Fullmetal Alchemist

Season 1 Episode 1

To Challenge the Sun

Aired Saturday 12:00 AM Nov 06, 2004 on Cartoon Network

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  • Seems like a good show.

    This is the first time I ever watched this show. My friends told me how great it was, and they tried to get me to watch it. I finally got around to it tonight, and I must say that it seems like a pretty decent show. I was kind of confused throughout the episode, but that's to be expected since it was the first time I watched it and had no idea what the show was about. My favorite parts of the episode were when anybody made fun of how short Ed was (XD) I can sympathize with him though because I'm shorter than most of the kids at my school. I don't really have much more to say about this episode. I'm sure I'll come back sometime and redo this review when I see more episodes, but for now I'm done. Pretty lame, huh? (XD)
  • Ed and Al are on a journey for the philosophers stone to turn their bodies back to normal, because they tried to revive a human. One must be punished for doing so. They were.

    The series and this episode start with two boys trying to revive their mother. They fail, and their bodies are now different. They seek to change that back to normal. They are now in the dessert for the philosophers stone, the people their notice that Al is the full metal alchemist because his body is all metal, little do they now, actually Ed is the full metal alchemist, only Ed has a right arm, and left leg that are metal. With alchemy you can do extrodinary things, such as repairs, summoning, fighting etc... This was a great episode because the Ulrich brothers start off with their adventure and their motive is stated for the series to start.
  • To Challenge the Sun is an excellent start to a great series and it starts the story off in the right direction.

    This really sends the series forward and the story-telling is incredible in FMA. Right away you end up witnessing first hand their curse and what they have just done. It really feels powerful and you can understand the pressure they were under to make things right again. They basically had no one left to turn to and the result of whatever may have happened didn't seem to matter because they believed they had lost enough nothing else could possibly go wrong. Alchemy seemed to be the easy way out and the only answer to all their problems, but it seemed that what they wanted couldn't be done and they learned that at a high price.

    The episode starts off four years after the incident in the desert on their way to the Eastern city of Liore where they find that everything seems too good to be true and at the same time nothing is what it seems. It's almost a tropic paradise, but it's past proves otherwise. Everything just seemed to come overtime from a prophet, Father Cornello who the Alchemists believe is using his followers and leading them on for his own selfish needs, but quickly the townspeople are there to defend him for he's done the people a great good. He has given the people water, new buildings for shelters, money and made life worth living again. Ed and Al still feel convinced enough to find out what's really going on since it seems that Alchemy is the reason for all these blessings. Trapped in the bottom of the Cathedral they are one step closer to finding the secrets behind the Philosopher's Stone and even though the odds are against them it's a chance that they must take in order to make thing's right again.
  • Humankind cannot gain anything without first giving something in return. That is the first law of alchemy. In those days, we believed that to be the world's one and only truth...

    "Humankind cannot gain anything without first giving something in return. That is the first law of alchemy. In those days, we believed that to be the world's one and only truth." - Alphonse Elric. Every episode starts that way. Anyway, at the beginning, it shows two brothers doing some kind of transmutation. Their names are Edward (Ed) and Alphonse (Al) Elric, and they are trying to bring their mother back to life. All seems to go well at first, but then something goes horribly wrong. Al begins to disappear! Ed grabs onto him, but can only manage to save his spirit. He attaches it to a suit of armor, and Ed loses an arm and a leg. Before he passes out, he sees his mother, only it's not his mother. It's a monster. Later, Al wakes up, scoops up Ed, who is bleeding horribly, and takes him to the neighbor's, Winry Rockbell, and her grandmother, Pinako. They manage to save Ed. When he regains conciousness, Ed asks Winry to build him some automail. The scene shifts to five years later. Ed is 15, and Al is 14. They are on assignment to scope out a city in the desert called Liore. They look around for a bit, then sit down for a drink. Everyone else has their radios turned on, and are listening to a prophet called Cornello. Later, a pretty girl, who is later important in the series, though not until close to the end, named Rose stops by, and offers to show the two boys around. She takes them to visit Father Cornello, and he gives them a room for the night. Later, Rose shows them a miracle show, where the prophet fixes things and brings the dead birds back to life. IDK. Anyway, Ed tells her that he's just using alchemy, and she gets all ticked off. Later, Al finds out and informs Ed that Rose is an orphan, and her boyfriend, Kane, who was all she had, died recently, and Cornello promised her that he could bring him back of she served him. So naturally, she does. Meanwhile, Cornello kinda brings Kane back to life, although he cannot see his face, only hear his voice. Rose is so overjoyed. Though while she is cleaning the church, Ed comes and confronts her about Cornello again. But the prophet knew of the famous Elric brothers, and sent one of his men to kill them. The man tries to shoot Al, only he can't die, because he's only a suit of armor. When Rose sees this, she believes that they are evil and runs to turn them in to Cornello. Ed and Al follow her, and take on the false prophet.
  • A commentary on mind control by religions!

    The first episode to this amazing series starts with our two heroes traveling through the desert in search of the philosopher's stones. They arrive at a mysteriously rich and growing city in the middle of desert. After investigating, they discover that the reason for this booming economy is a religious figure adored by every citizen of this city. Apparently, this guy has super powers, but our friends soon discover this ain't so. I love the atmosphere in this episode, it is something you don't get to feel anymore throughout the show.w.

    Me being a christian enjoyed all the attacks on religion and its leaders!
  • A great way to start a great series!

    The first episode of 'Full Metal Alchemist' was fantastic to be put plainly. It had incredible animation, it intrigues the viewer quickly mixed in with humor. You couldn't ask for anything better!

    Since its the beginning of the series, the animation wasn't as great as it is near the end (the animation in the movie and season 4 are jaw dropping!) but considering it was the first episode, they did a great job with it! They have amazing artists working for them.

    Its a fascinating show as well. The first few minutes of the episode where it shows Ed and Al attempting a transmutation circle that goes wrong made me want to never pull my eyes away from the TV. The storyline is by far, the best storyline i've ever seen for a show out of all the shows I watch or ever have watched, even though i'm a House fanatic as well, i'd say this goes over that!

    The humor this show has is PRICELESS. Especially the moments with Ed when he's called short XD I ADORE the circle part at the beginning of this episode.

    "I don't understand why you keep falling in!"
    "I get full."
    "Full of WHAT!?"
    *kicks Al and a pile of sand falls on him*

    Overall, this episode is fantastic, a great start to the series.
  • An excellent start to an excellent series. "Episode 1: Those Who Challenge The Sun Get Incinerated"

    Fullmetal Alchemist is my favourite anime currently, and has been for over a year now. I have been collecting the DVDs online from 2006-2007, having just gained the movie in November, 2007. The whole impact of the series has made it one of my favourite television shows, and one of the best cartoons ever made. I have seen very few anime, but others like Pokemon, Digimon, Cardcaptor Sakura, Yu-Gi-Oh, Ergo Proxy, Naruto and Sonic X are some that I have enjoyed. I first discovered Fullmetal Alchemist by chance or luck. It was in 2005 in Paris when I first found it on television. I had never seen a properly adult anime before and was stunned by the violence used in the episode I first saw - Episode 34. I watched Episode 35 afterwards with my sister. I managed to remember the name and looked it up on the internet, learning about mostly the whole anime in the process. I watched some AMVs on the internet and then eventually started buying the DVDS.

    Episode 1 was quite a stunner for me, as said earlier I had never seen an adult-themed anime or cartoon before and it was quite a surprise to me on how realistic the show seemed. I was a bit disturbed by the scary deformed Homunculus at the start, but I enjoyed the episode.

    Plot: Edward and Alphonse Elric arrive in the desert city of Lior to investigate the miracles of the city's thumbheaded priest, Father Cornello. The plot was pretty easy to follow, Edward was very funny during his shorty anger moment. How can he swing two fully grown men around with just his hands? The best moment was when it is revealed Alphonse is the suit of armour. I was really shocked by that. Edward's Automail arm beign exposed was also pretty cool. Yep, this series certainly had a lot in store for me.
  • A great start to a great series.

    Overall this episode was a great beginning to the series with an interesting and entertaining plot and dialogue. It also introduces a few characters that become pivotal later in the story and gives a decent backstory on the origins of the Elrics and a brief exlanation of alchemy itself as it will be used throughout the series. This episode also had a few humorous moments as well as creates a sympathetic feeling towards the Elrics and their sufferings.

    Beginning with a flash back from the Elric's early childhood, we learn of an attempt at alchemy to bring their mother back to life and the consequences both boys face for their actions. The mystery as to just what happened to their bodies remains a mystery until the middle and end of the episode and keeps you guessing in between.

    Skipping to the present we find the Elrics journeying through a desert until they stumble across the town of Liore. Al seems to be inside a suit of armor and Ed is complaining about the desert. Full of life and wealth, this city has a prophet who flourished the townspeople with such luxuries. Ed and Al take a break at a soda stand where they announce that their reasons for visiting the town is to locate something. They then demonstrate the use of alchemy to fix a radio that Al accidentally knocked over and shattered when rising up to leave.

    Upon fixing the radio and listening to a broadcast from the prohpet, Cornello, Ed finds something unfitting about him. Soon they meet a young girl named Rose who had recently lost her boyfriend which was all she had. She offers up rooms to the Elrics for the night in hopes that helping people and doing good deeds, according to Cornello, will bring her beloved back from the dead.

    Al had asked Rose about the gravesite she visits and in turn Al informed Edward that she believes Cornello can do the unobtainable and bring her boyfriend back. Ed believes is isn't true, seeing as they have failed in past. Later to add to Edwards' suspicions, the Elrics gather for a demonstration of miracles provided by Cornello in which they discover that he's simply using alchemy. However, Cornello is ignoring the basic principals which cannot be done unless he has help from another source, the object in which the Elrics seek.

    Later in a church, Ed confronts Rose about her beliefs in Cornello and his abilities as she polishes the alter. Edward informs her of the ingredients that make up a human body and that it can all be bought on a child's allowance, but the attempt at actually bringing a soul back from the dead has never been done. Meanwhile Cornello has informed his assistant that Edward Elric, the Fullmetal Alchemist, is part of the military and that he has come to destroy their town. He then tells the assistant that the Elrics need to be disposed of for the sake of the town and the assistant agreed to carry out the "will of God".

    Peeking in on Edward and Rose, Al is then confronted by Conrello's assistant who fires a gun at the back of Al's head. The headless suit of armor falls over as Rose screams. Then as the assistant points the gun at Edward, the armor rises and Edward tosses the head at him, knocking him to the floor. Al then catches the armor's head and explains to Rose that he has no physical body, but he still exists. Rose screams and runs off and the Elrics shortly follow.

    Here Rose has found Cornello and the Elrics arrive to confront the phony prophet. After Edward calls Cornello out on his "miracles" being nothing more than alchemy, but however ignoring the laws, Cornello reveals that he has in fact been using the help of the philosophers stone, the precious gem in which the Elrics have been seeking. Cornello refuses to just hand it over and decides to eliminate the Elrics himself.

    Casting Al aside by transmuting the floor to sand and rendering Al helpless, Ed is forced to handle things himself. Cornello then calls out a mythical beast, a chimera, and Ed uses his alchemy to draw forth a spear. Cornello is surprised seeing as Ed did not use a transmutation circle which is crucial for the transmutation to take effect. Ed thwarts off the beast and Cornello sends in back up, a parrot into which he has transformed into a monster using alchemy.

    The ravenous bird snaps the spear in half with little effort and then takes ahold of Edwards left leg. However it did not snap and Ed punches him away with his right arm. The chimera suddenly jumps to it's feet and gets ahold of Edwards right arm. As his sharp teeth try to gnaw away at Ed's flesh, Edward throws him off of him and Cornello is left in shock deducting that his limbs are fake.

    Removing pieces of his coat, Ed reveals his arm is nothing but automail and is the price he paid, along with his left leg and Al's entire body, for the attempt they made at the taboo human transmutation. Cornello realizes that the name "Fullmetal" Ed received by the military when he joined was literal and now understood that the Elrics themselves have done what is strictly forbidden and what he himself is incapable of doing.
  • omg

    I love this show nad i love this episode. went 2 young kids alfonse and his older brother tray ro make something .it turned i to a tragedy,went the complet body of alfonse is taken and destroyed and the leg ad arms of of the other guy well i think so .they just tray to bring their mon to live but they pay the price and the cost of that.their body were destroyed practically.

    God... it is a good way to begin a show, no well it is perfect it is a execelt actually. i love it it one of the best thing in the world of the anime and comics.gret and the rest of the story is perfect no way .i can not say how much i like this episode relly.it had everything for me .i love the part that alfonse trey to get out of the place but could't ,poor boy. good and great episode you have to see this.
  • This episode starts with two kids (Al-ED)who are trying to make something with the alchemy and turns to be wrong..then the episode goes to the future(after 5 years) and shows us what happened with them

    i think the best thing with any anime or movie is to have a good start, and i think this one has a good one..it really attracts me from the first of it ,to know what the kids are doin and so on ...and i really like these kind of anime which has a good lookin hero :) the story starts with these 2 kids who are doin alchemy and failed..and then it takes us after 5 years and we see that one of the kids are now in an iron body..the other has become the full metal alchemist..it's a good start for this anime and i really liked it..enjoy
  • Alchemy that actually works, prosthetic limbs, a Sun God and a fountain of wine.

    The Elric brothers are hunting for the legendary Philosopher's Stone. On the way, they stumble upon a town in the middle of a desert. Here they meet a conniving alchemist who is masquerading as a prophet that performs "miracles" using the very thing they are searching for.
    This episode, like most pilots, introduces us to the central characters and their personalities. Edward is the more outspoken of the two, with a short stature and even shorter temper. Al is the knight in shining armor, in the literal sense. Years ago they both did something very taboo in the laws of alchemy: tried to bring a human (their mom in this case) back from the dead. As punishment, Ed lost his leg and Al lost his entire body; Ed had to sacrifice one of his arms in order to fix Al's soul into a suit of armor. They want the Stone so they can get their bodies back; the episode leaves us on a cliffhanger, of course, but it still did the job of a first episode well.
  • Intro to a great anime series.

    Many people have told me this is a great anime. I totally can relate know. I'm already familiar with the studio BONES because of Eureka 7 (another awesome anime). But this episode was intriguing because it made me wonder more. About the elric brothers. It goes to show you that if you imitate the actions of God you will be punished. in this case losing an arm, leg and one whole body. I look foward to episode 2.
  • The first episode of the FMA series. It was AWESOME!!! :)

    I knew I was going to like FullMetal Alchemist even before I saw the anime because I had read the manga. I LOVED this episode!! It was really close to the manga, and it just pulls you into the story. I guy who can perform alchemy without a circle and who passes off alchemy as works of God, a teen with an automail arm and leg and another teen that lost his body and his spirit is attached to a suit of armor?! I don't see how anyone wouldn't want to watch FMA after seeing this episode. Honestly, this episode couldn't have been done better. The voice actors were perfect, the animation was amazing, it was just a great first episode. I'm now officially hooked on FMA.
  • An episode that starts it off well. It explains what happened to them and why they are the way there are. Introduced some characters such as rose. A new episode like all the others, not explaining everything.

    This episode wasn't a favorite, but it is the first episode. You can't really put anything bad down on it. As all other animes, it leaves many questions still un answered. Many antagonists still await discovering. Letsee...

    You can clearly tell the stone is of importance because of how the brothers look at it. They respect it with importance and think it is what they want. So obviously they will go for it with their utmost efforts. Don't know what else to say about this episode. Good for a first I guess. Can't wait to see the rest of the series. ^.^
  • The first episode of Fullmetal Alchemist is very promising for what is to come.

    In this first episdoe Ed and Al arrive at a desert town called Liore. There they meet a girl named Rose, and holy man who is said to perform miracles, Father Cornello. Ed and Al realize that the man is not performing miracles but is using alchemy and fooling the citizens of Liore. When Ed confronts the man, he becomes locked in a battle of alchemy, and tries to get the philosophers stone from him so he can return him and his brothe to their normal selves. I thought this was a very interesting first episode because even though it gave some background of Ed and Al, it did not give as much as I thought it would. Still it was great, and I'm sure this is going to become an anime classic for sure.
  • A great episode, its a lot to understand to fast though.

    A riveting begining.The only problem is that its far off for whats the seiries is about and it's alot to comprehend without alot of explanation. This episode consentrates mainly on action and not alot of explanation. I really do hope this atacts people into the seiries, it is a episode that seems out of the Fullmetal Alchemist world though. If someone who has not seen FMA is reading this, I have a little thing of trivia: Skipping the first two episodes will not effect your viewing at all besides the philosopher's stone and the conscept of Alchemy. Don't take this as me bad-mouthing the episode, its a good one yet its unprepares you for a lot of stuff, including the drama of this seiries.
  • Ed and Al's search for the Philosopher's Stone brings them to a village in the middle of the dessert. They find a man who "brings people back to life" and suspect alchemy.

    I think this was the second episode of Fullmetal Alchemist I saw. It pretty cool to have introductions that don’t tell you the whole story, but this on left out a lot that’s told later in the show. Ok so Ed and Al end up in some village that seems to be doing a lot of business. They meet people and are called strange and other weird names that you would expect a village in the center of the desert to call people that randomly show up and are dressed weird. One guy even has the nerve to ask them if they are circus performs to which Ed indignantly replies “Am I were a clown suit?” They are told that there a priest that performs miracles of God and has brought people back to life. To skip to the point Father Cornello has been given power of alchemy by some mysterious figure. He only summons monsters that somewhat resemble the person that was dead. His arm can also turn into a cool machinegun. He’s capture Ed and is tricked into revealing his secret through a microphone the Ed and Al set up.
  • An almost perfect introductory episode.

    When i first got wind of this programme - I wasn't expecting much to be honest. Within the first 5 minutes, howevr, i was hooked. Its just like... I want to know more, whats this? Hows he done that? Isnt that in harry potter?!

    I would have rated this episode higher but that bloody 'girl'/'thing' called Rose. Absolute princess cow! Why did everyone care so much about her? Big deal she lost her boyfriend, get a new one!

    Regardless of her (who i just phaased out), what an excellent episode. What an evil character... a badass, meaty priest with a chain gun. Brilliant. And then Alphonse looses his head and there's nothing inside - and i'm like what but then Ed explains about binding his sole to the armour and for some crazy reason, all this alchemy bs is making sense and you begin to get drawn in, thinking, o yeah... that could happen.

    Watch it. Watch the whole series. Buy the DVDs. get the creators as much money as you can to encourage them to produce more stuff like this. BRAVO!!!
  • tells about how ed lost his arm and leg and how al lost his body. also is very descriptive and includes alot of the characters.

    very good! i\\\\\\\'m impressed that they\\\\\\\'ve made so much detail and its only for the first episode! Fullmetal alchemist is the best anime EVER!!!!!!! i first started reading the mangas and then i figured out about the T.V. show and i have all of the action figures aswell! full metal alchemist is definetly an award winner. Ed must have felt ALOT of pain when he lost his arm and leg. I wonder what Al was thinking while his body was being taken away, he probably just went to the gate and just forgot the whole thing when he got back.
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  • Ed and Al come across a strange pelntiful city. In it holds people that worship a man named Cornello who gave the people gifts but how...A review from an Artist.

    "Al how far have we been walking? Al?" "Down here." "Al why do you keep sinking like that." "I get full" "of what?" Al opens his chest blade and all of the sand weighing him down falls on Ed.
    When Ed and Al finally get to the city they come to see the luxuries it holds. Soon after everyone thinks Al is the Fullmetal Alchemist for him being able to do alchemy in his suit of armour. Ed gets mad about this, right about then a girl named Rose comes up to them. They introduced themselves then went along while she showed them things.
    "Ed your a little short to be twelve" "What I'm not short you all just came from a desert tribe of giants or something" then Al said calmingly "Brother please" "You want some of this too!" The last stop was at Father Cornello's (miricale gathering) and Ed and Al find that Father Cornello is using alchemy but without a transmutation circle, or any disregard for equivelent exchange! This is my masterpeice.
  • this episode is sort of ironic the elric come upon a town that is basicly ruled by a catholic preist

    the elrics go to a town in the middle the desert on a lead on the loction of the philosopher\'s stone when they get there they find out that the preist preforms \"miracles\" which are just a form of alchemy uaing a incomplete componant but works then burns its power up and breaks as it did on cornello(the preist) but first he makes promises he can\'t keep such as bring the dead back to life which is a forbidden art in alchemy and can lead to loosing your own life and the elrics stop him and expose him for the fraud he was and led to war in the town people who were true belivers against townspeople
  • It was a confusing episode. One minute we are at the part of them making the concotion to bring their mother to life, then it switches to them when they are fifteen in a lone desert apart from life. Yet, it was probably the best one they did.

    This episode is the beginning of the Elric brothers. The starting of a great and wonderful anime that is sure to stick around for sometime to come. Ed and Al are two brothers who are introduced to alchemy in a young age, presumably six. They try to bring their dead mother to life, only to fail. Now Ed and Al are stuck in their lives with a armor for a brother and a hot-headed nonhuman.
  • One of the better pilot episodes of any series

    So begins FullMetal Alchemist, the best anime series bar none. One of the reasons why is this episode, which succeeds as a pilot, but also as a fantastic story, something many pilots often struggle with.

    It succeeds as a pilot because we get to meet the two protagonists of the series, the brothers Edward and Alphonse Elric. It also introduces their personality quirks, including the first of many "short Ed" jokes (indeed one of the best) and the first of many times people think Al is the elder. There are many important characters that are not introduced in this pilot or are only glimpsed, but their absence is only felt by those who have seen later episodes. Attempting to introduce too many characters in the pilot is a trap too many series fall into.

    The pilot begins at the best point in time, with the mistake that propels the rest of the series. The decidedly gruesome opening sequence is intense enough to let the viewer know that this is going to be a serious anime, but it's not gloriously bloody like most animes, so one gets the feeling that any violence will have consequences. (Indeed that one's actions have consequences is a major theme of FMA.)

    Then, in a brilliant move, the story actually jumps ahead four years to the point at which Ed and Al first enter the desert town of Lior in their hunt for a powerful object called the Philosopher's Stone. The reason why I think the idea to advance chronologically is a great one is because the people of Lior are ignorant of alchemy, just like the first-time viewers. Al gives a demonstration of alchemy in the early going that explains it succinctly but sufficiently. Since it's done in a situation that doesn't insult the characters in the show, it doesn't insult the audience either.

    The basic plot is fairly simplistic, it's your standard "outsiders figure out the false prophet's secret" concept, and they try to convince a local true believer, Rose, of this. I think the familiarity of the plot helps it as a pilot, because it allows us to focus on the characters and dialogue, both of which are fantastic. One highlight is Ed's recitation of the physical components of the human body, both in conceit and delivery.

    This episode is one of the few that doesn't have true closure at its end, in a sense it could be viewed as a two-parter with "Body of the Sanctioned" (rather DS9-esque in those titles) but it does end with some crucial revelations: Ed has the rare ability to do alchemy without a transmutation circle, Cornello reveals that human transmutation is strictly forbidden, Ed and Al state that their current state is a result of their attempt at the forbidden practice, and the final line is "FullMetal Alchemist." It's a great way to end the pilot.

    All in all, this episode does everything a pilot should: It introduces the audience to the most important characters, sets the tone of the series, reveals crucial story elements of the series, but leaves many mysteries unexplained to keep the audience interested in future episodes. All this, plus a solid plot and characters make this a winner.
  • The first and probably one of the most briliant.

    The first and probably one of the most briliant. It doesn't tell us so much about the characters yet, but we still get to know a little bit about them. It doesn't start out about where they came from, how they got there, and the reasons exactly how they got there bodies in that sort of situation. Poor Al, hes a giant piece of metal in the dessert. :( Ed and Al are still making want to know more, more, more, and more, etc. I can go on for just about forever. I love this show, but I still haven't seen every episode yet. I'm waiting though.
  • A perfect introduction to an awesome sci-fi anime series.

    I had heard that full metal alchemist was a cool show according to reading several anime websites and stuff like that, so i decided to borrow the vol. 1 dvd in japanese with english subtitles. The first episode basically follows the brothers ed and al in a hunt to find the Philosophers Stone while they're stranded in some wierd desert town. This is a not-to-miss pilot episode of what could be a great anime series. I've seen all 4 eps of the first dvd, soon i'm hoping to get the 2nd and beyond dvd's of the series and watch a great hardcore scifi anime series.
  • It was a good episode i relly liked it for being the first episodes.

    It was a good episode i relly liked it for being the first episodes. It showed how no matter what you will alyways in some memory of a loved one.I thought it was awomsome
    there is a lot I could say right now but I relly do not kown what to do with this I hoped you enjoy my review have a nice life and good bye.Ok now in semi mode i loved when he did his littel swoard thing at the end who liked that was it just me or was it just me . and whaen they had to unfill the metal suit that was my favirot.
  • "To Challenge The Sun" was a great pilot episode for one of the most popular anime programs.

    This episode had some very good humor and nice voiceover. IT is also a great pilot episode to an anime episode. ALthough it is the first episode of the series, it tells you right away what is going on. It right away tells you why Edward gets automail and why Alphonse is a walking metal suit. It also introduces the character that plays a fair role on the series finale, Rose. This episode also introduces Ed and Al' skills and knowledge of alchemy. Overall, this episode was a great starter for a great anime series. It introduces the main characters. It tells you the setting of the series. It even tells you why all these events are occuring. I give this episode a 9.5.
  • The first episode of the show.

    We start out with Ed and Al trying to bring back their Mom. And they fail. Then we jump to four years later. When Ed and Al enter a town in the middle of no man's land. Where an evil priest, has made a town think he does god's work. And Ed and Al must stop him. So I give this a: 10.
  • Ed and Al journey to a desert city called Lior. There, they find a phony priest called Father Cornello. They see that he has the Philosopher's Stone. He will not hand it over to them so they are forced to fight for it. Father Cornello and Rose discover Ed

    This episode gives you the main idea of how this story started. This episode may not be one of the best or most enjoyable episodes, but not watching this episode may cause you some confusement later on in the series. In this episode, you probably wonder why Ed has and automail arm and leg, and why Al's armor is empty. They give you a vague idea, but not enough for you to have a clear idea in your mind. If you watch the episodes later on, you will find out. Two major characters are introduced in this episode too. Although in this episode they seem pretty minor, they turn out to become very important and needed characters for other episodes. One of the characters introduced here is Rose. She seems to be in the first beginnning episodes, but all of a sudden disappears and is never mentioned again until episode 39. The other important character is the strange woman at the bar that seemed to be the only one aware of who Edward Elric was. She will become a big, major character later on.
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