Fullmetal Alchemist

Season 3 Episode 4

The Untainted Child

Aired Saturday 12:00 AM Oct 01, 2005 on Cartoon Network
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As Ed and Al get ready to leave Yock Island, a strange boy wanders out of the forest. Suffering from amnesia, he can't remember how he got there. Amazingly, he is a gifted alchemist; not only can he perform alchemy, but, like Ed, he doesn't need a transmutation circle. He also has other amazing abilities, compelling Izumi to take the child in. Ed, however, is suspicious of the boy's sudden appearance, and doesn't believe he is as innocent as he appears to be.moreless

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  • After Ed and Al return from the island, Ed unravels some interesting secrets about the boy they found on the island.

    This is a great episode as it introduces Wrath. He is a young boy who seems familiar to Izumi. As the episode progresses, Ed realizes that the boys right arm, and left leg, are really his old ones. Furious, Ed chases the boy out into the streets as the episode ends. It was great to see this new character even though he creates more questions than he does answers. A very revealing episode.moreless
  • Great episode!

    This is one of my person favorites with the wild boy, Wrath, in it. He's an out there kind of character that everyone would love when they first meet him! ADD induced Wrath finds his powers to fuse with objects and even do alchemy like Edo!

    Though they act nothing alike Wrath and Edo have a special bond between them that is quite shocking to Aru and Edo.
  • Whoa...

    This is an episode where not only do Ed and Al find out about the boy...it shows that their teacher knows about how atifitial humans are "born". That tells us 1)she has tried to do it and had failed, and 2)that is the reason she can perform alchemy without a circle. She visited the gate of alchemy, and we can asume that the boy is a dead son or something like that. And, the most shocking part is how the child had Ed's arm and leg, and him screaming that it was not an equivalent exchange, but an unfair trade.moreless
  • Ed and Al find a boy that can perform alchemy without a transmutation circle while they are preparing to leave Yock island, and Izumi takes him in. At the end of the episode, they discover something shocking about the boy.moreless

    This episode was not really an action episode, but it did add on to the plot. We find out that the boy's arm and leg belong to Ed. The boy must have gotten them when Ed gave them up in Equivalent Exchange. At the end, the boy runs off and Izumi has left to go somewhere. Somehow, the boy gets transmuted/fused with a bed, but Izumi frees him. Not much else to say about this episode except it helped the plot. It's a pretty good episode.

  • A great episode that leaves so many questions to the mind. This episode leaves you begging for more. it also brings up some great undiscoverd secrets for the elric brothers to figure out.moreless

    I couldn't take my eyes away from the tv knowing i might miss something vital in this episode. it is a great way to continue after the previous episode where the elric brothers were left on the island to prove themselves to Izumi. It brings so many questions to mind about this mysterious boy that could be a questioned hummonculi. You could really see Ed's hatred for him building because it was puting his equivilant exchange theory to the test when ed gave up his limbs for his brother and mother but somehow this boy had attained them. you can also see the darker secret to Izumi being unraveled and hopefully answered in the up coming episode. Izumi's protection over the boy is obviously because of something that happened in the past. all together i find this episode has a great plot that is worthy of the series. i wouldn't expect anything less of the creators of fma.moreless
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  • TRIVIA (10)

    • Goof: Edward and Al are talking to Winry about their transgression and what they learned on the island. Al says he doubts teacher will ever completely forgive them. After a pause Winry decides to confront Izumi, as everyone makes mistakes. Edward and Al rush to stop her. Edward says he was only kidding and he's sure teacher will forgive them.

      Al should be the one saying this line not Edward, as it was Al who gave the original line about his doubt that their teacher could ever really forgive them. This is a goof by the writers.

    • Sloth is revealed to be the youngest out of the Homunculists.

    • Among the hundreds of images that are seen coming out of the Gate, there are several still shots from earlier episodes. Some of the most noticeable involve Rose during the episodes "To Challenge the Sun" and "Body of the Sanctioned", mainly because her pink hair is easy to spot.

    • Anime vs. Manga:
      A special character doesn't exist in the Manga.

    • An American flag is one of the images seen behind the Gate.

    • Sig, Izumi's husband, sleeps with his eyes open.

    • This episode marks the first mention of Gate of Alchemy

    • The Olympic Rings are among the images shown from behind the Gate.

    • The reason why Ed and Izumi can do transmutations without a circle is revealed in this episode.

    • First appearance of Frank Archer.

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    • Cultural Allusion: Izumi's Slippers:
      Izumi wears slippers with the initials W.C. on them. 'W.C.' stands for 'Water Closet', which is another term for bathroom or restroom.
      It is a custom in Japan to wear and change into different kinds of shoes and slippers depending on being inside a house, outside the house, or inside a public or private bathroom area.