Fullmetal Alchemist

Season 1 Episode 10

The Phantom Thief

Aired Saturday 12:00 AM Jan 15, 2005 on Cartoon Network

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  • Good, but it had it's "pervy" moments...

    Well, this takes off where the second episode ended. So Ed and Al just got back from Liore, and instead of reporting back to Mustang, they take a side tour to the city of Aquroya. Pardon my spelling, but I think that's pretty close. Anyway, while visiting, they encounter a theif named Psyren. (Again, pardon my spelling) And she's uncatchable!!!!! Ed and Al join the police in hunting for her, but the citizens of the city absolutely love her! The brothers find out later from a tourist that they like her because Aquroya is sinking into the water that it sits on. Psyren is bringing tourists so that their city can have good fortune before it goes under. Al ends up falling in love with this nurse named Clara (or Claire, I can't remember. But I think it's Clara). Ed tells him that she'll only bring him heart ache. So that night, Ed chases down Psyren, and ends up tackling her, (hands on her chest). But she escapes. The next day, Ed goes snooping around the hospital, and sees Clara with her shirt undone. She has a big tattoo on her chest, which she uses for alchemy. A transmutation circle. It's then Ed realizes that Clara is Psyren. She tells him that she's only stealing to raise money to save the hospital, which ends up being demolished anyway. And the same thing happens again, only then she's a nun trying to save a church and a teacher trying to save a school. Ed finally catches her, but she tells him a secret about the Philosopher's Stone before they haul her away. So now, Ed and Al are off again, in search of the stone that will return them to normal.
  • Ed and Al go to Aquroya where they get involved in an attempt to arrest the superthief Psiren.

    Back to present day! Another filler episode, but a good one all the same. It shows that the brothers still have conflicts, but know when to agree on things. Edward's character continues to be expanded as does Alphonse. Plus, Mustang and Hawkeye are promoted!!!

    Ed and Al are on their way back to Mustang, but run into some trouble in the water city Aquroya where they are asked by an Inspector Gadget-lookalike to help capture the the thief Psiren. Ed and Al seem to have the hots for her, but when she also doubles as various helpers around the city, stealing money to keep the city from flooding, Ed has some trouble accepting her as a thief.

    A good episode with some definite funny moments from Edward.
  • they catch an alchemist thief

    i liked the episode because the thief was pretty hot! and she had to unzip to use alchemy. i was also really cool to see the moves she used to work. and it was really funny went El grabbed she b00bs. and now i do not fell like writing any more.i liked the episode because the thief was pretty hot! and she had to unzip to use alchemy. i was also really cool to see the moves she used to work. and it was really funny went El grabbed she b00bs. and now i do not fell like writing any more.
  • It was such a hilarious episode! Lol.

    Ed's a cheater. :P I was starting to get suspicious because he luck is not that good to win all those games in a row. It was so funny when Al busted him. XD And Ed's such a wimp. You'd think a guy that can survive 2 automail operations wouldn't be afraid of a little shot. :P But when I saw Clara's face after she gave him the shot, I immediately knew that she was Psiren. (It was really obvious.) I'm surprised it took Ed that long to figure it out. It was also a shocker that Psiren was a match for Ed in their first fight. (Lol...he grabbed her....yeah...XD) So when he does bust her, she gives some fake sob about wanting to safe the hospital. Again, it takes Ed a long time to figure out that she's lying. (Al doesn't believe that she's a cook until the very end of the episode. XD Sap....) Eventually she gets caught, but not for long. Lol. She's probably the smartest "villian" ever. So overall, this was a really good episode.
  • This is like the best episode EVER

    i love it it is hilarous this episode, it is really a great, original and perfect episode. The pair visit a tourist city with an alchemy using thief that causes a lot of attention. Al falls in love with a woman that ends up being a crook, and con, while ed ends up tracking her down and groping her, it's hilarious. The con aritist takes an interest in Ed and askes him to come again when he growes older, it makes you think if he would, that is if it werent cancelled, it is truely a great episode thanks for reading

    This is my fav episode yet!! It is HALARIOUS!! Al falls in love and Ed gropes a thief!! This is a most see episode!! When Ed doesn’t want to go ad face another one of Mustangs lectures he and Al play hooky in Aquroya. However almost as soon as they are in the city Ed is arrested after using alchemy to clean himself up. While being interrogated by the police Ed (scarfing down food like there is no tomorrow)and Al learn that a thief named Psiren is stealing priceless artifacts. When they are finally released Ed gets food poisoning. At the hospital Ed has a tantrum a beautiful nurse name Clara calms him down. Ed thinks she is \\\"a bad gift in pretty wrapping\\\" however al thinks shes just a kind, beautiful, blah blah person. And when Ed figures out that Psiren is really Clara they keep quite bout. her thinking she is trying to save the hospital. But when the hospital is torn down and she becomes a nun to save a church then when thats torn down a school house Ed gets ticked off and asks her to explain she just says that the best answers are found on your own. Soon Ed realizes that Psiren is saving something though not a school. Aquroya turns out to be sinking and Psiren is bringing the tourist and money. However that doesnt mean Ed cant just let her get away w/ tricking him. Ed meets Clara on the water and manages to catch her. Clara then tells him about a city and a man researching the stone. Ed and Al then leave for the city while Psiren is driven away w/ police. But thats not the end of Psiren she escapes by tricking the police to \\\"unzip\\\" her and activate the circle on her chest.
  • WARNING: Goody to shoes STAY AWAY!... May contain things that are not suitable for people that snitch often...A review from an Artist.

    Ed and Al are going to report to mustang when Ed decides to take a "detour". They visit Aquroya when Ed is splashed by mud and uses alchemy to clean himself up. A police officer imediatly notices this and cuffs him. Ed is taken to an office and is constantly asked the same question as he gives out the same answer reapetedly. The man decides to call Mustang. The man apologized to Ed then explained that theirs a theif on the loose. Ed then is in a room with a million (maybe not a million but a LOT!) dishes of food. He is then told to go to a stake out. Ed finds out who the theif is but he won't tell. This is my masterpeice.
  • This episode...demanded...alot of focus and wit to actually find out that Clara changed over three times. It was also funny because Ed accidently groped her. "Oops!"

    Psiren also uses a unusual alchemy. Unlike Ryla who degrades the air and then sends a shock wave, Psiren uses cards to take form of the weapon she wants. The weapons are razor sharp and deadly accurate. There is an advantage to the cards over decompressing air. You never tire from using alchemy, unlike Ryla who uses the air around her and her necklace to use alchemy.
  • Some people hate this episode, but it's harmless fluff and acts more as a transition episode..

    As in the end Psiren gives Edward an important clue where to search next for the Philosopher's Stone. Because what she tells him leads him to the Tringham brothers, and they in turn lead Edward to Dr. Marcoh, and even onwards.
    But until we get to that little tidbit, we get to learn more about Edward's character - and it's not pretty.
    First off, the little snot cheats at poker, and his own brother too. (Question: does he cheat at solitaire as well?)

    Secondly, he's a worse glutton than Gluttony! The most unintentionally funny line of the episode comes when Edward complains about Mustang who "makes me so nauseous" while he's chowing down on dumplings on a stick. This boy's stomach is truly a black hole, and not even food poisoning can stop him from trying to fill it.

    Thirdly, although he denies it, Edward IS showing slight twinges of interest in the opposite sex. It's called puberty, kiddo; and Edward tries to suppress his libido by replacing sex with food. Hmmm. On the other hand, maybe he really IS that hungry!
  • New town, new crook and a lot of problems.

    There was some pretty good parts in this episode. Edward and Alphonsehave no new leads on the Philosphers stone and have to face Roy Mustang to give a report but they decided to stop on a tourist city.Edward and Alphonse were playing poker abd Ed seemed to be always winning but when they left the train station there was a nice hand inside Edwards sleeve.This was a pretty funny pasrt seeing how Als face was different. For most of the episode Edward and Al were trying to catch a thief who used alchemy but they were being mislead. They had no choice but to turn her into the police when Ed and the thief had a showdown on a river.Seeing the whole episode was pretty good since there was some funny parts especially when the thief changed outfits and pretended to save a hospital, church, schoolhouse.If you have a chance I hope you get to see this episode.
  • Another new town, another middling episode, and one that has some major logical holes and is inconsistent with the rest of the series in places.

    Knowing how great later episodes of FullMetal Alchemist will be, it's tough to be too hard on this one, especially since it has moments that work. I can't forgive its inconsistencies and logical holes though.

    The teaser has a genuine laugh-out-loud moment, when Ed refers to Mustang while looking at the joker card. It's unfortunately the only one.

    One large difficulty with "The Phantom Thief" is that it feels like a retread. Another wayward alchemist? Already, only 10 episodes in, this has become a cliche. When it's done interestingly, like in "Night of the Chimera's Cry" or even "Be Thou for the People," it works, but here it's lightweight and banal. Threatening to become cliche is the criminal who tries to convince Ed he's just like her, and sorry Psiren, you're no Shou Tucker. The episode acknowledges these flaws through dialogue given to Edward, but that only mitigates, it does not eliminate them.

    The other big problem is worse though, and that's the inconsistencies with established alchemic rules. Throughout the series, every alchemist save two have to be in physical contact with whatever they're transmuting in order to perform a reaction. But Psiren manipulates water in the final confrontation just by touching the tattoo on her chest, and she should not be able to. There's also the transmutation that Ed does to spring Psiren from the trap set by the Inspector. He was not in the room, so how did he do this exactly?

    On top of that are the gaps in logic. For one thing, Al's defense of Clara is unconvincing. More on Alphonse later, but Clara is a criminal. The script doesn't even give her any noble intentions. She is definitely not a Robin Hood. Any good that her thievery results in is entirely coincidental, besides one could argue that attracting tourists to a doomed city is pointless, not desirable. Never mind that Aquroya's situation makes absolutely no sense. An island is sinking at the rate of several feet per year? How is that possible? And why is anyone still living there? FMA always embraces its sci-fi/fantasy elements, but it's never been implausible.

    Finally this episode features Al being too gullible and stupid for words. Yes, 14-year-olds can be so taken with a gorgeous woman that they defend them incessantly, but Al overdoes it. Thankfully the writers avoid this in the future, so we can just forget his behavior.

    The ultimate problem with "The Phantom Thief" is that it feels like another anime, namely Lupin III. The allusions to other animes are fun, but when the plot culls too much from another series, it's a problem. I like the character of Clara, but I'm not sorry she never reappears later in the series. Still, subpar FMA is better than an above average episode of most animes.
  • After sending the report to Mustang, the two brothers make a stop at the capital of the City of Water. This city is famous as a tourist town, but the latest attraction is a mysterious thief named Psiren. The only clue is that the thief uses alchemy.

    Ed and Al stop at Aquroya, the City of Water, in hopes of obtaining some information regarding the Philosopher's Stone. Ed cannot bear to think about Mustang's reaction when he returns with nothing.

    Completely by chance, Ed is apprehended by a detective and brought back to the police station. Finding that Ed is a State Alchemist, he asks Ed to help him capture the elusive theif Psiren.

    On his way out of the station, Ed comes down with a slight case of food poisoning and is taken to the hospital. There, Ed and Al meet a beautiful nurse by the name of Clara. Al is captivated by her and cannot seem to forget her beauty and kindness.

    That night, Ed and Al help guard a priceless artifact from Psiren. However, she penetrates the police's defenses easily and escapes. Confronted by Ed, she wards him off with a little seduction that leaves him pinned to the ground.

    Tending his wounds at the hospital, Ed stumbles in on Clara absorbing the life force of plants as upkeep for her alchemy. Al enters and divulges that the hospital is to be demolished. Clara, wanting to save the hospital, became a thief.

    The detective barges in to notify Ed and Al that Psiren has sent out yet another note regarding her plans for the night. Ed and Al are stationed outside the mansion. Psiren caught by the owner's trap but freed by Ed. Later that night, Ed meets Psiren and asks, in return for saving her, for information regarding the Philosopher's Stone.

    The next day, Ed and Al are shocked to find that the hospital has been demolished. They have been tricked by Clara. At the sight of the hospital, they are met by Clara now in a nun's uniform. She claims that she was mortified at not being able to save the hospital and as a result, became a nun. Soon after, the monastery is also demolished. The brothers have been tricked yet again.

    Ed decides to get payback for her trickery and confronts Psiren later that night. Ed easily wins their battle and she is apprehended. As a reward, she tells Ed to head to Xenotime where it is rumored that there is someone researching the Philosopher's Stone.