Fullmetal Alchemist

Season 4 Episode 8

The Other Side of the Gate

Aired Saturday 12:00 AM Mar 04, 2006 on Cartoon Network

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  • This was a special episode. It actually made me cry alittle. Maybe they'll catch the Philosopher's Stone in the end. Maybe things will get back to normal once they turn back. Only two more episodes to go...we shall see.

    I feel so sorry for Gluttony. He misses Lust so much. You have to hand it to Al though in the very beginning. He tried to get away from Envy but being tied up and all, I guess it didn\'t work the way he planned it. I wonder what Ed is going to do being back in the past. He has no alchemy to save himself. Maybe he\'ll make it back to his brother before they use him in any transmutations. I don\'t know the kids name, but Envy shouldn\'t have been so mean to him. And Ryla (Dante) needs to die.
  • oh my gosh! this episode is soooooooo great!

    ok this is when ed finally finds out about dante's true color... how evil she really is. its so obvious that she will only keep the philosophers stone for herself and shes just using the homonculi to do her dirty work! this was the only episode that made me curse so hard when it was over! i shouted at the tv!(this is it? thats the end of the episode!?!?! ****) this episode was so nice but it was cut of at a very very interesting part and im just dying to know what the next episode has instore! cant wait!
  • Wow what an episode. Al ends up ont eh other side of the gate which seems to be WWII England. While he is there he cant perform alchemy.

    This episode was pretty action pacted. I had to watch it twice to catch everything. Because some parts were a little confusing, thats why I did not give this eisode a perfect score. Al performs a transmutation to bring his brother back but he uses his body to do it. So then he gets sent to the other side of the Gate where while there he cant perform alchemy. But he found his dad so that might help him a little. After this season it looks like it will end. That would suck. But you never know they might just pull a sneaky one on us.
  • Full Metal Archer, sad Glutany, and Ed in WWII Londen this and more in FMA episode 49

    So we are in the gate interesting,well its almost done and poor poor wrath and glutany plus rose hiting on ed also archer reveils his obssesin with the terminator movies and Ed in world war two England soon this series will end and when all is said and done one thing will be clear never trust Bones studio to make an ending that makes sense
  • It finally comes on TV!! Awesome episode, truly awesome.

    This episode was a really good one. It showed what Lyra plans to do with Rose and what it's like on the other side of the gate. The baby and the transmutation circle confuses me. Would that be counted as human transmutation? Dante's defense against Ed's spear was really cool. One hand! Woah!
    Also, in the prologue, POOR AL!! He was like, "Why do I deserve to live?" Aw...ED! Hurry up and find him! Get him back! Anyway, this was a very good episode and, yet again, Winry and Scheizka have a little scene, a good one. It showed two different opinions about the Philosopher's Stone...and the world.
  • Dante shows her true power - and colors, and Gluttony shows he is the saddest sin

    Dante not only has Rose totally under her control; she tricks Ed into touching Rose's baby (which she has turned into a Gate portal) by sending just his mind to WWI London. So it's clear she has more control and power than even Hohenheim could have guessed.
    And poor Gluttony has really lost it. In the old days, he would have bitten Ed's arm right off; he's got that majorly acidic saliva which can eat through metal, y'know.
    But last night, he just mouthed it like a chew toy he'd lost interest in. The death of Lust is worse than being sealed to Gluttony, and that is what makes this formerly full of - er - life sin so sad.
    I guess being a mindless eating machine isn't all it's cracked up to be.
    Even with a decent movie (and promises of sequels) coming up, the pain is just starting.
  • Another well done episode of this.

    I like this episode. Loved it when Wrath was yelling Mommy mommy mommy! What a stupid little brat. Oh well, it was cool when robo-Archer tried to get Izumi to join him in his so called up coming dictator ship. Then Denny shot at him. This episode was too much fun.
  • Yet this marks another step towards the end, it has given a lot of detail of what will happen next.

    This episode was very revealing. The storyline was a little confusing, yet I managed to understand the plot.

    * Dante and Ed encounter each other, and we find Al in captivity.

    * What also gave more interesting questions are that the homunculi have feelings, but according to Dante, they are not human, and do not have emotions.

    * And what you should pay attention to the most is the end. Ed is in someone else's body! Can you guess whose body it is?

    Overally, I give the episode 10 stars out of ten.
  • some how dose and dosent make sense.also A LITTLE HOT

    this is realy is adging in the final pieces to the fullmetal alchemist puzzle and yet it is takin them away,make sense for the so equivilent exchange,in order to obtain some of equal value most be lost. also it was hot when dante/lyra started touching rose's face and breast. im just sad its almost over, this is the greatest show ever to air on any type of broadcasting
  • Ok, I loved this episode, but I'm a bit confused.

    Ok. Now, this was a very good episode, but I didn't quite get the end, when Edward was at the gate, then somewhere under attack, with his father, and he didn't know where he was. And his hair was REALLY short. That part confused me. And wait a second here...Rose loves Edward?! Was she being serious, or is she being controlled? And why was Gluttony so sad about Lust? I know they were friends, but like, did Gluttony love Lust? This episode confused me. Why was Wrath so sad about Sloth? He knew that Sloth wasn't his mother...Right? I honestly don't know.