to go to the town of Xenotime. So he and Al go there, and are thrown out of the hotel because they claim to be the Elric brothers, which they are. The owners of the hotel tell them that the Elric brothers are working on some kind of experiment up on the hill. So of course, Ed drags Al along to investigate. They uncover two boys that are posing as the brothers. There's Russell, who is supposed to be Ed, only much taller, and Fletcher, who is Al, only human and much shorter. I don't want to spoil all of this for you because I can't remember where the episode ends. So I'll try and wrap it up and finish everthing else in the review for the next episode. Anyway, Ed and Russell get into a scrap, Fletcher and Al end up being friends behind their brothers' backs, and blah, blah, blah, to be continued.
  • Ed and Al arrive in Xenomtie, but discover a strange red water is infecting babies, and two boys are impersonating them.

    Although not one of my favourite episodes, and another filler, this one has its moments. I like the banter between Ed and Russell Tringham, and it just goes to show how identical the four are like eachother. Ed and Al arrive in Xenomtime but discover two boys are impersonating them. However, there are deadlier cases at work when Lust manipulates the town baron Mugear (the guy whose name is hard to pronouce and spell) into using red water to develop fake Philosopher's Stones. Although this episode is a filler, it is still a continuation of the series, further hinting at the plan's of the Homunculi - but where was Gluttony? He is always with Lust mostly?
  • This is one of the episodes that hooked me on the show!!!

    Ed and Al go to Xenotime, they are instent heors for saving a young girl's life until they tell them who they are. They said that they 'real' Elric Brothers are trying to create the Philosopher's stone. When they try to get a hold on them, they find out that the older brother will stop at nothing to get the Philosopher's stone. Luckily for them, one person agreed to keep them as long as they need to stay here. Al tries to pay him back by getting he medicine for his neice. But the town's people wont even talk to him, so he sees that the Al imposter, Flancher, wants to make up for what he does by gettin the medicine. Al and Flancher talk about their brother troubles, and Flancher wants to help them out as much as he can. Later on, we see that they have creaated red water, which is very dangerous for anyone. Flancher get hits by the water to save Ed, and tells his brother that the stone was a bad idea.
  • Ed and Al arrive at an old gold mining town...A review from an Artist.

    Ed and Al arrive at a town and save a girl from being crushed. They are welcome into a place where everyone knows about the philosopher stone. They are kicked out when they tell them their names. They find the boys and battle them gaurds come and the real Elrics flee. The imposters are making red water. Al and the fake Al start to bond. Al finds out why everyone has bad coughs. Ed and Al sneak back into the building with operation "mole hole". They get inside but Ed faints because of some chemicals and Al and fake Al save him. This is my masterpeice.
  • This is a very funny episode. Ed finds out that he has a twin...with silver eyes. The Tringham brothers are trying to go for what their father did. Try to make the Philosopher Stone. How kind. Mr. Mugear finds out anyway, so their plan is destroyed.

    Nash, Russell and Fletcher's father first created the "Red Water" a type of liquid needed to make the Philosopher's Stone. He would have continued with it, but Mr, Mugear told him to poison everyone with the very red water he had made. He had said no so Mr. Mugear had killed him. His sons had walked into his footsteps by making a Trial Stone, a prototype of the Philosopher's Stone. It gave Russell enumerous power and enough wit to actually defeat Ed. But, Ed destroyed the Trial Stone and restored peace in Xenotime once again.
  • in this episode,the brothers are going to xenotime to see if the rumors are true that there's a philosopher's stone being made. when they get there, they find out that two other brothers stole their identities. they go to mugear's mansion to see whats up.

    i think this was a good episode. it was supenceful and full of comedy. the brothers learn that there are two other brothers (whom clain to be the elric brothers), have stole their identity. Mugear (the alchemist in xenotime and the one who is helping the "elric brothers"), is working for lust. For what we know now, lust is also trying to get a philosopher's stone as well. Two common goals, but different reasons to use it. the brothers do find out who the imposters are. at the end of the show, ed and al are traped inside mugear's mansion with their imposters.
  • The series starts to get back on track with an entertaining if overly stretched thin story.

    "The Other Brothers Elric" is a welcome return to the quest for the Philosopher's Stone after a detour for a couple of episodes, neither of which was particularly fulfilling. It introduces two good characters that are useful mirrors of the protagonists and thankfully returns Lust to the fold in a meaningful way. If only the story had enough substance to sustain a two-parter, this one would be better. As it is, this first part is bare and largely unevenful, not to mention lacking in the originality department.

    One gets the feeling that this episode was not initially intended to be a two-parter, but the writers couldn't condense it satisfactorily into one episode. As a result we get a bloated expository episode in which not much happens. The writers would thankfully move away from two-parters in favor of multi-episode arcs in the future, which works significantly better for the series.

    There are two aspects of this episode that work tremendously in its favor, and are the main reasons for this installment's rating. First is the return of the Homunculi for the first time since the first two episodes, albeit it's only Lust who appears here. This reinforces the link between the Homunculi and the Stone, and her scene is a much-needed dramatic and tense one. The other winning element is the Tringham brothers. Yes, in many ways they are simply echoes of the Elrics, with Russell displaying Ed's negative triats to a greater extent and Fletcher being even more selfless than Al. Still they're fascinating characters and are voiced by good actors. Justin Cook, better known as Yusuke in Yu Yu Hakusho, was an inspired piece of stunt casting as the hard-headed Russell.

    The other new character, Mugear, is almost a non-entity in this episode. The townspeople are nondescript and behave like the townspeople in "Be Thou for the People," at first accepting the Elrics then rejecting them on a whim. Let's hope this pattern gets dropped soon, I'd hate for it to become cliche.

    Edward's behavior in this episode is a bit too pigheaded. Sure it's believable that he would want to expose the Tringhams as frauds, but he's too adversarial and strident, especially when lecturing to Elisa. He goes overboard and it doesn't gain him anything. I also don't really buy that Ed and Russell would immediately fight in the final scene, especially since Fletcher helped the Elrics. Russell resorting to deadly force is also a bit tough to swallow, especially given later developments regarding his character. This scene seems to play this way so they could end on a cliffhanger with Fletcher being doused by red water.

    The dialogue between Alphonse and Fletcher is insightful and believable, and this scene is easily the best of the episode. It's amazing that Aaron Dismuke is actually a kid, and able to deliver his lines with such conviction and believability. It has to be a credit to the vocal director that this scene plays so well.

    It's true that the impostor concept is not the most original one, but at least the script has the sense not to take the Tringhams seriously as impostors. This episode is a step in the right direction, but better editing would have helped very much.
  • I love this episode--it's one of my favs!

    This episode is so awsome! It's kind of got some mystery to it in a way, and it's pretty funny.

    Continuing from episode 10, ed and al travel to the city of xenotime-as psiren had said there was some research on the philosopher's stone going on there. After saving a little from an in the mines, ed and al are greeted by the people of the city. but when hey mention there names-they are kicked out because apparently the real Elric brother liv in a mansion on top of the mountain. the imposters as it turns out are trying to create the stone, but the and the reals dont get along too well...actually they try to kill eachother...

    But it's actually a really kool and funny episode! like i said before...it's one af my favs-but of course that's just me!
  • ed finds out that someone in xenotime is working on the philosopher's stone to rejuvenate the gold mines once again but ed and al finds out that someone is using there names.

    this was will writing and story line was will thought out storyline in my opinion its one of the funniest episode but it also show how ed grow up a little and al get's more info about
    why the fake elric brother's stole there ideates
    because they wanted to finish the stone.