Fullmetal Alchemist

Season 3 Episode 9

Theory of Avarice

Aired Saturday 12:00 AM Nov 05, 2005 on Cartoon Network

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  • my favorite episode!

    ed is in the states custody and manages to get away armstrong meets law and they duke it out. marta is hiding inside of al's armor. greed decides to give dante a visit in her manor but is surprised to see dante's body split in half. lyra(really dante) uses a binding homunculus seal to take away greed's red stones. ed sees strange lights coming from the manor. he notices dante's body rotting in the corner and accuses greed of killing her. ed refuses to listen to him so they fight. ed manages to decompose his "ultimate shield" and pierce his chest, thus killing him. greed tells ed to make sure the other homunculus meet their demise.
  • Action-packed episode. Armstrong faces Law, Ed vs. Greed & a few characters meet their demises. Ed is confronted with a choice- to kill or be killed. Maybe the series' best episode.

    The episode starts off with Ed being in the Militaries custody, but he easily manages to give them the slip. Meanwhile, in the sewers, Armstrong goes one on one with Law. Greed & his minions still manage to escape though. But then Lust finds their hideout & Gluttony and she kill Dorochet & Law. They gave their lives so that Greed could escape with Al. Then Greed goes to pat Dante a visit. But, Dante seems to be split open while her maid, (supposedly)Leera lures Greed into a trap. After losing most of his power, Greed meets Ed again. But this time, its serious. The 2 have an awesome battle and Ed manages to break through Greeed's shield & kill him. Greed then explains the homunculi's weaknesses to Ed and tells him how to finish them off before he dies. Ed was tormented by the fact that he had to take a life, but as always, he kept pushing forward, not telling others about his sufering.
  • Brilliant. Simply brilliant.

    This episode was amazing in Japanese, and is one of the few that actually retained its grandeur in English. The "Given answers to new questions" ratio is perfect, as it tells how to kill the homunculi and what happens in the process, but also makes one wonder exactly how Ed and Al will overcome the remaining six, and what each of their specific weaknesses is.
    In my opinion, the fight is the most important part of the episode. It's beautifully animated, and it appears almost like a wicked dance until the very last moment. I didn't want to move, blink, even breathe, for fear of missing a single beat.

    Beyond just the obvious repercussions, this episode advanced Ed's character immensely. I felt that his conquest of Greed was almost like a rite of passage, something that allowed him to be viewed as an adult. Not only did he finally decide to take a life, but he did so in a calm, cool, calculating manner. I don't want to infer too much without actually having some sort of proof behind it, but I daresay that if one were to make the statement, "Ed has bested Greed," it could be taken in more than just the literal sense.

    All in all, "Theory of Avarice" is an exquisite episode, and one worth watching more than just once.
  • Possibly my favorite so far *spoilers*

    I always liked how Greed treated his followers as equals, not as a mindless minions. It was awesome to see his henchmen still being loyal to Greed, through the millatary and Lust and Gluttony, even if it lead them to there own death. Then we get hit with the plot twist of Dante being dead, and Lyra being not herself. And then Greed vs Ed. An awesome fight. (Greed looks totally badass transformed by the way) And Greeds death scene was incredible. Sacrificing himself to show Ed how to beat the homunculy, just as the Devil's Nest sacrificed themselves for him. Ed's freakout about killing Greed was a bit over dramatic, but it's suits his character. And through all of this, Armstrong still manages to make a few funny jokes. A truly great episode.
  • all i can say is oh my god!

    Well this is a really good episode. there are many things that are revealed in this ep. The way to defeat the humunculi is revealed, by greed, how makes his final appearance in this ep, unfortunaly. This ep is very very important ti the series i think. it is defently one of my favorites thought even though it has a sad ending for some people. and why not just call it theory of greed.
  • A good episode

    A Theory of Avarice was one of the best episodes of Full Metal Alchemist ever. I have to admit, i almost cried when Greed died, Greed was my favorite Homunculi, and it was sad to see him, as one of my favorite characters be one of the first to die of the Homunculi. And the Homunculi's weakness and/or weaknesses were revealed, when they are close to the person who created them(An alchemist HAD to create a Homunculus if they try to bring the dead back to life and fails. Ed and Al tried to bring their Mom back to life, and it failed, and that's Sloth, the one that looks like Trisha) And Ed, is he like the Anime Jimmy Neutron? He's really smart, and talks fast about scientific things(Must've been from studying about alchemy for such a long time) Anyway, I have to say that Theory of Avarice must be one of the best, and one of my favorite episodes of Fullmetal Alchemist!
  • Wow.

    It doesn't get any better than this. The action sequences in the beginning were beautiful to watch, perfectly executed, and saddening at the same time ( even if they were Greed's crew).

    Dante's mansion was beyond creepy, Lyla seemed to have a complete change in character, and the fight between Ed and Greed was very -very- well done. Pivotal information on the Homonculi, and now that Ed possesses the knowledge, the story should be progressing in a clear direction.

    Perfect episode, can't ask for more.
  • My, what a wonderful episode this turned out to be.

    I really did enjoy this episode, and found it to be one of the more favorable episodes of the series in my opinion. The way that so many new questions arise, and so many are also answered. With the battle scene between Ed and Greed, a great deal of character development takes place in this. With Ed's struggle of deciding to go beyond the level of merely injuring to actually killing another being, it is a great breaking point for Ed.
    Greed's lifespan was certainly cut short in the series. He only made an appearance in a few episodes. But he is quite an important character as he reveals the weakness of the Homunculus. With this Ed now knows how to stop the creatures. Greed was not after the desire of being human, but instead craved what possesions were able to be attained by humans, such as fame, money, women, and power. He also experienced the feeling of revenge. Greed was loyal and honest on a certain level. He seemed to be the closest to any human than the other Homunculi.
    And with Greed's death, Ed now overcomes his fear of fatally wounding another being.

    I can't stress enough of how I loved this episode. The plot was well written, along with a fantastic fight scene. The way the characters responded to such situations was great. The loyalty shown by the chimeras loyal to Greed, leading ultimately to their death, and the deception of Dante--But I will not spoil that.

    All in all, this is definitely a classic of the series. I certainly dreaded the fact that one of my favorite characters of the series was now dead, but it was not avoidable. Fans of the series will definitely want to view this episode, although it may be a bit hard to follow if you haven't kept up to date. I hope to see more pivital episodes such as this one very soon.
  • Dont judge a book by its cover THE THEORY OF GREED [contains some spoilers]

    A very important episode in the Full Metal Alchemist series. The military storms the Devil's Nest and Greed and his henchmen have to escape. As Ed still searches for Al, he notices a blue light coming from Dante's Mansion. There, Greed is waiting for him, and until Ed defeats him, he wont say where Al is.

    I dont want to give much away but let just say that there is one of the best/fast paced fight scenes in the series. In this episode we learn where was Greed born, what gives life to the homunculus, their weaknesses and how can they be defeated.

    By far, this is one of my favorite episodes (i still have to watch the last 5 episodes so my opinions might change) in the whole series, since it answers many questions and the fight is awesome.

    Oh, and what happened to Dante and Lyra? Seems that you will have to watch for yourself.