Fullmetal Alchemist

Season 3 Episode 15

The Scar

Aired Saturday 12:00 AM Dec 17, 2005 on Cartoon Network

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  • In this episode Ed finally learns the truth about Scar and what happened to him years ago.

    This was a very good episode in the way it told of Scar's past. As Ed reaches Liore he meets up with Scar and Ed tells him not to do what he wants in his plans. Scar then opens up to Ed all of the horrible memories from his past and how he will create the Stone. Its a very memorable episode and one that really proves to be great.
  • A lot is revealed about different characters in this ep, including Scar, Fuhrer King Bradley and Rose. And there's a lot of different emotions in this; that's what makes it one of the best. ***Caution: Spoilers***

    I found this one really good, but it was also powerful in plot as well as powerfully sad.
    We finally get to find out the truth about Scar, as well as how Lust was created. The fight between Ed and Scar is pretty good because Ed kept changing the composition of his automail arm so Scar wouldn't know what it's components were. And for some reason, I love when Gluttony says, "I hate you, I hate you for hurting my Lust." There's also plenty of sadness in this one. It was kind of shocking really because I haven't seen this one in a while. It's revealed that after the miltary invaded Lior to calm down the civil war, Rose was kidnapped and raped. As a result, she not only has a baby, but she's gone mute. And the look Ed's eyes get when he hears the truth, it nearly kills me.
    The other sad thing is that Al's friend Martel gets killed while hiding inside him and he's drenched in her blood. Not a pretty picture and that's sad.
    And to took it all, the Fuhrer is actually a Homonculus: Pride to be exact.
  • Scar's past and future. A really good episode where much is revealed.

    I am really glad we get to hear more of Scar this episode. I knew we would after last episode but I cannot believe that Al is actually listening and has not killed him yet. But scar has a good reason and really he isn't doing anything bad. I cannot believe that the General dude killed someone inside of Ed then started talking to Ed in a tone that was too calm for comfort. It was very creepy. In this episode, we also learn more about the Philosipher stone and how it is created and maybe a way for Ed and Al toget their hands on one. But it comes with a price. Scar must get human souls to create it. I really liked this eppy. This is a realy revealing episode.
  • Did anyone else notice that Scar\\\'s Brother calls him by his real name? \\\"Al\\\"...

    In the scene where Scar is tending to his older brother who just gave his arm to Scar, he is dying and calls Scar \\\"Al\\\". I wonder if this has anything to do with anything in the plot, like Scar\\\'s relationship with Alphonse, or if it was just a careless mistake. At first I wasn\\\'t sure if I just heard it, but I\\\'ve seen the episode a few more times now, and I am sure that Scar\\\'s name is \\\"Al\\\". This is pretty cool because in a later episode, Lust asks Scar his name, and Scar tells her that his Holy name is gone because that person is dead... crazy.
  • Ed and Al make it back to Lior.

    As Edward and Alphonse make it back to Lior, they run into Scar. After a short lived battle with Scar [Ed fought him], Lust and Gluttony interupt. Lust is weakened and Gluttony get\'s p!$$ed that they \'hurt his Lust!\' The Homunculi escape and Rose, along with Dante\'s maid return. Scar explains to Ed how he got the scar and his brothers arm. Meanwhile, back at headquaters, Marta battles Kimbley. After Al saves her from being charcoal, she attacks the Fuhrer. King Bradley\'s eye patch is lost, revealing that he is an Homunculi [Pride]! Marta escapes him a nd jumps back inside Al. Pride walks up and asks Al to turn around and face him. Al does this and Pride, using a sword he had, stabs Al between the chin and chest plate. The weapon instantly kills Marta and the Episode ends with Al on the ground crying as Marta\'s blood drips from inside him.
  • Ed goes back to Lior to try to stop Scar from making the Philospher's stone, but Ed realizes Scar's reasons.

    This is one of the best episodes! The episode has a mixture of sorrow,fighting, and dark military secrets. This episode reveals the past of the most mysterious character in the show Scar. But not before a battle between Ed and Scar which was interrupted by two of the homunculi Lust and Gluttony. Meanwhile Marta tries to get her revenge on the military by trying to kill Kimblee but is interrupted by Al. Then without Al knowing she tries to kill King Bradley himself, but she fails and gets killed but not before telling Al one of the most darkest military conspiracy.
  • Superb episode of a superb anime

    This episode has everything: a great fight, an excellent flashback sequence, many secrets revealed, further character development, and a tragic death. Edward confronts Scar in Lior, and in the process learns more of Scar's mysterious past, what really happened in Ishbal, and what his destructive right arm really is. Meanwhile, Marta attempts to exact revenge on Kimblee, only to be stopped by Al, who then engages in battle with the Crimson Alchemist. We also learn what happened to Rose and the people of Lior, and the characters must confront whether revenge is a just cause. Finally, Marta uncovers a shocking secret, one that goes to the root of all the events of the series thus far - the Ishbal war, Lab Five, and the search for the Philosopher's Stone - but she soon finds she is in too deep, and pays the ultimate price, as Al witnesses her death helplessly. This episode is at once exciting, revealing, and dramatic - and is a shining example of why this show is one of the best anime series ever.
  • scar's past reveled, what happened to rose after ed left, king bradleys secret, stuff like that

    eeekkk!!! i loved it. i absolutley loved it.
    i can\'t believe what happened to rose, though. it\'s so horrible. an excellent flash back on why scar is so bitter towards the military. what his brother did, and out of love to... wow
    and... what happened with that snake chimera (forgot her name, srry) i almost started to cry. and the kings secret is reveled ooohhhhh!!!!! not like i already knew it was going to happen
    it pays to read the manga from japan

    this is why i watch this show

    GO ED!!
  • I couldnt keep my eyes off the tv.

    This episode has it all action, drama, etc...anyways I think that if anyone watched this episode they would be hooked on full metal alchemist i meen sure the ending was a sad cliff hanger but who cares thats why we watch tv am I right? if I had to summurize this episode in one sentence how about

    To gain knowledge man must give things up thus nothing can ever turn out the way you want it no mater how hard you try

    you would have to see the whole episode to get that sorry its my first review also im really tired

    Peace out FMA fan brothers............and sisters :)
  • Perfect from begining to end. Ed vs. Scar. Al vs. Kimbley. The Fuhrer revealed for the evil punk he really is.

    HOLY CRAP!!! I knew back when the new Liutenant Major was introduced that the Fuhrer had a connection to the Homonculi. How can anyone in his position not know of Brigadier General\\\'s action and the new Liutenant Major\\\'s shady reappointment of Kimbley as well as the secretaries background without being evil and in league with the Homunculi. It seems his uniqueness lies within his \\\"Ultimate Eye\\\" which my only guess is that it allows him to read the intentions of the people around him.
    Ed\\\'s skills have definately grown. He fought very well against scar. He would have definately won if Lust and Gluttony hadn\\\'t stepped in. Lust\\\'s true identity is revealed which also reveals who created her and thus can kill her.
    However, it was just awesome to see Al make a fool of Kimbley in their fight, tricking Kimbley into using his alchemy and then enclosing him in a stone box to feel the entire blast. Unfortunately, after Marta discovered the truth about the Fuhrer, he killed her for it. The scary thing is he had the guts to do it while she was in Al. He just stuck a sword through the opening in Al\\\'s neck and killed her. I was afraid he would try to kill Al as well. I don\\\'t understand why Al didn\\\'t do anything to stop him.
    All in all, excellent episode.
  • At last all the major players of FMA have revealed themselves. The Only thing left to do now is have the final battle to see who wins.

    This episode reveals many things. The most important being the identity of the 7th Homoculus Pride. Along with who that is we discovered the history of Lust's creation and the circumstances revolving around scars arm and his plan for the Philosepher's stone. All that is left for this show now is the inevitable battle between the military, the Homoculus, scar, and Ed and Al to see who will come out victorious.

    This is the best episode of one of the best shows out there. everything is just perfect. It was also very revealing. We now know where Scar got his scar. And the secret about the Furher was awesome too. Overall, great episode. I can\'t wait till the next one. I hope it airs soon.
  • A very good episode of fma.

    Tis seen how Lust was created, and Scar loved her too. Also we more about his brother made her. And we also learn the truth about Fuhrer King Bradley, that he is an evil Homunculus. And not the kind king he looked like. So all in all, I say this was a kick-ass episode of Fullmetal Alchemist.