Fullmetal Alchemist

Season 1 Episode 12

The Other Brothers Elric (2)

Aired Saturday 12:00 AM Jan 29, 2005 on Cartoon Network

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  • "It's been a good while since I killed anyone. I kinda miss it... Wanna watch?!?" -Ed

    OK, so Ed and Al have met Russell and Fletcher Tringham, the other brothers Elric, hence the title. Um... Russell and Fletcher were working for this Mugear guy who's a real jerk. They had to create this Red Water thing that's similar to the Philosopher's Stone. Well anyway, Russ and Fletch decide they don't want to anymore, so Mugear gets made and throws them and jail and says their father, Nash Tringham, the famous alchemist is dead. Uh... I kinda forget a ton of this episode, but I do know that Ed and Al kick the crap out of Mugear in a totally awesome fight scene, then they go to rescue Russ and Fletch. They succeed, and Russ and Fletch tell Ed and Al that they won't try to be their father anymore. Or something like that. Da end!
  • The Elrics continue to investigate the fake Tringham brothers, discovering a more sinister plot underneath.

    The two-parter concludes with an excellent episode. Action, comedy, drama (particularly when Fletcher falls in the red water) and a funny ending. The only downsider is Lust oddly disappears through the episode. Both sets of brothers learn some valuable lessons about themselves and eachother. Edward is rather scary when he considers killing the Tringams. Mugear demonstrates the power of the fake Philosopher's Stone for evil means unlike Father Cornello, using it as a crazy looking gun. However, he gets his just desserts when the world comes tumbling down on him. The ending is superb, with the revelation that Russell is young than Edward.
  • The second part of the two pairs of Elric brothers.

    The second part of the episode takes off where we see the truth behind Russel and Fletcher's dad and the red stone. The stone was said to be responible for all the diseases in the town of Xenotime. Russel relizas what he has done, and what he has been doing to everyone. Then Mr Mugear isn't pleased at what is going one, and steals the red stones from Russel and uses it againist Russel and Ed. The two guys work together to defeat Mr. Mugear, when they thought they did. They see an escape hole in the floor along with the red water! Then the red water strats pours through the mansion, and starts to head for the town. Fletcher uses his alchemy to save the town from the water, with the help of trees, and his brother. The red water disappears in the trees, and has no danger to the town. Russel sends him a note in a fruit basket, and says that he was sorry for what he has done, and tries to make up for it. Ed finds out that he was one year younger then him, and he's much taller then him!
  • Ed and Al are still in the city...A review from an Artist.

    Ed and Al were faced with imposters in the earlier episode. Now Ed is facing the older one and Both Al's don't like it. Ed slips and the fake Al jumps in the way almost killing himself. Someone tries to come in and fake Al seals the door. Ed and Al jump out of a window and run. The older one heals the fake Al. The other 2 get taken hostage and the man that started the expiriment was the one who took them. The man now has a huge gun and is shoting at Ed and Al. The fakes come and save them. This is my masterpeice.
  • This episode is the conclusion of the earlier The Other Brothers Part 1. Ed reveals Russells and Fletchers true identity. Mr. Mugear locks them up and Ed ends up fighting them. He also learns that Russell is one year younger, and a head foot taller.

    Russell and Fletcher are the sons of Nash Tringham, a big alchemist who created the Red Water or the Water of Life. He was killed by Mr. Mugear in an act of blind rage toward the alchemist. Not wanting to do Mugear's evil deeds, Nash tried to run and was striked down and murdered in cold blood. Now, his sons are wanting to committ themselves to strive and finish the Red Water and create the Philosopher's Stone before the town of Xenotime falls any further.
  • A solid conclusion, although it has the same problems with pacing as the first part, so it seems like this two-parter could have been a single episode. Still, a strong ending helps this one's cause immensely.

    "The Other Brothers Elric" concludes nicely and introduces some themes that will reappear later in the series. It lags at times, much like the first part. For this reason, I doubt this needed to be a two-parter, but at the same time the Tringhams are good enough characters to merit the additional exposure.

    One character that didn't need as much time as he was afforded is Belsio. It seems his lone function is to narrate the flashback involving Nash Tringham, and that sequence is unnecessary. Nothing important is revealed in it that couldn't have been related in a more brief manner, and indeed it's ridiculously frustrating in places, like when Nash goes to leave but Mugear convinces him to remain. What's the point of that exchange? The only thing of interest in terms of long-term storytelling is Dr. Marcoh's first sppearance, and again that could have been done differently. The major knock against this sequence is that it separates the Tringhams and the Elrics, which is the best material in this episode by a long shot.

    One theme introduced here is the link between the Philosopher's Stone and human suffering. Both the sickness from exposure to the red water and Mugear's plot are examples. Later ones would be even more horrific, but this is a good way to introduce the idea so that later episodes could build upon it.

    I dislike the abrupt solution for Fletcher's dousing with the red water that served as the cliffhanger. After making such a big deal about how deadly it was, Russell cured him with the stone in a split second. The cure makes sense, but considering how easy it was, the choice to make the dousing so momentous is rather strange.

    Mugear's machine that lets him perform alchemy is a can of worms that the series would never open again, undoubtedly for good reason. His fight with the Elrics is rather perfunctory, although the Tringhams' aiding them is a very nice touch. Mugear's demise is handled properly though, it makes perfect sense that he would defend the red water until the end, especially considering how much he put on the line to obtain it.

    The episode ends on a spectacular note though. The red water flowing around and surrounding the mansion, then Ed transmuting a gigantic encircling wall to trap it like a moat is impressive. It's a noteworthy strength that the Tringhams play an integral role in eradicating the water. Their skill with plants enables them to deal with the problem, and the sight of the plants growing and turning red as they absorb the water, then disintegrating is utterly breathtaking, and the music soars with the visuals. It's masterful, almost cinematic.

    I like how Russell reacted differently than Ed to their respective fathers' desertions. Instead of resenting him like Edward does, he feels it's his duty to continue his work. He nearly falls into the same trap Nash did, but he and Fletcher achieve a different breakthrough, and one that is beneficial to Xenotime. This is strong writing.

    This episode is great at times but mediocre at others. All of the scenes with the Tringham brothers are strong, and the resolution is fantastic. It moves the series in the right direction, and points the way for many later episodes. Although it needed some more editing, that's not serious enough to overshadow its strengths.
  • now we know who the imposter brothers are. they are russell and fletcher tringham. the reason they work on the red water is to continue what their father started, nash tringham. in this episode, it explians who and what he did to revive the city.

    the tringham brothers are working on toxic red water that is suppose to created the philosopher's stone. there is a toxic chemical in the red water; which is the reason why many babies have died in xenotime. so who started the red water? that would be the nash tringham, the father of russell and fletcher. they said that when the city couldn't find any gold in their mines, the city was in shambles. marco insisted nash to bring back gold to the mines. when he did though, he used the deadly red water. the city was prosperous once again, but at the cost of babies lives. so he then dissapeared with no trace at all. the tringham brothers stop using the red water by using agricultural alchemy so the trees would absorbed the red water. the city is then saved and the elric brothers have two new friends.
  • This episode truely explains who Fletcher and his brother are about. They are about helping the city, and following in their father's footsteps. It also explains what happened to Fletcher's dad and what Fletcher did to help the people of the city.

    This episode was very important to me because it explained who Fletcher and his brother really were and how they were connected to the false Philosopher’s Stone. It also explains who there dad was and why he left them. It also explains how Mugear who employed them knew who they were and their dad. It also exposed Mugear, who created the stone to be a man who cared nothing for the city or the people of the city. It was a danger to them all. The Red Water was actually a Toxic Chemical and Mugear wanted to poison pregnant women with the chemical so it would crystallize inside their children, to make the creation of the stone easier. It was very sad to see how desperate some people are to actually do that to a city, just to have a fake Philosopher’s Stone. Mugear puts Russel and Fletcher in jail and Ed sets them free and together they stop Mugear but at the cost of the water leaving. Fletcher and Russel use agricultural alchemy to fuse it into the trees to save the people. It was a totally amazing episode about brotherhood, and how mistakes can cause wrath on other the part of the mistaker.
  • ed and al confront the fake elric brother’s to find out why they stole there names because the fake elric's needed credit to pass as state alchemist to work with mugear then mugera try’s to get the real brother's to help with the stone.

    this episode is also will writing same for the story line but it could be a little longer so they can show haw far ed and al came close to the
    story line jumps around just little but it funny how ed plays along with mugera to believe that they will help him but at the end it's the fake elric brothers team up with ed and al to make the red water go way to save the town.