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Fullmetal Alchemist

Season 2 Episode 6

The Truth Behind Truths

Aired Saturday 12:00 AM Mar 19, 2005 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

Ed and Al have spent years searching for the Philosopher's Stone. After studying Marcoh's notes, however, Ed learns of the grusome secret behind its power. With this knowledge, can the Elric Brothers continue with their quest to be whole again?

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  • Ed and Al discover the key ingredient to make the Philsopher's Stone, and Ed nearly abandons the quest to restore their bodies. Encouragement from Lt. Ross brings Ed back into reality, but sneaking into Lab 5 brings reveals more secrets then Ed guessed.moreless

    This episode begins the Laboratory 5 saga, in which Ed and Al have discovered the key ingredient in forging a Philosopher's Stone, and Ed nearly gives up on their quest. Encouragement from Lt. Ross helps Edward to continue with the quest. After some brief investigating, Ed and Al sneak off at night to the abandoned Laboratory 5 in Central, where they discover it is not all that abandoned - guarded by two armoured soldiers.

    This episode had a serious tone all the way through it, and it showed how human Ed was upon learning the dark secret of the Philosopher's Stone. I was also surprised by this revelation, but it was great to see more character development between the brothers. Lt. Ross is a great character and really helped bring Edward back around to his usual self. The scenes in Lab 5 featuring Edward running from a boulder Indiana Jones style was hilarious and well put into the scenes. The introductions of the Slicer and No.66 were awesome, and the fighting scenes were great.moreless
  • One of the better pure thrill rides among FullMetal Alchemist episodes.

    "The Truth behind Truths" marks the beginning of a great arc. It's also an exciting, intriguing thrill ride. You'd think based on the title that this episode would unravel many mysteries, but it really only scratches the surface, and that's a very good thing.

    Shattered by the discovery that closed the previous episode, Edward is prepared to abandon all hope of gaining the Philosopher's Stone. He obviously isn't willing to sacrifice other people's lives, so he becomes despondent and closed off. Alphonse isn't quite so willing to give up, but he can't convince Ed to re-examine the evidence.

    I loved Lt. Ross's role in the early going of this episode. Having overhead the secret, she dissuades Armstrong from bothering them and then talks some sense into Ed. These scenes give Ross a much more defined character and quickly demonstrate that she supports the Elrics. It's great to see a character that on a less ambitious show would have simply been background color become an important element. There's a nice comic interlude with Hughes and Szieska that continues their storyline.

    Upon reasoning that Marcoh's note that they would find "the genuine truth behind truths" meant there was more to the story than what was in his journals, Ed and Al try to figure out where Marcoh would have conducted his research. The abandoned fifth laboratory is their goal, since they reason that its location adjacent to a prison would have provided a source of human beings for research.

    Here's where the excitement starts. Since Ross and Bloch for obvious reasons forbid the Elric brothers from investigating the lab on their own, they sneak out and do so anyway. The scene with the Homonculi also builds tension, since they are aware that Ed and Al are investigating the lab, and they have guards there, who evidently aren't easily controlled. A nice nod to continuity is here, in which Envy relates that he's succeeded in reducing Lior to a ghost town. There's also Scar's involvement, the ever-reliable source of tension in this season (although his arm reacting with Marcoh's writings and making an energy ball out of them is hokey, unnecessary, and nonsensical). He was put on the Elrics' trail by Lust, and we get the sense that something momentous is about to occur. The shadowy introductory scene for the two guards is appropriately creepy.

    The rest of the episode is told from Ed and Al's point of view, so that the viewer only knows what they know. The laboratory seems heavily fortified for an abandoned building, so that Ed has to sneak in to try to discover the laboratory's secrets. There's a delicious twist on one of FMA's running gags here, in which Ed starts to realize there might be benefits to being short. He still ultimately regrets his size, but it's nice to see him use it to avoid death several times here, in a sequence that is a brilliant lift from Indiana Jones. (Look for Greed's cameo!)

    Finally the episode culminates in the sequence it's set up the entire time, the guards' attacking the brothers. It doesn't disappoint; if anything these scenes are the best of the episode. Alphonse's opponent is the appropriately titled Number 66, a heavily armored creature with a feral skull mask and glowing eye sockets, while Edward's is Number 48, clad in samurai armor. It isn't long before Ed discovers the truth of his assailant: He has a blood seal like Alphonse, so he's also an affixed soul. So too is 66.

    The episode ends with a thrilling cliffhanger, with the promise of more action and revelations to follow. "The Truth bethind Truths" starts a very promising group of episodes of FullMetal Alchemist.moreless
  • Ed won't stop at nothing to make the Philosopher's stone, but what happens when he finds the truth.

    This episode is one of the best episodes of FullMetal Alchemist. Edward finds out that the ingridient for the philosopher's stone is real live humans!Ed can barely handle the truth and think his dream of getting Al's body back will never come true. Ed won't except the truth so he goes to the forbidden lab 5 which was closed down years ago. Both Ed and Al meet up with these auto-mail which have blood seals just like Al. Ed has a sword fight were Al fights this seems to be crazy guy. But later in the show he will find the truth. This is a must see episode.!moreless
Wendy Powell

Wendy Powell


Guest Star

Bill Jenkins

Bill Jenkins

Number 48

Guest Star

Ricky Page

Ricky Page

Additional Voices

Guest Star

Christopher R. Sabat

Christopher R. Sabat

Maj. Alex Louis Armstrong

Recurring Role

Sonny Strait

Sonny Strait

Lt. Col. Maes Hughes

Recurring Role

Gwendolyn Lau

Gwendolyn Lau


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • The fifth DVD, "The Cost of Living", has commentary by ADR Director Mike McFarland, Vic Micnogna (voice of Ed), and Aaron Dismuke (voice of Al) for this episode.

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Lust: I gave them direct orders not to lay a hand on those boys. But that insures nothing. They are idiots after all.

    • (After dodging the boulder)
      Ed: See ... and all this time I thought being normal sized would be a good thing!

    • Ed: (to himself while crawling through an air vent) And if I was big, I wouldn't be able to fit through this and we wouldn't be able to do this at all. It's actually good to be small.
      (long pause)
      Ed: What am I talking about! No it isn't!

    • Hughes: What's wrong? You need an energy boost?
      Sciezka: (panicking) No! That's not necessary!
      (Hughes shows her a picture of his daughter)
      Hughes: Look! This is the special little swimsuit edition with Mommy's hat on! Isn't she the most adorable little angel you've ever seen in all existence? One look at this happy face and all fatigue just flies away! Doesn't it? Hmmm? Hmmm?!

    • Number 48: My sword can even cut through steel!
      Ed: I hope you're kidding, pal! If I break this arm again, there's a girl who's gonna ring my neck!

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